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  • I wouldn't want a computer that makes your pants catch on fire when it's on my lap.

    Now I'm pretty sure you saw what I did there.
    Kind of. What really got me there is their liquid cooling technology.

    The graphics and processors with their laptop, Eon 17. It's breaks the indestructible wall.
    Thanks, bro. That got me to understand a lot.

    And yeah, broken english will be gone once I get a $3,000 Origin computer.

    How? A job.
    I can't blame them for my silly post.
    I just saw it that way. Now they saw my posts as stupid as alien vision's.

    I do not concur about his intelligence or knowledge.
    I never intended to say that.
    I just said it doesn't feel needed.

    The reason why she's kicked off the plane is the kissing right?

    That's it. It's not complex. Southwest kicked them out because they felt like it.

    And they start an arguement way beyond the topic.
    I don't know. I'm just trying to prevent them from saying how they think of me and give a command.

    "Stop posting for the sake of posting" is one thing.
    When I try to say I'm not, They come out saying "you are" and give such reasons that doesn't even describe it perfectly.
    It just harms me. If I'm harmed here, Then I'm upset.
    Upset = Try Getting Better
    Getting Better = Getting Worse
    Getting Worse = Preventing it
    Preventing = Getting more worse.
    It's like bad date with a bad girlfriend.
    I'm already having a dispute with him. Why do I even bother when I'm 17 and he's about Twenty-something.

    "TokyoGamer is TokyoGamer" is how I'm really described now. And I have nothing else to say about what I'd do every damn time on this cold hearted website.

    As if any other website out there is helpful. >_>
    I've read it. And it was too rash.
    I wouldn't exactly complain about the arguement but hey, "stop posting" is still happening as if I was the center of attention by stupidity on every thread I'm at.
    I'm just a lie.

    It also looks like things are turning out well. I'm getting warnings instead of infracts.

    The one from luigitoilet just now seems somewhat unreasonable. :V
    I need one. Which is why I need a job first.

    I fixed my mistake by the way. It should make more sense now.
    Hmm, Let me put this clear:

    "You're thinking like the rest of the people. Watching that pony commerial is supposed to be creepy for you. Just not for kids. The kids think it's cool."
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