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  • word i'll be there saturday @ like 2:30 then i'll ring u when i get there. we have a full 8 drafting?
    I think I'm gonna go to duke since there is a melee side tourney now.

    Sorry, bro! Grrr, why did the ncsu have to be canceled!
    Hmmmm. I just realized I might have a potential problem. I have to go to this movie screening for a class at 9pm. . .

    Are we going to be drafting earlier in the day or later?
    Not really sure. Prob tho. Ill ask knorr malk and mullins. Perhaps we should invest in a second box?
    oh gard, my upsmashes used to be accidental. but then i realized that after a lot of accidental ones, that if they try to punish too late, we can get a free jab/ftilt/shieldgrab. those IASA frames are so cash.
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