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Jul 29, 2017
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In the build up to all the Smash games (namely post Melee), it seems to be more about who's likely and who's not. It has been more fun speculating in the build up to this Smash because the focus with the fighters is defiantly on fan favorites. While it is exciting to see all these popular and personally wanted characters, most people have a not likely but personal pick. Not only does it suck that your fighter won't make it in, it's made even worse since most people will ignore it since speculation is more about who's getting in. So if you have a personal pick, then you can post your fighter and a moveset idea.

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Protector or any Etrian Odyssey character. Currently making a full moveset for her.
Wonder-Red poor guy, at least his thread has more than one page.
Saber started as a meme pick but now I geuinely want her and I hate myself for it


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Jun 21, 2013
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I gotta go with Gooey here. Arle I can see happening and a lot more support for (silent or not understandable though it may be), but I never want to discuss the former outside of his circles because he's not Bandana Dee. Gooey is also not very good with relevance around the project plan and doesn't have anything going for him outside of creativity and being old-school.

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'kay, here's her moveset. More stuff on my thread if anyone wants to check it out

General Overview
Weapon Proficiency:
As of EOIIU, the Protector class can use Swords, Axes and Spears. Though she would usually carry her sword around, she would be able to use her other weapons to attack as well.
Shield: The Shield is a Protector's main tool, not only being used to defend but to attack as well.
Sonic Bomb: An item that when used, causes nearby FOEs to be stunned for a turn, preventing them from joining an ongoing fight... or rather, just delaying it.
Immovable Wall: In exchange for being the slowest fighter, the Protector would in return be the heaviest of them all.

Unique Traits
Much like Link's shield, the Protector's will block incoming projectiles while standing still or walking on the ground.
Parry: Additionally, when performimg certain moves, her shield will block melee attacks as well. They can't do anything about grabs though, and her back is always exposed.

Jab: a single sword poke while she stays behind the shield, a safe option but it doesn't reach very far.
Side Tilt: the Protector does a shield bash ala Link's BotW parry. It activates Parry when performed, however, it leaves her wide open afterwards.
Down Tilt: slams her shield's tip on the ground. Spikes.
Up Tilt: bashes her shield upwards, doesn't reach very far but protects against attacks from above with Parry at the expense of leaving herself open from the sides.
Dash Attack: uses Shield Smite while running, launching herself slightly forward while activating Parry. Does heavy damage to shields but has a lot of endlag, making it easy to simply spotdodge and punish her.

Neutral Air: slowly slashes with her sword in a downward circular arc, starting in front of her and ending near her feet.
Forward Air: using her spear, the Protector stabs forward, being her longest reaching move.
Back Air: bashes her shield behind her, activating Parry, the quickest of her aerials.
Down Air: using her axe, she slowly slams it below her, spiking anyone hit by the axe's head with heavy damage. Charizard BAir levels of landing lag.
Up Air: using her spear, she stabs upwards much like in her FAir.

Grab: grabs her opponent with her right hand.
Pummel: hits the grabbed opponent with the tip of the shield
Forward Throw: kicks her opponent, lauching them forward.
Back Throw: turns around and performs a shield bash on them, launching them backwards.
Down Throw: slams them onto the ground by bashing them with her shield.
Up Throw: by hitting them with the upper end of her shield, the Protector sends then upwards.

Smash Attacks
Side Smash: charges an overhead axe swing, dealing the most damage at the very end whem it hits the ground.
Down Smash: pulls out a Sonic Bomb, throwing it in front of her and causing a small explosion that halts enemy movement.
Up Smash: charges an upwards spear stab, though it has no hitbox on her sides, the point of the spear is especially deadly. Useful for dealing with opponents directly above her.

Special Moves
Neutral Special - Bravery's Gift:
The Protector enters a defensive stance and pulls in all nearby fighters towards herself, before unleashing a sword slash around her. The Protector will be granted super armor during the move and it'll deal double damage and knockback if she's hit during it.

Bravery's Gift raises the Protector's HP for one turn while receiving all damage for the party for that turn.

Down Special - Chart: The Protector picks up her map and charts the stage, revealing a tile of thorns directly below her. The tile is 3 standing Protectors-wide and will remain on the stage for about 10 seconds, constantly damaging anyone that walks on them. Up to two tiles can be revealed at a time.

The Etrian Odyssey's map charting is one of its main features, bringing the old-school RPG tradition of drawing maps into the game itself.

