TG6 Results Thread [1v1 Brackets are up!]

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Mar 4, 2002
San Jose
Alright, gots the 1v1 brackets done. Sometimes the lines load funny. IE tends to work better than Mozilla for it, dunno why. Excell doesnt make the best of brackets, but tis all I know how to do.

The large bracket is legible, but big.
The small bracket is illegible but only kinda big. heh heh.

1v1 Bracket

1v1 Bracket (small and illegible)

The colors are the seeds, colored by region. I should be able to have al ist of exactly who was seeded and stuff on the brackets on the dvd. Still gotta figure a lot of stuff out.

I dont have teams done yet, which i should be able to finish tomorrow night.

Also here are the top 20 something, for those who dont like looking at my whackass brackets.

1st: Azen
2nd: CJ
3rd: Chu Dat
4th: Sastopher
T. 5th: RobFalco
T. 5th: Isai
T. 7th: Wes
T. 7th: DSF
T. 9th: Ken
T. 9th: J-Dawg
T. 9th: BFB
T. 9th: Sam
T.13th: Blair
T.13th: Dave
T.13th: Mike P
T.13th: Takuto
T. 17th: Takagi
T. 17th: Caveman
T. 17th: Lunaris
T. 17th: Zulu
T. 17th: Recipherus
T. 17th: Eddie
T. 17th: Gus
T. 17th: Deezie
Mar 4, 2002
San Jose
First off for the smash community, TG is a great and wonderful thing. In fact, I can’t think of something that would possibly be better. You get a plane ticket, and just find a way to get there, and get to hang out at someone’s house, free, for close to a week, playing and hanging out with practically all of the best smashers in the world, most of which are incredibly fun and cool people to hang out with.

So in that regard TG^(set) was a huge success. My feelings about how the tournament was run and the turn out are nothing but positive. If someone missed this tournament that cared about the smash community, I really feel for you, because it was effing amazing. Both tournaments finished around 10, which for tournament turnout, is incredibly good. Specially when the final matches, where we used minimal TVs so people could watch, took up a good portion of the time. The main parts of the tournaments were I believe done before 8, and we started late both days. (due to effing difficult brackets to put together. Seeding systems = too hard) I’d like to give a nice “eff you buddy” to the nay sayers who were doubting our ability to put on a good tournament, even though this is our 6th time doing so. Only 10 tvs biotch.

And the environment at the tournament is incredible. It probably had one of the friendliest competitive environments I have ever seen at a tournament. People were quiet during important parts of the matches, and clapped during the exciting parts. There was no out loud trash talk, or people trying to disrespect the players. It was truly a fun and exciting place to be at.

So with all that said, I know I have already got the question asked, and it’s probably been asked on the thread as well, “Why does this have to be the last one?”, or “Why wouldn’t you host another one?” Well I guess my answer to the people who want to know whether I will do another one would be this. There is absolutely positively no possibility whatsoever that I would put myself, my family, my neighbors, and my friends through the absolute **** that this past week has been. Let’s put you in “Mr. Host’s” shoes, and do a bit of role playing to try and put things into perspective.

First off take $1250 out of your pocket to rent a facility. I won’t go into details the work and effort it takes to track a place down, and deal with insurance companies and whatnot. Let’s start out by you picking up around 30+ people from the airport by yourself. The airport is around 15 mins away, (providing you don’t get stuck in rush hour traffic, which people do end up having flights arriving at that time), and that is also providing that you don’t have to pick people up from SF, which is an hour, one way. In general the amount of time spent in driving alone on a particular day is around 5+ hours, that’s a trip from San Jose down to LA, and a full tank of gas. That’s also not including parking costs. (I might add only 2 people that I picked up offered to help out with parking.) Let’s also not go into detail of the wonderful people who don’t give correct flight information, don’t have any clue how they are going to get home until after the tournament, or don’t give flight information until the day before, or morning of, who expect me to somehow just deal with their own lack of responsibility. Also take into consideration that all the wonderful people you are picking up are currently at your house not only having the time of their lives, which you don’t really get to take a part of because you are always working, but they are turning your house into a place where it looked like a nuclear bomb had just dropped. If you want some wonderful examples of the good manners of some of our wonderful guests, here are a few.
- Mr. I’m going to clog the toilet with a gigantic sheit, and although there is an effing plunger NEXT TO THE TOILET, I’m not going to have the respect to deal with it myself, or even tell anyone about it. Mr. Host will be there eventually to deal with my sheit, literally.
- Mr. I’m going to knock off the towel rack on the wall of the baffroom, and rather than try to attach it myself, or tell someone about the damage I have just done to their house, I’m going to leave it on the floor for someone else to deal with.
- Mr. I’m going to eat a lot of hot sauce, and almost kill myself, and then puke in around 5 cups, and rather than have people actually clean up after themselves, leave them on the counter. (One of which btw, left a nice puke ring on the countertop. Wonderful.) And why I also realize that being put in a state of feeling like dying from eating hot sauce may not put you in a mood to want to deal with cleaning up your own vomit, there had to be a bunch of people watching the event, who just thought it would be nice, or funny perhaps, to leave 5 cups of puke on the countertop. Let’s make this incident a nice group “my bad.”

