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Sleepy's Super Awesome Birthday Bash Results, Sep. 18th, Durham, NC


Smash Ace
Feb 9, 2010
Greenville, NC
RESULTS! yaaaaaay


Melee Doubles:
1: whatiskevinwearing.com (Dr. PP + Everlasting Yay<3)
2: Mike G + Dop
3: The Kids (Jim + Stingers)
4: Sneak + Twitch
5: Patience Crabstick and the Sky Mastodon (Karn + Foxy)
5: Rest Stop (Mahone + Foxlisk)
7: KP + MinQ
7: Good **** Adam (PLUR + Behr)
9: Emma Watson's Darkness (Emma Watson's Boyfriend + True Darkness)
9: Street Sharks ( Moo + Snap)
9: Smoke Weed Errday (Dark Hart + Turnip T)
9: The Gentlemen (Slasherking + Josh)
13: SP (Fiz + Rohan)
13: Beeface (Face + Bees)

Melee Singles:

1: Dr. Pey Pey
2: Everlasting Yay <3
3: Mike G
4: Dop
5: Mariabattleaxe
7: Jim
7: Twitch
9: KP
9: Karn
9: RJ
9: Josh
13: MinQ
13: Sneak
13: Big Lou
13: True Darkness
17: Mahone
17: Diatenshi
17: Fiz
17: Slasherking
17: Rohan
17: Foxy
17: Stingers
17: DJ
25: Gofg
25: VZakat
25: $Mike
25: EMB
25: Moophobia
25: Foxlisk
25: Face
25: Emma Watson's Boyfriend
33: Ballard
33: Stanley
33: Turnip T
33: Smith
33: Gard
33: Ocean
33: JMH
33: Dark Hart
33: Criosphinx
33: Robin Hood
33: Snap
49: CT


Brawl Doubles:
1: Shady + Big Lou
2: Me and Mekos (Mekos + Kadaj)
3: The Kids (Jim + Stingers)
4: Harold + Kumar (Sushiman + Jon?)
5: Lord Piss With a New Vengeance ( Karn + Dr. PP)
5: Raggy + Rohan
7: More Pew Pew (Gauvin + Ed)
7: Robot and the Penguin (Stockfield + Ilove)
9: Dylan + Criosphinx
9: Hypocrite High Tier Haters (Foxy + Waldorf)
9: Real *****s with Big ***** (Cory + Everlasting Yay<3)
9: Rollin' Like a Bigshot (KillerSOS + Omni)
13: Team !!1!!! (Zeldarox! + Bryan)
13: Super Smash Brothers (LDPK +Arc The Fallen)

Brawl Singles:
1: Big Lou/Kadaj (split)
4: Cory
5: Stingers
5: Ilove
7: KSK
7: Shady Penguin
9: Darkfire150
9: R
9: Werk
9: Ragnarok
13: CT
13: Stockfield
13: Jordan
13: Twitch
17: MN
17: KoozyK
17: John
17: Gauvin
17: Arc
17: Crio
17: Bryan
17: Uncle
25: Arck
25: Kai
25: Zeldarox!
25: Moo
25: LtL

Low Tier

Melee Doubles Low Tier:

1: Team Triforce (LOZR + Everlasting Yay<3)
2: Sabrina's 36C Brawl (Smith + Dr. PP)
3: SleepyK + Josh
4: VZakat + Karn
5: Zeldarox! + Bryan
5: The Kids on Acid (Stingers + Jim)
7: Random Yet Funny and Clever Team Name (Diatenshi + JMH)
7: Moo + Twitch


Dr Peepee

Ancient Light
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
Good stuff Maria! =)

I'll post shoutouts later, workin on them now.

Good to see everyone again, as always.

Edit: lol this was my birthday tourney. XD


Smash Obsessed
Oct 21, 2006
Raleigh, NC
CT was the only person to lose in round 1 losers so he should just be 1 place lower than everyone else.


Smash Ace
Feb 9, 2010
Greenville, NC
he is one below everyone, but I just wanted to put it as a 33 cause it sucks to be the only 49th :(
He lost first round because he requested to be put with PP so he is a brave brave soul. I guess I have to change that though.