Side Special - Perfect Defense: The Protector puts her shield forward as it shines, reflecting physical projectiles at 1.3x their original power and absorbing energy-based ones for the same amount they would be damaged. This move has no hitbox and does not protect against melee attacks.

Perfect Defense, the Protector's Force Break skill which negates all damage for one turn, the ultimate version of their Elemental Walls and Line Guards.

Up Special - Ariadne Thread: The Protector uses an Ariadne Thread and is teleported to the last spot they touched the ground. This move will go on a cooldown for 10 seconds after it's used.

The Ariadne Thread is an item used to return to town when exploring the labyrinth. Trust the description when it says it's mecessary.

Final Smash - Even during Smash: F.O.E.!

A ding sound is heard, and that can only mean one thing: a F.O.E.(also known as Formido Oppugnatura Exsequens) has spotted the party. It is then that the FOE will appear and reveal itself as a large fuzzy orange ball and lock onto a player and start relentlessly pursuing them, dealing heavy damage on contact, until their target has been slain.

What type of monster is this FOE? Trust me, you do not want to know.


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Oct 17, 2015
I have the absolute craziest idea for a newcomer ever that matches the likes of R.O.B. and the Wii Fit Trainer

Yes I want the 3DS eShop bag, it'd be hilarious. I don't have a fully fleshed out moveset but I imagine his normals would involve him using kicks and his body. He has a gimmick too, his down special is to download software and the more software you download the heavier he becomes (and maybe his attacks deal more damage) and combine with rage it can give him some staying power. He can have references from small 1st party eShop games like using the Ultra Hand as his grab and maybe he can have a Kersploosh reference in his moves somewhere (maybe a down-smash?). I don't expect this since Ultimate will probably only have newcomers that were highly requested but dammit, it'd be funny.
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Jul 5, 2018
Oceana from Endless Ocean: Blue World. A game I hold very dearly and is what I consider to be one of the biggest hidden gems for the Wii. What sucks more is that Endless Ocean has no representation in Smash, not even an assist, stage, or trophy.

Moveset in my support thread link.


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Aug 17, 2018
Zael from The Last Story for me. He had a trophy in Smash 4, the game was part of the three games that Operation Rainfall tried to get localized (alongside, y'know, Xenoblade), and by now it's pretty much forgotten.

Other than that there's also Amaterasu from Okami and Vaati from The Minish Cap, but I feel like those two at least have some support.
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Aug 21, 2014
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For me - the Dragonborn from Skyrim.

Quoting my moveset from his thread...
The various art most commonly shows him with a sword/dagger combo or a sword/shield combo. We don’t really have a dual wielder in the cast, and the various Links are the only one with shields but they don’t use them offensively. Thus, I decided to stick with those to base a moveset on.

Dovahkiin will have his shield on his back, and both weapons equipped. Like in Skyrim, it’s easiest if the off-hand dagger just disappears if necessary or if he picks up an item. He can also sheathe the sword for any moves or items that need both hands.

Based on the customization possible, I made costumes for several race/gender choices. There are two models (male and female) which act the same way, similar to Robin’s two options.
Possible costumes:
View attachment 153410
Male 1: default Nord. Blond hair, blue eyes.
Female 1: takes Lydia’s appearance. I debated on Aela, but Lydia is one of the better known characters and she’s more armored.
Male 2: takes after Brynjolf. Red hair, green eyes.
Female 2: blonde hair, blue eyes. I used Stormcloak colors for her.
Male 3: Redguard, black hair, brown eyes. I went with an imperial color scheme, but took Tullius’ gold armor since all the other men had grey. Not that the Redguards would support the empire by Skyrim, but eh...
Female 3: Altmer. I took a gold Elven recolor for the armor, and gave it some Thalmor black touches.
Male 4: Orc. This model will have a slight difference from the other male models to get the correct teeth. Armor is darker like the Orcish armor in game.
Female 4: Dunmer. I tried a Dark Brotherhood motif for the armor here.

While I hesitate to call it a ‘gimmick,’ Dovahkiin’s specials rely on recharging shouts. Each shout has three charge levels (uncharged, from just tapping the button; half charge from holding for a bit; and full charge from olding longer). Uncharged shouts can be used anytime and do not add to the recharge timer. Charged shouts can only be used when not in cooldown, but will go into a cooldown phase after use. Naturally the more a move is charged, the more powerful it is.