Trust me, there is plenty more of where that came from. Let’s just say the respect that my house is shown warms the deepest portions of my heart.

If you guys should thank anyone it would be my parents, who get nothing out of letting me host this tournament but a destroyed house. They do a LOT of work behind the scenes. My mom made tons of trips to pick up drinks and stuff for our guests to ravage, and couldn’t sleep each night of the tournament cause of the noise, yet didn’t come out to complain once. My dad had to go persuade the neighbors not to call the cops on the 50 wonderful house guests that were currently destroying his residence. Oh yea, this is the same guy who became a victim by eating an apple that was covered with death hot sauce as a prank, that was forgotten to be thrown away after it didn’t work. Again, no complaints from him. Each and every one of you, who stayed or even hung out at my house, should send them a thank you card. I’ll leave this section with a quote from my mother, “I’m just trying to survive this weekend, and then it will never happen again.” or how about this one "If you love me, and I'm serious, If you love me, never do another one of these things again." Do those two quots help paint a picture of the stress this crap puts on family and friends?

252 Cresta Vista Way
San Jose, CA 95119

Or how about my friends who, btw, don’t play smash, and don’t get paid, who drive up from LA to sacrifice their week to slave away trying to get the tournament to run well. TG would absolutely not be possible without them, and we as a whole have gotten good tournament running down to a science. It was one thing when they used to hang out to help, when they actually still enjoyed playing the game and the company they were surrounded with, but now they just come up to help serve people they don’t know, and end up not having an ounce of fun.

So yea, I’m not posting all this to complain. I’m just trying to put stuff into perspective. If I am upset at any one person, it’s myself, for being too nice and putting up with a lot of that crap. I should have added the 5 dollar registration fee per tournament, which would leave me currently with an extra 1200+ dollars in my pocket, which I could use to help compensate my wonderful friends and parents. It sucks to go through this ****, but still be too effing nice to add a small fee per tournament, that no one would miss. We had the donation box this time around, and got a lot of generous donations. But all the donations combined equal around 450 dollars, which is less than half of what I could have gotten if I just added the small fee. Also take into consideration that some people gave 20-50 dollars. I thank you so very very much from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. It sucks that the people who were very thankful and willing to help took a larger blow, for us to be compensated. You guys effing rock. *tear* (btw if this guilt trips anyone, which it should, I still have a pay pal account for donations, heh heh)

Also for the people who gave overly generous donations, I by no means want you to donate anymore. You guys have already helped out tremendously, and I thank you very much.

Also, Im not upset at the people that stayed at my house. I welcomed the abuse. I just am trying to put things into perspective for those that ask the questions in dumbfoundedness as to why I won’t consider doing this again.

And I don’t regret making TG. It has been a truly wonderful thing, and an extremely large accomplishment. (If you don’t think so, go read the abuse we received from skeptics back at TG1.) TG pretty much paved the way to build the smash community, and it has accomplished practically everything I wanted it to. I’ll give a more positive write up on the DVD.

As or the DVD, I’m going to work my hardest to get it out asap. I don’t know anything about authoring a DVD yet, so it will be a learning experience. If I see any matches up on the internet, which I was nice enough to let be taped, I will hunt you down in your sleep. The DVD is basically the one and only thing I can do to recover the costs spend on the tournament.

