Road To Viridian City Jan 31st Results


Smash Master
Dec 13, 2005
Teams (32 teams)

1: Inui + Atomsk 2 (Inui + Atomsk) ($192.00)
2: Anti + ADHD (Anti + Adhd) ($96.00)
3: Wes + Dire (Wes + Dire) ($32.00)
4: Inui + Atomsk (Dm + Malcolm)
5: Forte + Pierce (Forte + Pierce)
5: Bum + M2k (BUm + m2k)
7: Worlds Finest (Rogs + Steiner)
7: Leaf Stone (Blackwaltz + Jbandrew)
9: Great Googly Moogly (Blackenese + Jash)
9: We Play Ness (Pope + Walt Nutz)
9: The Sticker Biz (HAB + Crismas)
9: No Mercy (Kadeemkiller + Arr18)
13: Chicken N Rice (Bolacs + P-Roll)
13: Pride + blue (PRide + blue)
13: Squirtle Squad (Chaos Marth + Videogamer)
13: SomeGuyz (Chaos + Comatosis)
17: DIEVSITY (Mario + Oliver)
17: Keitaro Time Pikachu (Keitaro + Orion)
17: Jets4life (franchise + Jets4life)
17: Team Galaxy (Bschung + Munk)
17: Aprilla (Alied + Ophy)
17: The Anti-life Equation (Efrain + Roy)
17: Team Elite (Nintendo Master + Shots)
17: Doom + Rhyme (Doom + Rhyme)
25: Grape Tank (Jose + Danny)
25: Alisia's Tyler Camera Man (Shin + Rockin)
25: I Don't Know (Killer Big + Killer S)
25: Kwak + Drew (Andrew + Drew)
25: Team Pro (George + Elixir)
25: Oreos (Killer B + TImoXYZ)
25: Random (GC + Louis)
25: LLama Lords of Science (Fable + Godsmack)

Singles (89 players)

1: M2K ($435.00) [MK] - EC
2: Alex Strife ( Atomsk ) [ddd/Dorf] ($217.50) - EC - split
3: Bum ($130.50) [dk] - split but let atmosk "beat" him

4: Forte ($43.50) [mk]
5: Pierce ($21.75) [Marth] - ZB
5: ADHD ($21.75) [diddy] -EC
7: DMBrandon [superknight]
7: Jash [toon link]
9: Inui [snake] - EC
9: Pride [yoshi]
9: Bschung [ddd] - ZB
9: Keitaro [falco] - MOB
13: Izumi [mk/toon link] - EC
13: Blue [sonic] - EC
13: Elixir [snake/mk]
13: Anti [ddd/mk ] - SWAT
17: Shin
17: Dire [gw] - DA
17: Blackenese - SWAT
17: Doom - EC
17: Munk [ddd] - ZB
17: Pryronic Star [olimar]
17: Wes - DA
17: D1 - TS
25: CJ
25: Ref
25: Walnuts
25: vanz
25: Deez
25: Bolas
25: BlackWaltz - EC
25: Malcom - TS
33: REn
33: Shurf
33: Nintendo Master
33: Chaos
33: Taj
33: GD
33: Ophelia
33: Comatosis
33: Eternal Yoshi
33: Arrancar18
33: Papa Dave
33: Blur
33: JbAndrew
33: Shiba
33: NinjaEdd
33: Reb
49: MOE
49: Roy
49: Blacksheep
49: Xivk - PE
49: Ether
49: Kid-wow
49: Jumpman - PE
49: Chaos Marth
49: Rockin - PE
49: Efrain
49: Shots
49: AkA
49: Pope
49: Silven - Ike
49: George
49: KS136
65: LKA
65: Slick
65: MAlik Johnson
65: Rocky
65: Danny
65: Jose M
65: Colan
65: Wyvern
65: Just
65: PAnix
65: HT
65: Allied
65: Steven - 1exp
65: Franchise
65: Tai legend
65: Elmo
65: P.Roll
65: DK
65: GC
65: TT
97: BrawlerS
97: Jets4life
97: Lex
97: Slayn
97: Mikey

This is alex posting under cristin's account so the results can be up.