Dr Peepee

Ancient Light
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
And now, it’s time for dem shoutouts!!!

Maria- Despite alllll of that stuff going on and all of the sillyness that has happened, I know how much effort you put into this tournament and how much you want your series to succeed. Because of that hard work, it WILL succeed and stuff like last time won’t ever happen again. You did a fantastic job of keeping it together given all of the difficult conditions, good stuff. =)

Also, you better not have been serious when you asked me to do that double pika with you, because you know I’ll take you up on that. =p

Mahone- Great to meet you man! Sorry we didn’t get to do the Mario/Puff MM, but next time for sure haha. GGs in tourney and in our MM dude.

SleepyK- Yo dude it was mad awesome for you to come visit and bring all of your recording/streaming/commentating stuff. And you happened to look pretty sexy with the clothes and the Falco too. =) More matches next time!!!

RJ- You’re a smart guy. Hopefully I’ll see you at TO6 bro.

Mike G- Ahhh it was good to sit down and play with the legend for the first time since Pound 4 haha. Soooo smart, can’t wait to finally learn that Peach matchup when you come visit. =)

Josh- Great seein you again bro. Low tier matches were mad intense, you were doin good weegee things, I saw. Also LOL @ that DK nanney headshake by the way. Too hilarious hahaha. Thanks again for housing my car man, that was chill of you. Looking forward to seeing you again dude.

Cam- Awesome to see you again! That car ride was mad legit, thanks for having me come get you. Worth it imo, but what do I know huh? =p Can't wait until next time! =)

Crio- Yo dude it was **** hangin with you haha. You're too chill man.

Craig- Lol I'm sorry I made you watch me suck in teams. XD Either way, when you get probed up by those martians I'm just gonna say "I told you so baby." And then we're gonna giggle because us talking to each other like that is freakin amazing lmao. XDD Good stuff on singles and oh yeah nice friendlies. <33333

Ocean- Ahh always good to see you baby. Fun times this weekend trying to get the video to work lmao. Too good. XD

Moo- Yo dude get off my nips. Also YOU GOT THE UPSET NEXT TIME FOR SURE BRO!

KSK- Ay yo bruh, stick to the clown laugh, the impression is mad weak(except for the hands, I like that =p). <3

Bden- You sexy mofo! Great to see you again dude. =) FRIENDLIES NEXT TIME BIT!!!

PLUR- Hahaha why are you always so good? Please just come around and be awesome more. =)
Also friendly me. XD

Dark Hart- Yo bro we need to hang or smash brudderssss.

Karn- Lol you're gay for making me team with you, but it helped some. <3 Also, had we had more setups I'd have done the PS thing. Don't worry, I'll try to figure it out as best as I can on my own. Thanks for the tips. I'll try to help with edgeguarding when I can.

Smith: Haha thanks for housing me bro. Gooood times at the Lackey house like always. Also we are the business in Melee low tier lol.

Chris: I'm liking the improvement sir. Keep the drive alive.

Sneak: Good stuff in teams with Twitch bro. Stacked tourney lol.

Dop: I'm gonna sit down with you one day and just play a lot against your Peach lol. Learnin this S......

Good freakin stuff in teams and singles bro.

Slasher: Yo it was fun eatin with you bro. Lemme see soma dat Falco next time. =)



ps: nice shirt loooooooooooooooool

Stanley: Good friendlies bro. =)

Snap: You shaved. =(

JMH- Good to finally see you again man. We need friendlies man!

LoZR- Boy you gotta start playin this dern game again or all the new nubs are gonna whup ur A, undastand bit????

What you gotta do though, is practice sometimes and come to see some of us to keep your game up, and then in tourney you get to power up and go


and then they die. aight now, you got this. **** em. catfishhhhhhh

Stongers and Jim- Look, I know you guys aren't happy with me, and I appreciate you not wanting to tell me, but I understand, I came and got you too late. My bad. I'll try to do better next time a situation like this comes up(which it won't until after like TO6, so I guess you guys have time to be a little less mad at me). Anyway, I still really love riding with you guys and hanging out with you, so I hope you can forgive me. <333

Twitch- Fun times ridin bro. You need to stop losin so let's train for real on these off weekends we have, aight?