So yea, now I can address specific people from the tournament. If I end up disappearing from the scene after this tournament (which is a good possibility) I will miss talking and hanging out with a lot of the people that I met here. Some crews which we had shaky starts to begin with, like WA, CC and EC, you have turned out to be some of the coolest mofos I have had the pleasure of befriending. If I end up in those vicinities traveling for a T5 tournament or something, I’ll try and hit you guys up for a place to stay, a game of poker, or for some casual smash. If I forget anyone here, I apologize, or maybe I don’t like you, heh heh.


Words can’t describe the amount of thanks I have for you guys. You are truly great and dependable friends. There is no possibility that I could pull something off like this without you guys. Thanks and as Takuto would say, I give my deepest apologies.

Crystal City

TG would not be the same without you. You guys are uber badass and really really fun to hang out with. Too bad I was too busy this time around to be able to hang out with you guys more. Caveman is one of the most fun docs to watch play, and you and Rob make a killer team. As for Rob you earned your respect at this tournament, and you hold the title of best Falco. Definitely good stuff. You guys pulled off hardcore likes at this tournament. I hold no hard feelings against you guys at all for stuff in the past. Like I said earlier, you guys had me at hello at the start of TG5. And congrats for not falling through a table this time. Heh heh. *passes out* I got tricksied again!


You guys are awesome, and definitely repped your region to the fullest. There are so many coolass people in WA I don’t even know where to begin. Sas – you easily had the most amazing match at TG^(set), and took the title as best peach. You are cool to talk to, and your generosity was unmatched. Jeff – Also another very cool person to hang out with, and congrats for taking top 10. Yagi – Your luigi is pretty effing sweet, and you were a pain to try and deal with in teams. Thanks for coming and I’m pretty sure down the line I’ll end up at your house at least once in the future. Jeremy – never wearing shoes is a solid accomplishment in itself, but I think you got top 10 as well, so congrats. Jon – good match in 1v1, I know we were both nervous and not playing to our fullest. Good thing it wasn’t taped, heh heh. Kei – thanks for translating, and I hope to get that wonderful pass out footage in the future. You pwned me hardcore in the tournament. Silly – I didn’t get to hang out with you much at the tournament, but you have come a long way from where you were at back at IVGF. It was cool to see you become a part of the community. Congrats on taking that critical match against Yurameshi in teams. I was impressed. And wallet dude, james? – sorry you had such a bad time here, poor guy was stressed the whole time about your wallet. I apologize for not being more sympathetical, but I was in a pretty jaded mood all week. Good thing you found it at the end. Rori – eff you for not showing up, but its understandable. I was looking forward to hanging out with you, cause you were one of the people who I really didn’t respect or like in the beginning, but have become a member of the cool group in my eyes since TG5.

I know I am leaving someone out, but oh well, I apologize. You guys were as a whole probably the most respectful group. Im going to be in a smaller place in the future, but if you are ever in the region again, I will do whatever I can to accommodate you guys. Again, *tear*

The Japanese

You guys are very respectful, and the tournament would have not have been as good without you. I enjoyed having you here. You were very fun people to have around, and I hope your trip to America was very enjoyable. You have lots of skill. I was rooting for you to win the tournament.

Watashi wa “The Japanese” ga daisukidesu

(I think that means I like “The Japanese” a lot, that’s probably going to be the only use I get out of my 1 year of Japanese in college, and its probably not correct anyways. Heh heh.)


It’s hella fun having you guys along, although Wes causes more trouble than we need. Heh heh. It’s a good thing that guy is intimidating, cause some of the stuff he pulled off on people would have gotten a weakass beaten up. Again too bad I didn’t get a chance to hang out with you guys. Thanks for coming, its not the same without you guys.


Uber congrats on taking the tournament. You have definitely proven yourself as one of the most dominant forces in smash; if not the most dominate force. It’s nice to see some variety in the winnings of tournaments, and I definitely think you deserve your win. Good luck getting that trophy back home. Heh heh. I’m very glad you were able to make it, and may there be more tournament wins in your future.

Chu Dat

Out from effing nowhere. It’s effing sweet when someone can take third with a character that before now hasn’t been regarded as anything above middle tier. Good stuff dude.

Kens Group

Thanks for coming as always. It’s a good thing we have learned to get along, because these tournaments are much more enjoyable without all the drama. Too bad Ken wasn’t able to place higher in the 1v1s, but at least you took teams so you were able to walk away with something. Looks like you get to keep the TG belt permanently. I know it looked like the nerves got to you, but I’m sure you will come back in full force in future tournaments.


