Road To Viridian City Jan 31st Results


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Jan 7, 2009
New York, NY
Out of any time in my life I got sick this weekend. Darn the dirty students of Slutgers. I missed out on a lot trying to recover, and I'm not even better yet. Sigh.


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Aug 29, 2008
1: M2K- Thanks for having friendlies with me.
5: Pierce - if i ever get the chance i want to have marth dittos with you.
7: Jash -You ***** us in teams
9: Inui - Good Snake next time won't be so easy.
13: Elixir - To bad you had to play m2k first.
17: Dire - Your G&W is too good.
17: Blackenese - See Jash
33: Comatosis - Good Sh*t in teams. Thanks for the Pringles. We should team up again.
33: JbAndrew - Still haven't given you the money for you to be my cheerleader lol.
49: Chaos Marth- Nice name.
49: George - Do better next time.
65: DK - Get 3 stocked.


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Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
Chrome Pirate, PLEASE come to my house next week so we can train for COT4. Also, sometime after that, we must team. I've been watching your doubles vids all day, and you are very good. I feel like I will play well with your style. We'll try it out sometime if you'd like to.
I'd prefer for him to team with elite crewmates like BlackWaltz or one of the others if they're not taken, but I guess it's up to him...

I want EC to take all the top spots at tournaments, which includes both halves of every team. :)


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Jul 28, 2008
Woodbridge, NJ
OMG!!!!!!!!! it was wonderful and such awsome fun to see all of you guys again. Blue's back and still rep'in sonic. come on sonic mainers i've been gone for some time dont let me carry all that weight ever again XD lol nah im kidding. but my shoutouts are as usual awsome games. but one person gets a special shoutout and thats papa dave for an awsome ice climbers. not even knowing the match up got the best of me. great player and awsome at adapting to new styles.
Enemy comtroller.....We shall always try to clean full house in a tourney and one day we shall succeed ^_^

malcolm.......:( im very sad. i come back and you wasn't playing your best. lets do the best we can at COT and not to mention low teir we got this bro F*** inui m2k atomsk spam azen and every false famed smasher


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Jul 31, 2008
i got that lancer spreadin that cancer
Some Black kid<3

errbody ther<3


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Oct 16, 2006
Bronx, New York
4: Forte ($43.50) [mk] - Hey, good to see you Forte. I guess we'll play our friendly at Katsucon. ^^

7: DMBrandon [superknight] -.....why are you called 'Superknight?' lol

7: Jash [toon link] - Good stuff Jash, but I still hate you kicking me off of friendlies this morning XD jk. That was pretty **** good. I'm...not sure if I'm improving in the Toon Link matchup lol

17: Shin - Sorry i did ****ty in teams. Honestly, I really feel that I'm not meant for teams. ><;; I'm glad that I at least done something right in getting you back your money.

17: Blackenese - SWAT - w00t, your voice is always good to hear (no homo)

17: D1 - TS - Too good in teams and nice placement on the list. ^^

25: Ref - Nice seeing you and your mom ^^

25: vanz - I hate your Jigglypuff in Brawl! I hope it gets popped like a **** balloon it is! >=/ XD Your puff fights in the air like it's Melee again. ewwwwww XD Also, glad you like the picture Vanz :D

33: Nintendo Master - Yo, your Lucas is too good, and with a wii mote at that. Keep it up. I hope to see you at more tournies

33: Ophelia - hey, good seeing you man. You and your friends are fun to talk to. Keep it up, and don't be irritated by my MK :p

49: Xivk - PE

49: Jumpman - PE - Once again, good friendlies. I hate how you randomly Down B me against my illusion ledge trick XD

49: Rockin - PE - decent guy, but you gotta go higher. Your friends and crew is counting on you. No midstakes next time.

65: Rocky - How DARE you steal my name. I had it copyrighted for several years. Pick your own name! >=/

65: Steven - 1exp - Niiiice set. Your shiek did pretty well. Honestly, more Grab releases and you could've won. I hope to see more from you.

Hab - Your words are too good. Nice seeing you again. I wish I had friendlies with you. You Vs. Izumi was entertaining.

Crismas - good work in helping out. Hoped you learned a lot ^^ We had some LOLs here and there. I know you was stressed at first (what with people losing their way and all), it was ran pretty well. We ended it around 11PM instead of 12 or 1 AM ^^

Alex - nice job with you and Blues running Brackets. I'm very happy you left me in charge with the NYC meet up. Honestly, I was nervous, cause I didn't want to **** up anyway possible (and knowing me, it...does happen sometimes XD;; ) Anyway, thanks again and I'll do my best to rep PE . PE ALL DAY!

Kid at the E spot - You's a good **** talker at Melee. LOL


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Dec 29, 2008
West Milford, NJ
At least Pikachu made an appearance. Did anyone take pictures that can be added to Pikachus Adventures? Not to mention that this is the one tournament that I haven't been able to go too in a few months, and Blue decides to come out of his hole to attend this? Wtf?!


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Jan 22, 2007
203 nuggaaaaaaah
There has long been local legend of a mysterious beast that stalks the wilds of the New Jersey Smash scene. After trekking into New Jersey to see this creature for myself, I can say that not only did I mange to see the beast with my own eyes, but I've made it back to New York City unscathed by its talons. Of course, I barely made it back because Jashy and I almost missed the bus. But still, yesterday I encountered...

