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Rehashing Old Memories: FMOI's Electric Schuffle! Dabuz wins! Results coming soon!


ナブ Paquito.
Aug 15, 2008
Chicago, IL
Welcome... As you may see with these next multiple tournaments I plan to host here; they have already been hosted before. I plan to rehost many of what I thought were the greatest tournaments ever held on Online Tournament Listings, possibly what created what you see today in tournaments. These tournaments will bring some people back, it will make you want to skip this boring introduction and get yourself signed up, and most importantly, it shall make Ramen cry tears of joy for what he is about to experiece [Yes, I'm forcing you to join (You know who you are)].

Now I present you with my co-host Zen...

(Edited Necessary Areas)

FMOI's Presents Electric Schuffle!

A Megaman Themed Online Tournament.

"In light of the success of Geno Bash (FMOI's Previous tournament), I have decided to hold yet another online tournament (make sense?). This time around, it’s Megaman 9. Capcom has made an insanely smart move by taking a step back and creating a game that fans have been pandering for, for years. I absolutely love the original Megaman games and, to celebrate, I’m holding this tournament."

Before you get too excited though, I think you should take a look at the rules for this tournament because it has a special catch. This is not a tournament for the faint of heart. If you are not confident in your skills or have a hard time adjusting to new situations, don’t sign up. This is for the truly dedicated Smash players so bring nothing but your best if you dare sign up. Fear is for queers, gals and guys, and there’s no room for it here.

Regarding signing up, I do not judge people on their post count or join date, HOWEVER, if you’ve only been here for like a month and/or only come on like once a week, do not sign up unless you are serious about taking part in this. Several people in the first round of Geno Bash were disqualified for simply not showing up with no explanation and it was really annoying because I had to find subs to make the tournament go smoothly.

General rules:

1. 3 stock, no items, and no time limit.

2. Only two characters can be used in the tournament, your decided main and their “opposite.” (See diagram below)

3. Winner has to switch characters upon… winning… You can only win a set by winning with both of your characters. If I were you, I’d start practicing with your “opposite” as soon as you read this. You basically have a two week notice so please review rules 7, 8, and 9.

4. First stage is agreed on by both players. Loser picks the next stage.

5. Quitting, restarting the match, stalling for longer than 10 seconds (like with Mario's cape stalling or Jigglypuff's rising pound), and purposely SDing will lead to disqualification.

6. Chain grabs, spamming, suicides (like Ganondorf's and King Dedede’s) and locks are allowed. No johns about players who do any of these things excessively. It’s YOUR fault if you can’t get past them. Play to win. All of these are legitimate strategies and can be overcome. Personally, I’d recommend counterpicking stages if you really have a problem with them.

7. No pissing.

8. No moaning.

9. A combination of 7 and 8 will not be tolerated either.

10. After a set (best 2 out of 3 until the Finals which will be 4 out of 7), either player should report the results here.

Characters and their “Opposites”

Review the following chart before choosing which character you want to use in the tourney. In the Megaman games, almost every major enemy character has a weakness and doesn’t have a true advantage over every character and I wanted to bring this idea to life here. By doing this, I believe I have created a sort of system of balance. If you choose the best character (Metaknight), you’re going to need to carry the weight of the worst (Ganondorf). The purpose of this tournament is to test people’s skill levels and help them become enriched by traveling into (usually) uncharted waters.

(List has been updated according to current SBR Tier List)

Meta Knight-Ganondorf


Snake- Link
Diddy Kong- Zelda
Ice Climbers- Jigglypuff
Falco -Samus
Wario- Captain Falcon
Marth- Mario
King Dedede- Yoshi
Pikachu- Ike
Olimar- Lucas
Lucario- Bowser
Mr. Game and Watch- Ness


Pit- Sonic
Toon Link- Pokemon Trainer
Zero Suit Samus- Sheik
Kirby- Wolf
ROB - Luigi
Donkey Kong- Fox
Peach- Because Peach is middle of mid tier, shehe’s the only character you can use if you choose him.
Fox- Donkey Kong
Luigi- ROB
Wolf- Kirby
Sheik- Zero Suit Samus
Pokemon Trainer- Toon Link
Sonic- Pit
Ness- Mr. Game and Wacth
Bowser- Lucario