Above all I really want to thank everyone who came out and have a good time. The venue people were nice and the feedback I got about the venue was positive. I tried to accommodate everyone and get enough CRTs to make the LCD's used only for matches that were not crucial. I also added Component cables to most of them to eliminate some lag on the LCD sets.

With that said you guys really came up to me the entire day asking me not to leave. I cannot lie I was a little close to tears hearing everyone wanted me to stay. With that said I really have to think it through on what I want to do. Like I posted a while back politics and stuff that happened to me with certain events and leagues have upset me to the point where I lost my will to continue but this helped me get a little spirit back into me.

Enough of my emoness I wont go on SHOUT-OUT TIME!

1: M2K - you won...i dont talk to you much anymore but good stuff as always and I am glad, from what I was told, you played melee and had fun.

2: Alex Strife ( Atomsk ) - Why you wanted to enter as my name I will never know. Thank you for the talk when I needed it the most. You are a real friend in and out of smash.

3: Bum - NYC has to step it up. Next time hopefully all of NYC's best can make it and we can come up and win this. Good stuff man!

4: Forte - Where did you come from! ... Anyways see you at katsucon if you want, as I told you in person, we have a room with md/va people and we are going to play all day.

5: Pierce - Your marth made me believe in marth again! I am so proud of you and I am happy you got the respect you finally deserve.

5: ADHD - your diddy did great good stuff as always hope to watch you a little more when I am not running these things >_<

7: DMBrandon - SUPERKNIGHT A LA RESOTTI! Dude your too good and I am glad you came through

7: Jash - You came so close to money I was going nuts when you lost. I am glad you came I hope you come and rep toon link

9: Inui - thanks for the talk last night it really helped me a lot. I know people give you **** a lot but to me your a really cool dude and will always, and I mean ALWAYS, command my respect. You should have beaten Forte and I believe no one can stop you ( this is excluding m2k OBVIOUSLY ) but yourself. EC will always get your back.

9: Pride - That new controller did wonders you were RAPPING

9: Bschung - you have improved a lot amazing matches with Jash

9: Keitaro - Keitaro time!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you came through

13: Izumi - I know I owe you 3 bucks so don't bother me about it-.-

13: Blue - as always your a great help and a good friend.

13: Elixir - I never met you but you did a hell of a job today showing me that just because your new does not mean your a newb congrats on today and I hope to see you more.

13: Anti - Good stuff in teams man you are really a wifi warrior!

17: Shin - You and hab really make me smile. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping and next time dinner is on me my friend.

17: Dire - Your gw is always doing well. I think you can do better just b/c I love your style and your skill so much. Keep ya head up and rep DA.

17: Blackenese - Thanks to you for helping as well my sexy friend XD. Seriously good stuff today.

17: Doom - good job telling me your the shaman of sexy to asian chicks lol. Great to see you as always and I always miss you when you and rhyme leave lol

17: Munk - Good showing out there man

17: Pryronic Star - MD/VA came down and good times were had by all

17: Wes - dam son you were beasting in teams good ****

17: D1 - you are still my favorite falco step it up son YES WE CAN.

25: Ref - even when sick your ness is still scary:)

25: vanz - dude I was so happy you came. just as a friend you showed me support and that really made my day.

25: BlackWaltz - guess we did it huh? lol

25: Malcom - to me your sonic is beast and I know you can bounce back from this EASILY

33: Shurf - good to meet you and good placing first time I met you.

33: Ophelia - nice to meet another sonic main we gotta keep that character alive!

33: Arrancar18 - thanks for coming from deep!

33: Shiba (orion ) - you helped a lot and we had some laughs man great to see you.