Cooldown is shown as a bar on the UI. Like in Skyrim, the bar will glow in cooldown, and will fade when done. To improve visibility, the entire bar will be filled.
View attachment 153455

Skyrim’s standard attack: Two sword swipes from right to left, then left to right.​
Lunges and stabs with the dagger.​
Sword swipe above him. Similar to the first swipe of Link’s uSmash.​
A dagger swipe while crouching (Skyrim’s Off-hand attack while in Sneak mode).​
Does a spinning attack (Skyrim’s Sword/Dagger Power Attack). 3 hits:​
- Quick dagger slash to the left.​
- Heavy sword swipe to the left, turning him.​
- Heavy dagger backhand.​
Powerful shield bash (Skyrim’s Power Bash). Charges while holding the shield in front of him. Does great knockback and gives armor for the duration. Punishable.​
Stabs the air with his sword while shouting. Small windbox effect around him.​
Plants the sword in the ground similar to the Talos statues. Lots of end lag.​
Spins around with sword and dagger out.​
Heavy slash in front of him with his sword.​
Tosses dagger and catches it in a reverse grip, then stabs behind him.​
Slashes both blades above him in a cross pattern.​
Equips shield and falls to a three-point landing. Small ground tremor.​
Empties left hand and grabs enemy by the collar. Sheathes sword on successful grab.​
Punches enemy in the face with his right hand.​
Tackles enemy to the ground and slams shield into their chest, similar to the Captain America/Iron Man fight in Civil War. High damage but no knockback. Natural combo into dSmash.​
Grabs enemy with right hand and shoves them behind him. Meanwhile, equips shield in the left. Tosses shield at dazed enemy, and it bounces back to him.​
Uppercuts enemy, and then grabs dazed enemy by the feet and throws them upwards.​
Pulls enemy in and turns them around. Stabs them in the neck with dagger. Similar to Taki’s throw from the Soul Calibur series. Enemy collapses at his feet. High damage, no knockback.​
Slashes both blades on either side​
Pulls himself up with his left while slashing vertically with his sword​

Standard B​
Unrelenting Force:​
Fus – Similar size to Lucas’ PSI Magnet. Does minimal damage and trips opponents in range.​
Fus Ro – Makes a projectile which will launch enemies and do damage. Damage and knockback decrease as distance from Dovahkiin increases. Projectile moves slightly over ½ length of Final Destination. Medium recharge time.​
Fus Ro Dah – Projectile travels ¾ of Final Destination. Stronger damage/knockback, but will decay over distance. Also includes a small hitbox directly in front of his mouth which is a OHKO. Extremely long recharge. Kirby’s copy does not have the OHKO hitbox, but also has a slightly shorter recharge.​
Up B​
Dragon Aspect:​
Mul – A small windbox boosts him slightly. Gives barely any height, similar to Robin’s tomeless Elwind or SoPo’s Belay​
Mul Qah – Gains spectral Dragon armor and windbox gives a major boost similar to Wario’s Corkscrew or Lillte Mac’s uppercut. Spectral horns act as a hitbox. Low recharge time.​
Mul Qah Diiv – Spectral armor now includes wings. Higher recovery, which can be angled, and then goes into a glide for a few seconds like Peach’s Parasol. Getting hit or timing it out puts him in free fall. Medium recharge time.​
Side B​
Fire Breath:​
Yol – A quick blast of fire like Mario’s custom Fast Fireball.​
Yol Toor – A stronger fireball, like Bowser’s custom Fire Shot. Low recharge time.​
Yol Toor Shul – A strong fireball that explodes like a Smart Bomb on contact. Leaves a fire on stage for a time. High recharge time.​
Down B​
Ice Form:​
Iiz – A nondamaging windbox on either side, similar to Mario’s custom Gust Cape, but hits both sides of him.​
Iiz Slen – Adds ice damage to the windboxes. Similar to Ice Climbers’ Blizzard. Low recharge time.​
Iiz Slen Nus – Large ice storm similar to Suicune’s Blizzard. High recharge time.​
Final Smash​
Bend Will:​
Shouts “Gol Hah Dov” to force a dragon to land, then climbs aboard and it flies off. It hovers in the background while the player shoots a jet of fire similar to Lucario’s Final Smash Aura Storm.​

