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Smash Cadet
Apr 27, 2014
Deltona, Florida
70% chance (he'll be DLC if he doesn't get in the 3DS release)
100% want (as the franchise with the most characters, it makes sense for Pokemon to have more characters than Mario)

5% chance (a Fire type and potential to copy Captain Falcon means that he'd be DLC at the most, potentially an AT if Sakurai wants to give him a spotlight)
30% want (if this was a Pokemon-themed Smash game, I'd totally want him in. For SSB4, not that much)

I second the Plusle and Minun X5 (planned for Brawl, so they have a middling chance)


Smash Cadet
Jan 25, 2014
Sceptile Chance: 20%
Sceptile Want: 15%

A whole 2% increase in chance from a few days ago. I don't really think that these new games will affect the roster, as the roster was most likely finalized about a year ago before E3 with the exception of Greninja, due to X and Y not even being released until October later that year. So really, the announcement of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have most likely not changed one single thing for Smash. Still don't really like Sceptile, but he does have the whole grass-type thing going for him.

Blaziken Chance: 3%
Blaziken Want: 90%

My favorite Pokemon getting in Smash would put me into full overhype mode, but Charizard has already been announced, so therefore Blaziken's chances are very slim. However, he is (debatably) the most popular Pokemon in all of Gen 3, so that does bolster his chances a little bit, but, again, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are too little, too late for any Gen 3 Pokemon. Along with Zoroark (another one of my favorite Pokemon) of Gen 5, Gen 3 just came at a bad time to get any representation in Smash.

Nominations: Crono x5


Smash Ace
May 18, 2013

Chance: 10%
I believe that the awesome Hoenn remakes will not affect Smash. With it's rival Blaziken getting a Mega Evolution, I believe that Sceptile and Swampart will get one aswell. He is a popular Pokémon and he is a grass type, but I do not think this will give him the edge on his fiery chicken rival.

Want: 75%
I used him my first time playing Emerald, and he and his teammates are on X/Y right now. However nostalgia for Mewtwo keeps it from being a 100%.


Chance: 8%
Now with these remakes announced, the other two Hoenn starters will probably get Megas. This takes what made Blaziken stand out from the other starters. That said, he is still a popular Pokémon. Also Fire is already represented via Charizard.

Want: 50%

Out of all three of the wonderfully designed Hoenn starters, I have the least amount of personal attachment to Blaziken. I did use the event Blaziken in X/Y, but I found myself using Talonflame more. I'm sure Sakurai could make Blaziken unique, but I am worried we will have another Captain Falcon clone.

Endless Ocean Stage x10
Little Mac Taunts x5

Predictions -
Kid Icarus Taunts : 35%
Wario Land Wario : 5%



Smash Apprentice
Feb 3, 2014
Tucson, AZ
Sceptile: 8%
I had him higher until halfway through writing this post, but something hit me.
Are his chances higher than before?
Does the Starter trifecta make sense?
Are Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire releasing before Smash?
The Smash series goes into production and has the roster mostly decided long before release. In the past, the series has struggled to keep up with the most recent Nintendo games. Where was Mario Galaxy in Brawl?
Sceptile is an 11 year-old character, yes. But he's never been as popular as Blaziken. With OR/AS releasing a few months after Smash 3DS, I don't see him being as likely as some may think.
Want: 75%
He cool tho.

Blaziken: 3%
The reason Sceptile seems more likely than Blaziken, is because of the starter theory. Having Charizard in, I don't see it happening.
Want: 18%


Smash Ace
Apr 7, 2014
Looking for those who like Mighty No 9
Sceptile again?


Chance: 35%

Had Greninja not been given water cutlasses, my rating may have been higher. While he can adopt/improve some of Ivy's moves (aimable Bullet Seed, Razor->Magical Leaf, Power Whip tether, etc) leaf blade is essentially his signature move. Also, assuming 5 reps per series, Jiggs has a much better chance of returning. On the other hand, he would complete the elemental trio.

Want: 20%

It's odd. While grass starters are normally my favorite, Sceptile was the only exception. Not sure why, but Mystery Dungeon increased my respect for his PreEvo only. I guess I don't like his design?


Chance: 28%

Making a moveset would be WAY to easy to do. I would say she has the best chance...before Charizard was announced. I mean, while Sakurai said he would not include those originating from other fighting games, who couldn't resist the chance to give him Ken's moveset, except with more fire (Blazing Ken, anyone?). Focus Blast = Hadoken, Sky Uppercut = Shoryuken, Blaze Kick = Whirlwind Kick.

Want: 80%

If my gushing above didn't prove I want him, I don't know what will.

Nominate: 5x Prince Fluff

Also for not including my favorite Hoenn starter... start9 start9 start9

Unofficial Swampert Vote start9:

Chance: 20%

As much as I hate to say it, between a water starter and the popularity of the other two, plus Jiggs and Mewtwo, the poor mud fish doesn't stand a chance.

Want: 75%

I love Swampert, but Blaziken would arguably make a better fighter.



mini paincakes

Smash Journeyman
Apr 21, 2014

Chance: 5% The only things he has going for him are the rse remakes. Unfortunately, there's a lot of stuff going against him.