Lucas - Olimar
Ike- Pikachu
Yoshi- King Dedede
Mario- Marth
Captain Falcon- Wario
Samus- Falco
Jigglypuff- Ice Climbers
Zelda - Diddy Kong
Link- Snake
Ganondorf- Metaknight

IMPORTANT UPDATE 2, 9/15: If you choose Samus/ZSS or Zelda/Shiek, you are not allowed to transform during your matches. If you are used to doing this to better suit certain matchups, you'll need to learn how to adjust for this tournament. If you are playing Zelda/Shiek and accidently transform, both players must stop and allow the Zelda/Shiek to transform back. If the Zelda/Shiek continues to fight after transforming, the match automatically goes to the opposing player. If the other player attacks the Zelda/Shiek while they are transforming back, the Zelda/Shiek player is given the match. Please keep both in mind while in matches like this. Those who try to abuse this rule will be dealt the same punishments. Honestly folks, it's not that hard to stay as Zelda/Shiek an entire match.

Legal Stages:

1. Battlefield
2.Final Destination
3. Delfino Plaza
4. Luigi’s Mansion
5. Pirate Ship
6. Norfair
7. Frigate Orpheon
8. Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)
9. Halberd
10. Lylat Cruise
11. Pokemon Stadium 2
12. Castle Siege
13. Distant Planet
14. Smashville
15. Skyworld
16. Pictochat
17. Green Hill Zone
18. Yoshi’s Island (Melee)
19. Jungle Japes
20. Rainbow Cruise
21. Green Greens
22. Brinstar
23. Pokemon Stadium
24. Corneria (Because I like it. :laugh:)

Regarding these here stages, the loser decides the next stage and the same stage can’t be played more than once in the same set. Did I mention that counterpicking is a really good idea for this tournament? Time to do some research.

Tournament Schedule:

As of now, the tournament will be held on Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13. The schedule will be decided once we get the full number of people. Like in Geno Bash, the combatants will have a full week to complete Round One to speed things up on the first day. After that, the rounds will be 3 hours long. If you don’t show up, you’re disqualified, no excuses. Please be corteous enough to PM me if you can’t make it because I will be corteous enough to remind all of you that you entered. I will make exceptions in certain scenarios and try to be as leniate as possible if you are a little bit late or if you are having your match when the deadline rolls along. I may even be nice enough to let you sub in later rounds if you can prove your skill level and show that you deserve to make it the particular round.

Tournament Deadlines:

All times are Central timezone.

Third Round: Starts: Saturday 26, 4:01 PM. Ends: Saturday 26, 7PM.

Depending on how fast things go, Round Four will be done on Satruday too.

Fourth Round: Starts: Saturday 26, 10:01 PM, Ends: Sunday 27, 4 PM.
Fifth Round: Sunday 27, 4:01 PM. Ends: Sunday 27, 7PM.
Final Round: Sunday 27, 7:01 PM. Ends: Sunday 27, 10PM

Rounds will be extended/shorten as needed. Notices will be posted.

The Combatants:

Update 9/17: Like with Geno Bash, siblings, cousins, friends, and members of other forums are more than welcome to sign up for this. If you will be sharing the same Wii, please be sure to mention it when you sign up.

Fat Pizzaman Bracket Winner (Dabuz) vs.: David Scotsman bracketWinner (Alphicans) Finals:


Fat Pizzaman Bracket Semi Finals matchups:

1. IsmaR (Samus/Falco) vs. Dabuz (Olimar/Lucas)

David Scotsman bracket Semi Finals match ups:

Alphicans (Marth/Mario) vs. C Spyker (Peach)

Fat Pizzaman Bracket third round matchups:

1. thegreatkazoo (Marth/Mario) vs. IsmaR (Samus/Falco)
2. ~Zack~ (Marth/Mario) vs. Dabuz (Olimar/Lucas)

David Scotsman bracket fourth round match ups:

1. Hot_ArmS (Marth/Mario) vs. Alphicans (Marth/Mario)
2. kirbywizard (ROB/Luigi) vs. C Spyker (Peach)


Sub(tank) Reserves.

