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Jun 14, 2013


Day 329: GAME OVER!

Yesterday: One Fun Year of Speculation
Today: Japanese Launch
Tomorrow: Many Fun Years of Playing

[collapse=How to Play]
Every day we discuss two things: 1) a newcomer we haven't talked about, and 2) a concept, a potential stage, or a character we've talked about before. We rate both how likely they are and how much we want them on a scale of 0% to 100%. In addition, it's always a good idea to write an explanation, the length of which is up to you. For a visual example, let's say we're rating Groose for the first time and a Bowser's Castle stage. Your post should resemble the following:​
[collapse=Brief Example Posts]
Groose Chance: 1%
He just isn't important enough to make the cut. I'll give him greater than a zero, though, as his is possible.

Groose Want: 100%
DAT POMPADOUR! How could you not want this guy in?

Bowser's Castle Stage Chance: 45%
Well, it looks like it's the most likely Mario stage. I think it has a great chance of happening, but I'm not expecting it.

Bowser Castle Stage Want: 20%
It wouldn't be too awful, but I would really prefer seeing other Mario stages.

[collapse=Suggested Benchmarks]
It's not necessary that you use these, but they are a good place to start.
100% chance--confirmed or an absolute certainty
75% chance---very likely, but a solid chance of it not happening
50% chance--it has a great shot and it could go either way.
25% chance--a very solid shot, but probably not happening.
0% chance---deconfirmed or not a chance.

100% want--you'd absolutely love for this to happen and have no objections
75% want--you'd really like this, but you do have some minor misgivings
50% want--part of you would like this, but part of you wouldn't like this
25% want-- you'd prefer this not happen, but you think there could be merits
0% want---you don't care for this idea at all

You may be wondering--how does what we're rating get decided? Well, you also have the chance to nominate characters to rate. You get five nominations per day; use them to nominate characters as you see fit. We rate whatever has the most nominations in each category at the end of the day the following day. The nominations count can be found in the second post of this thread.

Finally, at the beginning of every day I announce what characters we will rate the following day. You have the option to predict what theaverage chance score will be for these characters. After we rate these characters the following day, @@Smasher 101 will announce what people guessed the closest to the actual score. These people will win five extra nominations.

So, your post may end up looking something like the following. Please not: you don't have to do everything in the following example; you could just as easily give one score and leave.

[collapse=Expanded Example Post]
Groose Chance: 1%
He just isn't important enough to make the cut. I'll give him greater than a zero, though, as his is possible.

Groose Want: 100%
DAT POMPADOUR! How could you not want this guy in?

Bowser's Castle Stage Chance: 45%
Well, it looks like it's the most likely Mario stage. I think it has a great chane of happening, but I'm not expecting it.
Bowser Castle Stage Want: 20%
It wouldn't be too awful, but I would really prefer seeing other Mario stages.

Nominate Waluigi x5
I think we need some Waluigi time!

Godot Prediction: .05%
He's not the main character in his series, so I don't think people will take him seriously
Tingle Prediction: 14.76%
One one hand, people will say hatebase. On the other, they'll mention his own series.

Got it? Good! If not, ask someone for an explanation; we'll be glad to welcome you to the game! Also, feel free to check out our Music Section; it's quite comprehensive and may have you addicted for hours. Finally, you coan use our Directroy to search for specific days in that we've already covered. Links to both our Music Section and Directory can be found later in this post.

There are some rules though.

First off, all rules on this site must be respected and exceptions are not made just because this is a forum game. Should be obvious, but worth repeating just in case. Here are some additions rules for this game:

1. Characters must originate from a video game OR be closely tied to video games. Also, they must have appeared on a Nintendo console. Please: no Batman, Goku, Master Chief, etc. Maybe closer to realease we'll lift this and have some fun, but we still have some good characters to rate first.

2. Counter votes are absolutely prohibited. It's okay to be influenced by the other's ratings. Just don't try to spite them, okay? There are thirty plus votes a day and it balances out.

3. Flame wars are not allowed. Please feel free to debate. Debate is great! But keep it civil and don't let an argument go far beyond its given day.

4. Never use this thread as an attempt to argue that a character is more likely/less likely because of this game. This is, in the end, a forum game and should be treated as such. It should not be taken into account when discussing character's odds. Again, winning arguments on the Internet doesn't magically make a character more likely.

5. If a character gets deconfirmed, they won't get rated again, no exception. Note that a character must be outright deconfirmed in order for this to happen; if there is still a measure of debate, the character is not banned.

6. The following characters will not be voted on: They'd only be a waste of a day; we determined on day one that they're basically confirmed. If one of these characters is deconfirmed... well, we're really dumb!
Mario (Mario Bros.)
Bowser (Mario Bros.)
Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)
Link (The Legend of Zelda)
Samus (Metroid)
Kirby (Kirby)
Fox (Star Fox)
Pikachu (Pokemon)
Pit (Kid Icarus)
*Villager (Animal Crossing)
*Wii Fit Trainer (Wii Fit)
*Mega Man (Mega Man)
Yoshi (Yoshi)
Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
Ness (Mother)
Peach (Mario Bros.)
Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)
Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong)
Wario (Wario)
Meta-Knight (Kirby)
King Dedede (Kirby)
Marth (Fire Emblem)
Zero Suit Samus (Metroid)

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in your ability to participate in this thread being removed. Maybe. We're flexible here.

[collapse=FAQ]I don't know anything in regards to Sakurai's process to characters? Can I still participate?
Sure, but just make sure you know what you're talking about and get informed. If you've never heard of a character we're rating, see what others say about him and do some research.

Once we put in our vote/prediction for a character, can we change them?
Of course, but only until that day ends. When the deadline has been met, all votes are permanent. However, it would much appreciated if you are going to edit that you make me aware of it so I don't miss it.

Can I nominate both a concept and a character?
You get five nominations per day. They can be divided however you see fit. If you want to use three on a concept and two on a character, go for it.

Are concepts and characters voted at the same time?
Every day, we rate one character we haven't previously rated and score either a rerate, concept, or stage

Is there a limit to how many time a characters is re-voted?
A character can be re-voted at any time for as many times are necessary. Please use your brain, though--there's no sense re-rating a character assuming nothing has changed.

How long does this game last?
Until release of Super Smash Bros. Wii-U and 3DS. The game ends there. But... I'm sure that we'll get the bandwagon going again for SSB5.

What if DLC characters happen? Does the game continue?
Erm... maybe? It'll probably end, but we'll see when we get there.

Are we just rating characters? How about other things like stages, items, etc.?
We have a thing called "concepts." Concepts can range from anything like having a certain character get decloned to getting a newcomer in a certain franchise... to having a certain stage to having a certain item.

Anything I can do to help?
Be familiar with the rules. Also, Ii you have music for a character that's up for rating, feel free to post it in the thread for Toxicroaker.

Look this character did great in Rate Their Chances! It's totally getting in!
Hahaha, no. The point of this game is to laugh about how miserably wrong we were... for example, we gave Rosalina a 15% chance, and she made it. In a Rate Their Chances game for Brawl, GameFAQs gave Ridley and Krystal scores in the 80% range... and they didn't get in.

How do you count up votes?
Graphing calculator, ladies and gentlemen. I just plug in your numbers and hit frappe. Before I did things by hand, but the calculator makes things moremanageable. Also, I tally nominations on a Word program, then paste them into the OP, but I am looking for a more efficient method.

I need help with what to do? Can you give me a format that I could use?
See the"brief sample post" or the "expanded sample post" in the How to Play section two spoiler tags up.


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Jul 21, 2013
Switch FC
Extra Nominations
August 24 Winners

Balance Patches: Sid-cada
Dragon Quest Representation: UnicornDemon
New 3DS Sonic Stage: Delzethin

Total Nominations Won since June 25
andimidna: 50
a smart guy: 30
PaulKagebein/PK_Wonder: 25
Toxicroaker: 5
colder_than_ice: 25
Hippopotasauce: 10
Louie G.: 10
a Link to the Forums: 10
jaytalks: 15
YoshiandToad: 10
Brawler610: 25
NickerBocker: 5
DaUsername: 15
Mega Bidoof: 5
cephalopod17: 5
TitanTeaTime: 10
Captain Hotcakes: 5
Burigu: 10
TCT~Phantom: 10
BaganSmashBros: 5
ShrekItRalph: 15
Delzethin: 5
legendofrob1: 5
WeirdChillFever: 5
Erimir: 5
The Light Music Club: 5
Rie Sonomura: 5
TechPowah: 5

Past Results:

Bandana Dee: andimidna
Andy: Hippopotasauce
Kamek: Cheezey Bites
Palutena: Bauske / Erimir / Glaciacott / The Light Music Club
Ridley: lonekonwolf
King K. Rool: colder_than_ice / TheZombiePig / Erimir / cephalopod17
Dixie Kong: Sid-cada
Cranky Kong: Toxicroaker
Shulk: andimidna / Erimir / LumaOkami / BigAxle / cephalopod17 / Dausername
Mewtwo: colder_than_ice
Pac-man: Hippopotasauce
Mii: cephalopod17
Takamaru: Cheezey Bites
Lip: BKupa666
Chrom: Brawler610
Robin: andimidna / Oblivion129
Isaac: Glaciacott
Ray: Smasher 101
Tingle: Spiderjerusalem
Ghirahim: KenithTheGatherer
Tetra: Chandelure
Toon Zelda: Pega-pony Princess
Impa: Scatmansworld25
Black Shadow: Yoshiandtoad
Chrous Kids: Toxicroaker
Lucina: Smasher 101
Roy: KenithTheGatherer / Yoshiandtoad
Chrom & Lucina: Toxicroaker
Squirtle: Brawler610
Ivysaur: Brawler610
Bowser Jr.: Smasher 101
Jigglypuff: Smasher 101
Ike: Karafuru
Snake: lonekonwolf
Lucas: Leafeon523
Wolf: KenithTheGatherer
N: Glaciacott
Only Popular Newcomers: lonekonwolf
Chrom Assist Trophy: UnicornDemon
50+ Characters: Glaciacott
Sceptile: Brawler610
Mach Rider: NickerBocker
Marshal: Glaicacott
Chibi-Robo: Brawler610
Kid Icarus Smash Taunts: UnicornDemon
Wario Land Wario: KingofPhantoms47
Vaati: Sid-cada
Prince Fluff: Mega Bidoof / The Light Music Club
Sheriff: Brawler610
Mario Kart 8 Stage: Cheezey Bites
Professor Layton: andimidna
Ryu Hayabusa: Rockaphin
Mewtwo: Toxicroaker
Halcandra: KingShadow
Gematsu Leak: a smart guy
Savvy Stylist: NickerBocker
Demoted Veteran: UnicornDemon
Micaiah: Headcrab Jackalope
Slime: Toxicroaker
Anna: andimidna
Crono: Cheezey Bites
Zip: lonekonwolf
Lanky Kong: andimidna
Fawful: Smasher 101
Jill Dozer: KingofPhantoms47
Captain Toad: Smasher 101
Spyro: colder_than_ice
Mr. Resetti: NickerBocker
NFC Trophies: Cheezey Bites
Barbara: The Light Music Club
Dr. Lobe: Smasher 101
Ayumi Tachibana: andimidna
Mallo: Leafeon523
X Protagonist: colder_than_ice
Ridley and K. Rool: Smasher 101
Bowser Land: Brawler610
Isaac: DaUsername
Non-Ghostly Adventures Pac-Man: Sid-cada
Peppy Hare: KingBro1 / colder_than_ice
Medusa: Leafeon523
Seven Pokémon: Cheezey Bites
Dr. Eggman: UnicornDemon
Spectator Mode: NickerBocker
Competitively OP Character: Smasher 101
Plusle and Minun: Hippopotasauce
Ridley: a Link to the Forums / Kalimdori
Sceptile: BigAxle / andimidna
Gematsu Leak: BigAxle
Shulk: Cheezey Bites
Chrom: DaUsername
Chorus Kids: Sid-cada
King K. Rool: colder_than_ice / The Light Music Club
Dixie Kong: andimidna
Mewtwo: Kalimdori / Erimir / Pacack
Jigglypuff: andimidna / Pacack
Isaac: a smart guy (ON THE DOT, 10 Extra Noms)
Takamaru: andimidna
Snake: Pacack
Lucas: Toxicroaker
Robin: andimidna
Lucina: Mega Bidoof
Bandana Dee: jaytalks
Captain Toad: colder_than_ice
Impa: Sid-cada
Ghirahim: a smart guy
Dark Pit: Leafeon523
Medusa: Pacack
Calling to the Night: Toxicroaker
Fountain of Dreams: PaulKagebein
Bandit: andimidna
Pirate Ship: Erimir
Rhythm Heaven Newcomer: a smart guy
Gematsu Newcomers Only: PaulKagebein
Ms. Pac-Man: Hippopotasauce
Oocoo: YoshiandToad
DK Silhouette Stage: cephalopod17
Aran Ryan: Sid-Cada
Owain: Louie G.
Bowser Jr.: Chandelure
Lor Starcutter: Louie G.
Two Retro Newcomers: Brawler610
Flynn: PaulKagebein
Masked Dedede Alternate Costume: Pacack
Eirika: TitanTeaTime / Captain Hotcakes
Mr. Dream Boss: Sid-cada
"You Will Know Our Names": a smart guy
"In the Final": a smart guy
Commander Shepard: Kalimdori (ON THE DOT, 10 Extra Noms)
Unrevealed Unlockable Veteran: Toxicroaker
Agitha: Burigu
Non-Chorus Men Rhythm Heaven Character: Chandelure
Roy: YoshiandToad
Dark Pit: BigAxle / TechPowah
Dixie Kong: Sid-cada
Lucas: The Light Music Club
King K. Rool: jaytalks
Mewtwo: Sid-cada
Isaac: Erimir
Snake: Leafeon523 / Erimir
Dr. Mario: Smasher 101
Bowser Jr.: andimidna
Black Shadow: Erimir
Purshasable DLC: Cheezey Bites
Crash Bandicoot: UnicornDemon
Tropical Freeze: BaganSmashBros
Takamaru: a Link to the Forums
Chibi-Robo: TCT~Phantom
Ridley: Brawler610
Paper Mario: ShrekItRalph
Birdo: Erimir
Lucas (The Wizard): KingofPhantoms47 / PK_Wonder / Brawler610 / Leafeon523 / colder_than_ice / DaUsername (ALL ON THE DOT, 10 extra noms each)
Masked Dedede Final Smash: Kalimdori
Brash the friggin' whatever: Masahiro Sakurai
Amazon Pandora: TitanTeaTime
Double Cherry: Leafeon523 / UnicornDemon
Frederick Assist Trophy: Sid-cada
"C-R-O-W-N-E-D": Leafeon523
"Moo Moo Meadows": Delzethin
Bonus: Kalimdori (received 20 extra nominations due to the character he nominated to the top being disconfirmed)
Music Not Limited By Franchise: andimidna
Dry Bowser Costume: Brawler610
Akari Hayami: Cheezey Bites
Interactive Eternal Darkness Representation: Smasher 101
John Raimi: ShrekItRalph
Riki: jaytalks
Andy: Smasher 101
Phoenix Wright Trophy: UnicornDemon
Ghirahim: WeirdChillFever
Brain Age Stage: KingofPhantoms47
Bayonetta: Glaciacott
Inkling: TCT~Phantom
Metal Face Boss: legendofrob1
Rundas: Kalimdori
Tag-Team Battles: Icedragondam
Theater Stage: Cheezey Bites
Sami: WeirdChillFever
Warrior of Light: Burigu
Karate Joe: andimidna /Erimir
Galacta Knight: Toxicroaker
Villains Trailer: colder_than_ice
Third Party Assist Trophy: The Light Music Club
"In the Space Pirate Ship": Smasher 101
Hyrule Warriors Alternate costumes: Smasher 101
More Mii Fighters: UnicornDemon
Ice Climbers : Sid-cada
Mega Mewtwo Y: Cheezey Bites (ON THE DOT, 10 extra noms)
Outset Toon Link: ShrekItRalph
Olimar Alternate Costumes: WeirdChillFever
Mother 3 Content Without Lucas: andimidna
Krystal: The Light Music Club / Rie Sonomura
Excitebiker: UnicornDemon / Mega Bidoof / TechPowah
Idolm@ster Character: Brawler610
Magikarp: Kalimdori (ON THE DOT, 10 extra noms)
Shulk Assist Trophy: jaytalks
Bandana Dee: wizardto1
Dr. Mario character: andimidna / PK_Wonder
Dr. Mario costume: Delzethin
Lana: Cheezey Bites
Groose Representation: Sid-cada
Four or More Third Parties: Delzethin
Cia: Sid-cada
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Smash Champion
Jun 14, 2013
Nominations List
x103 Impa Rerate
x100 Use Your Own Villager or Robin
x90 Marshal and Chorus Men Day
x80 “Destiny” (Awakening)
x80 Four or More Newcomers
x75 "Moonstruck Blossom"
x74 Parabo and Satebo
x66 Jill Valentine
x65 Galacta Knight and Dark Meta Knight Costumes
x64 Micaiah AT
x62 M. Bison
x61 Fiora
x60 Unlockable Costumes
x60 Ditto Pokeball
x55 NonplayableCharacter to Playable Via DLC
x55 Wreck-It Ralph! (Wreck-It Ralph!)
x50 Bowser Jr. Rerate
x48 Endless Ocean Stage
x46 Franchise Other Than Fire Emblem With Four Characters
x45 Mii Wizard
x44 Star Man (Prowrestling)
x40 Petey Piranha(Super Mario Bros)
x40 Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf
x40 Tetra and Toon Zelda Day
x37 Porky Rerate
x35 Captain Falcon’s Theme
x35 Sceptile Rerate
x32 Kiddy Kong Donkey Kong)
x30 Playable Bosses Rerate
x30 Wii Fit Meter
x28 Nightmare Rerate
x27 Chef Kawasaki Rerate
x27 Protoman (Mega Man)
x27 Six Mario Characters
x27 Kirby Triple Deluxe Stage
x26 Smash Direct
x25 “Punch Bowl"
x25 Dark Pit
x25 Hannebow Stage
x25 Nintendo Land Plaza
x23 Ken Masters
x23 Marina (Michief Makers)
x20 Cain and Abel
x20 Ganon Rerate
x20 Gaius (Fire Emblem)
x20 Daroach (Kirby)
x17 Lief
x17 CPU Uses Alternate Costumes
X15 Dedede Arena
x15 Heracross (Pokemon)
x15 Kid Icarus Dog (Kid Icarus)
x15 All Brawl Veterans / No Brawl Cuts
x15 3D World Representation
x15 Team-Up Attacks in Team Battle
x15 Venusaur (Pokemon)
x15 Chaos 0 (Sonic)
X15 Leif (Fire Emblem)
x15 Inkling Assist Trophy
x15 Villain Newcomer (Mewtwo Counts)
x15 Bidoof
x15 Adeleine
x15 Crocodile Cacophony
x15 Mach Rider Rerate
x15 Dark Pit Stage Boss
x14 Zoroark
x14 Mario Party Content
x13 Standalone Pokemon Trainer Rerate
x11 Captain Syrup Rerate
x10 Gyarados (Pokemon)
x10 Unknown Renders Leak
x10 Batallion Was Rifle Grunts (Battalion Wars)
x10 Mallow (Super Mario)
x10 Godot (Ace Attorney)
x10 Billy Hatcher (The Giant Egg)
x10 Different Starting Roster Between Versions
x10 King Boo Rerate
x10 Vaati
x10 Robot Ness Alt Costume
x10 Daisy Rerate
x10 Purchasale DLC Music
x10 King K. Rool Rerate
x10 Valkyrie Trophy
x9 N Rerate
x9 Fossil Fighters (Fossil Fighters)
x8 Charlie (Mario Golf)
x7 Ridley
x7 Zant
x6 Japanese Voice Options
x6 Six Pokemon Characte
x6 Kid Icarus Girl (Kid Icarus)
x5 Mario Party Stage
x5 Cooking Mama
x5 Resetti AT
x5 Secret Newcomers
x5 Quote Rerate
x5 Professor Layton Representation
x5 Pokemon Center Delivery Pikachu
x5 Metal Overlord Boss
x5 Beedrill Pokeball Returns
x5 DLC Character
x5 Added Assist Trophy Feature
x5 Lip Rerate
x5 Captain Viridian (VVVVVVV)
x5 Rattle and Roll
x5 Fire Emblem Assist Trophy
x5 Sealed Grounds Stage
x5 Yumetao (Famicom)
x5 Rambi AT
x5 Masterpieces Returns
x5 Medli NPC
x5 Airship Stage
x5 Doctor Mario
x5 General DLC
x5 Konami Character
x5 “Bellumbeck"
x5 We’re Playing SSB4 While Speculating SSB5
x5 “Kanto Legendary Battle”
x5 “The Won-Stopable Wonderful 100”
x5 Dark Matter Rerate
x5 Tropical Resort
x5 Kururin
x5 Lysandre (Pokemon)
x5 Masked Man Rerate
x5 Q Bert (Q*Bert)
X5 Toadsworth (Super Mario)
x5 Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe)
x5 Kumatora (Mother/Earthbound)
X5 Tony (Earthbound)
x5 Wuhu Island 3DS Stage
x5 Hades Rerate
x5 Pursuit~Cornered
x5 Smash 3DS Sells 1Mil in One Month
x5 Hooktail Stage Hazard
x5 King Hippo (Punch-Out!)
x5 Little Mac Codec
x5 Pokemon Series Newcomer
x5 WayForward Rep
x5 Fierce Deity Link Costume
x5 Geno
x5 Dr. Mario
x5 Isaac
x5 Ogres and Dronkeys Tag Team [NOMINATIONS DISABLED]
x5 Tharja Rerate
x4 Coco Bandicoot
x4 Jigglypuff Rerate
x3 “Adventure’s End”
x3 More Pokeall Pokemon
x3 E. Gadd AT
x2 Isa Rerate
x2 Gray Fox AT
x2 Spinner Item
x2 NiGHTS Trophy
x2 Kat & Aa (Wario)
x2 Birdo AT
x2 Pyrosphere 3DS
x2 Yoshi’s Story [Melee]\ Stage
x2 Pilotwings Character
x2 Kirby Air Ride Stage
x2 Mewtwo
x2 Neku Trophy
x1 Bomberman Rerate
x1 Yuga (Zelda)
x1 Crono Trophy
x1 Ravio (Zelda)
x1 Blaze the Cat
x1 Hilda (Zelda)
x1 Kumatora Alt. for Lucas
x1 RTC Member is a competitive Smash 4 Player
x1 Groose is still running RTC for Smash 5
x1 This is Sakurai’s last game and he mentors Namco developers
x1 Wii U version comes with a Reggie figurine
x1 Seattle Mariners
x1 Ilyana (Fire Emblem)
x1 Idolm@ster Song on Pac-Man Stage
x1 Six Zelda Characters
x1 Giygas (Mother)
x1 Fatal Frame Representation
x1 Newcomers Without a Stage
x1 Customizable Event Matchs
x1 Blaziken Rerate
x1 Non-Final Smash Mega Lucario
x1 Pink Gold Peach (Mario Kart)
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The Mysterious Smasher
Jul 25, 2013
Long Island
I absolutely love this game. But, do you know the worst part about this thread? Let's say you want to know how well a character did on their day, but you have trouble finding their day. It's a pain, right? Or how about finding that post that you made about a character that is currently getting re-rated? Also a pain. So, with major patience, I have compiled the beginning of every single day thus far. From the first day on the old thread with nominating characters to what we are rating now here.