The thing that a lot people seem to mention is that he would water-fire-grass triangle. I doubt sakurai really cares about keeping the type triangle in tact. He might care, but it seems unlikely. He seems to only add pokemon based on their popularity and how well they would fit into smash. While sceptile would fit in with the rest of the smash crew, Sceptile is not a particularly popular 3rd gen pokemon, especially when compared to blaziken and gardevoir.

I also doubt that there is going to be any third gen representation in sm4sh at all. Mewtwo would be a better to pokemon as a whole since he's one of the most popular pokemon and the most requested character. He would easily generate more hype for both the pokemon franchise and the smash franchise than any other pokemon. Even though mewtwo is not a third gen pokemon, his massive popularity dwarfs any sort of advertisement for omega ruby and alpha sapphire that sceptile would generate. The only pokemon that would advertise those two games better would be groudon and kyogre themselves. (and we already know they're forvever doomed to the pokeball)

I don't think jiggs is going anywhere either and seven pokemon seems like a bit overkill to me. If jiggs does somehow gets cut, I guess sceptile would be a decent replacement for the sake of pleasing the fans.

Want: 25% All that being said, I still like sceptile, but he's not even close to the top of my want list.


Chance: 5% He's in the same boat as sceptile, but has the advantage of being more popular and the possible disadvantage of being the same type as other pokes already in smash. (Fire- charizard, fighting- lucario)

Want: 50% I really like blaziken as a pokemon, but there are a lot of other characters that I'd like to see get in before him.

Sorry if my sentences don't make sense, the device I'm typing this on is very laggy.


Smash Cadet
Apr 15, 2014
Blanka's Place
Sceptile - Chance: 23%

The leaf lizard has never had better chances, the remakes of his games, possible mega evolution and bringing in a grass starter (him being the one with the best chances of having a good moveset, alongside chesnaught, that has weaker chances since his game is already being represented) .Sceptile has so much going for him.

Want: 90%

Pokémon Sapphire was my first pokémon game, and treecko was my first starter, so i do have a soft spot for the green guy. Some may argue that Grovyle would be a better adition, but i would have no problem if either of them were added. Also, he has the pimp-eyes.

Blaziken: Chance - 5%

Oh, the overrated flaming fighting chicken; the original fire-fighter (base for 2 generations of lack of originality; though i like infernape). His chances drop because of the fact that we already have a fighting AND a fire type in the roster.

Want: 20%

I don't hate blaziken, he was my starter in Emerald, but i would not like if he got in by simply being a fanfavorite. He already got that mega that he did not deserve (hope they fix this in Alpha and Omega by adding megas to Scep and Swamp), it would be nice if only for once, to see other of the 3rd gen starters to get some love.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 7, 2014
-Chance: 15%
It is not likely, but the Hoenn Remake is a considerable boon for him.
-Want: 95%
My favorite Grass starter, which I usually chose, so I would love to see him in regardless of how unlikely he is. I won't be sad for too long if he is not in the game.

-Chance: 10%
Blaziken wouldn't offer as much as Sceptile potentially could for marketing. He already received his Mega and him receiving another is unlikely. He could be added because of his popularity though.
-Want: 60%
I have a soft spot for Hoenn, so I wouldn't mind seeing it repped at all regardless of the candidate.

Sonic Poke

Smash Lord
May 14, 2011
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chance- 75%- Popular, potential recent target of marketing, part of a series with an expansive cast in smash series, unrepresented pokemon type, well, he has every thing that is needed.
Want- 100%- Hoen hype, plus favorite type, plus starter choice.
Chance- 20%- Same as Sceptile, but unfortunately not one, both of his types are already represented.
Want- 99%- He's freaking amazing!


