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  • Frank either hates me or never checks his e-mail and I'm guessing it's the first =-/. I've sent him two e-mails about another tournament... is he not interested in hosting it?
    Oh wow I just realized it was your birthday LOL.

    Congrats and Happy Birthday ^_^

    Your avatar is zomfg adorable >_<
    Yeah, it looked nice. Btw, please tell Blackwaltz congratz on his placing at Apex. He came outta nowhere and just did amazing and I woke up thinking about it. Don't tell him I woke up thinking about him though :D
    Since when did ":U" become an emoticon??

    Anyway, I'll call tomorrow, I promise! I'm just hoping that whatever issues he has to clear up aren't too serious :G.
    So I was a bit saddened when I didn't get to see ya at Apex. =P

    I hope you've been well~ ^^
    lol I remember watching Sailor Moon and for the life of me I can't remember why I wanted to watch it so bad lol.

    Gundam wing was my favorite show that aired on Cartoon Network I have no idea why lol.

    And after my friend showed me Ranma 1/2 I loved anime lol
    OMG I dunno if I should be saying this but CCS is probably my favorite anime LOL.

    Its just adorable and hilarious =D.

    Azumanga Daioh is soooo hilarious I love that anime.

    Serial experiment Lain was confusing as hell wtf is with that anime >_>

    Awww theres no pressure ;)

    That hamster is going to be smiling regardless ^_^.

    Well I heard Sayonara Zetsubo sensei is funny.

    Ummm, I like Code Geass, Gundam Wing, Gundam 00, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, and Love Hina for starters lol in case you were interested ;)
    Ahhh I got you. Well yea the second season was generally an explanation of the story. I think the first season was meant to confuse you.

    I mean... No one could possibly understand how Keicchi went from killing himself, Rena, and Mion to what seemed to be Mion laughing at Rika stab herself to death.

    I guess what really interested me in the first season was that you were completely in the dark about everything. It let me keep guessing(Which I never guessed right :().

    Rena is adorable with her omochikaeiri's =D <333.

    Anyway I'm curious, what other animes did you watch and liked?
    LOL yaaaaay =D.

    Well... thats cool ^_^.

    Higurashi is amaaaaaaaazing =D. Rena is sooo awesome I love her and her antics :).

    I personally like the first season. To me the second season was kinda cheezy at the end. Amazing but you can feel a "Lets do our best" kind of mood *shrugs*

    The first season was more interesting to me. Maybe its cuz I'm a guy and want to see people just wreck other people lawl.
    Its Mrs. Blackwaltz LOL thats an amazing name =D.

    I'm surprised you know who I am...

    If you remember I mean :'(
    Ah, I don't think I have anything like that... But I'll wear a skirt/dress with ya. ^^ What about shoes? Your usual heels? xD Dunno if I could handle being in my heels all day. xP
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