PRE-DAY Nominations
DAY 1 Villager, Mega Man, and Wii Fit Trainer
DAY 2 Palutena
DAY 3 Ridley
DAY 4 Isaac
DAY 5 King K. Rool
DAY 6 Shulk
DAY 7 Dixie Kong
DAY 8 Pac-Man
DAY 9 Toon Link
DAY 10 Mewtwo
DAY 11 Krystal
DAY 12 Little Mac
DAY 13 Bowser Jr.
DAY 14 Paper Mario
DAY 15 Lucina
DAY 16 Roy
DAY 17 Mii
DAY 18 Owain
DAY 19 Takamaru
DAY 20 Lucario
DAY 21 Ice Climbers
DAY 22 Bandana Dee
DAY 23 Jigglypuff
DAY 24 Lyn
DAY 25 Chrom
DAY 26 Toad
DAY 27 Tingle
DAY 28 Sandbag
DAY 29 Ike
DAY 30 Toon Zelda/Tetra
DAY 31 Dillon
DAY 32 Waluigi
DAY 33 Pokemon Trainer Red AND New Pokemon Trainer
DAY 34 Geno
DAY 35 R.O.B.
DAY 36 Ganondorf
DAY 37 Zoroark
DAY 38 Simon Belmont
DAY 39 Masked Man
DAY 40 Vaati
DAY 41 Saki
DAY 42 Medusa
DAY 43 Starfy
DAY 44 Karate Joe AND Ridley
DAY 45 Samurai Goroh
DAY 46 Lucas
DAY 47 Robin
DAY 48 Sonic the Hedgehog
DAY 49 Genesect
DAY 50 Chibi-Robo
DAY 51 Porky
DAY 52 Skull Kid
DAY 53 Lip AND Roy
DAY 54 Professor Layton
DAY 55 Falco
DAY 56 Bomberman
DAY 57 Kamek
DAY 58 Slime
DAY 59 Solid Snake
DAY 60 Mr. Game & Watch
DAY 61 Impa AND Bowser Jr.
DAY 62 Meowth
DAY 63 Duck Hunt Dog
DAY 64 Ghirahim
DAY 65 Rayman AND Dixie Kong
DAY 66 Ashley
DAY 67 Sylveon
DAY 68 Anthony Higgs
DAY 69 Mach Rider
DAY 70 Lloyd Irving
DAY 71 Mike Jones
DAY 72 Primid
DAY 73 Cloud Strife
DAY 74 Black Shadow
DAY 75 Chrom & Lucina
DAY 76 Anna
DAY 77 Wolf AND Lucario
DAY 78 Tom Nook AND Toad
DAY 79 Ephraim
DAY 80 Wonder Red AND Ridley
DAY 81 Sukapon AND Little Mac
DAY 82 Andy
DAY 83 Phoenix Wright
DAY 84 Mask Link (With Deku, Goron, and Zora Masks)
DAY 85 Chancellor Cole
DAY 86 Tharja
DAY 87 Neku & Shiki AND 4 Donkey Kong Characters
DAY 88 Rhythm Monkey AND No Brawl Cuts
DAY 89 Fawful AND King K. Rool
DAY 90 Sheik AND Toon Zelda/Tetra
DAY 91 Victini
DAY 92 Yarne
DAY 93 Donbe & Hikari
DAY 94 Daisy
DAY 95 Captain Rainbow
DAY 96 Ray
DAY 97 Omastar AND Palutena
DAY 98 Dr. Kawashima
DAY 99 Rosalina AND Bandana Dee
DAY 100 Captain Syrup AND Waluigi
DAY 101 Pauline AND Paper Mario
DAY 102 Dark Samus
DAY 103 Dr. Mario AND Rhythm Heaven Character
DAY 104 Knuckles AND Lucina
DAY 105 Aeron AND Overhauled Yoshi
DAY 106 Excitebiker
DAY 107 Klonoa
DAY 108 Matthew
DAY 109 Ninten
DAY 110 Groose
DAY 111 Tails
DAY 112 Travis Touchdown
DAY 113 Goemon
DAY 114 Hades
DAY 115 Rosalina Satisfaction
DAY 116 Villager, Mega Man, and Wii Fit Trainer Satisfaction
DAY 117 Nintendog AND Tingle
DAY 118 Ganon AND Roy
DAY 119 Blaziken, Brawl Pokemon and Mewtwo, AND Most Overrated
DAY 120 Eevee AND Most Underrated
DAY 121 Cranky Kong, Bandana Dee, AND 3 Favorite Days
DAY 122 Banjo-Kazooie
DAY 123 Prince Sable AND Decloned Ganondorf
DAY 124 Dark Matter AND Slime
DAY 125 Quote AND Chrom
DAY 126 Pichu AND Extensive Alternate Costumes
DAY 127 Count Bleck AND Krystal
DAY 128 Daitoryo AND DLC Characters
DAY 129 Zero AND Robin
DAY 130 Muddy Mole AND Isaac
DAY 131 Reggie
DAY 132 Micaiah, Bowser Jr., AND Bowser Jr. with Shadow Mario
DAY 133 Scrooge McDuck AND Bomberman
DAY 134 Bayonetta AND Ike
DAY 135 Mona AND Dr. Mario Stage
DAY 136 Ryu AND Shulk
DAY 137 Magnus AND Six Mario Characters
DAY 138 Dark Pit AND Toad
DAY 139 Jimmy T. AND Sheik
DAY 140 Rhythm Wrestler AND Pokemon Assist Trophy
DAY 141 Nightmare AND Palutena
DAY 142 Yarne & Owain Tag Team AND Saki
DAY 143 Slippy AND Mewtwo
DAY 144 Funky Kong AND Tetris Stage
DAY 145 Tiny Kong AND Spear User
DAY 146 Young Link AND Kirby's Epic Yarn Stage
DAY 147 Harry AND Gyromite Stage
DAY 148 Amaterasu AND Promoted Assist Trophy
DAY 149 Leon AND Pokemon Trainer Pokemon (No Trainer)
DAY 150 Reyn AND Dixie Kong
DAY 151 Plasm Wraith AND Lyn
DAY 152 Black Mage AND Pokemon Trainer Red
DAY 153 Little Mac Satisfaction
DAY 154 Previously Revealed Newcomers Satisfaction
DAY 155 Chef Kawasaki AND Super Mario 3D World Stage
DAY 156 Master Hand AND Playable Boss Mode
DAY 157 Stork AND Zelda Newcomer
DAY 158 Bulborb AND Ridley
DAY 159 King Boo AND Rhythm Heaven Stage
DAY 160 Tetra AND No Namco Character
DAY 161 Diskun AND Pac-Man
DAY 162 Goku AND Wolf
DAY 163 Grovyle AND King K. Rool
DAY 164 Louie AND Takamaru
DAY 165 Athena Cykes AND Nutty Noon
DAY 166 Professor E. Gadd AND Improved Stage Builder
DAY 167 Midna AND Cookie Country
DAY 168 Isa Jo AND Meowth
DAY 169 Zael AND Mii
DAY 170 Alph AND Bowser's Castle
DAY 171 Magolor AND Fatal Frame Representation
DAY 172 Sora AND Toon Zelda/Tetra
DAY 173 Balloon Fighter AND Gangplank Galleon
DAY 174 Sheriff AND Shulk
DAY 175 Adam Malkovich AND Two Donkey Kong Newcomers
DAY 176 Alph, Brittany, & Charlie Trio AND Non-Character Hanafuda Representation
DAY 177 Alexandra Roivas AND Sandbag
DAY 178 Shantae AND Unlockable Newcomers
DAY 179 Shadow the Hedgehog AND Paper Mario
DAY 180 Son Goku AND Hades
DAY 181 Arino AND Other M Ridley
DAY 182 Jack Frost AND Paper Mario Stage
DAY 183 Panther AND Dillon
DAY 184 Wild Gunman AND Omastar
DAY 185 Kunio-Kun/Alex AND Solid Snake
DAY 186 Happy Mask Salesman AND RTC Top 10 Assist Trophy
DAY 187 Isabelle AND <10% Character is Playable
DAY 188 Hero of Light AND Captain Rainbow
DAY 189 Lupus AND Lip
DAY 190 Tiki AND Zoroark
DAY 191 Pre-SSB4 Direct: Most Overrated and Most Underrated
DAY 192 Pre-SSB4 Direct: Most Hyping and Most Deflating Moments
DAY 193 Pre-SSB4 Direct: Most Expected and Most Wanted Newcomers for the Direct
DAY 194 Pre-SSB4 Direct: Predicting the Direct
DAY 195 Overall Direct Satisfaction
DAY 196 Greninja Satisfaction
DAY 197 Previously Revealed Newcomers Satisfaction
DAY 198 Bandana Dee, Andy, AND Kamek
DAY 199 Palutena AND Ridley
DAY 200 King K. Rool, Dixie Kong, AND Cranky Kong
DAY 201 Shulk AND Mewtwo
DAY 202 Pac-Man AND Mii
DAY 203 Takamaru AND Lip
DAY 204 Chrom AND Robin
DAY 205 Isaac AND Ray
DAY 206 Tingle AND Ghirahim
DAY 207 Toon Zelda, Tetra, AND Impa
DAY 208 Black Shadow AND Chorus Men
DAY 209 Lucina, Roy, AND Chrom & Lucina
DAY 210 Squirtle AND Ivysaur
DAY 211 Bowser Jr. AND Jigglypuff
DAY 212 Ike AND Solid Snake
DAY 213 Wolf AND Lucas
DAY 214 N AND Only Popular Newcomers
DAY 215 Chrom Assist Trophy AND 50+ Character Roster
DAY 216 Sceptile AND Mach Rider
DAY 217 Marshal AND Chibi-Robo
DAY 218 Sceptile AND Blaziken
DAY 219 Kid Icarus Codecs AND Overhauled Wario
DAY 220 Vaati AND Prince Fluff
DAY 221 Sheriff AND Mario Kart 8 Stage
DAY 222 Professor Layton AND Ryu Hayabusa
DAY 223 Mewtwo AND Halcandra
DAY 224 Gematsu Leak AND Savvy Stylist
DAY 225 Demoted Veteran AND Micaiah
DAY 226 Anna AND Slime
DAY 227 Crono AND Zip
DAY 228 Lanky Kong AND Fawful
DAY 229 Captain Toad AND Jill Dozer
DAY 230 Spyro AND Mr. Resetti
DAY 231 NFC Smash Trophies AND Barbara
DAY 232 Ayumi Tachibana AND Dr. Lobe
DAY 233 Mallo AND "X Protagonist"
DAY 234 Both King K. Rool and Ridley are on the Roster AND Bowser Land
DAY 235 Isaac AND Non-Ghostly Adventures Pac-Man
DAY 236 Peppy AND Medusa
DAY 237 Seven Pokemon AND Dr. Eggman
DAY 238 Spectator Mode, Competitively OP Character, AND Plusle & Minun
DAY 239 Pre-E3: Most Overrated, Most Underrated, and Most Accurate
DAY 240 Pre-E3: Most Hyping and Most Deflating Moments
DAY 241 Pre-E3: Three Favorite RTC Days
DAY 242 Pre-E3: Five Most Likely and Five Most Wanted
DAY 243 Pre-E3: Half of RTC Top Ten AND Grade Our Accuracy
DAY 244 Pre-E3: Overall Satisfaction and E3 Hype Rating
DAY 245 Pre-E3: Predictions and Confessions
DAY 246 Cooldown Day
DAY 247 Mii Fighter, Palutena, and Pac-Man Satisfaction
DAY 248 Previous Newcomers Satisfaction
DAY 249 Nintendo E3 Satisfaction
DAY 250 Ridley AND Sceptile
DAY 251 Gematsu Leak, Shulk, Chrom, AND Chorus Men
DAY 252 King K. Rool AND Dixie Kong
DAY 253 Mewtwo AND Jigglypuff
DAY 254 Isaac AND Takamaru
DAY 255 Solid Snake AND Lucas
DAY 256 Lucina AND Robin
DAY 257 Bandana Dee AND Captain Toad
DAY 258 Impa AND Ghirahim
DAY 259 Dark Pit, Medusa, AND Pyrrhon
DAY 260 Calling to the Night AND Fountain of Dreams
DAY 261 Bandit AND Pirate Ship
DAY 262 Rhythm Heaven Character AND Only Gematsu Newcomers
DAY 263 Ms. Pac-Man Costume AND Ooccoo
DAY 264 DK Silhouette Stage AND Aran Ryan
DAY 265 Owain AND Bowser Jr.
DAY 266 Lor Starcutter AND Two Retro Newcomers
DAY 267 Masked Dedede Costume AND Flynn
DAY 268 Eirika AND Mr. Dream Boss
DAY 269 You Will Know Our Names AND In The Final
DAY 270 Commander Shepard AND Unrevealed, Unlockable Veteran
DAY 271 Agitha AND Non-Chorus Men Rhythm Rep
DAY 272 Pre-Monday Announcement: Most Overrated and Most Underrated
DAY 273 Pre-Monday Announcement: Most Hyping and Most Deflating Moments
DAY 274 Pre-Monday Announcement: Place Your Bets!

Here is a link to GameFAQ's Rate Their Chances for Brawl provided by Groose:
Here is a link to an old Rate Their Chances Thread on GameFAQs forSSB4 provided by PaulKagebein:

Unless there are issues with character space, I will also keep updating this post as we get into more and more days.
I mostly did this because I love this game, for stupid chuckles seeing characters that did poorly, looking back old posts for re-rates and for convenience of find out how well a character did on their day.
If there are any issues, let me know!
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The Mysterious Smasher
Jul 25, 2013
Long Island

DAY 275 Cooldown Day
DAY 276 Lucina and Robin Satisfaction
DAY 277 2013 Newcomers Satisfaction
DAY 278 2014 Newcomers Satisfaction
DAY 279 Shulk, Chorus Men, AND Gematsu Legitimacy
DAY 280 Dark Pit AND Roy
DAY 281 Dixie Kong AND Lucas
DAY 282 King K. Rool AND Mewtwo
DAY 283 Isaac AND Solid Snake
DAY 284 Dr. Mario AND Bowser Jr.
DAY 285 Black Shadow AND Takamaru
DAY 286 Ridley AND Chibi-Robo
DAY 287 Purchasable DLC Newcomers, Crash Bandicoot, AND Tropical Freeze Representation
DAY 288 Paper Mario AND Birdo
DAY 289 Lucas (The Wizard) AND Masked Dedede Final Smash
DAY 290 Brash the Bear AND Amazon Pandora
DAY 291 Double Cherry Item AND Frederick Assist Trophy
DAY 292 C-R-O-W-N-E-D AND Moo Moo Meadows
DAY 293 Stage Music Not Limited By Franchise AND Dry Bowser Costume
DAY 294 Akari Hayami AND Interactive Eternal Darkness Representation
DAY 295 John Raimi AND Riki
DAY 296 Andy AND Phoenix Wright Trophy
DAY 297 Ghirahim AND Brain Age Stage
DAY 298 Inkling AND Bayonetta
DAY 299 Metal Face Boss AND Rundas
DAY 300 Tag Team Battles AND The Theater Stage (Paper Mario)
DAY 301 Warrior of Light AND Sami
DAY 302 Karate Joe AND Galacta Knight
DAY 303 Villains Trailer AND Third Party Assist from a Franchise Without a Character
DAY 304 In the Space-Pirate Ship AND Hyrule Warriors Costumes
DAY 305 More Mii Classes AND Ice Climbers
DAY 306 Mega Mewtwo Y AND Outset Toon Link Costume
DAY 307 Olimar Costumes AND Mother 3 Content Without Lucas
DAY 308 Excitebiker AND Krystal
DAY 309 Idolm@aster Character AND Magikarp
DAY 310 Shulk as an Assist Trophy AND Bandana Dee
DAY 311 Dr. Mario as a Playable Character & Alt. Costume AND Lana
DAY 312 Groose Representation, 4 or More Third Parties, AND Cia
DAY 313 Balance Patches, Dragon Quest Rep, AND a New 3DS Sonic Stage
DAY 314 Smash 4 Outselling Brawl, City Trial Stages, AND Unlockable Taunts
DAY 315 Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr., AND Shulk
DAY 316 Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, AND More Newcomers
DAY 317 Use Your Villager/Robin, Destiny, and Parabo & Satebo
DAY 318 Jill Valentine, Moonstruck Blossom, Galacta Knight & Dark Meta Knight Alt Costumes, AND Micaiah AT
DAY 319 Impa, Mach Rider, AND DLC
DAY 320 Isaac, Chorus Men, AND Dixie Kong
DAY 321 Ice Climbers, Wolf, AND Lucas
DAY 322 Mewtwo, King K. Rool, AND Ridley
DAY 323 Hades Representation AND Smash 3DS/Wii U Cancellation
FINALE 1 Villager, Mega Man, and Wii Fit Trainer Satisfaction
FINALE 2 Rosalina, Little Mac, and Greninja Satisfaction
FINALE 3 Mii Fighter, Palutena, and Pac-Man Satisfaction
FINALE 4 Lucina, Robin, and Shulk Satisfaction
FINALE 5 Roster and Game Direction Satisfaction
GAME OVER Join the RTC Social Group Today!
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Jun 19, 2010
The Rate Their Chances Results!
Hey guys, I'm PK_Wonder and I'll be temporarily running the Results post, the accumulation of our many months of collective chances ratings, in the absence of lonekonwolf.