33: NinjaEdd - your too good congrats on NOT getting 97th lolz

49: Xivk - my neighbor, my crewmate, my brother, most of all my friend :)

49: Ether - dude I did not know you were coming and you did I wish we could of talked more about comics and **** your a real cool dude.

49: Kid-wow - this kid was one of the people who helped me out. He is mad kewl and deserves a shout out.

49: Jumpman - vlad you helped me with your labtop and your voice. I am proud of how you placed and I am proud you came through and helepd me.

49: Chaos Marth - lets get those matches up online I wanna show them off! hehe

49: Rockin - your getting better just dont fall for the same things bro.

49: Pope - thanks for the tvs I am glad I had ur support from day 1

hab - thanks for everything man

the venue itself - these guys were the TOTAL opposite of play n trade to me. good staff, relax atmosphere and just a really nice place. if you live close come by and show them support for helping us.

Crismas - No words can describe how much I love you. In this life you get a lot of loves but only one true love. I think , rather I know , it is you. I know years from now I will be that man you and everyone wants me to be. I will be Alex Strife the person who can do anything he puts his mind to. For getting me where I am from a year ago there is no words, no actions, no thoughts I can convey to show you that you are the best thing in my life. Right now I wanted to tell everyone because you deserve all the credit for who I am today and most of all I cannot wait until I have my first child with you and look back at this all knowing it was a beginning of good things to come. I love you Cristin.


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Mar 15, 2008
Debug Menu

I took one stock off of Malcom =], but then we had to cancel =[.

Had fun guys, need to go out to more tournaments.

Blue, my AIM is zingyonfire989 get @ me yo

No cussing allowed guys.


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Mar 24, 2008
It was very nice meeting you too Alex! And you too Cristin! And it was nice meeting the whole community. I can tell I'll be spending a lot more time with you guys. Everyone is just awesome. Best video game community I have ever been a part of.

Once again, great job to the both of you. I'm sure we all had a great experience thanks to you two. :)

Angel.M <3 C:

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Sep 23, 2006
imouto island
I did REALLY bad at this tournament. I shoulda done way better. but i was more concentrated on getting good matches on my laptop. but anyway shout-outs:

Alex Strife: The tournament was well ran and very fun host more. and i'm uploading the vids as we speak

Shurf: It was fun talking to you and we need some friendlies next time.

Nintendomaster: great talking to you too. too bad we had our friendlies cut off but marth vs lucas is horrible.

Jash: Great as always keep up that great toon link. Best toon link IMO. We need to play sometime.

Deez: Great set. both matches were reallly close. good diddy you got there.

Vanz: Back and forth set. and sorry about the norfair thing. I thought it was legal. and inui said it was.

Crismas and HaB: great doubles set. it was SO close. the vids are up btw(youtube link at bottom)

The other people in doubles we played I dont remember your names( we were squirtle squad): Great matches I definatly need more doubles practice

Allied: I don't know why you'd use ness against my marth but the matches were fun. Good stuff

ALSO regarding the vids. I'm uploading some as we speak and i already have losers finals winners finals of doubles some of grand finals now. I have to upload jash vs ADHD bum vs pierce. pierce vs keitaro pryronic star vs elixr and doom's matches. I'll definatly have all teams and bum's,pierce's, and Jash's matches done by tonight for sure. tomorrow I will have everything done. so subscribe and shiz.

Also: Doom which matches are yours again? and anyone else who wants their stuff uploaded tell me chars and name of opponents


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Feb 24, 2008
Singles (89 players)

2: Atomsk - Sigh.. I am soooo very close!!!! Next tourn man your going down! Sorry for that pitiful round three lolol.

3: Bum - Happy to see you again.... Still destroying everyone. Glad you are back hardcore! Thanks for the Yoshi support.

4: Forte - Okay Pegasus Jr.

5: Pierce - Wow... you did really well yesterday! Congrats.

5: ADHD - I still hate you and your diddy.