I also came up with some other possible animations for the Dragonborn:
Dismounts from a horse, and then unsheathes his sword and dagger.​
Idle 1​
Stretches shoulders and flexes blades menacingly. Similar to idle animations for bandits in Skyrim.​
Idle 2​
Sheathes dagger, adjusts helmet/hair, and then pulls dagger back out.​
Taunt 1​
Pulls out a war horn with his left hand, shouts “Victory or Sovngarde!” and blasts.​
Taunt 2​
Pulls out a tankard with his left hand and toasts the enemy (“For Skyrim!”) before downing it. 1/10 chance that he will pull a jug of milk instead.​
Taunt 3​
Equips his shield and smacks the shield twice with his sword. Similar to one of the bandit idle animations, or Wonder Woman’s entrance in Injustice
Victory 1​
Camera zooms around as if it were a dragon as Dovahkiin looks up at it. Name appears right as camera flies in close and he shouts.​
Victory 2​
Dovahkiin kneels in prayer and seems to be absorbing a soul. Name appears as he looks up and opens his eyes.​
Victory 3​
Dovahkiin flies in on Paarthurnax. He dismounts and name appears as he looks heroically outward.​
Phew...that was a lot. Please let me know what you think!


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Jul 9, 2014
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Kunio-kun. He's third party and (seemingly) obscure, yes, but he's had so many great games on Famicom to the point where it really shouldn't be much of a problem. He's still alive and getting games today on 3DS and some on the original DS as well. Alongside that, he's pretty much the grandfather behind the entire beat-em-up genre (even being the basis behind Double Dragon). Most games that got Westernized became iconic like River City Ransom or Super Dodgeball.
I could see his play style being like an aggressive gangster, constantly pulling items like chains, trash cans, tires, and dodgeballs out of seemingly nowhere and barraging opponents with them alongside getting up close and personal for beatdowns with said items alongside his own fists. And as a nod to the Nintendo World Cup sequel, he could even ride on most of his items and kick them around for more damage and combo starters. In that same game, he's also got the silliest crawl, but it could also allow for a very unique crouching style where he crawls like an inchworm on ice and his attack is popping up and charging forward.


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Aug 10, 2011
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Unpopular character requests? Hoo boy. Pretty much everyone I support aside from Decidueye, Crash, Waluigi, Isabelle, and kind of Celica is an unpopular request. :p

Pokémon: Chandelure, Marowak, Ursaring, Qwilfish, Shiftry, Castform, Unfezant, Sigilyph, Klefki, Ribombee

Fire Emblem: Celica (if she's not counted as popular), Caeda, Merric, Virion, Silque, Minerva, Hardin, Tobin, Tiki, Saber, Lena, Frederick, Mae

Miscellaneous Nintendo: Henry Fleming, Starfy

Third Party: Frogger, Maxwell


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Aug 9, 2018
Sceptile was pretty popular in the SSB4, but nowadays it seems like his time has come and gone. I never thought he was too likely myself, but he is one of my favorite Pokemon. I actually think he'd work great as an Echo for Greninja.

Also, I fully support Tetris Block for Smash. Tetris is a huge part of gaming history, and a character based around a moveset like this would be a ton of fun.


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Jul 3, 2015
-Both Ayumi Tachibana from Famicom Detective Club and the Stylist from Style Savvy are both character I want mainly because they 1) Represent a genre not yet represented in Smash 2) Are total WTF characters like Wii Fit and Game and Watch

-Ribbon Girl, she's my main in Arms and much more interesting to me than Spring Man. Plus with her fighting style focusing on the air rather than the ground, she could be a perfect opposite of Little Mac. Sadly she's only ever really talked about as an Echo or Palette for Spring Man.

-Lastly, Edelgard. I've never been huge into Fire Emblem, and with how new her game is her chances of getting into the base game are extremely small. But, not only would she be a new female, but also a Fire Emblem character with an axe. It doesn't help that most people really don't want any more Fire Emblem characters in Smash. Oh well, hoping for DLC
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May 5, 2018
For me Deoxys is probably my most wanted and unpopular pick (at least nowadays). Aside from him:

Other Pokemon: Sceptile, Infernape (irrelevant at this point).

FIre Emblem: Micaiah, Lyn, Hector (kind of, I mean, he is a badass axe user). Not that these are exactly unpopular, but too impossible to this date and thus I think people are starting to forget them.

Thirds: Alucard (no way he'd get in before a Belmont, but I guess now he'd be a pretty popular pick if he wasn't an AT), Saber (she'd be pretty unique with a self regeneration ability, air pressure, etc., Although I don't like the games where she comes from), Terra Branford, Black Mage.
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Aug 3, 2014
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Kyo Kusanagi and Terry Bogard. I really want there to be some SNK representation in Smash.