If you see anything that needs to be changed or updated, or have any suggestions to make things easier to read, don't hesitate to let me know!
June 9, 2014, Smash Satisfaction: 83.81%
E3 Hype: 86.73%
Nintendo E3 Satisfaction: 82.97%

[collapse=direct stuff - old stuff]
Direct Satisfaction: 79.71%

Direct Predictions:
Release window: CONFIRMED! 3DS is coming out In October, Wii u is coming out in winter
Multiple newcomers: DECONFIRMED! only one newcomer was shown, Greninja
Multiple veterans: CONFIRMED! Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Yoshi, and Charizard were all revealed in the direct
New stage: CONFIRMED! Many stages were revealed in the direct we didn't see before
Character Deconfirmantion: CONFIRMED! many characters were outright deconfirmed as assist, pokeballs, hazards, and even in final smash

Character Satisfaction Scores after 7/14:
86.95%--Mega Man
81.55%--Little Mac
63.51%--Wii Fit Trainer
43.82%--Mii Fighters

[collapse=Previous Satisfaction Scores]
Post Reveal Satisfaction:

Mega Man: 85.40%
LittleMac: 82.69%
Palutena: 80.77%
Villager: 80.25%
Pac-Man: 78.05%
Rosalina: 73.46%
Greninja: 71.18%
Wii Fit Trainer: 61.93%
Mii Fighter: 49.42%

April 13 Satisfaction
Mega Man: 89.14%
Villager: 83.75%
Little Mac: 81.40%
Rosalina: 72.18%
Greninja: 69.51%
Wii Fit Trainer: 63.18%

February 15 Satisfaction
Little Mac: 92.93%
Mega Man: 89.91%
Villager: 86.50%
Wii Fit Trainer: 77.56%
Rosalina: 72.08%

December 20 Satisfaction:
Villager: 86.16%
Mega Man: 83.68%
Rosalina: 80.74%
Wii Fit Trainer: 74.74%

DLC: 76.25% chance, 90.41% want
SSB4 Outsells Brawl: 53.83% chance, 81.72% want

1. Unlockable Newcomers: 97.84% chance, 80.77% want
2. Unrevealed, Unlockable Veteran: 96.86% chance, 80.44% want
3. Rhythm Heaven Character: DAY 262: (93.81% chance, 65.77% want) DAY: (14.29% chance, 37.98% want)
4. PARTIALLY DECONFIRMED! NO CHROM! MAY BE OUTDATED!Gematsu leak: DAY: 251 (90.35% chance, 59.47% want) DAY: (50.16% chance, 47.95% want)
5. Groose Representation: 88.33% chance, 89.20% want
6. CONFIRMED! LITTLE MAC! Promoted Assist Trophy: 87.49% chance, 90.47% want
7. Demoted Veteran: 83.92% chance, 65.23% want
8. CONFIRMED! Spectator Mode: 77.19% chance, 76.15% want
9. RTC Top Ten as an AT: 74.26% chance, 41.62% want
10. CONFIRMED! AMIIBO! NFC Trophies: 74.17% chance, 49.36% want
11. Improved Stage Builder: 70.17% chance, 85.15% want

12. DECONFIRMED! Greninja is in, too! Brawl Pokemon and Mewtwo: 67.66% chance, 74.11% want
13. WE'LL PROBABLY NEVER KNOW! Gematsu Leak Was Based on Legit Source: 60.71% chance
14. Tropical Freeze Representation: 58.86% chance, 66.91% want
15. Kid Icarus Smash Taunts: 57.39% chance, 78.24% want
16. Balance Patches: 54.43% chance, 78.05% want
17. Zelda Newcomer: 53.44% chance, 64.67% want
18. 50 or more Character Roster: 53.02% chance, 92.19% want
19. Masked Dedede Final Smash: 50.96% chance, 58.44% want
20. DECONFIRMED! ROBIN AND LUCINA ADDED!Only Gematsu Newcomers: 49.30% chance, 16.10% want
21. Decloned Ganondorf: 48.87% chance, 82.24% want
22. Phoenix Wright Trophy: 48.06% chance, 78.34% want

23. Competitively OP Character: 46.95% chance, 0.58% want
24. DECONFIRMED! PAC-MAN PLAYABLE! No Namco Character: 46.10% chance, 53.92% want
25. DLC Characters: DAY 287: (42.79% chance, 57.94% want) DAY: 31.14% chance, 71.84% want
26. KIND OF CONFIRMED! GRENINJA WASN'T EVEN RATED!<10% Chance Character: 41.85% chance, 88.58% want
27. Double Trouble (King K. Rool and Ridley): 32. 98% chance, 83.80% want
28. No Cuts: 32.80% chance, 57.91% want
29. Spear User: 35.61% chance, 66.36% want
30. Mother 3 Content Without Lucas: 30.54% chance, 25.88% want
31. Non-Character Hanafuda Representation: 27.84% chance, 62.17% want
32. Third Party AT Without a Playable Character: 26.11% chance, 67.83% want

33. Villains Trailer: 25.08% chance, 80.22% want
34. Four DK Characters: Day 175: (24.60% chance, 71.48% want); Old: (42.03% chance, 75.60% want)
35. Metal Face (Xenoblade) Boss: 24.47% chance, 50.68% want
36. Four or More Third Parties: 23.86% chance, 52.72% want
37. Six Mario Characters: 22.70% chance, 40.78% want
38. DECONFIRMED! STAYED THE SAME! Yoshi Overhaul: 20.82% chance, 50.87% want
39. Frederick (Fire Emblem) Assist Trophy: 18.66% chance, 46.72% want
40. Dragon Quest Representation: 18.29% chance, 47.66% want

41. Seven Pokémon: 17.70% chance, 53.16% want
42. Wario Land Wario: 17.47% chance, 54.84% want
43. Tag Team Battles: 16.77% chance, 72.69% want
44. DECONFIRMED! MII FIGHTER CONFIRMED! Only Popular Newcomers: 16.33% chance, 52.13% want
45. Non-Chorus Men Rhythm Heaven Character: 15.13% chance, 45.10% want
46. Shulk Assist Trophy: 12.74% chance, 30.74% want
47. More Mii Fighter Classes: 10.11% chance, 26.34% want
48. Eternal Darkness Representation: 9.86% chance, 46.27% want
49. Two More Retros: 9.36% chance, 39.94% want

50. DECONFIRMED! HE'S ROBIN'S FINAL SMASH!Chrom Assist Trophy: 9.16% chance, 22.07% want
51. Playable Boss Mode: 8.66% chance, 43.04% want
52. Double Cherry Item: 7.82% chance, 50.51% want
53. Unlockable Taunts: 7.44% chance, 35.11% want
54. CONFIRMED! Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon Separated: 6.11% chance, 26.48% want
55. Fatal Frame Representation: 4.46% chance, 35.77% want
56. DECONFIRMED! TRANSFORMATIONS ARE GONE!Bowser Jr. with Shadow Mario: 3.93% chance
57. Pokemon Assist Trophy: 3.80% chance, 34.48% want
58. Mr. Dream Boss: 2.51% chance, 3.46% want

1. Other M Ridley: 61.12% chance, 46.37% want
2. Outset Toon Link Costume: 56.73% chance, 75.37% want

3. Ms. Pac-Man Costume: 47.14% chance, 64.33% want
4. Meta Knight Alt Costumes: 43.70% chance, 72.29% want
5. Dr. Mario Costume: 42.41% chance, 75.13% want

6. CONFIRMED! NOT Ghostly Adventures Pac-Man: 42.29% chance, 63.60% want

7. Dry Bowser Costume: 39.82% chance, 59.49% want
8. CONFIRMED! Extensive Alternate Costumes: 38.11% chance, 73.51% want

9. Hyrule Warriors Costumes: 9.97% chance, 68.71% want

1. "You Will Know Our Names" (Xenoblade Chronicles): 87.98% chance, 79.08% want
2. "C-R-O-W-N-E-D" (Kirby): 68.41% chance, 77.09% want
3. "In the Space-Pirate Ship" (Kid Icarus): 40.72% chance, 68.71% want
4. "Moonstruck Blossom" (Kirby): 29.83% chance, 58.43% want
5. "In the Final" (Bowser's Inside Story): 29.39% chance, 75.18% want
6. "Moo Moo Meadows" (Mario Kart): 15.30% chance, 37.14% want
7. "Calling to the Night" (Metal Gear): 12.05% chance, 46.08% want
8. Music Not Limited by Franchise: 10.87% chance, 38.83% want

1. Pirate Ship (Brawl): 59.92% chance, 68.48% want
2. Rhythm Heaven stage: 47.10% chance, 68.31% want
3. Bowser's Castle (Mario Bros.): 42.58% chance, 83.33% want
4. Cookie Country (Kirby): 40.47% chance, 48.96% want
5. Mario Kart 8 stage: 39.93% chance, 58.84% want
6. Fountain of Dreams (Melee): 39.90% chance, 78.08% want
7. DKCR Silhouette stage: 37.78% chance, 75.10% want
8. Kirby's Epic Yarn stage: 37.29% chance, 68.48% want
9. Super Mario 3D World stage: 36.57% chance, 64.77% want
10. Brain Age stage: 36.42% chance, 49.13% want

11. Gyromite Stage: 33.01% chance, 46.48% want
12. Gangplank Galleon (Donkey Kong): 32.27% chance,65.30% want
13. Lor Starcutter (Kirby): 27.42% chance, 56.12% want
14. Bowser Land (Mario Bros.): 27.16% chance, 694.1% want
15. CONFIRMED! Paper Mario stage: 25.90% chance, 87.77% want
16. New 3DS Sonic stage: 25.22% chance, 68.59% want
17. Halcandra (Kirby): 23.07% chance, 43.50% want
18. Dr. Mario stage: 19.73% chance, 57.13% want
19. "The Stage" (Paper Mario): 18.24% chance, 68.78% want
20. Nutty Noon (Kirby): 14.32% chance, 48.59% want
21. Tetris stage: 13.32% chance, 62.89% want
22. City Trial stage (Kirby): 7.77% chance, 35.11% want

-- Wario: 100% chance
-- Ness: 100% chance
1. Mr. Game and Watch (Game and Watch): 99.50% chance, 90.51% want
2. Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda): 98.90% chance, 90.62% want
3. R.O.B. (Robot): 95.44% chance, 80.06% want
4. Falco Lombardi (Star Fox): 94.69% chance, 74.74% want
5. Dr.Mario (Dr.Mario): DAY 314: (94.59% chance, 39.33% want) DAY 311: (38. 97% chance, 25.09% want) DAY 284: (6.96% chance, 13.69% want) DAY: (7.10% chance, 18.01% want)

6. CONFIRMED! Sheik (Legend of Zelda): Day 141: (92.23% chance, 79.02% want); Day ???: (93.57% chance, 84.53% want)
7. Ice Climbers (Ice Climber): DAY 305: (91.74% chance, 81.18% want) 98.14% chance, 88.28% want
8. DECONFIRMED! CHARACTER SWAPPING CUT! Pokemon Trainer Red (Pokemon): Day 152: (91.55% chance, 77.00% want); Day 33: (81.38% chance, 71.88% want)
9. Jigglypuff (Pokemon): DAY 253: (86.46% chance, 70.03% want) DAY 211: (88.44% chance, 71.71% want) DAY: (96.15% chance, 79.06% want)
CONFIRMED! Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog):84.56% chance, 80.75% want
11. CONFIRMED! Lucario (Pokemon): DAY 77: 81.90% chance, 72.36% want); DAY 20: (65.42% chance, 68.71% want)

12. Mewtwo (Pokémon): DAY 282: (75.56% chance, 78.18% want) DAY 253: (66.93% chance, 78.21%w want) DAY 223: (76.27% chance, 81.50% want) Day 201: (74.24% chance, 81.58% want) Day 143: (89.56% chance, 82.57% want); Day 10: (90.22% chance, 88.34% want)
13. Wolf (Star Fox): DAY 213: (74.98% chance, 75.63% want) Day 162: (88.07% chance, 84.17% want); Day 77: (86.08% chance, 80.36% want)
14. CONFIRMED! Ike (Fire Emblem): DAY 212: (72.62% chance, 75.22% want) Day 134: (82.73% chance, 77.59% want); Day : (78.58% chance, 73.48% want)
15. Lucas (Mother): DAY 281: (69.25% chance, 43.70% want) DAY 255 (43.70% chance, 59.61% want) DAY 213: (72.98% chance, 65.27% want) DAY: (87.03% chance, 80.04% want)
16. CONFIRMED! Toon Link (The Legend of Zelda): 62.3% chance, 64.54% want
17. Solid Snake (Metal Gear): DAY 283 (35.03% chance, 55.46% want) DAY 255 (28.51% chance, 61.98% want) DAY 212: (42.73% chance, 60.14% want) Day 185: (62.66% chance, 63.92% want); Old: (66.12% chance, 69.00% want)
18. Ivysaur (Pokémon) 8.84% chance, 55.36% want
19. Squirtle (Pokémon) 7.41% chance, 51.57% want
20. Pichu (Pokemon): 3.30% chance, 25.90% want

21. Roy (Fire Emblem): DAY 280: (1.44% chance, 19.70% want) DAY 209: (14.58% chance, 34.25% want) DAY 118: (38.44% chance, 42.82% want); DAY 53: (40.42% chance,48.87% want); DAY 16: (38.75% chance, 45.37% want)
22. Young Link (Legend of Zelda): 0.31% chance, 6.52% want

1. CONFIRMED! Shulk (Xenoblade): DAY 314: (97.74% chance, 74.01% want) DAY 279: (84.58% chance, 80.71% want) DAY 251: (91.70% chance, 74.55% want) DAY 201: (69.73% chance, 70.21% want Day 174: (64.06% chance, 66.79% want); Day 136: (55.76% chance, 67.20% want); Day 6: (49.58% chance, 61.12% want)

2. CONFIRMED! Palutena (Kid Icarus): DAY 199: (95.23 chance, 77.93% want) DAY 141: (81.66% chance, 75.07% want); DAY 97: (70.69% chance, 74.37% want); DAY 2: (76.35% chance, 77.22% want)

3. Dark Pit (Kid Icarus): DAY 314: (94.62% chance, 35.32% want) DAY 280: (21.17% chance, 20.12% want) DAY 259: (5.44% chance, 11.21% want) DAY: (3.66% chance, 24.55% want)

4. Bowser Jr. (Mario Bros.): DAY 314: (94.54% chance, 77.32% want) DAY 284: (13.81% chance, 46.65% want) DAY 265: (10.58% chance, 42.17% want) DAY 211: (26.63% chance, 52.60% want) DAY 132: (17.88% chance, 44.55% want); DAY 61: (56.43% chance, 68.16% want); DAY 13: (43.44% chance, 56.48% want)

5.Duck Hunt Dog (Duck Hunt): DAY 314: (92.21% chance, 70.01% want) 10.34% chance, 35.43% want

6. DECONFIRMED! ROBIN'S FINAL SMASH! Chrom (Fire Emblem): DAY 251 (88.82% chance, 50.83% want) DAY 204: (68.72% chance, 46.57% want) DAY 125: (44.56% chance, 31.46% want); DAY 25: (69.65% chance, 57.27% want)

7. CONFIRMED! Little Mac (Punch-Out!!): DAY 81: (88.11% chance, 77.00% want); DAY 12: (83.59% chance, 73.22% want)

8.CONFIRMED! Pac-Man (Pac-Man): DAY 202: (81.24% chance, 60.25% want) DAY 161: (59.96% chance, 50.21% want); Day 8: (54.99% chance, 34.79% want)

9. King K. Rool (Donkey Kong): DAY 282: (60.49% chance, 80.84% want) DAY 252 (53.62% chance, 80.53% want) Day 200: (68.75% chance, 78.88% want) Day 163: (68.28% chance, 85.46% want); DAY 89: (74.36% chance, 84.47% want); DAY 5: (72.48% chance, 78.57% want)

Ridley (Metroid): DAY 286: (58.56% chance, 80.69% want) DAY 250 (48.41% chance, 77.02% want) DAY 199: (33.02% chance, 74.60% want) DAY 158: (73.98% chance, 81.21% want); DAY 80: (71.38% chance, 84.80% want); DAY 44: (69.95% chance, 84.13% want); DAY 3: (71.1% chance, 78.73% want)

11. CONFIRMED! Mii (Wii Series): DAY: 202: (55.70% chance, 22.66% want) DAY 169: (61.62% chance, 28.26% want); Day 17: (57.08% chance, 27.40% want)

12. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong): DAY 320: (42.17% chance, 52.87% want) DAY 281: (53.48% chance, 67.88% want) DAY 252 (40.85% chance, 57.55% want) DAY 200: (49.04% chance, 54.21% want) DAY 150: (63.68% chance, 68.25% want); DAY 65: (55.39% chance, 40.60% want); DAY 7: (57.38% chance, 50.17% want)


13. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Takamaru (Nazu no Murasamejou): DAY 285: (35. 28% chance, 51.70% want) DAY 254 (38.12% chance, 58.12% want) DAY 203: (46.06% chance, 57.21% want) Day 164: (49.67% chance, 57.51% want); Day 19: (59.54% chance, 52.82% want)

14. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Starfy (The Legendary Starfy): 30.92% chance, 40.03% want

15. DECONFIRMED! CHARACTER SWAPPING CUT! Toon Zelda and Tetra (The Legend of Zelda): Day 172: (30.81% chance, 45.28% want); (DAY 90: (38.69% chance, 49.60% want); DAY 30: (23.69% chance, 42.26% want)

16. "Chorus Men" (Rhythm Heaven): DAY 320: (30.76% chance, 40.60% chance) DAY 279: (44.16% chance, 49.01% want) DAY 251 (81.25% chance, 53.08% want), 28.67% chance, 39.24% want

17. Bandanna Waddle Dee (Kirby): DAY 308: (27.58% chance, 59.11% want) DAY 257: (17.39% chance, 53.98% want) DAY 198: (24.72% chance, 47.61 want) DAY 121: (38.06% chance, 64.26% want); DAY 99: (25.21% chance, 55.20% want); DAY 22: (17.70% chance, 38.00% want)

18. Paper Mario (Paper Mario): Day 288: (26.20% chance, 55.73% want) (Day 180: (9.58% chance, 39.02% want); DAY 101: (29.85% chance, 50.97% want); DAY 14: (28.33% chance, 44.25% want)

19. Krystal (Star Fox): DAY 308: (25.81% chance, 47.79% want) DAY 128 (16.33% chance, 27.05% want); DAY 11: (32.86% chance, 49.54% want)

20. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Ghirahim (Legend of Zelda): DAY 297: (25.14% chance, 51.89% want) DAY 258: (18.13% chance, 56.58% want) DAY 206: (25.04% chance, 53.91% want) DAY: (9.86% chance, 33.76% want)

21. Impa (Legend of Zelda): DAY 319: (24.23% chance, 44.93% want) DAY 258: (16.82% chance, 49.48% want) DAY 207: (4.30% chance, 26.05% want) DAY (18.81% chance, 28.61% want)

22. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment): Day 142: (18.53% chance, 42.46% want); Day 41: (39.34% chance, 54.15% want)


23. Isaac (Golden Sun): DAY 320: (18.35% chance, 69.29% want) DAY 283: (36.29% chance, 70.07% want) DAY 254 (30.40% chance, 72.56% want) DAY 235: (38.22% chance, 68.42% want) DAY 205: (43.07% chance, 70.21% want) DAY 131: (33.87% chance, 68.46% want); DAY 4: (52.48% chance, 71.6% want)

24. DECONFIRMED! CHARACTER SWAPPING CUT! "New" Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon): 18.33% chance, 35.95% want

25. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Dillon (Rolling Western): Day 184: (17.70% chance, 50.37% want); Old: (30.62% chance, 54.23% want)

26. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY!Tingle (Legend of Zelda): DAY 206: (17.23% chance, 24.39% want) DAY 117: (13.31% chance, 23.31% want); DAY 27: (15.59% chance, 25.85% want)

27. CONFIRMED! Robin (Fire Emblem): DAY 256: (16.98% chance, 66.12% want) DAY 204: (25.83% chance, 59.64% want) DAY 129: (32.61% chance, 56.00% want); DAY XX: (15.10% chance, 38.90% want)

28. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Samurai Goroh (F-Zero): 16.92% chance, 38.44% want

29. Marshal (Rhythm Heaven): 16.78% chance, 33.07% want

30. CONFIRMED! Lucina (Fire Emblem): DAY 256: (16.72% chance, 56.59% want) DAY 209: (12.78% chance, 38.64% want) DAY 104: (15.39% chance, 45.73% want); DAY 15: (22.56% chance, 43.4% want)

31. Tetra [solo] (Legend of Zelda): DAY 207: (16.72% chance, 43.63% want) DAY (16.33% chance, 51.03% want)

32. CONFIRMED! Rosalina (Mario Bros.): 15.77% chance, 42.90% want

33. Ray (Custom Robo): DAY 205: (15.61% chance, 48.46% want) DAY 96: (12.95% chance, 45.05% want)

34. Sceptile (Pokémon) DAY 250: (15.29% chance, 52.43% want) (DAY 218: (19.49% chance, 59.11% want) DAY 216: (8.84% chance, 45.59% want)

35. Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo): DAY 286: (15.18% chance, 44.61% want) (DAY 217: (25.29% chance, 57.29% want) DAY: (19.71% chance, 44.47% want)

36. Professor Layton (Professor Layton)
: DAY 222: (14.08% chance, 60.93% want) DAY: (12.17% chance, 44.89% want)

37. Andy (Wars) DAY 296: (13.87% chance, 57.54% want) DAY 198: (19.01% chance, 52.64% want) DAY 82: (9.60% chance, 37.38% want)

38. DECONFIRMED! FINAL SMASH! Tom Nook (Animal Crossing): 13.73% chance, 38.46% want

39. WAAAAAH! ASSIST TROPHY! Waluigi (Wario) DAY 100: (12.75% chance, 44.13% want); DAY 32: (24.72% chance
, 35.02% want)

40. Porky (Mother): 12.71% chance. 48.66% want

41 (t). Vaati (Legend of Zelda): DAY 220: (12.64% chance, 57.48% want) DAY: (9.15% chance, 34.30% want)
41 (t). DECONFIRMED! LIP STICK IS AN ITEM AND KIRBY STILL HAS THE GARBAGE BLOCK!Lip (Panel de Pon): DAY 203: (12.64% chance, 57.09% want) DAY 189; (22.62% chance 56.45 want) DAY 53: (13.69% chance, 34.81% want)
43. Sami (Wars): 11.99% chance, 58.40% want
44. Black Shadow (F-Zero): DAY 285: (11.89% chance, 41.70% want) DAY 208: (11.87% chance, 42.33% want) DAY: 13.09% chance, 43.00% want
45. Captain Rainbow (Captain Rainbow): DAY 188: (11.24% Chance, 48.65% want.) DAY:95 (4.45% chance, 40.74% want)
46. Muddy Mole (Mole Mania): 11.08% chance, 42.54% want
47 Anna (Fire Emblem): DAY 226: (10.94% chance, 59.76% want) DAY: (12.07% chance, 44.77% want)
48. Blaziken (Pokemon): DAY 218: (10.82% chance, 36.90%) DAY: (9.27% chance, 42.93% want)
49. Mallo (Pushmo): 10.62% chance, 37.28% want
50. Mach Rider (Mach Rider): DAY 319 (10.74% chance, 43.24% want) DAY: (13.92% chance, 36.64% want) DAY: (17.62% chance, 44.75% want)

51. Hades (Kid Icarus): Day 180: (10.30% chance, 54.34% want); Day 114; (9.63% chance, 52.19% want)
52. Toon Zelda [solo] (legend of Zelda): 10.15% chance, 18.41% want
53. Excitebiker (Excitebike): DAY 308: (10.05% chance, 34.97% want) DAY: (7.15% chance, 33.96% want)
54. DECONFIRMED! SAKURAI QUOTE! Daitoryo (Hanafuda): 9.99% chance, 36.80% want
55. Karate Joe (Rhythm Heaven): DAY 302: (9.87% chance, 35.43% want), 12.97% chance, 24.71% want
56. Medusa (Kid Icarus): DAY 259: (9.50% chance, 38.32% want) DAY 236: (10.24% chance, 54.88% want) DAY: (11.85% chance, 28.26% want)
57. Masked Man/Claus (Mother): 9.43% chance, 42.00% want
58. DECONFIRMED! LUCINA SEPARATE. CHROM NPCChrom and Lucina Team (Fire Emblem): DAY 209: (9.41% chance, 28.83% want) DAY: (9.43% chance, 31.56% want)

59. Simon Belmont (Castlevania): 9.18% chance
, 44.43% want
60. DECONFIRMED! TROPHY AND STAGE ELEMENT!Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong): DAY 200: (8.97% chance, 33.42% want) DAY 121: (12.31% chance, 37.20% want)

61. DECONFIRMED! POKE BALL SUMMON!Genesect (Pokemon): 8.56% chance, 27.75% want
62. Mona (WarioWare): 8.50% chance, 46.86% want
63. DECONFIRMED! SHOWN IN TRAILER! Zoroark (Pokemon): DAY 137: (8.38% chance, 38.72% want) DAY 37: (20.23% chance, 39.42% want)
64. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Lyn (Fire Emblem): Day 151: (8.28% chance, 37.86% want); Day 12.74% chance, 36.26% want
65. Micaiah (Fire Emblem): DAY 225: (8.20% chance, 44.65% want) DAY: (3.62% chance, 18.98% want)
66. DECONFIRMED! TROPHY! Wonder Red (Wonderful 101): 8.05% chance, 37.10% want
67. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Dark Samus (Metroid): 7.94% chance, 26.32% want
68. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Skull Kid (Legend of Zelda): 7.52% chance, 41.47% want
69. Matthew (Golden Sun): 7.50% chance, 33.36% want
70. DECONFIRMED! POKEBALL! Meowth (Pokemon): Day 168: (7.33% chance, 43.81% want); Day 62: (11.02% chance, 43.38% want)


71. Prince Fluff (Kiby): 7.21% chance, 28.06% want
72. Slippy Toad (Star Fox): 6.75% chance, 25.35% want
73. Barbara (Daigasso! Band Brothers)): 6.44% chance, 17.58% want
74. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Midna (Legend of Zelda) 6.32% chance, 41.95% want
75. DECONFIRMED! TROPHY! Tiki (Fire Emblem): 6.20% chance, 43.33% want
76. Sheriff (Sheriff): DAY 221: (6.03% chance, 30.12% want) DAY: (7.50% chance, 16.82% want)
77. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Ashley (WarioWare): 5.85% chance, 27.43% want
78. Galacta Knight (Kirby): 5.78% chance, 23.60% want
79. Ganon (The Legend of Zelda): 5.76% chance, 38.29% want
80. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Prince of Sable (For the Frog the Bell Tolls): 5.74% chance, 30.57% want

81. Louie (Pikmin): 5.74% chance, 23.55% want
82. X Protagonist (Xenoblade): 5.53% chance, 12.30%
83. Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight): 5.44% chance, 37.89% want
84. Jimmy T. (WarioWare): 5.34% chance, 38.31% want
85. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHYDr. Kawashima (Brain Age): 5.15% chance, 22.12% want

86. DECONFIRMED! TROPHY! Rayman (Rayman): 5.13 % chance, 42.31% want
87. Bomberman (Bomberman): DAY 133: (4.94% chance, 59.83% want); DAY 56: (7.70% chance, 53.95% want)
88. Rhythm Wrestler (Rhythm Heaven): 4.82% chance, 48.50% want
89. Alph (Pikmin): 4.76% chance, 21.36% want
90. Diskun (Famicom Disk Drive): 4.72% chance, 20.12% want


91. DECONFIRMED! SIN AND PUNISHMENT LACKS AN ICON!Isa (Sin and Punishment): 4.68% chance, 19.79% want
92. Savvy Stylist (Style Savvy): 4.67% chance, 23.43% want
93. Slime (Dragon Quest): DAY 226: (4.66% chance, 35.67% want) DAY 124: (4.80% chance, 32.65% want); DAY 58: (6.06% chance, 24.43% want)

94. Captain Toad (Mario Bros.): DAY 257: (4.62% chance, 51.11% want) DAY: (2.62% chance, 31.79% want)
95. Plusle and Minun: 4.41% chance, 17.90% want
96. Fawful (Mario and Luigi): DAY 228: (4.40% chance, 38.54% want) DAY: (3.06% chance, 34.52% want)
97. Donbe and Hikari (Shin Onigashima) 4.35% chance, 36.79% want
98. Rhythm Monkey (Rhythm Heaven): 4.34% chance, 17.65% want
99. Captain Syrup (Wario Land): 4.18% chance, 27.26% want
100. Lloyd Irving (Tales of...): 4.00% chance, 28.34% want

101. Magolor (Kirby): 3.99% chance, 31.16% want
102. Plasm Wraith (Pikmin): 3.70% chance, 13.43% want
103. Sylveon (Pokemon) 3.51% chance, 16.20% want
104. DECONFIRMED! POKEBALL! Victini (Pokemon): 3.46% chance, 24.39% want
105. Aeron (Pandora's Tower): 3.44% chance, 23.90% want
106. Anthony Higgs (Metroid): 3.43% chance, 13.64% want
107. Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy): 3.43% chance, 12.39% want
108. Grovyle (Pokemon): 3.41% chance, 33.91% want
109. Jill Dozer (Drill Dozer) : 3.36% chance, 38.06% want
110. DECONFIRMED! SHULK'S FINAL SMASH AND AN AT! Riki (Xenoblade): 3.25% chance, 30.27% want

111. DECONFIRMED! STAGE ELEMENT! Kamek (Yoshi's Island)
: DAY 198: (3.19% chance, 33.63% want) DAY 57: (11.34% chance, 36.06% want)
112. Inkling (Splatoon): 3.13% chance, 39.25% want
113. DECONFIRMED! PEACH'S NEUTRAL SPECIAL!Toad (Mario Bros.): Day 140: (3.05% chance, 50.29% want); DAY 78: (17.90% chance, 45.08% want); DAY 26:
(30.16% chance, 36.28% want)

114. Geno (Super Mario RPG): 2.93% chance, 31.65% want
115. Wild Gunman (Wild Gunman): 2.93% chance, 13.40% want
116. DECONFIRMED! ITEM!Sandbag (Super Smash Bros.): Day 178: (2.85% chance, 18.72% want); Old: (0.63% chance, 20.41% want)
117. Rundas (Metroid): 2.74% chance, 19.00% want
118. King Boo (Luigi's Mansion): 2.71% chance, 26.42% want
119. Bayonetta (Bayonetta): DAY 298: (2.70% chance, 30.20% want) DAY: (3.03% chance, 20.70% want)
120. Zael (The Last Story): 2.68% chance, 21.18% want
121. Mike Jones (StarTropics)
: 2.64% chance, 14.18% want
122. Black Mage (Final Fantasy): 2.61% chance, 37.78% want
123. DECONFIRMED! BRITTANY DECONFIRMED! Alph, Brittany, Charlie Trio (Pikmin): 2.58% chance, 1564% want
124. DECONFIRMED! TROPHY! Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog): 2.54% chance, 31.67% want
125. Professor E. Gadd (Luigi's Mansion): 2.46% chance, 31.63% want
126. Daisy (Mario Bros.): 2.41% chance. 13.14% want
127. Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing): 2.38% chance, 16.36% want
128. Ninten (Mother): 2.31% chance, 7.61% want
129. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY!Magnus (Kid Icarus): 2.23% chance, 15.79% want
130. Agitha (Legend of Zelda): 1.98% chance, 21.74% want

131. Ayumi Tachibana (Famicom Detective Club Series): 1.95% chance, 18.04% want
132. Dark Matter (Kirby): 1.86% chance 17.67% want
133. [Amazon] Pandora (Kid Icarus): 1.86% chance, 9.29% want
134. Owain (Fire Emblem): DAY 265: (1.83% chance, 17.40% want) DAY: (0.72% chance, 14.51% want)
135. Lana (Hyrule Warriors): 1.82% chance, 21.21% want
136. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY!Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic): 1.77% chance, 5.48% want
137. Ephraim (Fire Emblem): 1.73% chance, 24.05% want
138. Pauline (Donkey Kong): 1.72% chance, 11.43% want
139. Klonoa (Klonoa): 1.66% chance, 29.66% want
140. Harry (Teleroboxer): 1.65% chance, 22.52% want


141. Dr. Eggman/Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog): 1.63% chance, 28.42% want
142. Birdo (Mario Bros.) 1.61% chance, 10.4% want
143. Leon Powalski (Star Fox): 1.51% chance, 21.79% want
144. DECONFIRMED! REGGIE MII SHOWCASED!Reggie (Nintendo of America): 1.44% chance, 17.44% want
145. Alexandra Roivas (Eternal Darkness): 1.32% chance, 26.29% want
146. Zero (Mega Man): 1.29% chance, 26.33% want
147. Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden): 1.27% chance, 20.64% want
148. Akari Hayami (1080 Snowboarding/Wave Race): 1.26% chance, 19.80% want
149. Tharja (Fire Emblem): 1.26% chance, 16.17% want
150. DECONFIRMED! POKEBALL! Eevee (Pokemon): 1.23% chance, 18.25% want

151. Groose (Legend of Zelda): 1.16% chance, 43.58% want
152. DECONFIRMED! BOSS!Master Hand (Super Smash Bros.): 1.15% chance, 28.59% want
153. Eirika (Fire Emblem): 1.11% chance, 23.98% chance
154. Crono (Chrono Trigger): 1.09 chance, 35.86% want
155. Shantae (Shantae): 1.01% chance, 33.92% want
156. Stork (Yoshi's Island): 0.97% chance, 9.75% want
157. Goku (YuYuKi): 0.96% chance, 31.82% want
158. Quote (Cave Story): 0.96% chance, 22.17% want

159. Goemon (Ganbare Goemon): 0.93% chance, 11.80% want
160. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes): 0.92% chance, 24.72% want
161. Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog): 0.90% chance, 27.34% want

162. DECONFIRMED! ASSIST TROPHY! Isabelle (Animal Crossing): 0.86% chance, 13.32% want
163. Hero/Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy): DAY 301: (0.83% chance, 10.32% want) 0.22% chance, 6.82% want
164. Peppy Hare (Star Fox): 0.80% chance, 18.89% want
165. Tiny Kong (Donkey Kong): 0.80% chance, 14.39% want
166. Balloon Fighter (Balloon Fight): 0.79% chance, 27.88% want
167. Adam Malkovich (Metroid): 0.79% chance, 0.43% want
168. Lanky Kong (Donkey Kong) 0.71% chance, 14.14% want
169. Mask Link (Legend of Zelda): 0.70% chance, 24.91% want
170. Jack Frost (Shin Megami): 0.68% chance, 25.91% want
171. DECONFIRMED! ENEMY! Bulborb (Pikmin): 0.68% chance, 7.94% want


172 Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) .67% chance, 7.75% want.
173. Primid (Super Smash Bros.): 0.63% chance, 9.05% want
174. Happy Mask Salesman (Legend of Zelda): 0.62% chance, 24.63% want
175. Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney): 0.58% chance, 41.98% want
176. John Raimi (Geist): 0.43% chance, 14.18% want
177. Spyro (Spyro): 0.43% chance, 28.05% want
178. Reyn (Xenoblade): 0.41% chance, 8.00% want
179. Sora (Kingdom Hearts): 0.38% chance, 21.49% want
180. Bandit (Mario Bros.): 0.37% chance, 9.78% want
181. Cia (Hyrule Warriors): 0.36% chance, 10.12% want
182. Chef Kawasaki (Kirby): 0.36% chance, 9.03% want
183. Pyrrhon (Kid Icarus) 0.36% chance, 22.75% want
184. Omastar (Pokemon): Day 185: (0.35% chance, 25.85% want); Old: (0.19% chance, 11.63% want)

185. Neku and Shiki (The World Ends With You): 0.34% chance, 21.84% want
186. Panther Caruso (Star Fox): 0.33% chance, 2.52% want
187. DECONFIRMED! STAGE ELEMENT / ASSIST TROPHY! Nintendog (Nintendogs): 0.30% chance, 11.13% want
(t) 188. Ryu (Street Fighter): 0.29% chance, 10.00% want
(t) 188. Nightmare (Soulcalibur): 0.29% chance, 8.58% want
190. Idolm@ster Character: 0.27% chance, 7.89% want
191. Count Bleck (Paper Mario): 0.26% chance, 11.90% want
192. Yarne (Fire Emblem): 0.25% chance,24.52% want
193. DECONFIRMED! STAGE ELEMENT! N (Pokemon): 0.24% chance, 5.92% want
194. Flynn (Shin Megami Tensei): 0.22% chance, 11.29% want
195. Amaterasu (Okami): 0.21% chance, 46.53% want

(T) 196. Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot): 0.13% chance, 17.60% want
(T) 196. Ooccoo (The Legend of Zelda): 0.13% chance, 6.88% want
(t) 198 Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie): 0.12% chance, 72.57% want
(t) 198. Chancellor Cole (Legend of Zelda): 0.12% chance, 7.59% want
200. Aran Ryan (Punch Out!): 0.08% chance, 14.35% want
201. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil): 0.04% chance, 4.37% want
(T) 202. Yarne and Owain Team (Fire Emblem): 0.03% chance, 16.38% want
(T) 202. Scrooge McDuck (Duck Tales): 0.03% chance, 12.96% want
(T) 202. Athena Cykes (Ace Attorney): 0.03% chance, 6.08% want
(T) 202. Magikarp (Pokemon): 0.03%, 18.51% want

206. Zip (FlingSmash): 0.01% chance, 8.78% want
(t) 207. Commander Shepard (Mass Effect): 0.00% chance, 6.42% want
(t) 207. Lupus (Jet Force Gemini): 0.00% chance, 6.20% want
***CONFIRMED! Greninja (Pokemon): !DIDN'T EVEN RATE!

Last time updated:
September 2nd, 2014 (Day 320: Isaac. Chorus Men. Dixie Kong)
Last edited:
Jan 7, 2013
Here is the official popularity chart. This is all characters, stages, and concepts listed by their "want" rating.

