UCLA REVIVAL II! Brawl + Melee Tournament (5/23/09) Need more TVs, sign up!


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Dec 23, 2005
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Jkun: Thanks again for ride. Good stuff. I'll work on my rolling pattern...

Kira: Congrats on third.

Pressure: Good ****! I'll beat your Peach with Fox one day.

TheLifeRuiner: Bug resists Ground, okay? Yeah, I had one helluva deck back in the day.

Bizzarro Flame: It's always fun to play friendlies with you.

TAI: Sorry again for yelling, but I was really pissed at that time.

Dante: My friend doesn't like you. LOL

Dood who played Fox but played DK and Samus against Zhu: You seriously look like George Lucas. Don't shave your beard. It's too good.

Connor: The car ride back was cute.

Zhu: Happy bday for realz this time. Not like before with April Fools. That just sucked.

Festizzio: You're taller than I thought you were.

MacD: You're tall too.

Plan9: Panda Express was not worth it.


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Nov 30, 2007
Lost forever to obscurity

Dood who played Fox but played DK and Samus against Zhu: You seriously look like George Lucas. Don't shave your beard. It's too good.
That would be me.

Now that you made it known on the boards and put the idea into everyone's heads that I look like George Lucas this beard is so coming off.

Shoutouts later...I'll be too busy shaving.


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Aug 24, 2007
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I guess I'll do a few shoutouts.

Futile - Falcon is so scary when I can't ztd him!

Plan 9 - Carl looks awesome.

Connor - You play Fox vs. ICs the exact same way Lovage does, minus some gratuitous tech stuff. You've improved a lot!

DEHF - You space yourself so well! Every time I play you, I feel like I have a decent idea of what you're going to do in certain situations, but then you always barely avoid what I do and punish me for my recklessness.

Aesis - Pokefloats is too good!

ggs to anybody else I played.

Now that a lot of the better smashers are actually sort of learning how to play against ICs, I think I need to seriously reconsider how I play some match-ups if I want to keep up.


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Jun 28, 2007
probably on a platform
such a good tourny, excited with my placing and i know it'll just keep getting better, and i finally decided i hate falcons so i guess i'll have to learn that match up

sherigami- good stuff in teams, i mean seriously, idk what was going on but we kept winning and almost beat lucky and kira... it's exciting to do well with not zhu as a partner

smoke2joints- good mm, after the first match i was like dam, i'm going to get ***** hard, then idk what happend on stadium but i guess i learned, playing you would be a good learning expierence for me

c/z/k/l money- good stuff car sorry i only got 9th and broke the fact all the moneys were gonna get top 5

kmoney- glad i got to play in tourny, it was a good help and i see my mistakes, gonna work on those so next time better watch out

practice man- good matches, sorry i could play you again later because of kouryuu hogging me but we'll play next time for sure

kouryuu- dang, i was suprized i did so well, but i'm starting to get scared, your learning the match up with my help, but your helping me too, i didn't want to mm you cause friendlies in that situation are better, and i know you'll help me with matches in the future too... and i love talking to you,
peaches are too cool

pat- fun couple friendlies, you'll learn peach eventually and i'll ahve to be scared in the future... that is if we play in tourny

freedom- now i know what you look like, i was wondering, sorry us white guys were tall

derrek- i should play your falcon more too, you punished my stupid DI well and you tech chased me hella well, it was great to hear you shouting randomly again, good times

hyprid- stupid power outage during our match... but either way good stuff, playing your marth is good learning for me cause you space those tippers like a *****, i was scared in teams for a bit, i seem to play you a lot now, keep it up, i htink you have potenial

aesis- i wanted to play you in singles though never found a moment too, good job 1v1 me in teams, idk i just freaked for some reason once it became 1 on 1

fez- no pika :( no more chu vs cort status, oh well playing your marth was fun, hope you find the love of the game again

almost forgot fly- i wanna play you some, lol, maybe at the SCSA if not i guess next year after i get my choknater practice

not sure who else, definately one of my favorite tournies, i love love love the smash community


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Feb 12, 2006
This was an awesum tourney

firstly i came with few hours of sleep for the last 3 days so sorry if i seemed weird. was really hard for me to talk for some reason

shoutouts later


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Nov 24, 2007
Glendale CA (818)
Practice Man- Space your stuff so you don't get grabbed and I will get *****
lol... "by the way, it's best of one!"

thanks for money matching, i understand the sheik match up a little more but you're too good.

Edit: shoutouts for melee

Futile: gotta be top tier

kouryuu: hold on... dont interrupt me. no dont open the window. you're interrupting me LOL the texting. probably not gonna go to SCSA because we came home so late though!

rina-chan: lol thanks for running this big tourney goober left you for a bit. you DID do a good job! That was a bad sandwich.