Smash Champion
Jun 14, 2013
Speaking of nominations, I tallied up the nominations when @ Groose Groose was unable to. So, here are the current nominations as well as the nominations from Marshal's and Chibi-Robo's Day. I did not tally any of the nominations that people are giving right now.
x47 Vaati Re-rate
X40 Prince Fluff (Kirby)
X40 Mario Kart 8 Stage
X36 Flynn (Shin Megami Tensei)
X35 Sheriff Rerate
X34 Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
x31 Spyro (Spyro)
X30 Doctor Lobe (Big Brain Academy)
X30 Professor Layton Rerate
x26 Eirkia (Fire Emblem)
x26 Barbara (Music Game)
X25 Slime Rerate
X25 Bowser Land
X25 Halcandra Stage
x25 Pirate Ship
x25 Micaiah Rerate
x22 Medusa Rerate
x20 Mallo (Pushmo)
x20 Marina (Mischief Makers)
x20 Gaius (Fire Emblem)
X20 Protoman (Mega Man)
X20 Lucas (The Wizard)
x20 Daroach (Kirby)
X20 Kiddy Kong (Donkey Kong)
x20 Zip (FlingSmash)
x20 Mewtwo Rerate
x19 “X” Protagonist (X)
x17 Savvy Styist (Style Savvy)
X15 Dedede Arena
X15 Dry Bowser (Super Mario)
x15 Petey Piranha (Super Mario Bros
x15 Heracross (Pokemon)
x15 Kid Icarus Dog (Kid Icarus)
X15 Three Fire Emblem Characters
x15 Four or More Third Parties
x15 Third Party Assist Trophy
X15 Fawful Rerate
x15 Lanky Kong (Donkey Kong)
x15 Ayumi Tachibana (Famicom Detective Club)
x15 Gematsu Leak is Real
x15 Masked Dedede Alt. Costume
x15 Crono (Chrono Trigger)
X12 Peppy “Barrel Roll” Hare (Star Fox)
x11 Six Mario Characters
x10 All Brawl Veterans
X10 Chrom [Stance-Based Moveset]
X10 Porky Rerate
x10 Two “Retro” Newcomers [Little Mac is not Retro]
X10 Lor Starcutter
X10 Leif (Fire Emblem)
x10 Akari Hayami (Wave Race)
x10 Batallion Wars Rifle Grunts (Batallion Wars)
x10 Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)
x10 Mallow (Super Maro)
x10 Godot (Ace Attorney)
x10 Billy Hatcher (The Giant Egg)
x10 Captain Toad (Super Mario)
x9 Tails Rerate
x6 Jill (Drill Dozer)
x5 Fire Emblem Newcomer (Not Chrom)
X5 Medli NPC
x5 Paper Mario Rerate
X5 Dark Matter Rerate
x5 Venasaur (Pokemon)
x5 Captain Syrup Rerte
X5 King Boo Rerate
x5 Veteran Downgraded to Assist Trophy
X5 Toadsworth (Super Mario)
x5 Post-Release Patches
x5 Kumatora (Mother/Earthbound)
X5 Tony (Earthbound)
x5 Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing)
x5 Hades Rerate
x5 Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog)
x5 Star Man (Pro Wrestling)
x5 King Hippo (Punch-Out!)
x5 Pokemon Series Newcomer
X5 Galacta Knight (Kirby)
x5 Wreck-It Ralph! (Wreck-It Ralph!)
x5 Veteran Downgraded to AT
x2 Isa Rerate
x1 Bomberman Rerate
x1 Yuga (Zelda)
x1 Ravio (Zelda)
x1 Frederick AT (Fire Emblem)
x1 Hilda (Zelda)
x1 Birdo AT
Oh, erm, thank you. I actually had intended to do them along with today's nominations; since we weren't going to be predicting a new character, I didn't see the need in sorting through them twice while I could do it in one shot. I'm not scatterbrained, I'm calculating! Anyway, thank you and sorry for the confusion.

Here we go. It's time. Blaziken vs. Sceptile.

Let's do this!
1) It seems strange to say it here, but Sceptile holds the type advantage in this duel. We already have a fire-type Pokemon in this Smash game.
We already have a fighting-type Pokemon confirmed. We do not have a grass-type Pokemon, and I believe that Ivysaur is most likely gone; a grass-type would
nicely round out the starting-type triangle and Sceptile is the best man for the job. Still, this is only a minor advantage to Sceptile in my eyes--while there is a
possibility they'd want this balance, I just don't think that they'll feel the need to put in a grass type just to have a grass type. Small advantage- Sceptile.

2) Blaziken is the more popular Pokemon. Sceptile is the most popular grass-starter of all time, but Blaziken one of the most popular starters ever.
He's definitely behind Charizard, but only Blaistoise and Greninja can compare to him otherwise. Game Freak likes putting in
popular characters--just look at Greninja if you need proof of that. Honestly, this is a pretty significant advantage in my eyes, and it more than makes up
for Sceptile's advantage in typing. Slight advantage--Blaziken.

3) Sceptile can offer more for the roster than Blaziken. I'm extending this beyond mere typing; Blaziken's moves just don't
stand out as much as Sceptile's. Sceptile has a large arsenal of draining moves and attacks like Bullet Seed and Leaf Blade stand out more than things like Blaziken's Flamethrower and Blaze Kick. Unfortunately, like with his typing, I don't feel this is a major advantage. Game Freak calls the Pokemon shots,
and I don't think they're as high on uniqueness as Sakurai is. When combined with the typing advantage, it does balance out Blaziken's popularity, though. Draw.

4) Blaziken is more relevant than Sceptile as of right now. Sceptile will be making a comeback in the remakes, but Blaziken has already struck
the heats and minds of youthful gamers. He's been given the overpowered ability and distributed to the world; Sceptile has not been.
Additionally, Blaziken has a Mega; we're not sure if Sceptile will get one. Finally, Blaziken is a shoo-in for Pokken Fighters, which appears to be coming a reality soon, too; overall, I just think Blaziken has a leg up based on what we know now. Advantage--Blaziken.

5) Aww, but why am I even doing this? The Hoenn remakes were confirmed too late to have an impact on the roster, right? Wrong. Game Freak must have been planning these for over a year now; it's very possible that they could have talked to Sakurai about it. Greninja showed that they planned things out in advance, and this shouldn't be too different. This would also give an advantage to Blaziken; they've been pushing him just like they pushed Greninja; it would mean that they're setting stuff up. Blaziken used Blaze Kick! It's Super Effective! Sceptile Fainted!