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Jan 24, 2015
In the build up to all the Smash games (namely post Melee), it seems to be more about who's likely and who's not. It has been more fun speculating in the build up to this Smash because the focus with the fighters is defiantly on fan favorites. While it is exciting to see all these popular and personally wanted characters, most people have a not likely but personal pick. Not only does it suck that your fighter won't make it in, it's made even worse since most people will ignore it since speculation is more about who's getting in. So if you have a personal pick, then you can post your fighter and a moveset idea.
After getting K. Rool and Simon; and waiting to the inminent appearance of Shadow and Bandana Waddle Dee; the rest of my most wanted characters are underdogs.

Micaiah is my queen around them :happysheep:



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Feb 7, 2015
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I suppose a few that I can think of off the top of my head are Fawful, Amaterasu, and (possibly) Hector.

With Fawful, he's very popular within the Mario and Luigi games, but I don't think he's that requested, and he's not overly important in the Mario franchise as a whole.

With Amaterasu, I suppose there is a little bit of support for them, but it doesn't help that their game is relatively niche compared to other Capcom series.

I suppose Hector does have a bit more support than the other two do, and he is a pretty popular and important FE character, but I don't think he's as requested as other characters are.


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Jul 20, 2017
My man (classic) Ganon, the most unrecognized main villain of a flagship Nintendo franchise. He didn’t even get a trophy in smash least we got K.Rool.

Hopefully once Skull Kid gets in as well as Impa as an easy echo focus will shift to my big pig boi.
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Jul 27, 2013
I think Tingle would be a hilarious and wonderful addition in spite of how many people hate him.
I'd love to see Pauline in Smash - though maybe she's more popular now because of Odyssey?
I think Fawful would be fun, but you don't really see a lot of people request him.
Balloon Fighter would be a great retro character but not a lot of people bring him up.
I also kinda like the idea of Paula from EarthBound, Louie from Pikmin, and Tom Nook from Animal Crossing. All three could work as echoes too.

Now, a lot of people talk about Octoling as an echo, so its not entirely "unpopular," but I personally think Octolings should eventually be in as a full, non-echo newcomer, which I don't see a lot of other people suggest. Splatoon is definitely a big enough series for at least two unique characters, and there is easily enough variety in weapons to create a second fully-unique character. Plus, they are pretty iconic and popular thanks to Splatoon 2, and could be used to represent that game in contrast to the Inklings who mainly rep the first one.


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Oct 12, 2015
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My Fatal Frame thread hardly gets activity and few of her supporters are real fans of the series.

So I guess all 9 protagonists count, even the spinoff Sprit Camera.
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May 7, 2015
-having a legendary trilogy on the NES and surviving the 3D transition creating a fantastic series of action games.
-being a connective tissue of Tecmo's shared universe.
-crossing over with both Metroid and Halo.
-Tecmo themselves have proven to be a valuable partner to Nintendo.

Smash fans are apparently not fans of Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden/ Dead or Alive.
Dec 24, 2001
Still up Peach's dress.
Meowth I honestly think was robbed in Smash 64. It should have been him instead of Puff to go alongside Pikachu. Due to the nature of Pokemon, he's missed the boat and seems unlikely to ever make the leap.

He'd be a speedy fighter with lots of claw attacks, probably akin to Metaknight with his regular a attacks.
If you want something more fun, why not use the Team Rocket one and have him pilot mechas, create pitfalls, summon other Team Rocket Pokemon and of course when he gets star KO'd "LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!"

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Sep 3, 2017
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almost all of my most wanted characters are unlikely and unpopular (the only big exception being Waluigi), but I'll limit it to 1.

Muddy Mole from Mole Mania. I imagine him as a character with the power and weight of a character like Bowser, but with the speed and size of a character like Pikachu, as well as the ability to jump through solid ground. I can't really think of a way to describe my vision of Muddy without making him sound really OP...


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Mar 23, 2019
Poochy, Yoshi hasn't gotten a second rep for years. (My most wanted for future DLC along with Bandana Dee.)
Here's a moveset i came up with:
Neutral-Lick (Yoshi's Custom Special from Wii U and 3DS.)
Up-Tail Copter
Down-Poochy Pups (Attacks like the Pikmin and Luma.)
Final Smash-Lavageddon (Summons a giant lava tsunami.)
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