Yay- loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

is how I feel about hangin with you. Fuuuun times my dude. Heck yeah team myshirtgoesharderthanmynips was a success. Also, you're a jerk in Melee Low Tier LOL. XD

Melee GFs in singles was awesome bro, thanks for the good times hahaha. <3

If I forgot you, lemme know!

Good stuff to everyone I played and got to hang with. You guys make coming to these things worthwhile. Alllllways fun.

<3 NC


Smash Hero
Oct 4, 2009
Greensboro, NC

Matt - Thanks for the ride. "Dude...*runs light* oh well..." Can't wait for TO6.

Mekos - you almost make me wanna play brawl with you. you have a good mentality, and i value that. if you're interested in playing melee, roll over to UNCG, theres always a fest in my dorm room. or if you wanna bring brawl stuff over, i may be able to be a training partner of sorts. either way, good stuff, and it was nice to meet you.

BEHR - cool ridin with you. you need to figure out those 5 matchups lol. we'll practice some time.

Ryan/Sneak - always good to hang with you man. you did good in tourney, and once this seeding thing gets a little better, i'm sure you'll be placing soon. we gotta keep training, i don't wanna let up now.

FoxLisk - you were pretty chill. your falco is pretty old school haha, it had been a while since i'd played anyone that dedicated to lasers. keep workin on it, and i hope to see u at future events both here and in VA.

KP - you provided me with my hardest tensest set of the tourney, and it was just a 1 dollar mm. you're a really smart guy who caught on to my techs, and adjusting was hard. you made me think too, and i value that, and i thank you. you helped me on my way to my next level of gameplay. hope to see you in the future, and maybe we can get some more friendlies.

Yay - wow...i don't even know if i want that set uploaded for self information, or kept secret for what little pride i think i may have. you owned me thoroughly. i'm sure it wasn't much effort for you, but well done.

vZakat - i've been wanting to play you for so long. i respect your willingness to main roy. 'twas a tough set, and given your experience, i'm a little proud of myself for pulling it out. Shake some of that rust off, and keep coming to stuff. you're a really cool guy, and the NC scene needs more people like you.

DJ - we need to step our games up. srsly

Fiz - thank you so much for the friendlies. even though i didn't end up facing DJ, i did learn a lot about the sheik matchup (i cg better if i pummel...) and i appreciate all your advice. we need to play more in the future.

Bden - if i can improve, you can too. you got this bro

Arvy - Always good to see u man. hopefully the next event we're at will allow us to play more friendlies. i really appreciate the positive words during mine and josh's set.

josh - i'm just not good enough yet. you were really nice to me after that set and i appreciate that. as you mentioned, it really wouldve meant a good amount to me to pull that set out, but alas, i didn't have it in me to do what it took to win. Good stuff.

Mike G - really wish i couldve played you and gotten your thoughts about my ganon. now that i know that if i had beaten josh i wouldve gotten to play you in tourney, i'm even more sad i didn't pull it out. i hope you go to TO6 so that we have another chance at playing.

Gard - why did we never get a setup? oh wait...it just wasn't possible. but anyway, we will mm/talk ganon stuff at the next local we're both at.

Turnip T - oops, i called u out and forgot to mm u lol. if you're still interested, i'll make sure it happens next time we're at the same place. you were lookin pretty good in those friendlies at the beginning of the day.

Bryan - maybe i have gotten better...either way, we both have a ways to go. let's make it happen.

kevin - "oh here we go..."

True Darkness - way to get 13th just as you planned.

Stingers - wtf mewtwo? you're such a funny guy...

EWB - ...we need to figure this whole teaming thing out.

others - fun tourney. glad you all could make it.


Novus Ordo Seclorum
Sep 22, 2008
North Carolina
My performance here wasn't as good as it was in the first BAC, but I'm not salty about it. Lounis was a beast like I expected, and Twitch surprised me with his legit Sheik.