Kira: wow i fail at brawl. I lose to some random metaknight. congrats on winning 3rd. Atlus is right you did have lucky on the ropes!

Sherigami: I enjoyed learning from our matches! Thanks for playing!

Lucky: congratulations! you're amazing

emerican: good games in tourney. unnecessary reverse knee at the end of the match lol

MacD: it was fun playing with you! i like your peach!!

plan 9: POWA WAVE! LOL.... watching you play is hilarious. Your ganondorf! "That aint falcon!"

connor: I love you man! but don't get so worked up over losing a match... you have to keep your head up for the next set... I really wanted to play friendlies with you man!

The life ruiner: lol wow we got owned in doubles friendlies pretty badly.

Smoke2jointz: we played a bunch of good friendlies!

festizzio: hanging out was awesome! i can't believe u dont like chow mein. lol

Seng: nice to see you again man, it was fun playing your fox lol.

Zhu: daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

LMNZ: lol too flashy! Your falco is awesome! I can't do anything against you!

Nasty Nate: I'll play you next time we meet! I have never played against you.

DanteFox & Gosu Engineer: good games! It was fun playing with both of you. Lol Gosu engineer told me to hope that Emerican would choke, right as he said that, Emerican suicided twice.

Race: SUE! I'mma SUE you!

Last but not least!

Goober & Nezumi: Thanks for hosting this! It was a blast and it should happen more often! But we gotta keep it a little more under control... cough cough brawl.


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Aug 15, 2008
I got ****ed up pretty bad in this tournament. I just want to say I apologize to anyone I was a **** to that day (except Festizzio). Please don't come up to me and talk to me right after I lose in tourney. I'll more than likely take my frustration out on you. So once again, I' sorry.

This tourney *****.

Now for my shoutouts:

Melee Smashers:

Connor - Don't worry about teams. **** happens. On the other hand, good **** placing 4th. You're getting there kid. Don't lose this momentum and take it all the way to Genesis.

Kira - By far my favorite person to play against in Socal. So smart. Mango's training rubbed off on you. Probably the best Sheik to ever grace Socal (save for Alex). Our set was so amazing. As far as our recent MM/tournament goes, we broke even. Let's settle this at the Circuit. Good **** getting 3rd. You definitely deserved it. It's always fun seeing/talking to you.

MacD - Your Peach is legit. I can definitely see that you're trying so hard to improve. And it's working. Keep it up. Also, sorry for how frustrated I got during our set and friendlies. It's really hard for me to see myself decay in almost every match up I was good against (save for like a few). But nonetheless, your wins were no fluke. Thanks for the friendlies after, I started to get it back.

Zhu - Also fun talking to you too. All the things you told me about your style of play and the game... I never even noticed! Really fun talking to you and it was really fun hearing the perspective of the game from a really good player other than Mango. Makes me love this game even more.

Jkun - You're an awesome chill guy. Fun talking/seeing you again.

Romeo - Play the game some more you *****. Such a waste of talent.

Hugo - Play Melee you hoe.

Larry - Your spacing is SO good. OMFG. I seriously can't touch you. And on top of being as smart as you are... Rapes in both games with the same character. Wow lol.

Pat - One day I'll come to your smashfests. One day. Fun seeing ya again.

Atlus - Fun seeing you too. Your haircut was pretty funny lol.

Plan9 - Fun talking to you about BlazBlue and everything else. POWERWAVE! *ewwwwww SKOWWWW*

Lucky - Oro? Your fox is amazing. Fun talking to you again. Love your chill as personality.

Aesis - Get it all back. It was fun playing your Sheik.

TAI - Good **** coming to this tourney. Sorry for acting like a **** dude. Read the above. Fun seeing you again.

Everyone else - Fun seeing you guys.

That's it for all the Melee Smashers.

Brawl Smashers

I don't know if you guys even read the boards but if you do:

MikeHaze - My favorite Brawler. Nice seeing you again as usual.

DieSuperFly (one of the best gamer tags to ever grace the smash community) - Nice seeing/talking to you again.

Tyrant - Nice to see you again.

Race - Nice talking to you after the tourney. You're long *** story was well worth it hearing.

Rina - Nice talking to you after the tourney as well. Your Gief would probably **** me Vega. Race training is too good. And good **** practically running the tourney yourself lol.

Palmdale Brothers(including Creepy) - You guys are too good. So chill and so fun to talk to. Sorry I didn't get to talk to as much as I would have liked to. I'll see you guys at the circuit.