Sorry for not having ice. You looked like you were about to die of heat stroke. And fun stuff playing Carlos in GGXX. Probably the only time I was able to sit down and play a game for fun the whole week.

The Doug

Too bad we didn’t get a game in of Mario Party for blood. Heh heh. You should come hang out with us on poker night before you take off again.

European Mofos

It’s not the same without you guys. Thanks always for making a showing.

I know I’m leaving out a lot of people, and I apologize.

I’m truly glad this thing is over with. I wish the best of luck for anyone trying to take over hosting large tournaments like this. I would recommend that you don’t provide housing for so many people, because it was probably the hardest thing about the tournament. I think it works best for a few groups to house a few people. That’s how most communities run. I think I was too stuck on promoting the tournament in the beginning, that is why the hospitality given was so great, because I pushed so hard to create something great. But in the end it has grown much larger than a single group should ever have to deal with. Basically free housing for 2-3 people is fine. Free housing for 50-60 people is ********. I’m gonna ask the TG name to die with this tournament. I’ve put a lot of effort into creating this thing, and would like it to remain a thing that was run by my group.

Now its time to learn how to author a dvd.
Jan 16, 2004
Long Island
Yo, Seriously everyone needs to stop bieng a noob about this.


This is all that matters. He did what he went to do, and that is win. He came out on top WHEN IT MATTERED. He brought glory to the US (heh), His Crew, and himself. The same goes for Chu as well.

So everyone stop Making excuses and just realize that AZEN IS TEH WINNER!

Psh Oh yeah and Azen=#1


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Dec 25, 2002
Modesto, CA
^stfu Alejandro

**** I replied to the TG6 topic right when it got closed.

Oh well. It was something along the lines of:

great tournament, i got owned by deezie in round 2, so i suck it was my first tournment, major props to chu for his ICs, azen and cj for killing everyone in sight, sas for crazy float skillz peach, rob for kicking my ***, rob-dsf-bfb since im new to tourneys i didnt kno these guys were so effing good ni0ce job in the losers bracket, deezie for taking me out of winners bracket so soon =\, whoever Dan L. is for being stupid and owning me with his pretty good marth and knocking me out of the tournament, wes isai u guys had a good match even tho no one watched lol, other ppl iono

But my post was obviously far more elaborate. Stupid topic clozor.

Anyway, to my friends in the unknown Team PAUK from Modesto, we sucked. No questions asked.

lol who was that guy who got pissed and almost disqualified my friends and was hella yelling? he had the underbite

Freak'N Yosh

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Sep 3, 2002
w e s t c o a s t
what ^ (resposted)

congratulations to Azen. good job man im glad u represented the states well. im sure u earned the title "TG6 champion"

c jack... mad respect on gettin 2nd. flying over here and gettin to the finals, im sure if we had tg7 a week from today ud finish 1st.

DSF... niiice hehe good job homie, u shocked the world baby! hehe now get ur @$$ back to l.a. ure RYU days are over maaan

IMO, Ken is still the best smash player out there. undoubtedly. maybe hes not as dominant as he was in the past, but he still has the best record of any smasher, and his impact has been the biggest.

and although Azen is the TG6 Champ, Ken should still be considered the top smasher out there. and i KNOW Ken will proove it in future tournaments.

so to anyone thats talkin down to Ken or that all of a sudden thinks he isnt as good as u thought he was... keep talkin cuz its just gonna make it that much sweeter when he comes back from this and silences all the doubters and haters hehe

with that being said:

Azen, ure the $hlt man :D i hope u get a crowd of people at the airport awaitin ur arrival, holdin up signs n $hlt hehe 4 real though, no matter what u ARE the TG6 CHAMP


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Jun 25, 2004
modesto, cali
Re: ^stfu Alejandro

Originally posted by choknater
Anyway, to my friends in the unknown Team PAUK from Modesto, we sucked. No questions asked.

lol who was that guy who got pissed and almost disqualified my friends and was hella yelling? he had the underbite
haha... yeah man, seriously... tryin to disqualify me AND the guy i was supposed to battle. just because he got owned by ken doesnt mean he should get pissed at us... and his yelling woke up jason! haha... well.. actually, he DID diqualify us... until he asked deezie if we should go on, and he said yes.. THANKS! :D

tg6 was off the hook, even tho i really sucked... badly. stupid andre telling me about it like 4 days ago, so i played more time at the tourny than in the past 4 months haha

congrats to azen for winning... i didnt get to see the last like 20 minutes since all of team PAUK's parents were pmsing and we had to leave...

captain jack was great... nuff said.

chu... u have inspired me to start using ice climbers... man, that was so godlike...

oro.. i dont even know who that is... but he completely owned me in the first round... didnt even kill him one time... how sad.

team pauk... hey, at least andre and john won a game each haha... me and jason tied for last! go us!

ok, so pretty much, tg6 owned.

oh yeah... hey, deezie... nice shirt haha... workin the silver sequins...