7: DMBrandon - Dam you and your Super Knight!!! Gg's.. You still out smart me.. =(

7: Jash - Yay Jash! Dammmmm I didn't get to see you play at all. Way to rep toon link.

9: Inui - Hmmm.. **** happens. Thanks again for the great Snake training.

9: Pride - Lost to atomsk and dmbrandon, I do believe your losing to weaker players streak is over!

9: Bschung - Yay Bschung!! You did really well yesterday..

9: Keitaro [falco] - Okay, you REALLY had an extremely hard bracket.. Beating ADHD, and Forte, and it only got you 9th.. Amazing. Nice wins for the new season.

13: Izumi [mk/toon link] - =) Out placement numero uno sir. and I am counting.

13: Blue - No more funk for you! And you out placed all the Sonics present... =)

13: Anti - sigh.. we didn't get to play =(

17: Dire - Hi Dire!

17: Blackenese - Bow Bowwww. Way to get hit by every spin dash and spring attack Blue used....lmao ..... poor blackense =(


17: Munk - Get that DDD out of here!!! Good games sir. Nice placement!

17: Pryronic Star - Way to take out Atomsk for me >_<

17: Wes - Hi Wes!

17: D1 - Hi D1

25: Bolas - Hey man, sorry for the 1 time coaching.. Hope to play you at COT 4

25: BlackWaltz - What?!?!

25: Malcom - What what what?!?!??!

33: Shurf - Helll yeah Pink Yoshi!

33: GdDmt - Oh my god, GOD DAMMIT NOT TAKING LAST PLACE!!!!!!!! GOOOOOD. Next time don't be a ****** and counter pick a ******** stage!!

33: Eternal Yoshi - Maybe next time we can play on un laggy tvs =) GGs, sucks about the suicides.

33: NinjaEdd - OMG 33rd! lolol .. You out placed Ether .. lmao.

49: Ether - Hmmm...

Alex and Crismas - Way to hold an amazing tournament. You always know how to bring mad people to these things. Run really well and smooth and we got out of there extremely early! Good job!
Tooo many shout outs.. I had lots of fun Yesterday. See you all at COT 4!!!


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Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
I used MK in literally 0 singles matches. I only used Snake. Plz correct that, lol.

Atomsk and Bum didn't play out losers finals, so Idk why Atomsk is listed as 2nd and Bum as 3rd.

dmbrandon and PRiDE are EC, btw.


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Sep 8, 2008
1: M2K ($435.00) [MK] - EC - Close last game you live up to the h

2: Alex Strife ( Atomsk ) [ddd/Dorf] ($217.50) - EC - split - i was wondering who kept screaming "SEE YOU LATER" then i found out it was you:laugh: ggs in teams

3: Bum ($130.50) [dk] - split but let atmosk "beat" him - your matches were mad beast to watch dmbrandon was like you put your foot in his mouth then spiked him haha.

4: Forte ($43.50) [mk] - good job on your placing . nice MK

5: Pierce ($21.75) [Marth] - ZB - Marth outplacing meta knights daaaamn. keep it up

5: ADHD ($21.75) [diddy] -EC - My teammate EXCELLENT JOB today won more money than me:laugh: best diddy in NY/NJ (imo)

7: DMBrandon [superknight] - Hilarious guy your stories are funny to listen to.

7: Jash [toon link] - kicked my azz in friendlies . good job

9: Inui [snake] - EC - pretty good meta knight in teams. every time atomsk was in trouble you were there waiting with a tornado :)

9: Pride [yoshi] - Daaamn.. we didnt get to play i wanted to see if you can really handle ddd's better

9: Bschung [ddd] - ZB - only seen your match against jash nice job man.

9: Keitaro [falco] - MOB - TOOK OFF HIS SHOES TO FIGHT FORTE. mad cool guy

13: Izumi [mk/toon link] - EC - carrying a toon link plushie but uses meta knight more haha. i never catch you not smiling.