Possible newcomers

1. Palutena (confirmed) - 77.93%
2. Bowser Jr - 77.32%
3. Little Mac (confirmed) - 77.00%
4. Ridley - 76.03%
5. King K. Rool - 74.11%
6. Shulk (confirmed) - 74.01%
7. Banjo Kazooie - 72.57%
8. Duck Hunt Dog - 70.01%
9. Isaac - 69.29%
10. Robin (confirmed) - 66.12%

11. Professor Layton - 60.93%
12. Pac-Man (confirmed) - 60.25%
13. Bomberman - 59.83%
14. Anna - 59.76%
15. Bandanna Dee - 59.11%
16. Sami - 58.40%
17. Andy 57.54%
18. Vaati 57.48%
19. Lip (deconfirmed) - 57.09%
20. Lucina (confirmed) - 56.59%

21. Paper Mario - 55.73%
22. Hades - 54.34%
23. Dixie - 52.87%
24. Sceptile - 52.43%
25. Ghirahim (deconfirmed) - 51.89%
26. Takamaru (deconfirmed) - 51.70%
27. Captain Toad 51.11%
28. Chrom (deconfirmed) - 50.83%
29. Dillon (deconfirmed) - 50.37%
30. Toad (deconfirmed) - 50.29%

31. Porky - 48.66%
32. Captain Rainbow - 48.65%
33. Rhythm Wrestler - 48.50%
34. Ray - 48.46%
35. Krystal - 47.79%
36. Mona - 46.86%
37. Amaterasu - 46.53%
38. Toon Zelda and Tetra (deconfirmed as a pair) - 45.28%
39. Impa - 44.93%
40. Micaiah - 44.65%

41. Chibi Robo - 44.61%
42. Simon Belmont - 44.43%
43. Waluigi (deconfirmed) - 44.13%
44. Meowth (deconfirmed) - 43.81%
45. Solo Tetra - 43.63%
46. Groose - 43.58%
47. Mach Rider - 43.42%
48. Tiki (deconfirmed) - 43.33%
49. Rosalina (confirmed) - 42-90%
50. Muddy Mole - 42.54%

51. Saki (deconfirmed) - 42.46%
52. Rayman (deconfirmed) - 42.32%
53. Masked Man - 42.00%
54. Phoenix Wright - 41.98%
55. Midna (deconfirmed) - 41.95%
56. Black Shadow - 41.70%
57. Skull Kid (deconfirmed) - 41.47%
58. Chorus Men - 40.60%
59. Starfy (deconfirmed) - 40.03%
60. Inkling - 39.25%

61. Zoroark (deconfirmed) - 38.72%
62. Fawful - 38.54%
63. Tom Nook (deconfirmed) - 38.46%
64. Samurai Goroh (deconfirmed) - 38.44%
65. Medusa - 38.32%
66. Jimmy T. - 38.31%
67. Ganon - 38.29%
68. Jill - 38.06%
69. New Pokemon Trainer (deconfirmed) - 37.95%
70. (tie) Lynn (deconfirmed) - 37.86%
70. (tie) Sukapon - 37.86%

72. Black Mage - 37.78%
73. Mallo - 37.28%
74. Wonder Red (deconfirmed) - 37.10%
75. Blaziken - 36.90%
76. Daitoryo (deconfirmed) - 36.80%
77. Donbe and Hikari - 36.79%
78. Chrono - 35.86%
79. Slime - 35.67%
80. Karate Joe - 35.43%

81. Dark Pit - 35.32%
82. Excitebike rider - 34.97%
83. Brash the Bear - 34.82%
84. Vaati - 34.30%
85. Shantae - 33.92%
86. Grovyle - 33.91%
87. Kamek (deconfirmed) - 33.63%
88. Cranky (deconfirmed) - 33.42%
89. Matthew - 33.36%
90. Marshal - 33.07%

91. Yuyuki Goku - 31.82%
92. Tails - 31.67%
93. Geno - 31.65%
94. Professor E. Gadd - 31.63%
95. Magolor - 31.16%
96. Prince of Sable (deconfirmed) - 30.57%
97. Riki (deconfirmed) - 30.27%
98. Bayonetta - 30.20%
99. Sheriff - 30.12%
100. Klonoa - 29.66%

101. Chrom and Lucina team (deconfirmed) - 28.83%
102. Master Hand (deconfirmed) - 28.59%
103. Dr. Eggman - 28.42%
104. Lloyd Irving - 28.34%
105. Prince Fluff - 28.06%
106. Spyro - 28.05%
107. Balloon fighter (deconfirmed) - 27.88%
108. Genesect (deconfirmed) - 27.75%
109. Ashley (deconfirmed) - 27.43%
110. Knuckles - 27.34%

111. Captain Syrup - 27.26%
112. King Boo - 26.42%
113. Zero - 26.33%
114. Dark Samus (deconfirmed) - 26.32%
115. Alexandra Roivas - 26.29%
116. Jack Frost - 25.91%
117. Omastar - 25.85%
118. Slippy Toad - 25.35%
119. Masked Link - 24.91%
120. Travis Touchdown - 24.72%

121. Happy Mask Salesman - 24.63%
122. Yarne - 24.52%
123. (tie) Victini (deconfirmed) - 24.39%
123. (tie) Tingle (deconfirmed) - 24.39%
125. Arino - 24.14%
126. Ephraim - 24.05%
127. Eirika - 23.98%
128. Aeron - 23.90%
129. Galactica Knight - 23.60%
130. Louie - 23.55%

131. Savvy Stylist - 23.43%
132. Pyrrhon 22.75%
133. Mii - (confirmed) 22.66%
134. Harry - 22.52%
135. Quote - 22.17%
136. Dr. Kawashima (deconfirmed) - 22.12%
137. Niku and Shiki - 21.84%
138. Leon - 21.79%
139. Agitha - 21.74%
140. Sora - 21.49%

141. Alph - 21.36%
142. Lana - 21.21%
143. Zael - 21.18%
144. Ryu Hayabasa - 20.64%
145. Diskun - 20.12%
146. Akari Hayami - 19.80%
147. Isa (deconfirmed) - 19.79%
148. Rundas - 19.00%
149. Peppy - 18.89%
150. Sandbag (deconfirmed) - 18.72%

151. Magikarp - 18.51%
152. Solo Toon Zelda - 18.41%
153. Eevee (deconfirmed) - 18.25%
154. Ayumi Tachabani - 18.04%
155. Plusle and Minun - 17.90%
156. Dark Matter - 17.67%
157. Rhythm Monkey - 17.65%
! - 17.60%
158. Barbra the Bat - 17.58%
159. Reggie (confirmed as a Mii!!!!) - 17.44%
160. Owain - 17.40%

161. Yarne and Owain - 16.38%
162. Mr. Resetti - 16.36%
163. Sylveon - 16.20%
164. Tharja - 16.17%
165. Magnus (deconfirmed) - 15.79%
166. Alph, Brittany, and Charlie team (deconfirmed) - 15.64%
167. Mega Mewtwo Y - 15.45%
168. Tiny Kong - 14.39%
169. Aran Ryan - 14.35%
170. (tie) Mike Jones - 14.18%
170. (tie) John Raimi - 14.18%

172. Lanky Kong - 14.14%
173. Anthony - 13.64%
174. Plasm Wraith - 13.43%
175. Wild Gunman - 13.40%
176. Isabelle (deconfirmed) - 13.32%
177. Daisy - 13.14%
178. Scrooge Mcduck - 12.96%
179. Son Goku - 12.51%
180. Dr. Lobe - 12.39%

181. X - Protagonist - 12.30%
182. Count Bleck - 11.90%
183. Goemon - 11.80%
184. Pauline - 11.43%
185. Flynn - 11.29%
186. Nintendog (deconfirmed) - 11.13%
187. Kunio-Kun - 10.53%
188. Birdo - 10.40%
189. Hero of light - 10.32%
190. Cia - 10.12%

191. Ryu (Street Fighter) - 10.00%
192. Bandit - 9.78%
193. Stork - 9.75%
194. Amazon Pandora - 9.29%
195. Primid - 9.05%
196. Chef Kawasaki - 9.03%
197. Zip - 8.78
198. Nightmare - 8.58%
199. Reyn - 8.00%
200. Bulborb (deconfirmed) - 7.94%

201. Cloud - 7.75%
202. Ninten - 7.61%
203. Chancellor Cole - 7.59%
204. Ooccoo - 6.88%
205. Commander Shepard - 6.42%
206. Lupus - 6.20%
207. Athena Cykes - 6.08%
208. N - 5.92%
209. Shadow - 5.48%
210. Jill Valentine- 4.37%
211. Parebo and Satebo - 2.63%
212. Panther - 2.52%
213. Lucas the Wizard - 1.80%
214. Adam Malkovich - 0.43%


1. Gannondorf - 90.62%
2. Mr. Game & Watch - 90.51%
3. Mewtwo - 81.50%
4. Sonic (confirmed) - 80.75%
5. ROB - 80.06%
6. Sheik (confirmed) - 79.02%
7. Pokemon Trainer (deconfirmed) - 77.00%
8. Ike (confirmed) - 75.22%
9. Falco - 74.74%
10. Lucario (confirmed) - 72.36%

11. Wolf - 71.04%
12. Ice Climbers - 71.03%
13. Jigglypuff - 70.93
14. Lucas - 65.15%
15. Toon Link (confirmed) - 64.54%
16. Snake - 55.46%
17. Ivysaur - 55.36%
18. Squirtle - 51.57%
19. Dr. Mario - 39.33%
20. Pichu - 25.90%
21. Roy - 19.70%
22. Young Link 6.52%


1. Bowser's Castle - 83.33%
2. Fountain of Dreams - 78.08%
3. Donkey Kong Silhouette stage - 75.10%
4. Bowser Land - 69.41%
5. Theatre - 68.78%
6. Paper Mario (confirmed) - 68.77%
7. (Tie) Kirby's Epic Yarn - 68.48%
7. (Tie) Pirate Ship - 68.48%
9. Rhythm Heaven - 68.31%
10. Gangplank Galleon - 65.30%

11. Super Mario 3D world - 64.77%
12. Tetris - 62.89%
13. Mario Kart 8 - 58.84%
14. Dr. Mario - 57. 13%
15. Lor Starcutter - 56.12%
16. Brain Age - 49.13%
17. Cookie Country - 48.96%
18. Nutty Noon - 48.59%
19. Gyromite - 46.48%
20. Halcandra - 43.50%
21. City Trial - 35.11%


1. Non ESRB leak newcomers - 96.90%
2. 50+ characters - 92.19%
3. Promoted AT (confirmed) - 90.47%
4. Hades representation - 90.45%
5. DLC - 90.41%
6. Groose Representation - 89.20%
7. Improved Stage Builder - 85.15%
8. Both Ridley and K. Rool are playable - 83.80%
9. <10% chance character becomes playable - 82.58%
10. Decloned Gannondorf - 82.24%

11. Unlockable Newcomers - 80.77%
12. Unlockable veterans - 80.44%
13. Bosses Trailer - 80.22%
14. Phoenix Wright Trophy - 78.34%
15. Kid Icarus Smash Taunts - 78.24%
16. Balance Patches - 78.05%
17. Spectator Mode (confirmed) - 76.15%
18. 4 Donkey Kong reps - 75.60%
19. Outset Island Link Alt - 75.37%
20. Dr. Mario alt - 75.13%

21. Brawl Pokemon + Mewtwo (deconfirmed) - 74.11%
22. Extensive Alternate Costumes - 73.51%
23. Tag Team mode - 72.69%
24. Dark/Galactica Metaknight alts - 72.29%
25. Hyrule Warriors Alts - 68.71%
26. New 3ds Sonic stage - 68.59%
27. Third party AT from a franchise without a PC - 67.83%
28. Tropical Freeze Representation - 66.91%
29. Spear User - 66.36%
30. Rhythm Heaven rep - 65.77%

31. Demoted veteran - 65.23%
32. Zelda Newcomer - 64.67%
33. Ms. Pacman alt - 64.33%
34. Non Ghostly Adventures Pacman (confirmed) - 63.60%
35. Unplayable Hanafuda rep - 62.17%
36. Dry Bowser alt - 59.49%
37. Gematsu leak is real (deconfirmed) - 59.47%
38. Masked Dededee Final Smash - 58.44%
39. DLC newcomers - 57.94%
40. No Cuts - 57.91%

41. Micaiah AT - 57.00%
42. Masked Dededee alt - 56.94%
43. Wario Land Wario - 54.84%
44. No Namco rep (deconfirmed) - 53.92%
45. Olimar Alts - 53.17%
46. Seven Pokemon - 53.16%
47. 4+ third parties - 52.72%
48. Only popular newcomers - (deconfirmed) 52.13%
49. Yoshi Overhaul (deconfirmed) - 50.87%
50. Metal Face Boss - 50.68%

51. Double Cherry item - 50.51%
52. NFC Trophies (confirmed) - 49.36%
53. Use your own Villager/Robin - 47.72%
54. Dragon Quest rep - 47.66%
55. Frederick Assist - 46.72%
56. Other M Ridley - 46.37%
57. Interactive Eternal Darkness rep 46.27%
58. Playable Boss Mode - 43.04%
59. RTC top 10 becomes AT (confirmed) - 41.62%
60. 6 Mario characters - 40. 78%

61. Two retro newcomers - 39.94%
62. Stage music not limited by franchise - 38.83%
63. Unlockable taunts - 37.72%
64. Fatal Frame rep - 35. 77%
65. Pokemon AT - 34.48%
66. Shulk AT - 30.74%
67. Split up Pokemon Trainer (confirmed) - 26.48%
68. More Mii classes - 26.34%
69. Mother 3 content without Lucas - 25.88%
70. Chrom Assist trophy 22.07%
71. Bowser Jr. + Shadow Mario (deconfirmed) - 17.89%
72. Only Gematsu newcomers (deconfirmed) - 16.10%
73. Idolm@ster character - 7.89%
74. Mr. Dream Boss - 3.46%
75. Competively Overpowered Character - 0.58%
76. SSB4 gets cancelled - 0.10%

1. You will know our names - 79.08%
2. C-R-O-W-N-E-D 77.09%
3. In the Final - 75.18%
4. Destiny - 68.82%
5. Moonstruck Blossom - 58.43%
6. In the Space Pirate Ship - 51.03%
7. Calling to the night - 48.08%
8. Moo Moo Meadows - 37.14%

If anyone sees any mistakes on here please let me know.
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Jun 16, 2013
[collapse=Music for all to enjoy]
IF ANY OF THESE LINKS ARE DEAD/INCORRECT, PLEASE CONTACT ME, TOXICROAKER. Thank you. Feel free to contribute anything you wish by tagging me in a post with your suggestions.
Prologue: Super Smash Bros. Melee - How to Play
Intro: Super Smash Bros. 4 - Main Theme
Nomination: Super Smash Bros. - Bonus Game
Ratings: Super Smash Bros. Melee - Menu 1
Debate: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Tabuu
Day Over: Super Smash Bros. - Ending
New Day Begins: Super Smash Bros. Melee - Opening


Mega Man (Day 1): Dr. Wily's Castle (MM2), Sigma's Fortress, Sting Chamelion, Title heme (MM8), Metal Man, Guts Man, X vs. Zero, Yellow Devil (MM1), Shadow Devil (MMX5), Ice Man, Dr. Light, Electrical Communication, MM2 Dr. Wily Stages 1-2 (MEGALOMANIA), MM3 Title Screen (MEGALOMANIA), Mega Man and Bass Intro Stage (Remix), King's Fortress Stages 1-4, Hornet Man, Galaxy Man, Sheep Man, and Magnet Man

Villager (Day 1): Animal Crossing Title Theme (Brawl), Go K.K. Rider (Brawl), and Town Hall (Day)

Wii Fit Trainer (Day 1): Yoga, Penguin, and Training

Palutena (Day 2): Kid Icarus Uprising - The Return of Palutena, Boss Battle 2, Uprising Main Theme,Kid Icarus Uprising - Palutena's Temple, and Uprising - Boss Theme 2

Ridley (Day 3):Super Metroid - Vs. Ridley, Lower Norfair (Super Metroid), Brinstar (Melee), Vs. Ridley (Other M), and Meta-Ridley (Brawl)

Isaac (Day 4):Venus Lighthouse, Rebirth of Venus (OC Remix), Prologue, Colosso Battle, Overworld, Vale, Jenna's Theme, Forest Requiem, The Lost Age Intro, Imil, Gaia Rock, Golden Sun Main Theme, Isaac Battle Theme, and Saturos Battle Theme

King K. Rool (Day 5): Gangplank Galleon, K. Rool Battle (Brawl), K. Rool Duel (64), and K. Rool Returns

Shulk (Day 6): You Will Know Our Names, Engage the Enemy, Gaur Plains, God Slaying Sword, Satorl Marsh (Night), Mechonis Field, Time to Fight, and Beyond the Sky

Dixie Kong (Day 7): Mining Melancholy, Krook's March, and Bramble Blast

Pac-Man (Day 8):Pac-Man Championship Edition DX - BGM #1, Buccaneer Beach, and Space Race

Toon Link (Day 9): Windfall Island, Dragon Roost Island , Demo, Great Sea, Picori Festival, Outset Island, Link and Zelda's Duet, and Wind Waker Symphonic Movement

Mewtwo (Day 10): Kanto Champion Theme (Origins), Battle With Mewtwo (Stadium), Cave (X and Y), Wild Pokemon Battle, Invitation to Danger, Lavender Town, Kanto Legendary (X and Y) and Mewtwo's Island

Krystal (Day 11): Fox and Krystal (Adventures), Krystal's Theme (Command), and Sauria (Assault)

Little Mac (Day 12): Punch-Out!! (Wii) - Main Theme, Soda Popinski, Mr. Sandman, and Major Circuit (Title Defense)

Bowser Jr. (Day 13): Adventure's End (Dream Team), Attack of the Airships (SMG), Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla, Shadow Mario, Bowser Jr. (Galaxy), Mecha Bowser, Bowser Jr. Battle (Paper Mario: Sticker Star), Bowser Jr. Battle 2 (Party 9), and Bowser Jr.'s Mad (Party 9)

Paper Mario (Day 14): Event Battle, Ruins of the Thousand Year Door, Boggly Woods, Glitz Pit, Creepy Steeple, Keehaul Key, Paper Mario- Mario's Theme, Rawk Hawk, Final Boss, Dark Bowser, Crystal King,TTYD Main Them, Gloam Valley, Super Dimentio, Monty Mole Attack, Kersti's Power, Petal Meadows, X-Naut's Fortress, Shadow Queen Battle (part 2), Smorgs, Macho Grubba Battle, Lineland Road, Floro Caverns, Underwater, Overthere Stair, Castle Bleck, Outer Space, Rogueport, Rogueport Sewers, Battle Theme (TTYD), Battle Theme (Sticker Star), and Blue Skies, White Clouds

Lucina (Day 15): Id-Sorrow, You May Call Me Marth, Storm Clouds (Ablaze), Duty (Ablaze), Id (Hope), and Gods, Have the Risen Spread this Far?

Roy (Day 16): Roy's Theme, Recruitment Medley, Fire Emblem (Melee), Winning Road, Shaman in the Dark, Melancholy, and Ships and Homes

Mii (Day 17): Main Theme (Sports Resort), Mii Channel, Find Mii, and Wii Sports

Owain (Day 18): Prelude-Ablaze, Main Theme (Spa), Main Theme (Festival), Mastermind, Chaos (Ablaze), and Annihilation (Galvanized)

Takamaru (Day 19): Takamaru Combat (Nintendoland), Douchuumen (Brawl), and Takamaru Boss Battle (Nintendoland)

Lucario (Day 20): Fight Back, Lucario's Theme, Goodbye Lucario, and D/P Gym Leader Battle

Ice Climbers (Day 21): Icicle Mountain (Melee), Ice Climber (Brawl), Bonus Stage (NES), and Stage Theme (NES)

Waddle Dee (Day 22): Super Ability (Return to Dreamland), Waddle Dee Tank, Butter Building, Fountain of Dreams (Melee), Boss (Return to Dreamland), Another Dimension, Waddle Dee (Kirby 64), Squeak Squad (Brawl), and Dream Land (Smash 64)

Jigglypuff (Day 23): Song of Jigglypuff, Route 209 (Brawl), Jigglypuff Live, and Lavender Town Theme

Lyn (Day 24): Girl of the Plains, Raising Spirits, Precious Things, Friendship and Adventure, Distant Travels, Attack (Brawl), Lyn's Desire, and Inescapable Fate

Chrom (Day 25): Fire Emblem Theme (Awakening), Divine Decree (Ablaze), Don't Speak Her Name, and What if I'm Not Worthy?