The Game II

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Mar 5, 2004
Northern California
Great tournament. Congrats to Azen for winning, Capt. Jack for finishing second, and all the other competitors. Thanks for the interviews, and thanks to those who gave me some advice following my two slaughters that I suffered.

I can't wait for the DVD.



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Jan 28, 2004

Congrats to DieSuperfly for doing well in TG6.

mm, congrats to Tavo and Pedro and everyone else I know for how well they did at this tourney. Sorry I am too poor to go. :mad:

guess what? Apparently a tax expert I talked to told me before saturday that nothing was wrong with my taxes. i was so mad! i just stood there, confused. then she told me to leave. hehe. umm...tavo would know what i mean. so ignore this part. :p

congrats to the peeps that got top places. umm...have some cake?


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Jun 19, 2003
Forest of Feelings
Originally posted by Alejandro_P
Yo, Seriously everyone needs to stop bieng a noob about this.


This is all that matters. He did what he went to do, and that is win. He came out on top WHEN IT MATTERED. He brought glory to the US (heh), His Crew, and himself. The same goes for Chu as well.

So everyone stop Making excuses and just realize that AZEN IS TEH WINNER!

Psh Oh yeah and Azen=#1
*looks up and sees that no excuses have been made before you posted*

*realizes that Deezie has already posted the results, clearly stating that Azen won*

*thinks about TG, and realizes that Azen winning isn't all that matters*

Nice post. Seriously, I'm sure you mean no harm, but this is just gloating, and there's no need for it. I'm not against Azen winning, I just don't think this is the right way to discuss it.


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Aug 12, 2003
Tucson Az
This TG was crazy and completely unpredictable. Good job to all you who placed high, you all suprised me and I had a really great time. I'd like to thank matt for the hosting of TG and having me in his humble responsibilty, GOOD TIMES. Alex is CRAZZZZZZZZZY. Chris man, you're nuts, BEST PEACH SON!...Good job Azen and Captain Jack, those were some CLOSE A$$
pulse raising matches. To all you suckers who didn't get to come to TG, I feel sorry for you. TOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.


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Jul 6, 2003
Bellevue, Washington
I said it before but I'll post here too.

Azen: When a teacher asks me to write about whom I admire most/who my hero is, I'm putting your name down and writing about how your broke the odds and stuck it out to take #1 (course it wasn't really breaking the odds cause I knew you could do it).

Chu: YOUR MY BOY!!! PU REPRESENT!!! Seriously I'm taking you to mcdonaldz, my treat (give me a week to get fundz). I knew you could do it too, and seeing top 3 is amazing,
Oct 25, 2003
The A-TX
I LUV YOU AZEN!!:love: :love: :love: CHRIS MCMULLEN!

Whoo! Go Azen! Best smasher in the world! Good job to DSF for continuing to be awesome, and good job to Crystal for repping Texas!

Godd job to everyone in general as well. Wish I coulda been there.



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Feb 13, 2004
Glenshaw (near Pittsburgh) PA
YES! Azen wins just as I hoped for. Chu Dat, Sas, and DSF congratulations!

I would have done this in the other tg6 thread, but matt said to discuss everything here from now on.

ok, when azen lost to ken, everyone bumped his *** down to #2.... Now Azen came through and you want to belittle his **** by saying "people have bad days" "What if someone better didn't come" who care? They didn't come, the players there didn't perform as well as azen. Stop making johns bc VA is #1 again. Back up to top ***** and they don't stop
(this was posted byGreta_the_Great)

So true... I agree.


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Oct 13, 2003
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Azen always did have that special talent for playing so many different characters good. When Ken just plays a good Marth and C. Falcon. I think that it itself explains something. So I kinda guessed right when I thought Azen was going to win this. Good job for taking down CJ. Those Japanese people really needed a stomping. But I would still say that Captain Jack, Ken and Azen are still close in skills with each other. Just that Azen was a little better at TG6.