13: Blue [sonic] - EC - Great games in teams. mad good sonic.

13: Elixir [snake/mk] - didnt see you.

13: Anti [ddd/mk ] - SWAT - what a scrub 13th?

17: Shin - AFRICAAA!

17: Dire [gw] - DA - G&W and ZSS in teams are gay. sexy G&W

17: Blackenese - SWAT - Thanks for letting me sleep over :) funny storis on the train. lmao

17: Doom - EC - nice seeing ya

17: Munk [ddd] - ZB - nice job beating ARR18 :)

17: Pryronic Star [olimar] - sorry i didnt get to MM match you.

17: Wes - DA - Top 3 funniest players. everything that comes out your mouth is a classic.:laugh:

17: D1 - TS - i thought i was going to lose that match hah remind me not to go ddd on a falco

Crismas/Alex - fun tournament keep hosting these i will always come.



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Jun 1, 2008
Dexters Laboratory
1: M2K - good job winning dude. to bad everyones not fun enough to play grand finals with you =[
2: Alex Strife - lmfao you got a win over bum! ;-P
3: Bum - if i mm you im obviously not expecting to win, your obviously a better player. the fact that you sandbagged even after that kinda felt rude.
4: Forte - i wanted to play you =[[
5: Pierce - niiiice placing dude
5: ADHD - good **** chrome
7: DMBrandon - will mm you at COT4
7: Jash - best toon link?
9: Inui - i know your pissed, so am i :p
9: Pride - amazing job today
9: Bschung - ****n, when did you get so good? XD
9: Keitaro - allot of fun hanging out with you
13: Izumi - dont get 3 stocked by forte
13: Blue - your set against ether was awesome
13: Anti - TEAM WIFI!
17: Dire - ***** people in teams
17: Blackenese - didnt get to play your GaW
17: Doom - buffalo sauce is good?
17: Munk - your hat is obnoxious XD
17: Wes - look at dire
17: D1 - if your already using x to grab, theres no point in not turning z to attack to get the boost smash
25: BlackWaltz - i got impatient. its okay, ggz :p
25: Malcom - your sonic is broken
33: Taj - is this the actual taj....
33: Eternal Yoshi - its funny you played pride lololol
33: JbAndrew - come over so we can play irl!
33: Shiba - you suck at this game, seriously. >_>
49: Ether - **** dude, close games against blue.
49: Jumpman - mario is to awesome
49: Efrain - i think i played you first round lol
49: Silven - your ike is scary p_p
65: Slick- the actual slick??
Jul 16, 2008
New Jersey
1: M2K - Had to play you first, I got *****.
7: Jash [toon link] - Your toon link is too good, I was thinking of secondaring him from watching you play
9: Bschung [ddd]- Nice D3 it beat my Snake. It was pretty close though. You ***** my scrub Mk too!
9: Inui [snake] - another snake =D
13: Blue [sonic] - Pretty cool guy.
13: Elixir [snake/mk] - mk is gay.
17: Pryronic Star [olimar] - Closest games in the tournament I had.
17: D1 - Lol thanks for checking if Norfair was banned or not.
25: Bolas - Nice Peach.
33: Comatosis - Pretty Good Pika.
33: Chaos - Lol good **** at that TV.
33: Papa Dave - Nice King Dedede.
33: JbAndrew - Your Luigi was good in teams.
49: Chaos Marth - Change your name. lol jk.
49: Shots - GGs.
49: George - lol place higher. come on.

Thanks for hosting the tourney I might come to the next one. The host was a cool guy.

Who was that Wolf and Yoshi I was talking to? You guys were pretty cool. See you at the next one if I go.
Jul 16, 2008
New Jersey
Chaos_Marth don't take anything like that serious.

It also doesn't matter about the time you started playing it matters whos better because I just started playing brawl and I placed pretty good for my first good tournament.

Angel.M <3 C:

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Sep 23, 2006
imouto island
Chaos_Marth don't take anything like that serious.