Toad (Day 26): Double Cherry Pass, Toad's Turnpike, Banquet with Hisstocrat, Inside Peach's Castle, and Toad's Theme

Tingle (Day 27): Tingle's Theme, Southern Swamp, and Malo Mart

Sandbag (Day 28): Break the Targets, Multi-Man Melee 2, and Tabuu

Ike (Day 29): Fire Emblem Theme (Radiant Dawn Version), Ike's Resolution, Greil Mercenaries, The Devoted, The Goddess' Rebuke, and Ike's Theme (Brawl)

Tetra/Toon Zelda (Day 30): Pirate Theme, Zelda's Lullaby, Molgera Battle, and Great Sea

Dillon (Day 31): Rolling Western Theme, Final Boss Theme, and A Difficult Choice

WALUGI (Day 32): Waluigi's Theme, Waluigi Island, Waluigi Pinball, and Carol of the WAA

Pokemon Trainers (Day 33): Red (Skotein), Trainer Battle Themes, Littleroot Town Reorchestrated, Canalave City, Route 26 (Anime Version), Red and Blue (Skotein), and Red's Journey (Skotein)

Geno (Day 34): Forest Maze, Geno Awakens, Boss Fight, and Booster Tower

R.O.B. (Day 35): Gyromite(Brawl), Gyromite Game A, and Famicom Melody(Brawl)

Ganondorf (Day 36): Dark Lord Ganondorf (TP), Great King of Evil (OoT), Ganon (OoT), Ganondorf (WW), and Hyrule Castle (TP)

Zoroark (Day 37): Final N Battle, Master of Illusions, and Lugia's Song

Simon Belmont (Day 38): Special Medley, Simon Belmont's Theme, Bloody Tears (Simon's Quest), Bloody Tears (Hard Rock Mix), Silence of Daylight (Ocremix version), Wicked Child (Orchestral), Praying Hands, and Vampire Killer (X Chronicles)

Masked Man (Day 39): Mecha-Drago Battle, Battle Against the Masked Man, Menu (Mother 3), 16 Melodies, Natural Killer Cyborg, and It is Finished

Vaati (Day 40): Vaati Reborn, Vaati Battle, Vaati's Fury, Vaati's Theme, Dark Hyrule Castle, Zelda: Main Theme (Brawl), and Boss Battle (Minish Cap)

Saki (Day 41): Risk One's Neck, Blood Infactor, Saki, Music Raid Blue, Ally Risker's, and Wait Soon Ripe

Medusa (Day 42): Boss Battle 1, Reset Bomb Forest, Medusa's Final Battle, Underworld Castle, and Reaper's Line of Sight

Starfy (Day 43): Starfy's Theme, Let's Go, Boss Battle, Final Boss Battle, Sad, and Super Tough

Karate Joe (Day 44): Karateka, Remix 10, Wish Can't Wait for You, Karate Man (Fever), Karate Man (Struck by the Rain), Karate Man 2, Rhythm Fighter, and Karate Man (Japanese)

Samurai Goroh (Day 45): Samurai Goroh's Theme (GX), Red Canyon Theme (GX), Big Blue (Melee), Mute City (Melee), Fire Field (Brawl), White Land (Brawl), ZEN Aeropolis (GX), Devil's Forest (X), Planet Colors (GX), DIZZY Phantom Road (GX), Lightning Final Lap (GX), Megamix One, and Megamix Two

Lucas (Day 46): Mother 3 Love Theme (Brawl), Fate, Monkey's Delivery Service, Murasaki Forest, Theme of Duster, Ragtime Osohe, and Mom's Hometown

Robin (Day 47): Run All You Like-You Can't Escape Fate, Id~Purpose, Id~Darkness, Here We Are! The Shepard's Garrison, Id~Serenity, and Such Bonds are the Strength of this Army

Sonic the Hedgehog (Day 48): Green Hill Zone, Live and Learn, Open Your Heart, Escape From the City, Metal Harbor, Wonder World, Reach for the Stars, Chemical Plant Zone, Star Light Zone, Ice Cap Zone, Flying Battery Zone, Lava Reef Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Angel Island Zone (Brawl), Aquatic Park Zone, Sky Babylon Zone, Quartz Quadrant Zone, Rooftop Run, It Doesn't Matter, Seaside Hill, Endless Possibilities, Perfect Dark Gaia, Molten Mine, Aquatic Ruin Zone, Casino Park, Casino Night Zone, Labyrinth Zone, Crisis City, Live Life, Knight of the Wind, Doomsday Zone, Flying Battery Zone, Bonus Stage (Sonic 2), Wave Ocean- The Inlet, What I'm Made Of, His World (Crush 40), His World (Zebrahead), His World (Sonic '06), Mephiles,Solaris Phase 1, and Solaris Phase 2.

Genesect (Day 49): Wild Pokemon Battle (BW), Legendary Pokemon Battle (BW), Champion Alder, Champion Iris, Gym Battle (BW), and Elite Four Battle (BW)

Chibi-Robo (Day 50): Chibi Robo, Drake Redcrest's Theme, Dinah's Theme, Peekoe's Theme, Sunshine's Theme, and Labyrinth Plumbing

Porky (Day 51): Porky's Theme (Brawl), Master Porky's Theme (Mother 3), Isn't this such a Utopia?, Porky Means Business, Porky Means Business (Orchestral), Oh Buta Mask, Theme of the Pig King, Porky's Pokies, Piggy Guys, and Pokey's Theme (Earthbound)

Skull Kid (Day 52): Happy Mask Salesman, Time's End (Full Theophany Album), Skull Kid Battle, Title Theme (MM), Majora's Theme, Lost Woods (OoT), Sacred Grove (TP), Sacred Grove (ZREO), Oath to Order (ZREO), Stone Tower Temple, Song of Healing (Adrisaurus Vocals), Song of Healing (MM), and End Credits (MM)

Lip (Day 53): Sherbet's Theme, Ruby's Theme, Elias's Theme, Flare's Theme, Neris's Theme, Selene's Theme, Thanatos's Theme, Lip's Theme (Brawl), Thiana's Theme, and Windy's Theme

Professor Layton (Day 54): Layton's Theme, Unwound Future, Puzzle Medley, Don Paolo, Descole, Battle of Wits, Layton's Theme (Fighting Remix), and Pursuit~Casting Magic

Falco (Day 55): Space Armada (Brawl), Star Fox Theme (Brawl), Corneria (Melee), Venom (Melee), Credits (Star Fox 64), and Barrel Roll Remix

Bomberman (Day 56): Planet Quarry, Stage Theme (Bomberman), Title Screen (Bomberman 64), Redial (Bomberman Hero), Zip (Bomberman Hero), Green Garden (Bomberman 64), Rainbow Palace (Bomberman 64), Angel (Bomberman 64: The Second Attack), Normal Battle 1 (Bomberman Blast), Area 1, Title, Bomberman 64 Opening, 64 Intro, Masker (Bomberman 64), Stage Select (Bomberman 64), Blue Resort (Bomberman 64), and Super Bomberman - Boss Music

Kamek (Day 57): Yoshi's Island Zone (Sonic Lost World), Mini-Boss (Yoshi's Island), Boss Fight (Yoshi's Island), Giga Baby Bowser, Castle Fortress, Kamek's Theme (Sticker Star), and Kamek's Theme SNES (Yoshi's Island DS)

Slime (Day 58): Dragon Quest Overture, Blue Skies, Blue Slime, Rocket Slime Boss Battle, Rocket Slime Tank Battle, Rocket Slime Slival Battle, Dragon Quest 1 Overworld Theme, Dragon Quest 4 Battle Theme, Dragon Quest 5 Boss Theme, Dragon Quest 8 Final Boss Theme, and Level Up

Solid Snake (Day 59): [MG] Theme of Tara, [MGS] Encounter (Brawl), [MGS2] Main Theme, [MGS2] Yell "Dead Cell", [MGS4] Theme of Love (Brawl), [MGS4] Metal Gear Saga, and [MGS4] Father and Son

Mr. Game and Watch (Day 60): Flat Zone (Melee), Chef, Fire, Oil Panic and Flat Zone 2

Impa (Day 61): Impa's Fate, Fi's Theme, Koloktos Battle (SS), Ballad of the Goddess, and Ballad of the Goddess (Reversed)

Meowth (Day 62): Team Rocket Battle (HeartGold), Double Trouble (Vocal), Team Rocket Motto (Vocal), Team Rocket Motto (BGM), Pokemon Theme Song, Team Galactic Battle (Brawl), and 2.B.A Master

Duck Hunt Dog (Day 63): Hogan's Alley Gunslinger, Super Scope 6, and Duck Hunt (Remix)

Ghirahim (Day 64): Ghirahim's Theme, Final Ghirahim, Final Demise, Eldin Volcano, Stalfos, Sky, and Lanayru Desert

Rayman (Day 65): The Tricky Treasure (Rayman Origins), Bland Land, Blue Mountains, Mr. Skops, and Mr. Dark Battle

Ashley (Day 66): Ashley's Song (Brawl), Terrormisu, Sweatmore Peak, Pecan Sands, Crescent Moon Village, and Mystic Lake

Sylveon (Day 67): Trainer Battle Music (X and Y), Gym Leader Theme (X and Y), Wild Pokemon Theme (X and Y), Rival Battle (X and Y), Team Flare Battle, Lysandre, and Battle Xerneas/Yveltal

Anthony Higgs (Day 68): Anthony Higgs, Pyrosphere, and Nightmare

Mach Rider (Day 69): Mach Rider (Brawl), Course Theme, and Race Theme 02

Lloyd Irving (Day 70): Like a Glint of Light, Fighting of the Sprirts, Fatalize, Final Destination, Kratos Battle, Sheena, and Lloyd

Mike Jones (Day 71): Sailing, Cave, and Overworld

Primid (Day 72): Ode to Minions, Tabuu, Subspace Area, Danger Ahead, and SSBB Main Theme

Cloud (Day 73): FF7 overworld theme, J-E-N-O-V-A, Shinra theme, City of the Ancients, Overworld theme (Orchestrated), and Trail of Blood

Black Shadow (Day 74): Devils Call in Your Heart (Brawl), Meaning of the Truth, GX Main Theme, Black Shadow Theme (GX), Mute City (GX), Devil's Call in Your Heart (X), Climb Up and Get the Last Chance! (X), Port Town (X), Phantom Road (GX), Lightning (GX), and Vegas Palace (GX)

Chrom + Lucina Tag Team (Day 75): Fire Emblem Theme (Awakening), Divine Decree (Ablaze), Don't Speak Her Name, What if I'm Not Worthy?, Id-Sorrow, You May Call Me Marth, Storm Clouds (Ablaze), Duty (Ablaze), Id (Hope), and Gods, Have the Risen Spread this Far?

Anna (Day 76): Open for Business, Legendary Inheritance, Fight to Tomorrow, Confront the Past, and The Battle Must Be Won

Wolf: (Day 77): Star Wolf, Star Wolf (Assault), Can't Let You Do That, and Credits (Star Fox 64)

Tom Nook (Day 78): Population Growing, Nook's Cranny, Wild World, The Roost, City Folk, Post Office, New Leaf, and Go K.K. Rider!

Ephraim (Day 79): Sacred Stones, Distant Roads, A Powerful Foe, and Comrades

Wonder Red (Day 80): Wondeful 101 Theme, Jergingha, and Tables Turn

Sukapon (Day 81): Theme of the Tiger and Robot City (Grizby2 Remix), and Old Castle

Phoenix Wright (Day 83): OBJECTION!, Logic and Trick, Tell the Truth, Pursuit~Cornered, DL-6, Turnabout Sisters, It's Detective Gumshoe, Congratulations, Everybody!, Court Begins (JFA), Great Revival, With Pearly, Pursuit~Questioned, Court Begins (T&T), Fragrance of Dark Coffee, Tell the Truth (T&T), Pursuit~Caught (Rock), Distant Traces of Beauty (Blend Mix), Bitter Taste of Truth, Fragrance of Dark Coffee (Orchestrated), Here Comes Justice!, Guilty Love, Pursuit~Overtaken, Objection! (DD), Pursuit~Ambushed, Cross-Examination Medley, and The First Victory

Mask Link (Day 84): Clocktown, Clocktown (Theophany), Song of Healing, Stone Tower Temple, Elegy of Emptiness, and Song of Unhealing (Ben Drowned)

Chancellor Cole (Day 85): Spirit Train, Byrne (ZREO), Chancellor Cole Mini Boss, Cursed Overworld, Dark Link, Demon Train, Cole and Malladus, Malladus, All Lokomo Songs, and All Final Boss Themes

Tharja (Day 86): Leave me...Save yourselves...if you can, I've never seen one fall so gracefully, and Someone has to save you from your good intentions

Neku and Shiki (Day 87): Calling, Lullaby For You, and Deja Vu

Rhythm Monkey (Day 88): Tambourine, Monkey Watch, Tap Trial, and Fan Club

Fawful (Day 89): Battle (Superstar Saga), In the Final, Fawful is There, Fawful's Evil Plan, Cavil Cape, Cackletta's Theme, and Fawful and Cackletta

Sheik (Day 90): Sheik's Theme, Sheik's Theme (Adrisaurus Vocals), and Ocarina of Time Medley

Victini (Day 91): Legendary Battle (Black and White), Wild Pokemon Battle (Black and White), Castelia City, Alder's Theme, and Iris' Theme

Yarne (Day 92): We'd best prepare for combat, just to be safe, We should turn in for the night, and Training

Donbe and Hikari (Day 93): Famcom Melody (PiCOPiCT), and Shin Onigashima (Brawl)

Daisy (Day 94): Daisy Cruiser, Mario Land Overworld, Daisy's Striker's Theme, Muda Kingdom (Smooth McGroove Acapella), Athletic Theme (Six Golden Coins), Daisy Hills, and Daisy Circuit

Captain Rainbow (Day 95): Daytime Theme 1, Daytime Theme 2, and Main Theme

Ray (Day 96): Lost World, Samsara, and Frozen Game

Omastar (Day 97): Oak's Research Lab, Pewter City, and Gym Battle (Red, Blue, Yellow)

Doctor Kawashima (Day 98): Brain Age (Brawl), Brain Age Theme, Options, and Menu

Rosalina (Day 99): Gusty Garden Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy, Rosalina's Ice World, Rainbow road (All), Comet observatory, Starship Mario, Launch!, and Rosalina's Story

Captain Syrup (Day 100): Glittertown, Syrups's Fortress Remix and Syrup's Shake-It Shop

Pauline (Day 101): Donkey Kong Opening (Brawl), Theme of the Minis, and 75 Metres

Dark Samus (Day 102): Menu (Metroid Prime), Theme of Samus Aran, and Dark Samus Battle (Echoes)

Doctor Mario (Day 103): Dr. Mario (Melee), Chill, Fever, Cough, and Sneeze

Knuckles (Day 104): Unknown, Pumpkin Hill Zone, This Horizon, Wild Canyon, Aquatic Mine, Death Chamber, Meteor Herd, Pumpkin Hill (Classic), Sky Sanctuary, Angel Island, Blue Sphere, Sky Sanctuary (Modern), Sky Sanctuary (Classic)

Aeron (Day 105): Pandora's Tower Main Theme, Boss Music, and Entrance Hall

Excitebiker (Day 106): Excitebike 64 Title Theme, Vs. Excitebike Title Theme, Nomination, Player One Win, Track Edit, Mountain Quary, and Excite Truck (Brawl)

Klonoa (Day 107): The Windmill Song,Klonoa Heroes Sign of Hero, The Tower Of Balue, and Stepping Wind

Matthew (Day 108): Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Boss Theme, Chaos Chimera, Ascend to Destiny, and Apollo Sanctum

Ninten (Day 109): Eight Melodies (Mother), Eight Melodies (EarthBound), Sixteen Melodies (Mother 3), Pollyanna, Mother (Melee), Mother 2 (Melee), EarthBound (Melee), Eight Melodies (Brawl), Smiles and, Tears (Brawl), Eight Melodies (Lyrical Version), and Bein' Friends

Groose (Day 110): The Legend of Groose, Groose's Theme, Heroic Groose, Silly Groose, Romantic Groose, Grooseland and Dejected Groose

Tails (Day 111): Aquatic Ruin Zone, Aquatic Ruin Zone HD, Believe in Myself (SA1), Believe in Myself (SA2), Prison Lane, Casino Night Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Chemical Plant Zone HD, Bonus Stage (Sonic 2), Sky Chase Zone, Windy Hill Zone 1, Emerald Hill Zone, and Emerald Hill Zone HD

Travis Touchdown (Day 112): Main Theme (No More Heroes), Heavenly Star, Bike, Job Center, Gym, Pleather for Breakfast, Santa Destroy, Philistine, It's Kill or Be Killed, and Rank Up

Goemon (Day 113): Ryugu Castle, Goemon's Theme, and Yea's Theme

Hades (Day 114): Hades' Infernal Theme, Lightning Battle, Lord of the Underworld, and War's End

Nintendog (Day 117): Main Theme (Nintendogs), Shopping, and Champion Cup

Beast Ganon (Day 118): Dark World Mountain, Ganon Battle (ALttP), Ganon (OoT), Dark Beast Ganon (TP), and Dark World

Blaziken (Day 119): Ruby/Sapphire Wild Battle, Ruby/Sapphire Trainer Battle, and Ruby/Sapphire Gym Leader

Eevee (Day 120): Rival Battle (Red/Blue), Trainer Battle (Red/Blue), and Evolution (Red/Blue)

Cranky Kong (Day 121): Cranky's Theme, Monkey Fest (Jungle Beat), and 25m BGM (Brawl)

Banjo and Kazooie (Day 122): Main theme (Banjo and Kazooie), Spiral Mountain, Mumbo's Mountain, Freezeezy Peak, Rusty Bucket Bay, and Final Battle (Banjo and Kazooie)

Prince Sable (Day 123): What's Your Name?, The Prince's Adventure, and Slay the Snake!