Chu, nice representing the IC's. 3rd place at a national tourny. IC need to be placed higher on the tier lists for that like I keep saying over and over again.

Wish I was there to experience the thril at TG6...


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Jul 15, 2003
Originally posted by CaliburChamp
Those Japanese people really needed a stomping.

anyways, i think we might have a new peach-to-beat... btw how'd mike g do? did he go?

dsf used ganondorf right?


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Oct 20, 2003
I agree with frota on this, some of you are really gloating and priding yourselves over azens victory, its good that he won, but its kind of disgusting to go to the forums and see WOOO AZEN GOGOGOGO USA YEAH USAUSAUSAUSA. Azen won, good for him, but this is getting ridiculous.

Don Muffin

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Jul 13, 2004
Haha, my boys Azen and Chu.

Chu: Man good clux. You almost didn't go to this thing until the last second and then you pulled out third place! You and captain jack are gonna turn tiers upside down.

Seriously Chu, I'm proud as **** of you. Hearing that you beat Isai made me go "oh crap...he's gonna get top 3"

Rep it man, I'm so happy

Azen: You are DA MAN. I told you before you left you needed to win this. You were always humble, never bragged or anything, and you pulled it off.


Really man, I can't think two guys who deserved their placing so high more than you and chu.

You always open your house up for fests, stay up til like 5 in the morning playing...well it payed off man.

Enjoy the mass amounts of IMing you'll get.

EDIT: and to the people telling us to shut up about gloating azen's victory, i tell you to shut up. because if ken had one, then you'd be even worse than us. i mean, we just proved that the US can beat japan. you know how much that means?



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Aug 25, 2003
Irvine, CA
awesome tourney.... a few things...

captain jack-- man, those were some very good koopa dittos.. i guess you couldn't rematch me that last time, but i guess business is business...

gus-- holy crap you went so far in the bracket, socal is proud of you... also way to take on florida with some mad shiek action!!

sastopher-- no hard feelings about wasting 24 minutes of your life, but you have to admit those were close matches... congrats on winning 4th..

chu-- your ice climbers roxxor!!! if climbers don't move up a tier after this, it's a crime

wes-- i saw the team match where you took both the captain royale teammates at once.. good stuff

azen-- i seriously need to play 26 more dittos.. those were some intense finals and you pulled ahead and took home the trophy, what else is there to say?

derilink-- man, ur link is too fast... you need to tell me ur mad cosplay secrets so i can make a bowser costume or something hilariously funny...

jeff-- sorry we didn't get to play mario kart like you wanted, but perhaps next time i can own you with my bowser tank:)

isai-- again, thanks for letting socal stay at your house.. i'm sure had you counter-picked more often you might have won a few more matches, but what can you do?

mike + jarrod-- dude, you need to visit more often and play more monopoly XD good times and hope i get to see you again soon eh?

deezie-- nice hosting action, the matches went smoothly and you were on top of your game... it's a shame that TG7 isn't a possibility yet, but there's always hope right?

luke aka grabfest bowser-- where were you man? i was pumped to play another decent bowser (besides azen and CJ of course) and you were nowhere to be found... oh well, maybe next time?

manacloud-- the match with deezie was too close, i don't quite know what happened, but you did pretty good in singles and hella good in teams... shiek climbers > all

ken-- man, way to own teams.. unfortunately singles wasn't in the cards that day, but these things happen to the best of us... the best thing to do is just relax and focus on the Vgames i suppose. you're still a world class smasher in my eyes and hopefully people can see that you are.

if i forgot anyone else i'm sorry, i'll try to remember and post later or something


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Jul 7, 2003
Fremont, California, USA, North America, Earth, So

Awesome tournament! Too bad for the people who didn't come, it was something that definitely should not have been missed. I dunno where to begin, but...

CONGRATULATIONS Azen for being WORLD Champion! You really deserved it!

P.S. I was the guy sitting behind you and Captain Jack cheering you on.

Now for all the people that are saying crap about Azen just perfoming a little better than Ken and CJ and crap, STFU. Look, Azen got 4th at TG5, 2nd at GO and FC. After watching all the videos of him against Ken at GO, and then hearing about what happened at FC (him killing himself by WDing)...why would he NOT get first place?! He went from 4th to 2nd and to a very close-to-being 1st (there were rumors that Ken was even scared of Azen after Melee FC IRRC) Just analyze the improvements, and it should be reasonable to say that Azen was going to take it sooner or later, and I guess it came sooner than what most everyone else thought would!

