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  • Wow, you've been here since 2003. That's pretty crazy. I happened to notice when you posted before/after Mew2king. (who has been here since 2002)
    Dude you live in Fort Lauderdale?? I do too. We should get together and play IRL when I'm home from college during spring break

    I see your posts on the different boards all the time lol xD
    The reason why I locked it is because it could've easily been discussed within the two Brawl+ discussion topics we already have instead of making a new topic like the rules state. If this still doesn't answer your question, take it to Forum Support.
    Lol well it's a big bag of stuff in reality so why carry it around if I don't need to paint any controllers? haha.

    That's what I meant. But awesome. See you Sat (:
    Lol I've done it before. Don't worry. It's just a big bag of stuff. I'll bring it this Sat. (:
    Sounds good. I don't always have my painting stuff with me, considering it's a lot of materials, so let me know when you'll be going to places you'd like me to go too.

    I'm going to ZP this weekend for the monthlies so if you're going to that, holla (:
    Lol it's not that. I'm not good with remembering people I don't talk to for a while.

    And I use acrylics with a clear coating so it doesn't come off.
    Lol that was a while ago soi don't quite remember.

    On my website (gonipoo.com) you can find all the controllers I've done. Just go to the gallery section, under Misc and you'll see it (:
    Yeah, I know. I just get a ride from someone to something in Orlando or w/e.
    I don't go to South FL specifically. I stay in Cape Coral in December and usually attend something during that time wherever it is.
    If you're a Metaknight main, you probably played my R.O.B.
    I'm sorry for camping super hard, my last match was an extremely campy Wolf.
    Well, I beatcha on gamebattles. You left an adoring **** YOU in my comments?

    Anything further to say on the matter?
    Thank mate for friends. Got any skype hackz, or just tell me your number will call you from my skype phone. lolz
    Hey Caliburchamp, you are facing Davizinho in the first round of my MK tourney. One of you should PM the other about when to fight (I'm sending this message to both of you). The first round ends on the 30th.
    hey, tommorow i'm busy all day. but i should be able to play any other time. how about 2pm Central Time Wed?
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