Typh - Nice meeting you.

Others I talked to but didn't mention, my bad. I just can't remember anyone else.


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May 28, 2006
now I can do shout outs:

Dave - you are amazing, but all you do is chaingrab you scrub, this is why you'll never be good

Nick - Derek is my name, and devious is a word

Emil - we HAVE to hang out, if we don't things just won't be the same

Jason - ya boy KoF is hella tight

Fly - I knew you'd like carl

Race - I'm gunna **** you at Blazblue, I'll cut off your head and **** the stump, that's why I'm in Team the Mighty Stump ****ers

Brett - I love you

connor - you fell for 'hey there's something on your shirt' come on!

gosu engineer AKA andrew - it was fun teaming with you in friendlies

dante fox - ya dude, 2/3 money matches if you've beaten the person before

MacD - ya we should totally play more, and maybe even team again sometime

Koryuu - SHUT THE **** UP

Practiceman - I have nothing to say to you really, just keep up the good work

Michael Hazington - good **** on 3rd

zhu - you gave me your twix, you have passed the final test


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Aug 12, 2007
cypress so cal
This tournament was so fun

Bizzaro- your ganon was really scary, sorry I had to be gay in corneria. Lets play alot whenever we are the same tourney

Connor- thanks for letting Justin and me sleep over the night before, it was a fun smashfest that helped alot.

Emil- Drug Tests are the worst things ever invented.

Tai- it was nice meeting you and stuff, you're really good and a cool guy.

Hybrid- it was really fun playing you and your friend. I really like your Marth.

Jason/Jkun- I really appreciate you taking Tai home after dennys. You're a nice guy

Sherigami- I shouldve just made that mm a best of one =P. Nice seeing you again

Nick- your a cool guy and it was nice meeting you and stuff

lmnz/ Justin- god dammit one day your gonna eat w.e everyone eats at wherever we go

The top placed People (Zhu, Lucky, Kira, Connor etc.) - it was really fun and intense watching your matches. I can say I was inspired to keep trying to get better at this game =D.


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Apr 15, 2007
dang sounds like a fun, competitive tournament
i wish i went
good stuff to the high placers, kira and connor for being consistent as ****
BAD stuff for lucky losing to zhu again. im sorry zhu, but i was there at a day at the zhu 1 so for the rest of time im going to support lucky in this match.


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May 19, 2009

BizzaroFlame: Great to see you again, and your Ganon still amazes me.

Zhu: You ***** me way too hard.

TheLifeRuiner: You get the reward for the most exhausting matches ever.

Helmet: Stop getting matched up against players like Zhu and Mango in your first round.

Oh, and to the kid who was playing DK, the G&WvsDK friendly was awesome.

And to everyone else I played, good stuff, very friendly people, and hope to see you all again soon.

(Plus I didn't actually get thoroughly ***** at this tournament. Go me!)

Tee ay eye

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Jun 1, 2008

Connor: Housing, smashfest, and convincing me to take my mom's offer to come. Connor's bi-weekly is happening, yes?

Macd: **** your c-stick

Sherigami: Penny for a penny, son

Nasty Nate: You were a pretty cool guy

Kouryuu/Freedom: It's alright, guys

SENG: Driving

Jkun: Driving and being cool

Zhu: Winning

Lucky: Getting 2nd and winning teams... and complimenting my shirt

Kira: Getting 3rd, playing friendlies, something else that slips my mind right now... oh yeah, Nature Valley 2 good.

Afsui: I wasn't in your Mango Juice pool

Romeo: Good stuff

Atlus: Good stuff in singles and teams

Other people: sorry I forgot about you

Everyone that gave me a shoutout: Making me feel loved


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Mar 21, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
Thanks to everyone who came out and made this tournament so much fun! I uploaded the results to AiB sometime yesterday so hopefully they'll be approved sometime soon. Shoutoutss:

Rina-Chan: Thanks so much for your help announcing matches and handling tio those times I had matches or was just being a bum and playing friendlies haha. The tournament wouldn't have gone as smoothly without you :)

Tophes: Sad day for what happened to us in doubles lol, we'll do better next time! This is the second UCLA in a row that you've knocked me out of Brawl singles btw, I'm gonna have to start rigging the brackets so we don't play =p.

Aesis: Thanks for coming out even though you don't have school right now lol. Come out of retirement officially and **** everything again!

Tafokints: Thanks for all the help setting up man, good job in doubles! I need to catch back up to you in melee someday, I remember way back when we actually used to be close in melee (not anymore LOL)

smoke2jointz: Good job representing UCLA and breaking even in MMs lol. Also props for walking all the way back down to go to In and Out with us even though you were too tired to talk haha.