...unfortunately, it doesn't really matter much. There really isn't enough room for Pokemon characters for me to consider them too likely. I have both Mewtwo and Jigglypuff at 85% now. I think Mewtwo is still considerably higher than either of these goons because he has all of the advantages that they do (relevancy, popularity, etc.) to a greater extent; Jigglypuff is a tradition that I doubt Sakurai would willingly give up even if Game Freak wanted to move on. Squirtle and Ivysaur are still contenders, but I don't think they have much of a shot; I'm at 10% for Squirtle and 5% for Ivysaur.
I'll give Sceptile a 15% chance and a 25% chance for Blaziken;
I'm not expecting one of the two, but I think they have a very solid shot. Their chances are pretty much mutually exclusive.

WANT SCORES: 100% each
My first Pokemon game (and one of my first games, period) was Pokemon Blue Version. I loved that game even though I really had no idea what I was doing at times. I never got Flash, I got stuck for weeks in caves, I couldn't figure out how to get to Saffron City, I had to have my mom read me a lot of dialogue because I was too young to understand a lot of it. Nonetheless, I eventually beat the Elite Four and captured Mewtwo, but it took me a long time; by the end, I could read well enough to get by on my own, and I had gotten really addicted to the Anime, TCG, and Pokemania as a whole.

I jumped into Pokemon Silver not long afterwards. To this day, I cite Silver as my favorite Pokemon game. Since I was experienced enough to know what I was doing, I was able to absorb Silver like I did no game before it. I talked to every NPC and explored every hidden area. I still remember the feeling when I managed to get into Kanto; I was shocked that the game wasn't over and so happy to return to the place from Pokemon Blue. In the second Generation, I drew deeper into Pokemania; the Anime became my obsession, and I kept on collecting cards, but I also searched out Pokemon novels, Pokemon coloring books, Pokemon everything.

The one thing I didn't have until the Third Generation, however, was a friend to play with. My cousin had played the original games, and I had a few acquaintances who played Gold and Silver, but most of the kids my age just collected Pokemon cards. However, I managed to get one of my friends into Pokemon during this generation, and that made my investment in the franchise so much greater. My friend (who remains my best friend to this day; we went to the launch of X and Y together and are so hyped for the remakes) and I went through Ruby and Sapphire dozens of times. For two or three summers, we would restart and beat the games multiple times; we'd race, we'd battle, and it was great. Although I still think Silver is the better game, I have so much more nostalgia and have played Sapphire so many more times than really any other game; heck, I just did a nuzlocke a month or so ago.

Want to know one thing that stayed pretty much the same in all of those runs? Almost every single time, I would pick Sceptile. Almost every single time, my friend would pick Blaziken. Blaziken is his favorite Pokemon to this day; he has multiple level 100's trained for competitive battles. He loves Smash, too, and while K. Rool is his most wanted character, Blaziken is his second most wanted. I would be absolutely estatic for him if Blaziken were confirmed, and I love Blaziken, too--the anime battle between Blaziken and Charizard made me obsessed with him for a time. Sceptile is one of my favorite Pokemon ever, and I would love to see him in Smash, as well--my farewell to the Anime (and really to all of Pokemania bar the games themselves, which I still love) was the battle between Sceptile and Darkrai (who is one of my most hated Pokemon).

Yeah. That's pretty much all I have to say. I have more than just nostalgia for these two; my love for them has carried over to the present day. One of these two may be replacing Mewtwo in my signature very soon.



Well, you know who's going to run the Kid Icarus day, right? The reason I delayed that day is because HE wasn't available for today...


Overkill Sarcasm
Dec 24, 2013
The Fabulous Friendly Super Sparkle Train
I'M BACK! What did I miss?

Chance: 10%. Adding Sceptile would complete the "Grass, Fire, Water" starter trio...and what else? Why does this have any relevance? It doesn't seem to necessary to have all three starter types represented when it's not the same generation. And, assuming there are already six Pokemon characters, adding him would seem a little excessive on the Pokemon. And assuming there are only five (total) he would take the spot of either Jigglypuff or Mewtwo, obviously that would never happen. Adding him could promote the new Hoenn remakes announced, but it seems like a gamble to include characters promoting a game that hasn't come out yet.

Want: 5%. While I love Grovyle quite a lot, Sceptile I'm a bit more...skeptical of.