It also doesn't matter about the time you started playing it matters whos better because I just started playing brawl and I placed pretty good for my first good tournament.
lol@you judging me by one tournament. When I've placed why higher. and i wasn't taking it serious i was just stating stuff. i already said i knew you were kidding. lol


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Oct 30, 2005
Ocean Grove, New Jersey
They finally did it.

Inui and Atomsk beat M2K + [insert teammate here].


They lost to dmbrandon and Malcolm because dmbrandon was ****** Bum and Malcolm's Wario is super gay.

In losers, Dire and Wes (who we put there, lol) won off of ZSS/G&W d-smash into the bucket gayness.

I think we would have won that day, but not because of being better. Bum wasn't playing well and M2K was playing way too aggressive.

Max Ketchum

Collegiate Starleague Smash Director
Dec 9, 2007
New Jersey
1: M2K - OMFG M2K WON A TOURNAMENT?!?!? No way!

2: Alex Strife ( Atomsk ) - We barely talk anymore. :/ I miss that, dude. You, Lucas and Dave should come up here some time, preferably before CoT4.

3: Bum - XD Our Ike vs. Ness match was amazing. Good stuff dude.

4: Forte - The guy nobody expected to show up, lmao. We never got to play those teams friendlies.

5: Pierce - YOU ARE AMAZING! Good **** stepping it up out of nowhere! I gotta try coming down to ZBHQ sometime before CoT4 for some practice. I'm really proud of how well you did and I hope you keep ******.

5: ADHD - Your Diddy is ridiculous. XD Sorry for rooting against you vs. Keitaro, I just wanted you to eat your words for saying the Falcos in the area weren't impressive.

7: DMBrandon - Stop SDing so much and you'd have beaten Forte! Like I said, a MK ditto isn't about being the trickiest or the flashiest.

7: Jash - Got some balls? Spicy meat? XD Good **** hanging out yesterday. Major amounts of fun.

9: Inui - Don't let the 9 next to your name get you down. You had a tough bracket. It happens.

9: Pride - Honestly, if you played a real character, you'd place so incredibly high all the time. You are very smart and are limited by your character. Originality is cool and all, but you have lots of potential.

9: Bschung - ****, 9th? We should play more. Good ****!

9: Keitaro - Good job beating ADHD!

13: Izumi - Lol, we barely talked at all. Stop carrying that TL doll around, you don't play him.

13: Blue - Blue's comeback tournament and he beats Blackanese?! Good ****!

13: Anti - Nice seeing you as well, lol.

17: Dire - Tough bracket? :/

17: Doom - Wow, I actually did decently today. :D

17: Munk - How did you almost lose to Ike?!

17: Pryronic Star - Barely talked to you as well. See you at CoT?

17: Wes - ZSS/GW is so gay!

17: D1 - D1 MAH D00! I love this guy. One of my favorite Smashers. You should keep wearing a suit to tournaments, it looks amazing.

25: Ref - Please don't run in front of an important match.

25: vanz - ZSS on a laggy TV = cheating. XD

25: BlackWaltz - Waltz, what happened?!

25: MalcoLm - One of the funniest and nicest dudes out there. Keep it up with that Sonic and Wario.

33: Ophelia - My GW was red, and I don't play him at all actually. I just thought it'd be a good idea to use him against Sonic.

33: Shiba (orion ) - Buffalo sauce is amazing! You're an awesome guy to hang out with, we should hang out more. If there's ever a tournament that you're on the way to and you need a ride, feel free to ask.

33: NinjaEdd - Yay Edd, not getting 97th! <3

49: Ether - What happened? Good seeing you as usual. Who are you teaming with at CoT4?

49: Silven - Don't feel bad about your placing. You got ****ed by bad matchups. No matter how much you like Ike, stuff like that just shows how much matches matter in this game.

Rhyme - Sorry I wasn't on in teams today. We both weren't playing even close to our best. Coupled with the lag on the TV from our first set and my SDs, we just didn't do well.