Manatee: Thanks for helping out with everything man, and good job in singles. We'll train a lot and next time you'll take out MikeHaze fosho.

PLGRO: Thanks for helping with setup and its too bad you had to leave before the finals, they were awesome to watch.

Practice man: We had a really good set man, I feel like I learned a lot from playing your falcon. Let's do some friendlies next tourney :)

The Life Ruiner: Fun set :) I definitely wanted to play some friendlies with you later but got too caught up with tourney stuff. Next time for sure.


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Apr 4, 2006
Santa Barbara, California
Results are up:

Melee Singles

1. Zmoney
2. Lucky
3. Kmoney
4. Cmoney
5: Romeo
7: Emerican
7: Fly Amanita
9: Mmoney
9: Aesis
9: Futile
9: Kouryuu
13: Pat
13: Atlus
13: DanteFox
13: LMNZ
17: Hyprid
17: Practice Man
17: Tee ay eye
17: Sherigami
17: Tafokints
17: Devious Derek
17: Glhf
25: Festizzio
25: Goober
25: Darkfire
25: CrashOverride
25: smoke2jointz
25: Seng
25: Thomas
25: Noble Nathaniel
33: Strain
33: Sheen
33: Helmet
33: Hame
33: Bay
33: Acid Burn
33: The Life Ruiner
33: Clap
33: CMP
33: DavidFalco
33: Bizzarro Flame
33: Ryofoong
33: Gosu Engineer
33: Jkun
33: Pink Reaper
33: Mr. Moodypants
49: Tophes
49: ****
49: Ash
49: JR
49: Freedom
49: Spicy Crab
49: WarpStatus
49: Zero Kill
49: Nathaniel
49: unknownPresence
49: Manatee
49: Pressure
49: Pichu Paizano
49: Rina-Chan
49: PBS
49: Jyuuberu

Melee Doubles

1. Honey Almonds Crunchs
2. Is that Chu Dat, like how he smile
3. Will it Blend?
4. PC Squad
5: Betas
5: Brett and Gabe
7: Dantekints
7: 4th floor DJ
9: Fair Party
9: Two Men
9: Pirate Ship
9: Meek Musical Marth Mains
13: Bay Area
13: Ajax and DSF
13: The Koreans
13: Crash and Burn
17: The Ultimate D
17: Team Doubles
17: LBDA
17: BrawlNoobs
17: Sheen and Pink Reaper
17: Slapping Machine
17: Cheats of Manliness

Brawl Doubles

1. The Puppeteer is Near
2. NealPro
3. 5 time defending UCLA champions
4. JonT and DEHF
5: Rolling Rocks
5: Keepers of the Prosu
7: Handsome Golems
7: 310 VIP
9: Porch Monkeys for Life
9: She got sleepy, and then she farted
9: Team Pirate Ship
9: CenCal
13: Snake pit
13: Oh no! Herpaderps!
13: Donkey Punch
13: Simply Twitch
17: Robinhood and Little Jon
17: The Z fighters
17: Professionals wear ties
17: Team Tophes
17: Socks
17: 626
17: Team Bomb
17: Drenry

Brawl Singles

1. RichBrown
2. LeePuff
3. MikeHaze
4. DSF
5: Tyrant
7: Typh
7: WarpStatus
9: Hugs
9: Fly Amanita
9: BoA
9: Dao
13: Ajax
13: Bardull
13: Junkinthetrunk
13: Oki
17: FlameWaveK
17: CreepyFingers
17: Manatee
17: Twilight Kirby
17: Jmex
17: EasySeph
17: Fox 16
17: M7H
25: Awsum
25: Commander Beef
25: Tophes
25: JMO
25: Rej
25: Big O
25: Dpac
25: chesQo
33: Jebus
33: Jon T
33: PBS
33: unknownPresence
33: Atoin
33: AWSM!
33: xbr1x
33: Slayn Legion
33: Nabster
33: Bones
33: Teba
33: Race
33: Jordan
33: Practice Man
33: Mr. Moodypants
49: Meeks
49: DJ
49: Lucky
49: Negro Mat
49: Duce
49: Goober
49: Minitroika
49: Spud
49: Bomb
49: Psyco
49: AJ Twist
49: El Dorado
49: Twitch
49: Simply Cold
49: Chibi
49: Upgrade
65: Lazy
65: Spicy
65: Hen
65: TWI
65: Manik
65: Sir Trips A Lot
65: Voltage
65: Clap
65: Dantarion
65: Gabe
65: Kill you
65: Devil
65: GSN
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