Chance: 10%. Same reasons as Sceptile, though he has the distinction of being slightly more popular and having a Mega Evolution. However, adding Blaziken, again, would be a little excessive, there are more deserving characters, there are more deserving Pokemon characters, that need to get in before him. Also, Torchic already appears as a Poke Ball summon (at least, in Brawl) and historically Pokemon don't share NPC and Player status among different evolutionary stages (for example: Venusaur summon removed when Ivysaur was added to Brawl)
Want: 2%. Unlike the Sceptile family, I hold no feelings for Blaziken, so I would rather not see him in.
Nomination: Aran Ryan x5

@ Groose Groose Curse your timing!
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Hades the Magnificent

Smash Cadet
Dec 16, 2013
Good evening, do-gooders!
19.49% chance (was 8.84%)
59.11% want (was 45.79%)

No wonder they say humans are so fickle--you can't even make up you minds about whether or not you like a character. One day he's not really wanted, and the next he's one of your most wanted? What a bunch of miserable hypocrites! Now I'll have no regrets when I feast on your souls--not that I would have had any before, of course! Anyway, how would you even like a thing like this? There are better--and more handsome--newcomers out there.
10.82% chance (was 9.27%)
36.90% want (was 42.93%)

Blaziken is a chicken. Sceptile ate the chicken. The chicken's soul went to the Underworld. I turned it into a Monoeye. The Monoeye killed Pit. Pit's death let me conquer the world. Sceptile, thanks for letting me conquer the world. I like you.
Today is the big day. We're discussing the potential for Kid Icarus Codecs. Yes, that means the potential for me to narrate all of your battles. So you better give this concept all of your want. If you don't... well, let's just say that the Underworld is a dangerous place. Don't be surprised if you get reincarnated as something... unpleasant. We're also going to talk about "Wario Land Wario." In other words, will that fat oaf get overhauled to play like in his games? Rate the stuff I just talked about. Or you might not want to. In which case you don't have to. I wouldn't be mad. Really. Hey look, who cares? Oh, and Vaati and Prince Fluffy are up tomorrow. Predict them or whatever.

@Kid Icarus Dog @Pyrrhon @Amazon Pandora @Dark_Pit : This is our hour! Let's show them why Kid Icarus needs codecs! It is my favorite game, after all.
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Smash Master
Dec 22, 2013
Gusty garden galaxy
Yesterday, Chibi Robo took Takamaru's spot in the want chart, and today, Sceptile has taken that spot from Chibi Robo :laugh:

KI codecs:
Chance: 75%

I think this is something Sakurai would specifically want to do with the Uprising cast he had just made and developed right before Smash. He knows more about Kid Icarus than most other series, I could easily see Pit talking to... well, all except Palutena and Viridi. Playability and a stage hazard would make that weird...

Want: 99%
A great way to show off some of these character's personalities. They can't all be playable, they can't all be assists, they can't all be bosses, but this is a great way to incorporate a lot of good characters. I like small details in big games, and I think Sakurai does too.

Wario Land Wario:
Chance: 17%
I don't think he'll be one of the characters receiving major changes. He worked pretty well the way he was.
Want: 95%
Definitely open to moveset changes, and actual references. This would be positive to me.

Vaati: 6%
I'm the one with a Vaati avatar here and even I find him unlikely.
Prince Fluff: 4%
Because Bandana Dee is a big deal on Smashboards for some sad reason.
But that's not the only thing against him. He'd look a bit out of place, and I'm not sure if he's been in more than 1 game. I don't think he has. He doesn't really win in any of the factors that make a character likely.

x3 Savvy Stylist
x1 Medusa
x1 Birdo Assist Trophy
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Smash Lord
Jan 7, 2013
The popularity chart has been updated.

Wario of the Land
Chance: 20% - I think there's a chance that Sakurai will take this route. It would explain why he's been holding back on Wario for so long.
Want: 0% - This gets no support from me.

Kid Icarus smash taunts
Chance: 5% - Good idea =/= likely. New Characters, stages, assist trophies, items, and music are all a given in the SSB franchise, Smash Taunts are not. There is no reason to give this a high score other than wishful thinking.
Want: 56% - It would be a nice edition, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over not having it.

I need to run away now before Hades steals my soul and turns it into a Monoeye. :(

Vaati prediction: 4%
Prince Fluff prediction: 2%

Nominations: Captain Toad x5
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Smash Lord
Jun 16, 2013
Kid Icarus Codecs: 10%
Want: 100% I watched Chuggaaconroy's playthrough of the game and it was hilarious. I could see codecs working out really well.

Wario Land Wario: 50% Why else would they delay him this long? With Yoshi and Bowser getting an update, I could see them do it. There was also a slight dissappointment when he had almost everything from Sukari's imagination and only one or two game references.
Want: 100% As a Project M player I say, BRING IT ON!

Vaati: 7.83%
Prince Pluff: 4.21%

x5 Zip

Deleted member

Wario Land Wario

Chance: 35% - Maybe this is why Sakurai is holding Wario back? Seems plausible but at the same time, he might be unchanged or get a minor fix up.

Want: 90% - I miss my beat-em up Wario

Kid Icarus Codecs

Chance: 15% - They could probably work out very well but so far, I only see the Star Fox crew having the options to get codecs, Wouldn't surprise me if Sakurai actually went through with this

Want: Abstain


The Gematsu leak is real x 3
Peppy Hare x 2
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Overkill Sarcasm
Dec 24, 2013
The Fabulous Friendly Super Sparkle Train
Kid Icarus Special Taunts:

Chance: 50%. Well, we've gotten new special taunts in both Melee and Brawl, and given the focus on Kid Icarus: Uprising in this game (and the amount of entertaining characters in it) I could totally see this happening.