**** those Nanney boys and their talent in both games. I'll get ya next time if you ever enter Brawl again, Twitch. Those games were pretty close. ;)

And Werk got 9th? Good ****. His Samus is legit and almost beat me in our match.

everlasting yayuhzz

Smash Champion
Aug 12, 2007
swaggin' to da maxxx
Gonna do some of those shoutout things since I'm ****ing bored

Maria - Super Host Bros. Good job, and no matter what anyone says, you did a better job than I'd expect from anyone else. =) Plus you got 5th.. ****. :p

Kevin Nanney - FINE SIR YOU WILL PLAY MY LINK WITH FALCO OR ELSE. ****it. It was fun hanging out with you after the tourny and getting ***** in Halo <3

Kadaj - **** you craig

Snap - mother ****ing sheetz on sheetz *****. That was a bonding experience <3

Chris/TrueDarkness - I hope I didn't come off as a **** playing that seriously in our match <_< I was trying to warm Falco up for Sleepy/Lozr if I beat Sleepy so I had to put on my tryhard cap. You could've asked to play afterwards and I could've helped you :T

SleepyGay - We always have to play :( It was good seeing you my lovely little chink <3

Bikelee aka Mike G - DIS ***** putting on his weighted clothing and putting in work or something. I was like "wait, you beat lozr? And Dop? ffffff" Good games in teams and singles, it was fun. You'll get me next time :(

Dop - MM my link ****** i'm salty

Cam - i luh u

Smith - You are so smithy smith wow

LoZR/Adam - BEST OF **** 7 BOY. That **** mentally drained me. I couldn't even think smash bros after that set lol. It was good seeing/playing you, we do always have the best matches. :D

Crio - god****it crio I just love you

Cory - we ****ing **** at ****ing brawl wow i don't even play that game and we were getting off on ******s. '08 snake all day

VA - don't think I played any of you guys in singles lol wow gay. :(


lasers - You've helped me so much man, I love you

Fox's Nikes - thanks for helping me run away to victory

okay i'm getting lazy now but if i missed you then i love you and we can play smash bros together or something


Smash Hero
Oct 4, 2009
Greensboro, NC
i was perfectly fine with you going hard. i'm trying to learn how to get better, and having you sandbag in tourney wouldn't have helped anyone at that point. only getting two stocked may have felt better for my mentality at the tournament, but knowing how far i've come and still keeping perspective of how far i need to go is significantly more important than feeling better about my loss.

good stuff yay.

Dr Peepee

Ancient Light
Sep 29, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina
Dang I wish I knew how to teach smash bros.

Anyway, I plan on not being entirely terrible at Halo forever Yay, and instead getting the game to become about where you are now when you're still improving lol.

Basically, Halo makes no sense.


Smash Champion
Apr 19, 2010
Blacksburg, VA
Looool at me getting 9th and Mahone getting 13th. I'm such a scrub.

JK No hard feelings.
Ya, lol i suck, i beat you, then lost to that scrub Drpp, then had to play my friend who i have to play everyday in VA that i go even with and when i lost i was really happy for him and didn't blame his character.... but its fine, because i only beat you because you were high/not taking puff seriously/not caring if you won except for the part where you cared enough about placing higher than me to comment on it.

I know you are just trying to start an arguement, and saying JK No hard feelings isn't fooling anyone, so i say it bluntly:

I will mm any of your characters with my Puff for up to $20 whenever you want.
I'll do the same mm without using rest for up to $10.
I'll mm you with my secondaries for up to $5 bucks.

Stop talking **** on the boards, if you think you are better than me, then prove it next time we meet, instead of johning and pointing out placings when you clearly don't know anything about my bracket (except for that part where there are 2 lines with my name and yours, but then there is only one with my name)


Smash Ace
Feb 9, 2010
Greenville, NC
Next tourney I host. Mahone you are formally invited and if you would like to come, I will have super hype for you and Josh's mm. Until then we say nothing more about it on the boards. Deal? :)

we can talk about how much I **** at Halo and about how I will finally beat Dr. Pey Pey and Yay at somefin


Yay, Kevin can not cuss ever again cause saying cuss words out loud is equivalent to censor dodging. And he is a mod.
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