Crismas - My M2K song is too good! Thanks for organizing this super fun tourney. I need to buy a sticker next time, because my new controller is unidentifiable. Get a Snake and MK if you can. :D

Alex Strife - Dude, you are the man. Please please please reconsider staying in the community. I agree that you did get screwed by stupid bull**** that shouldn't happen.

On the brighter side, good job running the biggest tournament in NJ so far! It's always fun to see you at tourneys, keep it up.

Chaos Marth - Red Snake vs. green GW on Halberd and red MK vs. green Sonic on Frigate were Doom (Snake/MK) vs. Ophelia (GW/Sonic). If you upload the red GW vs. green Sonic on Smashville, which is again me (GW) vs. Ophelia (Sonic), which I lost, make sure to include that I don't play GW. XD


Smash Hero
Feb 18, 2008
New Jersey
1: M2K-First time seeing you offline.
2: Alex Strife-Your d3 is beastly. I now know what to do against you but you'll still win XD Oh well, it will just keep having to get closer and closer.
3: Bum-What's good! I didn't get to play you :(
4: Forte Hey.
5: Pierce We have to hang out sometime, as we never have played... :urg:
5: ADHD-Best diddy who mains diddy!
7: DMBrandon-Ugh...
7: Jash-Your TL is awesome!
9: Inui-I outplaced you, that means I'm better hah!!
9: Pride-Your yoshi is my chew toy.
9: Bschung-Thanks for the ride! Good dedede.
9: Keitaro-Your falco is good, three stocked, ah hahahahha.
13: Izumi-Hey dave, your TL plushie is going to be ripped in half that thing looks so **** annoying.
13: Blue-Sonic is horribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
13: Anti-GOOD **** we are definitely teaming up again and winning some moneys. We just need to coordinate a little better. Stop rolling behind people and then trying to kill them when they're at high percents, I got so much damage from that bad habbit. Good player.
17: Dire-Diddy counters you.
17: Doom-Looking forward to seeing you again.
17: Wes-Ggs!
17: D1 - TS-I wish I fought you..
25: Ref-Great ness!
25: BlackWaltz-Only 25th? :mad:
25: Malcom-You're funny I want to play you 1v1 though.
33: JbAndrew-Awesome seeing you again!
33: NinjaEdd-Thanks for the tips.
Orion I couldn't find you on the list-but hey nice to see you again.


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Dec 20, 2006
Teaneck, North Bergen County, NJ, USA
Chrome Pirate, PLEASE come to my house next week so we can train for COT4. Also, sometime after that, we must team. I've been watching your doubles vids all day, and you are very good. I feel like I will play well with your style. We'll try it out sometime if you'd like to.


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Mar 15, 2008
Debug Menu
lol @ doom.

I used a G&W against you're snake and I don't use him at all.

No johns, Sonic ***** your GW.

GG tho on mk match, funny too.

Max Ketchum

Collegiate Starleague Smash Director
Dec 9, 2007
New Jersey
Lol at homing attack kill.

Why would you pick GW if you didn't use him? I only did it 'cause I thought it'd be an easy win vs. Sonic.


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Feb 18, 2008
New Jersey
Sure pierce, i'll help you with diddys because marth has a special strategy that makes that matchup 30-70 and I'm not sure if you know what it is yet but I need to find a way to counter it. Call me a day ahead of time so I know when to come over though. If we team you have to utilize that shield breaker because our opponents will be shielding all day against me :laugh:


Sonic main since 08'
Mar 15, 2008
Debug Menu
Lol at homing attack kill.

Why would you pick GW if you didn't use him? I only did it 'cause I thought it'd be an easy win vs. Sonic.
Tbh, I picked other characters because I used to use them and main them weekly back before my Wii broke. Buttttt, there not as good as they were b4.

Now it's just Sonic, I have to.

Anyways GG
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