Important Update, 9/15: You can change your "team" at anytime up until the deadline (listed below). I want everyone to put a decent amount of thought into it and choose wisely.

I hope this will be yet another epic tournament and that everyone enjoys themselves whether they win or lose. Everything has a breaking point… do you? I hope this tournament will put your skills to the test and further expand your horizons. The Megaman games have always been tough and I expect this tournament to capture that very essence. Plan ahead, do research, and strategize about what to do in uphill situations. I wish good luck to all who sign up for this.

The most disappointing FAQ you are about to read.

Q: Prizes?!
A: Yes, there is now a prize thanks to the original host, FMOI.
The winner will recieve a $20 worth of Wii/XBoxlive/PSN points.
Thanks. :D

Q: Do you have to win with both to advance each round?
A: Yes

Q: Ramen, Night, Matt, and Night again have to forcablly join this?
A: Yeap.


caterpillar feet
Jul 20, 2008
Kindgom of Science

Sign up using this format and this format only:

Username/Online Name/Friend Code/Character & Counter Character)

No Images please.

1. Shadowfirex100/SogeK/3424-8826-1903/ (Snake/Link)
2. Slader7/Slade/4768-8130-4063/(Snake/Link)
3. thegreatkazoo/KAB/2922-8999-6173/(marth/mario)
4. Sonic Storm/Josh/3094-1282-9792/(Sonic/Pit)
5. PrinceRamen/Ramen/3780-8703-4348/ (Pit/Sonic)
6. Rawnie/OBV/4425-4965-2484/(Sheik/ZSS)
7. Ray Robo/SoRay/3395-5573-1816/(King Dedede/Yoshi)
8. Link2thelost90/Varies/2664-8387-0330/(Ike/Pikachu)
9. Bnzaaa/Bnzaa/2363-5880-6155/(IceClimbers/Jigglypuff)
10. kirbywizard/Mr.2/1418-6396-6440 /(ROB/Luigi)
11. [url='http://www.smashboards.com/member.php?u=143607"]dvon21[/url]/DVN/4682-8241-3337/ (diddy/zelda)
12. Q77/Q/2363-7925-1787/(Ness/G&W)
13. Z'zgashi/Exn/5456-4729-9410/ (dedede/yoshi)
14. marthshadow/Roxas/0474-4551-6747/(Ness/G&W)
15. DTK_of_DWMA/DTK/4383-3728-0966/(falco/samus)
16. Aibou/I-BOO/0002-6011-9207/(Zelda/Diddy Kong)
17. Jbandit/J/3781-9670-1788/(Lucas/Olimar)
18. Junglefever/Jungle/0903-9600-2799/(ZSS/Sheik)
19. global-wolf/GLO-W/3567-2663-3523/(Ike/Pikachu)
20. GunmasterLombardi/GmL/2191-7311-3177/(Falco/Samus)
21. PwnerBren7/5155-2584-0929/Bren°/(Metaknight/Ganondorf)
22. 8Bitman/ Bunny/4768-7105-1523/(rob/luigi)
23. Azuraith/Azur/2105-8317-6524/(Fox/DK)
24. Jimmyfosho/Jimmy/3094-8397-9269/(TL/PT)
25. KoRoBeNiKi/KoRo/1934-3901-4627/(Marth/Mario)
26. nice climbers/nice/2321-7021-7933/(dk/fox)
27. o-Serin-o/serin/0258-9968-6815/(D3/Yoshi)
28. ~Infinity~/ink15/3011-2396-3269/(Tink/PK)
29. dabuz/dabuz/2191-7315-3890/(ToonLink/PT)
30. IsmaR/IsmaR/5112-5790-2650/(Samus/Falco)
31. Gordo Michael/Gordo/4768-7106-9699/(ganon/MK)
32. C Spyker/Dinah/2964-9820-5970/(Peach)
33. NightSky/Teehee/1935-2220-3712/(Mario/Marth)
34. Prometheus/Grey/4683-0120-9931/(G&W/Ness)
35. blankvi/blank/4983-8273-5352 /(Wolf/Kirby)
36. Nysyarc/Nyke/4769-3806-0431/(Ike/Pikachu)
37. Hot_ArmS/HarmS/1160-9397-3726/(Marth/Mario)
38. PentaSalia/Mishi/2621-2318-8014/(G&W/Ness)
39. Alphicans/Alphi/1719-2852-5644/(Marth-Mario)
40. BrawLBlazer/BlazR/2921-8771-2830/(Snake/Link)
41. ~Zack~/ZLDA/3008-6309-2515/(Marth/Mario)
42. PolarBear/PB/0946-1967-2918/(Kirby/Wolf)
43. MasterStu/Juhis/0602-7898-8647/(Luigi/ROB)
44. Dido/Dido/0517-7003-4361/(Jiggz/IC's)
46. Boo13/Boo/1075-0570-2808/(Ice Climbers/Jigglypuff)
48. Exn/Zen/5070-2805-2051/(Kirby/Wolf)