Seriously, that shi
t was gay. I'd like to say that I barely played Brawl for the past few months before yesterday. I remembered why I don't like Brawling in New Jersey. But you know what? This commute would happen once a month? It was a blast. I loved it. It was a smooth running tourney.

So obviously the major shoutout of the day goes to Alex for helping run this and make everything run efficiently. You got everything running, made sure everyone was happy and found a pretty great venue. Hats off to you, bruv.

For the second biggest shoutout (or perhaps even tied for first) is Crismas! My gaad! Forget the Dire/Wes match where we got skeeted on. We had a HUGE amount of fun with all of our other matches. Peach was the support that ROB needed, and you delivered. We did pretty effing well. Pew Pew Pew! Glaucoma! That was the best. We should definitely team again.

I'm gonna do shoutouts not based on the rankings. Get at my intrepid ness.

Atomsk - Woot for you getting first in teams. Good stuff. Always good to see you, but would have preferred to see more Olimar in friendlies.

Anti - Dedede Uptilt SPAM! Jesus Diem was right that you just throw that out and hope it hits. The Anti Special. Get at that! Still, mad skills.

ADHD - You rocking the NL~TS tag made me lol. But still, it was all you, ma doo. Diddy is disgusting.

M2K - Way for you to get on Melee right after I leave.

Diem - Nice to finally meet you. You use the Jersey Devil and I hate you. But you're still a mad chill dude.

Bum - The only thing I gotta ask is what was up with that match where DK got stuck under Halberd? We needed that on tape.

Malcolm - We were supposed to MM and we didn't. Sadface. That's okay. That silly stuff you were showing M2K with Sonic's tumble animation was just too good.

Dire/Wes - WE GOT SKEETED ON! I need to take many many showers now.

Papa Dave - Man I miss talking to you. It was mad good to see you, chat about TVs and stuff.

Blackanese - Let me talk to you for a minute. Stop Doo Doo Talking during my match! Chillin' with Blacka is too good.

Blackwaltz - Now that I've given up Olimar I don't feel so bad watching you play. Mad good.

JBAndrew - Never met you but my god what a Luigi. I was super happy to see that. That match on Halberd against M2K and Bum? Oh my god that stuff was the most intense match I've seen. God it should have been on tape.

Keitaro - Didn't really talk to you but good stuff yesterday.

Orion - Same thing as Keitaro.

Izumi - Counterpicking Delfino and MK on a ROB? That's mean.

GC - Yeah, I wasn't really Shin, but good matches nonetheless. TL is annoying with projectile spam.

Allied + Allied's Partner - I loved our team set. Very fun.

BSChung & Munk - Dedede gayness. Thanks for coming to BK with me.

Blue - Smexy. That is all.

Pride - Mad smexy. Yoshi ledge camp is so... annoying.

Ref - Way to kill Vanz in Melee.

Vanz - Look above. Lulz.

Squirtle Squad - Good stuff guys. Marth's Forward+B is as bad as Peach's Dair. Cuts through everything. Also, Do you have the matches of Me and Chris versus Allied and Ophelia as well? I liked those matches.

Shin - It was cold as balls at the Hoboken station, but it was mad fun to see you. Gotta get out to the BK more.

Jashy - Melee! Let's do melee sometime soon. Thanks for coming with me to the bus. Mad fun.

Jump - Always a pleasure. CTF soon.

Anyone else? Get *****.


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Oct 14, 2007
Toronto, Ontario

They lost to dmbrandon and Malcolm because dmbrandon was ****** Bum and Malcolm's Wario is super gay.

In losers, Dire and Wes (who we put there, lol) won off of ZSS/G&W d-smash into the bucket gayness.

I think we would have won that day, but not because of being better. Bum wasn't playing well and M2K was playing way too aggressive.
So you guys didn't beat M2K and Bum.

Others did?

Crazy. I guess everyone has bad days, even the very best. Then again, it wasn't bad enough for him to not win singles lol.

Are there any vids from this tourney?
Dec 4, 2003
Virginia Beach, VA
As expected great tournament yallz. Gg's to all i played and all i wanted to play.

P~S: GG on the teams MM
Deez: I choked on frigate. wont happen again. GG
Rockin: Yooz dont worry about teams homie.
M2K: i'm happy i finally played you. I'll give you a better match next time.
HAB: i cant wait for monthlies in the hotter months. effing brick @ hoboken man...
D1: Always an awesome day when your around.
jorge: i'm the Dk you played first round. Stop running into punches and you would have beat me.

anyone else.. my apoligies. tired 5 am post ftl.


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Dec 4, 2006
Brooklyn,New York
Chaos Marth- I think I played some of my matches on the tv u were recording if u can upload them that would be nice.

There all the 1v1 matches involving mario lol

Shout outs later

Angel.M <3 C:

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Sep 23, 2006
imouto island
There was a set I played Keitaro in tournament .
There also a friendly I played an random falco main in. ( This falco was pretty interesting tho)

Alright I think i have the set vs keitaro and maybe i have the one with the random falco. I'll upload both when i get the chance i still needa upload doom's matches along with pryronic star's


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Dec 26, 2005
chaos marth please im me on lightxdream on aim i wanna get next months monthly set up right and i want to broadcast live
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