Dark Matter (Day 124): Hyper Zone, Zero, Boss (Kirby 64), Miracle Matter, Dark Star, Zero Two (Kirby 64), Zero Two (Brawl), Ripple Star, Dark Matter's Theme, and Boss Battle (Kirby's Dream Land 3)

Quote (Day 125): Main Theme (Cave Story), Last Battle, and Gravity

Pichu (Day 126): Pika Rap, Rout 34 (Gold/Silver), Gym Leader Battle (Gold/Silver)

Count Bleck (Day 127): Battle Time, Closing Battle, Castle Bleck, The Evil Count Bleck, Count Bleck's Plan, It's Showtime, and Pit of 100 Trials

Daitoryo (Day 128): Honke Hanafuda Title Theme

Zero (Day 129): Rockin' On, Wonder Panorama, Brillant Show Window (Shooter Trance), Area X, Sky High Grand Nuage, Crossover Station, Nothing Beats, Cannon Ball (Mythos ver.), Scrapped Beat, Power Bomb, Departure, Intro Stage (MMX), Enter Zero, Sigma's Fortress, Intro Stage (MMX2), Magna Centipede, Zero Returns, Gravity Beetle, Blast Hornet, Intro Stage: X (MMX4), Intro Stage: Zero (MMX4), X vs. Zero, Infinity Mijinion, Blaze Heatnix, Confict - Escape Stage, Boss Theme (MMX8), Jakob Orbital Elevator, Lumine - 2nd Form, Standby ~ Zero, Zero's Theme (MMZ), Boss Theme (MMZ), Departure, Cubit Foxtar, Glacier Le Cactank, Volteel Biblio, Tretista Kelverian, Cannonball, Area Zero, Ragnarok Control Room, Vs. Craft, Cyberspace, Falling Down, Theme of Bass, Zero.EXE, Trap Phantasm, and Theme of Zero (Marvel Vs. Capcom)

Muddy Mole (Day 130): Title Theme (Mole Mania), Forest Theme, and Boss Theme (Mole Mania)

Reggie (Day 131): E3 2012 Quotes

Micaiah (Day 132): Micaiah's Dawn, Child of Chaos, Dawn Brigade, Road of Sorrow, A grasping truth, stalwarts unite, and Echoes of Daybreak

Scrooge McDuck (Day 133): Main Theme (Ducktales), The Moon, and Amazon Theme

Bayonetta (Day 134): Chapter Start (Bayonetta), Chapter Clear (Bayonetta), and Bayonetta's Theme

Mona (Day 135): Hustlebustle Town, Mona Pizza (Brawl), and Mona's Theme

Ryu (Day 136): Ryu's Theme, Main Theme (Street Fighter 25th Anniversary), and Character Select (Street Fighter II)

Magnus (Day 137): The Ring of Chaos, The Three Trials, Magnus's Theme, and Magnus and the Dark Lord

Dark Pit (Day 138): Scorched Feathers, The Lunar Sanctum, Medusa's Final Battle, Pandora's Labrynth of Deceit, Dark Pit's Theme, and Ruins of the Temple

Jimmy T (Day 139): Jimmy T's Theme, Ski, and Jimmy's Aerobics

Rhythm Wrestler (Day 140): Ringside, Title Theme (Rhythm Heaven Fever), and Perfect

Nightmare (Day 141): In the Name of Father, Rise Thy Sword, and Title Theme (Soul Calibur 4)

Yarne + Owain Tag Team (Day 142): We'd best prepare for combat, just to be safe, We should turn in for the night, Training, Prelude-Ablaze, Main Theme (Spa), Main Theme (Festival), Mastermind, Chaos (Ablaze), and Annihilation (Galvanized)

Slippy Toad (Day 143): Game Over (Star Fox 64), Slippy's Quotes, and Training Mode (Star Fox 64)

Funky Kong (Day 144): Funky Kong's Theme, Kongo Jungle, and DK Summit
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IF ANY OF THESE LINKS ARE DEAD/INCORRECT, PLEASE CONTACT ME, TOXICROAKER. Thank you. Feel free to contribute anything you wish by tagging me in a post with your suggestions.
Prologue: Super Smash Bros. Melee - How to Play
Intro: Super Smash Bros. 4 - Main Theme
Nomination: Super Smash Bros. - Bonus Game
Ratings: Super Smash Bros. Melee - Menu 1
Debate: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Tabuu
Day Over: Super Smash Bros. - Ending
New Day Begins: Super Smash Bros. Melee - Opening


Tiny Kong (Day 145): Kongo Jungle, Tiny's Barrel, and Stealth Snoop

Young Link (Day 146): Hyrule Field (OoT), All Warp Songs, Saria's Song, Song of Storms, and Gerudo Valley

Harry (Day 147): Bamsham, Ikanger, and Title Theme (Teleroboxer)

Amaterasu (Day 148): The Sun Rises, Preparing for Action, Amaterasu's Theme (Marvel vs. Capcom 3), Reset (by Ayaka Hirahara), Reset (Thank You), Title Theme (Okami), Prologue, Issun's Theme, Cave of Nagi, Exorcizing Evil, Kamiki Village, Susano's Training, Susano's Battle, Cursed Hana Valley, Hana Valley, Cursed Shinshu Field, Shinshu Field, Ida Race, Lake Harami, Mr. Orange's Flower Dance, Konohana Shuffle, Sakuya's Theme, Agata Forest, Fighting Waka, Save, Battle of the Spider Queen, Canine Warriors Theme, Sparrow Inn, Crimson Helm, Begone!, Rage of a God, The Hundredth Year, Sacrificial Arrow, Kushi's Ride, Moon Cave, Battle of Orochi, Kamiki Festival, Ryoshima Coast, Sei-an City (Commoners' Quarter), Sei-an City (Aristocratic Quarter), Merchandise for Sale, Orca's Theme, Mysterious Spring, Dragon Palace, Inside the Water Dragon, Ninetales Extermination, Kamui of the Northern Lands, Wep'keer, Kamiki's Sorrowful Tradition, Ezofuji, Wawku Shrine, Battle of the Twin Demons, Promises Kept, Resolve, Theme of the Celestials, Waka's Fate, Theme of the Moon Tribe, Yami, Okami Shiranui, Title Theme (Okamiden), Spirit Suppression, Yakushi Village, Save (Okamiden), Kamiki Village (Okamiden), Cave of Nagi (Okamiden), Suppression of Yami's Descendants, Shinshu Field (Okamiden), Flooded Agata Forest, Agata Forest (Okamiden), Demon Market, Great Spirit Suppression, Southern Ryoshima Coast, Northern Ryoshima Coast, Sei-an City (Commoners' Quarter) (Okamiden), Sei-an City (Aristocratic Quarter) (Okamiden), Memories, Underground Ruins, Underground Ruins Depths, Thunder Cloud, King Fury Suppression, The Goryeo, Moon Cave (Okamiden), Orochi Extermination, Kamiki Village… 100 Years Ago, Kurow Loses Faith, Akuro Suppression, Eclipse, and Credits

Leon (Day 149): Leon's Theme, Star Wolf's Theme, and Venom (Melee)

Reyn (Day 150): Hometown, Colony 9, Mechanical Rhythm, Unfinished Battle, Engage the Enemy, Once We Part Ways, and To the Last Battle

Plasm Wraith (Day 151): S.S. Drake, Formidable Oak, Mysterious Life Form, and Plasm Wraith's Theme

Black Mage (Day 152): The Black Mages, Black Mage Village, and White Mage's Theme

Chef Kawaski (Day 155): Chef Kawaski's Theme, The Arena (Super Star Ultra), Gourmet Race (Brawl), and Cookie Country

Master Hand (Day 156): Main Theme (Brawl), Multi-Man Melee 2, Giga Bowser, Final Destination (64), Final Destination (Melee), Final Destination (Brawl), Boss Theme (Brawl), Tabuu, Subspace, and Opening (SSB)

Stork (Day 157): Intro (Yoshi's Island), Athletic Theme (Yoshi's Island), Flower Garden (Yoshi's Island), Training Course (Yoshi's Island), Kamek's Theme, and Overworld (Yoshi's Island)

Bulborb (Day 158): Mission Mode, Boss Theme (Pikmin 2), Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin), Main Theme (Pikmin), Forest of Hope, Ai no Uta, and Mini-Boss (Pikmin 3)

King Boo (Day 159): Main Theme (Luigi's Mansion), Gloomy Manor, Terrifying Invasion, Credits (Luigi's Mansion), Evershade Valley, and King Boo's Illusion

Tetra (Day 160): Tetra's Theme, Pirate Ship (Wind Waker), and The Great Sea

Diskun (Day 161): Famicom Meledy (Brawl), Title Theme (NES Remix), and Famicom Medley (PiCOPiCT)

Goku (Day 162): Prolouge (Yuyuki), Go Go! India, and Goku's Departure

Grovyle (Day 163): Primal Dialga (PMD2), Grovyle's Sacrifice, and Welcome to the World of Pokemon!

Louie (Day 164): World Map (Pikmin 2), Titan Dweevil, and The Crash Landing

Athena Cykes (Day 165): Athena Cykes ~ Ace Attourny, Athena Cykes ~ Courtroom Revolutionnaire, and Objection! (DD)

Professor E. Gadd (Day 166): Professor E. Gadd's Theme, Game Boy Horror, Luigi's Mansion Theme (Brawl), Evershade Valley, and Gloomy Manor

Midna (Day 167): Midna's Theme, Midna's Lament (Brawl), and Twilight Realm

Isa (Day 168): Fukouka, Menu (S&P: SS), and Nebulox

Zael (Day 169): Theme of The Last Story, Bathed in Light, and The One Who Rules All

Alph (Day 170): Alph's Crash Site, Garden of Hope, and A Rainy Day

Malagor (Day 171): A Visitor From Afar, Pop Star, Lor Starcutter, Looming Darkness, Sphere Doomer, and Vs. Malagor

Sora (Day 172): Dearly Beloved, Sora's Theme, and Friends In My Heart

Balloon Fighter (Day 173): Balloon Trip

Sheriff (Day 174): In need of suggestions!

Adam Malkovich (Day 175): Mission Briefing, Title Theme (Other M), and Battle Theme 1

Alph, Brittany, and Charlie (Day 176): S. S. Drake, Alph's Crash Site, Brittany's Theme, and Charlie's Jam

Alexandra Roivas (Day 177): The Chosen, Sanity's Requiem, and A Journey Into Darkness

Shantae (Day 178): Title Screen (1/2 Genie Hero), Day Travel, and Risky Boots

Shadow (Day 179): I Am… All of Me, Never Turn Back, All Hail Shadow, Sonic vs. Shadow, Radical Highway, Sky Troops, Lost Impact, and Cosmic Fall

Goku (Day 180): Super Saiyan Goku, Dragon Ball Z Theme Song, and Kid Buu

Arino (Day 181): Arino's Theme, GameFan Magazine, and Credits (Retro Game Challenge)

Jack Frost (Day 182): In need of suggestions!

Panther (Day 183): Panther's Theme, Star Wolf, and Corneria

Wild Gunman (Day 184): In need of suggestions!

Kunio-Kun/Alex (Day 185): Final Confruntation, Major Boss (Shodai Nekketsu Koha), and Vanishing Tears

Happy Mask Salesman (Day 186): Happy Mask Salesman's Theme, Majora's Mask Battle, , and Clock Tower

Isabelle (Day 187): Town Hall, The Roost, and Main Street #1

Hero of Light (Day 188): Main Theme (4 Heros of Light), Battle Theme (4 Heros of Light), and Horn, the Home of the Wind

Lupus (Day 189): Title Screen (Jet Force Gemini), Character Select (Jet Force Gemini), and The Big Bug Fan Club

Tiki (Day 190): Destiny~Ablaze, "You have power... Like mine", and Id~Hope

Chorus Men (Day 208): Glee Club, Love Ooh Ooh Paradise, and Glee Club 2

N (Day 214): The Day I Became King, Final N Battle, Team Plasma Battle, and Ghetsis Battle

Sceptile (Day 216): Birch's Laboratory, Trainer Battle (Ruby/Sapphire), and Gym Leader Battle (Ruby/Sapphire)

Marshal (Day 217): Glee Club, Love Ooh Ooh Paradise, and Glee Club 2

Vaati (Day 220): Vaati's Palace, Vaati (Four Swords), and Vaati's Return

Prince Fluff (Day 220): Patch Castle, Halberd / Meta Knight's Revenge (Epic Yarn), King Dedede's Theme (Epic Yarn), Gourmet Race (Epic Yarn), Ice Cream Island, Butter Building (Epic Yarn), Green Greens (Epic Yarn), Outer Rings, Tube Town, Future City, Cozy Cabin, Snowy Fields, Secret Island, Blub-Blub Ocean, Dino Jungle, Rainbow Falls, Flower Fields, Fountain Gardens, Quilty Square, Grass Land, and Vs. Yin Yarn

Savvy Stylist (Day 224): Title Screen (Savvy Style) and Opening Sequence (SST)
Crono (Day 227): Chrono's Theme, Battle (Chrono Triger), and Last Battle (Chrono Trigger)

Zip (Day 227): Main Menu, Biginnah Beach, and Thundercloud Fortress

Lanky Kong (Day 228): DK Rap, Monkey Smash, and Fungi Forest

Captain Toad (Day 229): Captain Toad Goes Forth, Captain Toad Plays Peek-a-Boo, Toad House (Super Mario 3D World), and Captain Toad's Fiery Final

Jill Dozer (Day 229): File Select (Drill Dozer), Skulker Hideout, Leader of the Skullkers, Corrupt Commissioner, Croog's Doom Dozer, Jill Vs. Croog, and Drill Dozer Finale!

Spyro (Day 230): Opening Theme (Spyro the Dragon), Dark Hollow, and Credits (Spyro the Dragon)

Mr. Resetti (Day 230): Mr. Resetti, Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing: The Movie), and Town Hall

Barbara (Day 231): In need of suggestions!

Ayumi Tachibana (Day 232): Reasonong 2, Title (Famicom Tantei Club 2), and Confession of a Murder

Dr. Lobe (Day 232): Title (Big Brain Academy), Professor Lobe's Theme, and Expert Quiz

Mallo (Day 233): Challenge (Pushmo), Lesson (Pushmo), and Puzzle Theme #2

"X" Protagonist (Day 233): In need of suggestions!

Peppy Hare (Day 236): Heroes of Old, Title Screen (Assault), Peppy's Quotes (Star Fox 64), and Barrel Roll Remix

Dr. Eggman (Day 237): Eggman's Theme (SA2), Scrap Brain Zone, Wing Fortress Zone, You Can Do Anything, Metallic Madness (Bad Future JP), Death Egg Robot (Sonic 2), Death Egg Robot (Generations), Death Egg Zone, Final Boss (Sonic 3), Eggman's Theme (SA1), E101 MK 2, Final Egg, Egg Viper, Cosmic Wall, Final Fortress, Egg Cerberus, Aquatic Base, Eggmanland Day, Sea Bottom Segue, and Final Boss (Sonic Lost World)

Plusle & Minun (Day 238): Route 110 (Ruby/Sapphire), Wild Pokemon Battle (Ruby/Sapphire), and Gym Battle (Ruby/Sapphire)

Pyrrhon (Day 259): Aurum Hive, Aurum Brain, and Boss Fight 1

Bandit (Day 261): Bandit Valley, Overworld (Yoshi's New Island), and Yoshi's Story

Oocoo (Day 263): Ooccoo's Theme, Forest Temple (Twilight Princess), and Ook's Theme

Aran Ryan (Day 264): Aran Ryan's Theme, Main Theme (Punch-Out!!), and Career Mode

Flynn (Day 267): Main Theme (Shin Megami Tensei IV), Boss Theme (Shin Megami Tensei IV), and Credits (Shin Megami Tensei IV)

Commander Shepard (Day 270): Leaving Earth, I'm Sorry, The Cerberus Plot, The View of Palaven, and End Credits (Mass Effect 3)

Agitha (Day 271): Agitha's Castle, Hyrule Castle Town (Twilight Princess), and Title Theme (Twilight Princess)

Crash Bandicoot (Day 287): Main Theme (Crash Bandicoot), Cortex Battle, and Future Frenzy

Birdo (Day 288): Boss Theme (Super Mario Bros. 2), Birdo's Theme, Game Select (Double Dash)

Lucas The Wizard (Day 289): Grass Land (SMB 3), Overworld (SMB 3), and Bowser Battle (SMB 3)

Brash the Bear (Day 290): Brothers Bear, Treetop Tumble, and Jungle Jitter

Amazon Pandora (Day 290): Pandora's Labrinth of Deceit, Dark Pit's Theme, Boss Theme 1, and Scorched Feathers

Akari Hayami (Day 294): Vacant Lives, This is a Test, and Golden Forest

John Raimi (Day 295): Fighting Force

Riki (Day 295): Riki the Legendary Hero, Riki's Tenderness, Forest of the Nopon, Engage the Enemy, and You Will Know Our Names

Inkling (Day 298): Main Theme (Splatoon)

Rundas (Day 299): Saved by Rundas, Title Theme (Metroid Prime 3), and Rundas Boss Theme

Warrior of Light (Day 301): The Prelude (Final Fantasy 4), Theme of Love, and The Final Battle (Final Fantasy 4)

Galacta Knight (Day 302): Galacta Knight's Theme, True Arena, and Meta Knight's Revenge

Mega Mewtwo Y (Day 306): Mewtwo Battle (X & Y), Cave Theme, and Champion Battle (X & Y)

Magicarp (Day 309): Professor Oak (Red & Blue), Wild Pokemon Battle (Red & Blue), and Surfing Theme (Red & Blue)

Lana (Day 311): Main Theme (Hyrule Warriors), In the Greenwood, Guilty Feeling, and Psychostorm

Cia (Day 312): Main Theme (Hyrule Warriors), Eclipse of the Sun, Face a Crisis, Under Seige, and Psychostorm


Last Updated: Day 312 - Added Cia
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Prologue: Super Smash Bros. Melee - How to Play
Intro: Super Smash Bros. 4 - Main Theme
Nomination: Super Smash Bros. - Bonus Game
Ratings: Super Smash Bros. Melee - Menu 1
Debate: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Tabuu
Day Over: Super Smash Bros. - Ending
New Day Begins: Super Smash Bros. Melee - Opening

Music We Have Rated

You Will Know Our Names (Day 269): Xenoblade Chronicles

In the Final (Day 269): Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

C-R-O-W-N-E-D (Day 292): Kirby's Return to Dreamland

Moo Moo Meadows (Day 292): Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8

In the Space-Pirate Ship (Day 304): Kid Icarus: Uprising


Last Updated: Day 311 - Added C-R-O-W-N-E-D, Moo Moo Meadows, and In the Space-Pirate Ship
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Nov 24, 2001
Statistics Section

For now, this section will just be a compilation of my previous posts on the subject:

Evaluation: How did we do last time?
This is about how well previous iterations of RTC have done at predicting the Brawl roster:
If you saw my post in the Franchise sales/representation thread, you saw that the number of representatives that a series gets in a Smash game can be modeled with a linear regression using Franchise Sales and Previous # Slots (how many reps they had in the previous game) with an R^2 value of a little over .75.

Previous number of slots accounts for a large amount of the variation on its own (although so does sales, to a lesser degree).

At any rate, I figure you take the number of slots that predicts for the game and combine that with the predictions people made by series might get a reasonable performance. I want something I can apply to our current predictions to make some for Smash 4. But I've been busy playing Wind Waker instead, so yeah.

Anyway, here's how the previous iterations of the game did compared to some very simple and obviously wrong baselines:

Actual Brawl: 35/39 slots/movesets, 4 Mario characters, 4/6 Pokemon, 4/5 Zelda, 2 Donkey Kong, 2 Fire Emblem, 4 Retro, and 2 third-party characters.

GameFAQs: predicted a roster with 85.8 characters, including 11 Mario characters, 7.6 Pokemon, 8.6 Zelda, 3 Donkey Kong, 6 Fire Emblem, 7 retros and 13 third-party characters.

SmashBoards: predicted a roster with 52.7 characters, including 7.3 Mario, 5.9 Pokemon (not bad there), 6.9 Zelda, 2.6 Donkey Kong, 2.6 Fire Emblem, 5.1 Retro, and 5.2 third-parties.

My sales-based model predicts a roster with 34.8 first-party characters (I did not include 3rd-parties in the model), and 38.4 movesets. It is interesting that it overestimates almost exactly 2 slots/movesets more than it really was (the model does not know how many slots Brawl had overall), since that implies that Sonic and Snake took slots that would've gone to first-party characters. It predicts 5.2/5.9 Mario, 4.3/4.9 Pokemon, 4/5 Zelda, 1.9/2.1 Donkey Kong, 2.1/2.3 Fire Emblem and 4.4/4.6 retro characters.

Brier score (lower is better, 1 is the worst possible, 0 is perfect accuracy):
GameFAQs top 10 newcomers: 0.222
SmashBoards top 10 newcomers: 0.233

As I said, I'm still working on a model for comparing on newcomers, but yeah. It will have to exclude third-parties.