Captain Jack, mad props to you placing 2nd. You are truely impressive, taking down Eddie's Ganondorf time after time. Nice crowd press B waaaaay too fast. :p

Mr. Silver: Thanks for the matches...I swear I could've taken down your Marth in a ditto. Curse FFAs :p

CloudStrifeX: Thanks for being such a nice partner. I think we caught on to team play in the end...but too late for the tournament I guess.

Chu: AWESOME Ice Climbers! It wasn't surprising to me that you made it so far in the singles...I mean...c'mon, you and Manacloud beat Jack's team in the pools. Simply amazing. Now hopefully I.C. will go up on the tier list.

Eddie: Awesome Ganondorf...too bad I couldn't get more matches with you. Thanks.

Teflon: I should've tried my Falco first...I don't have enough experience against Falcos I guess. I was surprised how much better my Falco did against yours than my Sheik. I rarely EVER play Falco. lol Good games.

Matt: Thank you so much for hosting such a great tournament and letting people like me videotape the matches. Don't worry...I'll keep my word.

Nice meeting everyone, peace out.
Jan 11, 2004
Brooklyn ,NY
Azen came out on top at TG but that doesn't mean he's the best in the world because he beat Captian Jack. Im guessing if this match was anywhere close, anyone could have came out on top Jack or Azen. But congratulations on telling those japanese that just because we don't invent the games, doesnt mean we can't play em well :)

No need to tell me to STFU. This is my first and last post in this topic. Good luck on the probability of another TG btw.
Feb 13, 2004
chu dat: nice job gettin 3rd, guess all that trainin we did when u were here helped out. wish i could have been there for teams so we could team up, our team roxors. FAMILY PRIDE!!!!!!!!!

Azen Zagenite: dam nice job gettin 1st, not much to be said u jus too good :chuckle:


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Nov 30, 2003
ZOMG Duluth, GA mostly... sometimes Weston, FL

****, if only you coulda seen my face, i logged into the school computers to check up on TG, only to find like 80 more posts on it, and all these things flying around, CJ BEAT KEN! KEN DIDNT PLACE TOO HIGH! AZEN WON!

yeah man, I knew Azen would win, I've always considered him top tier sexy mofo from day one :chuckle:

Congrats on CJ for getting 2nd, Japan definitely has to get props on that, but the US won in the end! :p congrats to all countries who attended, and **** big congrats to Azen for the 11 hundred prize... can you say, CHA-CHA-CHA-CHA-CHING!

Azen, when you gonna come to FL eh? you promised us a couple months back! I wanna get 5 stocked by that Sheik of yours mang =P

congrats to all, My head is still spinning after this huge news, Azen first, DSF beating Ken, Ken not even placingin the top 5 @_@


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Dec 15, 2003
Davie, Florida
congrats to Azen, CJ,Chu Dat(I smell tier reformations >_>),Sastopher and Isai. Best tourney ever and i didnt even go to it :crazy:

Also I hurd my home boy Cloud was whooping *** in money matches.
How well did Fl placed on singles?


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Jun 5, 2003
San Dimas Ca
Well, all in all the tournament flowed at a steady pace which made things go a bit quick.

There were some really interesting matches that were just eye catching to everyone there.

Captain Jack pulled some amazing things out of that japanese hat of his and was a really nice guy.

Isai, Thanks so much for housing us.

Crazy canadian that looks like Edward nortin, (yes thats your jarrod). Mike and Jarrod were really cool guys. You guys should decide to move to soCal :D

Rune it was nice meeting you. And I really wanna thank the SoCal crew for bringing me along. Hopefully I'll have more show ups in the future.

Azen Zagenite

Smash Champion
Jun 22, 2001
Springfield, VA

TGs will always be the best tournaments. I heard 6 was the last =[ Thanks Matt for all your hard work on this even through all the random problems.

Ken is still the best player, but no one is perfect. And people also have to realize that other smashers can get better too. Its been like 3 years of smash, there's many very good players out there now.

Some shout-outz..

Sas: Your Peach r0x, you know how to use her priority in attacks well. Good stuff in 4th and beating Ken. I never expected that, Washington is good :D

DieSuperFly: Stepin it clux

Anden/Chillin: You call us too much, lol.