Want: 75%. I wouldn't lose sleep over this, as I've never played Uprising, but it sounds like it would be entertaining to see, so I've like to see it myself.

Overhauled WarIo:

Chance: 10%.
He'll likely get as much overhaul as Yoshi and Bowser, which is to say, not much. His moveset seems to be the "angle" that they were going for when designing him, so I don't see them changing it much.

Want: 80%. That being said, his Brawl moveset sort of sucked. I'd like some changes to it, like the omission of the stupid Fart, or including some Wario World moves (like the Corkscrew Conk, or the Wild-Swing-Ding).


I don't know if the nominations included with the failed ratings I posted earlier counted, but I'll post this again anyway.
Aran Ryan x5



Smash Lord
Jun 12, 2013
Charleston, SC
Kid Icarus Codecs - 25%
I could certainly see them working well enough, but c'mon, that's Solid Snake's thing, and he's totally returning, right? ...Right?
Want - 25% - Snake? Snake?!? SNAAAAAAAKE!!!

Wario Land Wario - 0%
I just can't see Sakurai spending significant resources to totally revamp a unique character, especially when the existing moveset better represents how Wario has more often been portrayed in the past decade due to WarioWare. At most I see him getting a move change or two like Pit, which doesn't a Wario Land Wario make.
Want - 0% - Wario's fine as he is, thank you.


Smash Lord
Nov 24, 2001
Kid Icarus codecs

This seems like something that's fun and easy to do. The Star Fox characters and Snake got these in the past, a significant amount of dialogue really, and it looks like to me that Uprising has a similar dynamic with your allies and foes getting all talky-talky during the levels. Most of the other characters don't really have the same thing going on.

Sakurai also just worked on that game and from what I hear had good dialogue and voice acting and so forth, so he would be even more motivated to do it. Really unless he's absolutely crushed for time (and the people who would on these wouldn't really be as involved in the core gameplay aspects of the game, so they could have extra time) there's not really any downside.

He's also been giving a lot of characters more personality this time around, and this is the kind of thing that helps with that.

I do feel these are fairly strongly linked to Palutena... If Palutena didn't get in, I would find these less likely. But I think she's almost confirmed at this point.

KI codec chances: 71%
KI codec want: 55%
I'd want to check it out but it's not that important to me.

Wario Land Wario

I think some level of modification to Wario seems likely. We've seen Pit and Bowser get significant changes. Yoshi, DK, Link and Luigi all got changes that bring them more in line with their typical appearances and moves. Olimar, Charizard, Zelda, Sheik and ZSS also got significant changes although that's for different reasons. It just demonstrates how much veterans are being shook up.

So I would not at all be surprised to see Wario get some moves reflecting his old games. The question is more how much of a change is he going to get? Link and DK each only got that dash attack... that's not a whole overhaul. If Wario has one or two moves changed, does that count? I don't know.

For Wario to get at least one or two moves changed to be more like Wario Land, I think that has a high probability. A total overhaul like what people want for Ganondorf? I doubt it. His moveset isn't that bad. Some tweaks on the level of DK, Link, Luigi, approaching Bowser or ZSS level seems plausible. Pit level overhaul, with three specials, FS and some standard attacks changed significantly? I doubt it. He's going to be mostly the same.

Wario Land Wario chances: 20%
Wario Land Wario want: 50%
I don't really care. If it makes him more appealing to me, then sure. But I wasn't that into Wario before.


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Mar 1, 2014
My Parents Basement
KI Codec calls: 60%
There really isn't much of a precedent to base this off of, but the KI series is the perfect series to do this with. I'm sure the mechanic will stay in, it was a cool mechanic, and Kid Icarus and Punch Out are the two that I could see this really working with.
Want: 100%
I must have Hades the Magnificent grace me with his presence on the battlefield!!!!!

WarioLand Wario: 10%
I don't see the point. Wario is already an extremely unique fighter, I would hope that they would focus the redesigns on characters that actually need them.
Want: 0%
No desire whatsoever.

Vaati: 6%
Prince Fluff: 2%


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Feb 13, 2014
KI Codec:
Chance: Abstain
Want: 50%

Wario Land Wario:
Chance: 5%
Want: 80%
I liked his moveset, the only thing I didn't like was his awkward animations. Warioware needs to be represented in his moveset as well so that's why I gave my "want" rating an 80%.


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Jun 19, 2010
KI Codecs
Chance - 75% Sakurai's idea seems likely
Want - 100% Kid Icarus: Uprising is one of my favorite games of all-time, and the dialogue and character interactions were one of the most memorable parts.. If you would like to exchange Friend Codes and battle, please PM me. (Is this allowed?)

Wario Land Wario
Chance - 20%
Want - 100%

predict Vaati - 6.5%
Prince Fluff - 3.5%

nominate Birdo x5


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Oct 29, 2013
Kid Icarus Codecs
Chances: 5%
Want: 10%
Kid Icarus seems to be getting an awful lot of items but I don't think they'll do this. It's more likely Doc Luis from Punch-Out!! will do this sort of thing based on the trailer.