ナブ Paquito.
Aug 15, 2008
Chicago, IL
Oops, Force of habit. lol
Yeah, you pick a pair Slader. I fixed my post. Thanks for the catch Kazoo.

Zen, make the entrants number 48. I feel I can do this. D:<


ナブ Paquito.
Aug 15, 2008
Chicago, IL


Smash Apprentice
Feb 27, 2009
Final Destination
dvon21/DVN/4682-8241-3337/ That annoying (diddy/zelda)

Happy now!? XD

Never reads rules*
Third edit's the charm!**


Smash Legend
May 20, 2009
WeJo, Utah
Z'zgashi / Exn / 5456-4729-9410 / :dedede: :yoshi2:

EDIT: Its sexy cuz my two best chars are yoshi and d3 :D


Smash Master
Nov 8, 2009
Because I <3 Zen...and Knubs too I guess...

Aibou/I-BOO/0002-6011-9207/ (Zelda / Diddy Kong) :zelda::diddy:

#HBC | J

Prince of DGamesia
Feb 14, 2010
Jbandit/ J / 3781-9670-1788/ (gw/ness) i cant play olimar or sheik for my two better charries :'(

i love this idea


ナブ Paquito.
Aug 15, 2008
Chicago, IL
Because I <3 Zen...and Knubs too I guess...

Aibou/I-BOO/0002-6011-9207/ (Zelda / Diddy Kong) :zelda::diddy:
Jbandit/ J / 3781-9670-1788/ (gw/ness) i cant play olimar or sheik for my two better charries :'(

i love this idea
Junglefever/Jungle/0903-9600-2799/:olimar: - :lucas:
global-wolf/GLO-W/3567-2663-3523/ (Ike/Pikachu)
I hope I get past the first round, lol.
GunmasterLombardi /GmL/2191-7311-3177/ :falco: :samus2:
PwnerBren7/5155-2584-0929/Bren°/ :metaknight: :ganondorf:

Hell yeah
Aibou/I-BOO/0002-6011-9207/ (Zelda / Diddy Kong)
Junglefever/Jungle/0903-9600-2799/ (Olimar/Lucas)
global-wolf/GLO-W/3567-2663-3523/ (Ike/Pikachu)
GunmasterLombardi /GmL/2191-7311-3177/ (Falco/Samus)
PwnerBren7/5155-2584-0929/Bren°/ (Metaknight/Ganondorf)
Jbandit/ J / 3781-9670-1788/ (gw/ness)


Smash Master
Nov 16, 2008
8Bitman/ Bunny/ 4768-7105-1523/ M3H B3AuTiFuL (rob/luigi)
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