RobFalco: you did pretty good yo, rapin Dave in Falco dittos especially, hahaz. CC has the mind games, the trickz.

CJ: You're too good, I'd like to play you more. Close stuffz

Germ: nice Link yoz

Wes: No edgeguard jones. You're mad good in teams, we should play with each other more :D EC Guardians representin. EAST COAST FO'LIFE

Dave: You coulda gotten Ken yoz. RobFalco got trickz. No Jones!!!1 lol, I still love you Davy baby.

Chu Dat: good ****z, I told you, you would do good. I told you you would beat Isai. You're good, stop doubting yourself. good stuff reppin the ICs, lol. You're going to change the tier list sonz.

Its time East Coast got in the victory, good ****s. EC FO'LIFE!! =P

H2YL baby!

Good stuff to everyone.



Skia Oura
Aug 20, 2001
Gratz to Azen, Captain Jack, and Chu, for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively. Had Captain Jack not killed himself on Yoshi's Island first thing at the start of the game (for those of you who missed it Captain Jack just ran off the edge and killed himself as soon as the words "GO!" disappeared; either he was confused about the level rule, as happened earlier in the tournament, or his controller for some reason tweaked out). If he didn't kill himself and start the match off at 3 v 4 stock he would have won (Azen had 98% and 1 stock left after he killed Jack's Doc).

Azen - Glad you finally got first after playing in TG all this time :) The two things that ticked me off were how you had to Sheik-infinite-grab Captain Jack in order to beat his Sheik and how you didn't kill yourself and make the game an even 3 v 3 when Captian Jack somehow accidentally did. I thought you were going to kill yourself to make it 3v3 even...sort of like in soccer where if someone on the other team is injured you kick the ball out of play, then the other team throws it back into you...that sorta thing, though I understand that this situation was different. Oh well, different views on sportsmanship, I suppose ^_^

Ken - Don't let it get to you. You still have the best record around, and I'll keep watching your Marth videos to improve my own Marth.

Captain Jack - I don't know if he reads these forums or not, but anata wa boku no tomadachi desu! Even though I walked away from doubles and singles with a less-than-impressive record, I walked away with Captain Jack's friendship and MSN Messenger name, so now we're able to talk a lot more ^_^ I was really hoping you'd take first; in my opinion, as well as the majority of the people there (please don't take any offense Azen), you're the superior Smasher. Ever. In the world. You beat Azen the first 4 /7 match...too bad you couldn't pull it off again :(

Videos - I really want to see them up soon! (Are they up? I still need to learn how to use that DC++ / Hub thing...). I want to watch Jack's matches against Ken...

For those of you don't know, on Friday, apparently Jack and Ken had a bunch of 1 v 1 matches. Ken won the first 4 in a row. After that Jack picked up on Ken's playing style (Sharingan, anyone? ;)) and proceeded to beat Ken with Sheik, Marth, Donkey Kong, and Bowser. I can't wait to see those matches!

Chu - You the man, you the man! Your IC were truly amazing, and you ALMOST had Jack w/ your JP (I'll have to use that Light Up A / Down B combo now :)). I've never believed in tiers...categorizing characters into who's better than who is stupid, pointless, and meaningless; what truly matters is the skill and devotion of the individual behind the character. Hopefully your IC can help break down the walls of the disgraceful "tiers".

Matt - TG7. Pweeeeeeeeease? I say we all pitch in to help pay for TG7, so we all pay equally. Matt shouldn't have to cough up close to $2,000 just for everyone else's benefit (I did donate my $5 though ^_^). My suggestion - gather everyone's money first via Pay Pal, then pay for the room and any other expenses. With about 100 people each paying about $50 (20 for expenses, $15 for singles, $15 for doubles) we'd be good, and I think most people would be willing to cough up $50 for another great tournament like that.

The Man - Who brought The Man to TG6, and what's his AIM screen name, does anyone know? I know who he is...I just forgot his name and don't know his AIM screen name. Thanks!


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Aug 12, 2003
Tucson Az
Common Knowledge

Captain Jack isn't best in his nation. He is third, or tied for second. A man named Masashi is the best in Japan. Jack was telling us that no one here is like him. Then again, no one here is like a few of our players either.

EDIT: For those of you looking for vids, they're not going to be up for a while. Chill out. =0)
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