Wario Overhaul
Chances: 45%
Want: 100%
It's possible given how long he's taken to show us Wario. He's changed a lot of the other characters so this is pretty likely.


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Sep 22, 2013
I don't understand why people think that smash taunts have to be mutually exclusive. I could easily see SF, KI, PO!!, and Metal Gear (If Snake comes back) all sharing the mechanic.

Chance: 80% I'd eat my hat if this didn't happen.
Want: 100% Seriously, I'd find this really baffling if this didn't happen. The dialogue between the characters was such a big part of Uprising and i'd be very shocked if Sakurai wasted the opportunity to carry it over to Smash Bros.
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Jun 18, 2013
KI Codec: 70% Well Sakurai has been giving Kid Icarus way too much attention every other way. All we need is Palutena and this and we're set =D
Want: 50% I have no idea what these codecs are like in-game...

Before I rate Wario Land Wario, I want some questions answered. Does rating this imply that Wario will be almost as one-sided towards Wario Land in his moveset as Brawl Wario was to Wario Ware? Or would it just be to the extent that they're about even in the moveset? I think there's a really good chance for Wario to get a decent amount of Wario Land moves, but only to the extent that Bowser got new moves.

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Kid Icarus Codecs and Overhauled Wario have been added to the Directory.

Kid Icarus Codecs (the second image is one of my favorite pieces of dialogue, the "Big monsters kill Pit! Grr!" one)
Chance: 50%
I can see Sakurai put this in Smash... yet at the same time, I don't.
I can see him put this in as he worked on the game and the dialogue was very praised. Sakurai has an immense bias for the games he creates; if you don't believe me, see all of the content KI has now been getting since Brawl. The dialogue between the characters was hilarious and the characters are full of personality and color.
I can't see him put this in if it was a hassle. Maybe not all of the voice actors want to reprise their roles or he might view this as somewhat insignificant.
Want: 100%
Kid Icarus: Uprising is my favorite 3DS game of all-time. (sadly, my copy was used and I have this crappy GameStop case for the game)
I love the dialogue in that game. Even when I do Chapters on Intensity 9, I leave the dialogue on as it's incredibly hilarious and it kinda helps my mind ease through the Chapters.
I really hope that this could be like Snake's codecs and not something like Star Fox codecs. I would love to have Pit talk to Palutena, Viridi, and Hades to find out information on the fighters. If Snake gets cut, I want this to be preserved.
My only concern is that this might end up being like the Star Fox conversations. The reason? Palutena is going to be playable; I dunno if they will go the extra mile and create unique pieces of dialogue for the fighters for both Pit and Palutena and instead of making Snake codecs, they make Star Fox conversations.
Also, if I can't have a playable Hades, I at least want him here. He's my second favorite villain of all-time, only behind Ganondorf, and it would be a shame if he didn't take part in this. All of his lines are pure gold!
Also, I'm not the only one who wants Nintendo and Disney to collaborate and make a video of Nintendo Hades and Disney Hades talking with each other?

Wait, no one has made a Pit account? SOMEONE MUST CHANGE THAT!!!!

Overhauled Wario/Wario Land Wario

When Sakurai put Wario in Smash, it was an absolute surprise that he neglected the Wario Land games. Wario has so much moveset potential from the first four games and World and Sakurai barely replicated them in Smash; his arsenal expanded with Shake It! on the Wii. Something tells me that he has barely played a Wario Land game or has never played one at all.
I can't see Wario get overhauled like Pit and Bowser did. Pit was overhauled to make him more like he is in Uprising while Bowser needed to become more competent in Smash and thus got an overhaul. The other two characters that come to mind that might get an overhaul is Meta Knight and Ganondorf. Meta Knight is by far one of the most overpowered characters in Brawl; everyone knows this (and I would be surprised if Sakurai didn't caught wind of it) and I bet they will go the extra mile to nerf him. Ganondorf is by far the worst character in Brawl and people have been demanding an overhauled Ganondorf; he barely has any of his moves from the Zelda games and is still a Captain Falcon clone. Wario? I can see him get a few new moves here and there, but his moveset seems to be fine.
One thing that is absolutely concerning is how Wario Land got shafted over WarioWare. The max Wario Land got was Wario's overalls outfit and some stickers from Wario Land; it didn't get a stage and it didn't get any music (Greenhorn Ruins needs a remix in Smash). Seeing as how Wario was in his WarioWare outfit in the concept art and Ashley is an Assist Trophy, I am expecting the same outcome here.
Wario isn't a character that begs for an overhaul, but I think that there is a possibility that he could get one. Hopefully we see something at E3.
Want: 100%
I love his moveset in both Brawl and Project M. However, I am willing to sacrifice his moveset in Brawl to have Wario be true to his character in Wario Land. I like his moveset in Brawl as it was crazy and whacky like he is, but I want Wario to have his moves from the Wario Land games.
I don't understand the hate that Wario gets. He is one of my favorite video game characters of all-time and he was my most wanted character since 64; I was so happy when he got confirmed at E3 2006 for Brawl! The reason why I like Wario is because of his personality. He is a large, greedy oaf that doesn't care about who you are, where he is, how dire the situation is, or how powerful you are; he will do anything in order to reach his goals. I want this side, this side from Wario Land, to be represented in Smash.
Project M was faithful to this character and he is a blast to play as. He is one of my mains in Project M, along with Luigi and Pit. So, seeing Wario with Wario Land moves in an official Smash game would be a delight!
Bring on the Wario overhaul, Sakurai!

Before I rate Wario Land Wario, I want some questions answered. Does rating this imply that Wario will be almost as one-sided towards Wario Land in his moveset as Brawl Wario was to Wario Ware? Or would it just be to the extent that they're about even in the moveset? I think there's a really good chance for Wario to get a decent amount of Wario Land moves, but only to the extent that Bowser got new moves.
Really the former. Think of how Wario was handled in Project M.

Vaati Prediction: 5.80%
I can see this drop.
Prince Fluff Prediction: 1.05%
Bandana Dee. Bandana Dee. Bandana Dee. ...
(although I am a Bandana Dee supporter, the Fluff is going to get a high want from me)

Nominations: Gematsu Leak is Real 5x
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Jan 19, 2013
Ooh... everyone's returning? How fortunate.

Ratings must will be given out latter. I just have one problem, though.

H́́o͡͏w͜͏ ç͜o̵̡͡u͏̡͟l̛d̨͡ ̧͡y͜où͠ ҉f́ò̵̧r҉g҉é͢t͟ M̧҉̥̝͖̱̟̩̥̝̥̣̝̤̣͙E̝͓̻̬̕

Depressed Gengar

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Aug 13, 2013
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KI Codecs: 95%. It'll probably happen.
Want: 0%. That said, it would be a massive waste.
Wario Land Moves: 5%. Sakurai doesn't like Wario Land, apparently.
Want: 100%. Which is a shame.
Mewtwo X5


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Jul 16, 2013
Kid icarus versions of codec

Chance 80%

Sakurai owns the game hes ben giving it attention by the items and stages and enemys in smash run prime example i would not be suprise if kid icarus gets the same treatment

Want 100%
I loved snakes codecs i would love to see this plus doc louis to do snakes thing


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Mar 2, 2014
KI Codecs
Chance: 55%
Want: 55%
Chance: 10%
Want: 15%
Lanky Kong x5

*edit: props to my boy Sceptile for claiming the 10th spot of the want chart. That's what's up.
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Feb 23, 2014
KI Codecs: 90%. I can see it.
Want: 100%. It would be funny.
Wario Land
Chances:Moves: 5%. He rep wario ware not wario ware
Want: 50%. Indifferent.

Smasher 101

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Jul 21, 2013
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Kid Icarus Codecs chances: 50% - I think this could go either way.
Want: 60% - I'd welcome it, but it's not terribly important to me.

Wario Land Wario: 10% - Don't see it, I think he'll be WarioWare based once more.
Want: 50% - I like him the way he is, but I wouldn't mind this either.

Vaati prediction: 4.19% - Sadly is one the most unlikely Zelda characters.
Prince Fluff prediction: 1.92% - Bandana Dee.

Jill x5


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Apr 15, 2014
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KI Codecs - Chance: 50% - I can see it going either way.

Want: 85%, it was funny in Uprising, i bet Sakurai could make a good job with smash too.

Wario Land Wario - Chance: 40%
I think he could get some moveset chances, but nothing too major.

Want: 68%
I like wario's current moveset, but he could use some new tricks.


Vaati prediction: 5%
Well, as much as i'd like him to be playable, the fact that he has been pretty much ignored for years make his chances slim.

Prince Fluff: 1%
His best chances of appearing would be as an alternative costume for Kirby
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Apr 14, 2014
KI Codecs
Chance- 65%
I see something like this as quite possible.
Want- 100%
Really, it would be a serious wasted opportunity if they don't do this. You'd practically think that Uprising was with this in mind. They would have so many possible funny conversation with the characters that they have made.

Overhauled Wario
Chance- 15%
I think that there will be some changes here or there, but I don't see anything too drastic. Sakurai ignored Wario Land last time around and I don't really see why anything would have changed since then.
Want- 65%
I'd like elements from both.


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Apr 10, 2014
Yes! my oportunity to give something a want a great score! just kidding
Kid Icarus Uprising smash taunts

Chance: 60% please Sakurai continue with your "MODESTY" show them all that "MODESTY" that has kept KIU for getting more representation in this game
Want: 100% as long as Palutena is not neglected as a Smash Taunt character then I really want this.

Wario Land Wario
Chance: 12% nothing limitated them the last game to put these moves in the game, why go so far as to overhaul the character this time around?
Want: 12% I have played Wario Land 3, I find these moves funny but nothing outstanding, compared to what Wario already has

Medusa x 2
Amazon Pandora x 2
KIU Girl x1
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