GameFAQs top 100: 0.143
SmashBoards (all predictions since there were less than 100): 0.185

Notice that you can improve your Brier score by making a larger number of obvious predictions. Predicting low numbers for obscure characters increases the score but doesn't really mean you were a prescient predictor just because you gave low likelihood to things that most people would give low likelihood to.

On the same characters as GameFAQs Top 100, simply predicting 100% likelihood for every Melee veteran and 0% for any newcomer (E3 newcomers not included since as they were revealed before the game started, they cannot be part of any predictions) would get you a Brier score of 0.14.

The same thing on the SmashBoards gets a Brier score of 0.182, about the same.

So, they'd have been just as, if not more accurate, simply by predicting no more newcomers and that every Melee veteran would return.
First, some stats analysis of the current state of the RTC game [this was as of Day 153]:

As our scores stand without taking into account reveals since we started, we'd be expecting about 56.7 characters. That seems a bit on the high side to me, but not excessively so like the pre-Brawl version of this game (which implied a roster of like 75 characters).

Adjusting for our knowledge of confirmed and disconfirmed characters, we're currently expecting an additional 34.8 characters, for a total of 57.8. This increase comes from underestimating Rosalina mostly, and the fact that we need to rerate some like Bowser Jr. to account for the fact that Rosalina hurt his chances.

Here are our predictions on revealed information ranked by accuracy (how far we were off from the true value, 100% for confirmed and 0% for disconfirmed):
1. Sandbag ....... 0.63% error
2. Ashley ......... 5.85% error
3. Skull Kid ...... 7.52% error
4. Little Mac .... 11.89% error
5. Sonic .......... 15.44% error
6. Lucario ........ 18.10% error
7. Starfy .......... 30.92% error
8. Toon Link ..... 37.70% error
9. Rosalina ....... 84.23% error
I'm not giving us much credit for getting the first three right, personally I considered those obvious. Little Mac is one that we did a good job on - the casual player would not expect him, but looking into the details of the boxing stage made it clear. Sonic and Lucario were kinda obvious in retrospect, but there was some real reason to doubt, so we were not far off. Starfy and Toon Link are two where we were fairly off. While I personally was more accurate about Starfy, on Toon Link I thought the Spirit Tracks stage really hurt him (but I was open to the possibility that Sakurai might do something like remove Link from the stage when Toon Link is on it) and rated him lower. And then we saw Sakurai's statements about nobody being cut yet just a day or two later, making me regret the rating even back then.

Rosalina is one where we got it really wrong.

That said, it's probably not possible to predict Sakurai perfectly without insider knowledge, so getting a bit of an error isn't bad. But let's hope we're better than the baseline (predict all Brawl veterans return, no newcomers besides the ones from E3), because they weren't more accurate than that last time ;)

Lastly, let's check in on what my models said. Now, these models only operate at the (first-party) series level, so they can't make predictions for individual characters. Keep in mind, my models do not take into account any information revealed about Smash 4, only previous Smash representation, sales and series genre info, so the presence of the boxing ring stage was not taken into account (i.e. the proper comparison would be what you thought about Little Mac before E3)

One is a character slot model (e.g. Zelda is one slot), the other a move set model (Pokemon Trainer is 3 move sets), with the move set model being a little more accurate (they diverge more on series with prior representation and higher sales).

Mario series: 0.6 to 1.2 (0.9 avg) newcomers (Rosalina)
Punch-Out!! series: 0.62 newcomers (Little Mac)
Animal Crossing series: 0.55 newcomers (Villager)
Wii Fit series: 0.15 newcomers (Wii Fit Trainer)

Not bad so far, I think. 15% is a lot higher than most would've given WFT. Animal Crossing and Punch-Out!! were seen as open possibilities, and a Mario newcomer was seen as very, very likely.

BTW I don't remember if I ever posted about this, but I used my model to transform the predictions from the Brawl RTC - scaling character predictions to add up to the number of characters the model predicted for their series, with one additional constraint that multiple versions of the same character couldn't add up to more than 100% (e.g. Young Link + Toon Link + Masked Link). It got the best Brier score of any of the predictions I compared.

Statistical Patterns
This s just about the logistic regression I did to predict franchise representation:
These can be found in the thread I made a while back: Franchise Representation vs. Sales

Note: These were all done before the Smash Direct which revealed that there will be no transformation characters and thus that there will be no distinction between slots and move sets. At this point, I'd really only look at the move set predictions.

"Sales don't really mean anything"
I ran a linear regression using only two variables:
  • Total sales. Technically, I used the logarithm of the total sales, since the relationship did not appear to be linear
  • Number of slots or move sets that the franchise had in the previous iteration of Smash
The data is every franchise that existed before a Smash iteration and its sales up until 2 years before the release of that Smash game.

The result?

R^2 = .7546

Now of course, this doesn't explain everything. But that's a pretty good result for using just two variables. And it makes it pretty clear that franchise sales DO matter. Significantly. But other things matter too. Like what happened in the previous iteration. And plenty of intangibles I'm sure. And sales and previous slots are probably correlated with some of the other factors that matter.

Post explaining the more refined logistic model:

Post detailing the predicted slots for various franchises:

And a graph of the move set prediction model:

As you can see, there is a significant correlation between sales and franchise representation.

I will probably do a lot more with this after the full roster is revealed. It's kinda too late to make some model-informed predictions to try to validate it, but I will definitely be seeing how it does with the addition of the new data.
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Without you, none of this would have been possible. Thanks for setting up this wonderful game.

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We would have had a big GAME OVER if it weren't for you. He kept this thread going when SSBF retired.

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Everyone else who's contributed in some way that is currently slipping my mind. I'm sorry; PM me and I'll add you to the list!
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Jun 14, 2013
Well, that went well for us, didn't it? Our Rank 2 Chance/Rank 2 Want Ridley bit the dust; Rank 1 Chance Palutena was teased to no end; the Kremling Krew is back but Kranky Kong is nowhere in sight on his own stage; Goroh, Minda, Victini, Eevee, Meowth, Saki, Lyn, Dark Samus, and probably more have been deconfirmed. Zero Suit Samus was also (temporarily) deconfirmed... I sweated that one out. However, perhaps the two biggest hits to our ratings came at the end of the Direct; Red is deconfirmed despite his previously solid chance scores and this newcomer... wasn't even rated. Oops.

Today we're going to start things out by rating our satisfaction for the Direct as a whole. Has Ridley's destruction destroyed it for you, or did things like Greninja, online, and race mode satisfy you? Please rate your satisfaction for today's Direct.

...also, I have a proposal. I think it would be best to reset all nominations back to zero to help us rate things that the Direct affected more easily. Even so, I understand that people may be disappointed that they got their nomination up high before and will have to retry them. Please tell me: should we reset the nominations list?

Edit: No nominations or prediction for another few days. Also, I'll get the results from yesterday's round in later. I'm just looking to the future.
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Jan 31, 2012
Reset Nominations

This direct changed so much to our ratings that we might as well just start over.

My Direct Satisfaction: 100%
Smash Run looks pro. So does Glory Mode. Palutena's chances buffed. Greninja looks pro.

Literally nothing was wrong about this for me, though my heart skipped a beat with the Ridley deconfirmation knowing all the support for him.


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Aug 4, 2013
Satisfaction - 100%
Perfection, even including all the trolling.

I say we reset nominations below a specific number. Otherwise it's a bit of a shame for those characters that were nearly there, particularly re-rates and concepts that weren't necessarily affected by the direct.
Also, I think we should re-rate Ridley instead of outright considering him unconfirmed. He'd sink considerably of course, but it seems like a sizable amount of people in smashboards still think there's a remote chance.
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Jun 19, 2010
First off, I am going to start going into much more detail with all of my posts in this new thread. With a new and improved thread will come a more opinionated and elaborate me. :)

I am of the opinion that Ridley's chances were not destroyed at all. I wouldn't say they increased, but all we have is the shadow and tail-tip of a character with multiple forms/clones/incarnations. A character that Sakurai has trolled us on deliberately for months. and for those who doubted he was actually trolling? Well there are four other examples at least where he is trolling in this Direct alone, and that it doesn't take a Rocket Belt scientist to figure out. Link and Toon Link are both playable characters and are different incarnations/forms. There is no reason a character can't be playable and a stage hazard as long as they are different forms.

If Ridley had genuinely been deconfirmed? My satisfaction would have been shattered. He is most wanted character. on the other hand, my second most wanted character, King K. Rool got a nice little boost, and Shulk, my third most wanted, still maintains high chances. Palutena, who is probably my 6th most wanted, has pretty much skyrocketed to a 98.99% chance, even if we pretend the leak doesn't exist. So overall, my most wanted characters are all fairly safe bets.

So let's see... as things stand, I am 90% satisfied with this Direct. Nothing happened that I didn't like (except annoying Ridley trolling and the mocking that follows). and several things happened that I love.

I absolutely love:
-Most of the changes to veterans, especially Kirby, Lucario, and Zelda.
-That Yoshi looks vibrant, and certain people will shut up finally.
-Every single item, and my friends and I rarely play with them on. Did you guys notice that brief Blue Shell appearance?
-On that note, every single Pokeball Pokemon and the fact that Master Balls are their own thing. Victini and Eevee and Meloetta? Yesssssss.
-Every detail regarding online modes. For Fun and For Glory? Brilliant way to not alienate either casuals or competitives.
-That most stages get a Final Destination form.
-Final Destination is f***ing gorgeous.
-The fact that the 3DS version is coming out this Summer and has so much care put into it. 60 fps? The stages are great too...
-...and Smash Run looks like so much fun. Also I love the Kremling shout-out.
-My Music returns, and the menus for it look fantastic.
-Charizard looks incredible, and deserves to be standalone, and do his and Lucario's Mega Evolutions are awesome.
-Color TV-Game 15 is a great Assist Trophy idea. As are Chain Chomp, Midna, and Dark Samus. My condolences to any fans who lost any characters they wanted. My friends and I personally did not, so I can't be too upset.
-All existing newcomers have very innovative movesets, and I can't wait to try them out.
-The gameplay alienates neither Melee or Brawl fanboys. It is fast gameplay and combo-oriented, but the physics seem fluid and realistic. Win-win.
-Halberd and Jungle Japes return.
-I couldn't care less that the rest of Pokemon Trainer is gone. Like I said, Charizard is fine alone.

I am concerned that:
-Zelda/Shiek and Samus/Zero Suit Samus will get separate roster slots on the character select screen. I'd rather them be a toggle thing as a way of selecting, like costumes. I feel like having alternate forms of the same character on the select screen is awkward and paradoxical (this does not apply to Link and Toon Link, as that canonically makes sense). This is a pet peeve that I could get over, but I would prefer it my way.
-I hope Villager gets female costumes. It only makes sense if Wii Fit Trainer did.

There was nothing I flat out didn't like except my confusion over Ridley's future. I certainly was a little speechless about the surprise of Greninja, although he seems to be an incredible addition, bound to cause some slick chaos with his playstyle. He seems like a potential rival for Little Mac. I will go into more detail tomorrow.

Edit: Reset nominations below 50 (including revotes/concepts) and give everyone maybe 10 nominations every day from here on. At the very least, 5 to use on a newcomer and 5 to use on concepts and rerates.
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Jun 14, 2013
Also, I think we should re-rate Ridley instead of outright considering him unconfirmed. He'd sink considerably of course, but it seems like a sizable amount of people in smashboards still think there's a remote chance.
I agree. Although I will be abstaining from all of his future days...

I think this should be done.
Dec 22, 2011
I agree with Paul with the reset votes below a certain number idea.

Overall Satisfaction? I give it 100% Such a smashing buffet! Not what I expected but he delivered. He's really working his magic I like a lot of the moveset updates my favorite so far being Pit. There is a nice selection of items and pokeballs/assists. I'm concerned with the 3ds version being released first.
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Dec 22, 2013
Gusty garden galaxy
Here is the official popularity chart. This is all characters, stages, and concepts listed by their "want" rating.

Possible newcomers

1. King K. Rool - 85.46%
2. Ridley - 81.21%
3. Little Mac (confirmed) - 77.00%
4. Palutena - 75.07%
5. Banjo Kazooie - 72.57%
6. Isaac - 68.46%
7. Dixie Kong - 68.25%
8. Shulk - 66.79%
9. Waddle Dee - 64.26%
10. Bomberman - 59.83%
11. Takamaru - 57.51%
12. Lip - 56.45%
13. Robin/Avatar - 56.00%
14. Hades - 54.34%
15. Solo Tetra - 51.03%
16. Dillon - 50.37%
17. Toad (deconfirmed) - 50.29%
18. Pac-Man - 50.21%
19. Porky - 48.66%
20. Captain Rainbow - 48.65%
21. Rhythm Wrestler - 48.50%
22. Lucina - 47.73%
23. Mona - 46.86%
24. Amaterasu - 46.53%
25. Toon Zelda and Tetra - 45.28%
26. Ray - 45.05%
27. Professor Layton - 44.89%
28. Anna - 44.77%
29. Mach Rider - 44.75%
30. Bowser Jr. - 44.55%
31. Chibi Robo - 44.47%
32. Simon Belmont - 44.43%
33. Waluigi (deconfirmed) - 44.13%
34. Meowth (deconfirmed) - 43.81%
35. Groose - 43.58%
36. Tiki (deconfirmed) - 43.33%
37. Black Shadow - 43.00%
38. Blaziken - 42.93%
39. Rosalina (confirmed) - 42-90%
40. Muddy Mole - 42.54%
41. Saki (deconfirmed) - 42.46%
42. Rayman - 42.32%
43. Masked Man - 42.00%
44. Phoenix Wright - 41.98%
45. Midna (deconfirmed) - 41.95%
46. Skull Kid (deconfirmed) - 41.47%
47. Starfy (deconfirmed) - 40.03%
48. Paper Mario - 39.02%
49. Zoroark 38.72%
50. Tom Nook (deconfirmed) - 38.46%
51. Samurai Goroh (deconfirmed) - 38.44%
52. Jimmy T. - 38.31%
53. Ganon - 38.29%
54. New Pokemon Trainer - 37.95%
55. (tie) Lynn (deconfirmed) - 37.86%
55. (tie) Sukapon - 37.86%
57. Black Mage - 37.78%
58. Andy - 37.38%
59. Cranky Kong - 37.20%
60. Wonder Red - 37.10%
61. Daitoryo - 36.80%
62. Donbe and Hikari - 36.79%
63. Kamek - 36.06%
64. Duck Hunt Dog - 35.43%
65. Fawful - 34.52%
66. Vaati - 34.30%
67. Excitebiker - 33.96%
68. Shantae - 33.92%
69. Grovyle - 33.91%
70. Ghirahim - 33.76%
71. Matthew - 33.36%
72. Slime - 32.65%
73. Yuyuki Goku - 31.82%
74. Tails - 31.67%
75. Geno - 31.65%
76. Professor E. Gadd - 31.63%
77. Chrom and Lucina - 31.56%
78. Chrom - 31.46%
79. Magolor - 31.16%
80. Prince of Sable - 30.57%
81. Klonoa - 29.66%
82. Impa - 28.61%
83. Master Hand - 28.59%
84. Lloyd Irving - 28.34%
85. (tie) Mii - 28.26%
85. (tie) Medusa - 28.26%
87. Balloon fighter - 27.88%
88. Genesect - 27.75%
89. Ashley (deconfirmed) - 27.43%
90. Knuckles - 27.34%
91. Captain Syrup - 27.26%
92. Krystal - 27.05%
93. King Boo - 26.42%
94. Zero - 26.33%
95. Dark Samus (deconfirmed) - 26.32%
96. Alexandra Roivas - 26.29%
97. Jack Frost - 25.91%
98. Omastar - 25.85%
99. Slippy Toad - 25.35%
100. Masked Link - 24.91%
101. Travis Touchdown - 24.72%
102. Karate Joe - 24.71%
103. Happy Mask Salesman - 24.63%
104. Dark Pit - 24.55%
105. Yarne - 24.52%
106. Victini (deconfirmed) - 24.39%
107. Arino - 24.14%
108. Ephraim - 24.05%
109. Aeron - 23.90%
110. Louie - 23.55%
111. Tingle - 23.31%
112. Harry - 22.52%
113. Quote - 22.17%
114. Dr. Kawashima - 22.12%
115. Niku and Shiki - 21.84%
116. Leon - 21.79%
117. Sora - 21.49%
118. Alph - 21.36%
119. Zael - 21.18%
120. Bayonetta - 20.70%
121. Diskun - 20.12%
122. Isa - 19.79%
123. Micaiah - 18.98%
124. Sandbag - 18.72%
125. Eevee (deconfirmed) - 18.25%
126. Dark Matter - 17.67%
127. Rhythm Monkey - 17.65%
128. Reggie - 17.44%
129. Sheriff - 16.82%
130. Yarne and Owain - 16.38%
131. Sylveon - 16.20%
132. Tharja - 16.17%
133. Magnus - 15.79%
134. Alph, Brittany, and Charlie - 15.64%
135. Owain - 14.51%
136. Tiny Kong - 14.39%
137. Mike Jones - 14.18%
138. Anthony - 13.64%
139. Plasm Wraith - 13.43%
140. Wild Gunman - 13.40%
141. Isabelle (deconfirmed) - 13.32%
142. Daisy - 13.14%
143. Scrooge Mcduck - 12.96%
144. Son Goku - 12.51%
145. Count Bleck - 11.90%
146. Goemon - 11.80%
147. Pauline - 11.43%
148. Nintendog (deconfirmed) - 11.13%
149. Kunio-Kun - 10.53%
150. Ryu 10.00%
151. Stork - 9.75%
152. Primid - 9.05%
153. Chef Kawasaki - 9.03%
154. Nightmare - 8.58%
155. Reyn - 8.00%
156. Bulborb (deconfirmed) - 7.94%
157. Cloud - 7.75%
158. Ninten - 7.61%
159. Chancellor Cole - 7.59%
160. Hero of Light - 6.82%
161. Lupus - 6.20%
162. Athena Cykes 6.08%
163. Shadow 5.48%
164. Panther 2.52%

Huge gap

165. Adam Malkovich - 0.43%


1. Gannondorf - 90.62%
2. Mr. Game & Watch - 90.51%
3. Ice Climbers - 88.28%
4. Wolf - 84.17%
5. Mewtwo - 82.57%
6. Sonic (confirmed) - 80.75%
7. ROB - 80.06%
8. Lucas - 80.04%
9. Jigglypuff - 79.06%
10. Sheik - 79.02%
11. Ike - 77.59%
12. Pokemon Trainer - 77.00%
13. Falco - 74.74%
14. Lucario (confirmed) - 72.36%
15. Toon Link (confirmed) - 64.54%
16. Snake - 63.92%
17. Roy - 42.82%
18. Pichu - 25.90%
19. Dr. Mario - 18.01%
20. Young Link 6.52%


1. Bowser's Castle - 83.33%
2. Paper Mario - 68.77%
3. Kirby's Epic Yarn - 68.48%
4. Rhythm Heaven - 68.31%
5. Gangplank Galleon - 65.30%
6. Super Mario 3D world - 64.77%
7. Tetris - 62.89%
8. Dr. Mario - 57. 13%
9. Cookie Country - 48.96%
10. Nutty Noon - 48.59%
11. Gyromite - 46.48%


1. Promoted AT (confirmed) - 90.47%
2. Improved Stage Builder - 85.15%
3. <10% chance character becomes playable - 82.58%
4. Decloned Gannondorf - 82.24%
5. Unlockable Newcomers - 80.77%
6. 4 Donkey Kong reps - 75.60%
7. Brawl Pokemon + Mewtwo - 74.11%
8. Extensive Alternate Costumes - 73.51%
9. DLC - 71.84%
10. Spear User - 66.36%
11. Zelda Newcomer - 64.67%
12. Unplayable Hanafuda rep - 62.17%
13. No Cuts - 57.91%
14. No Namco rep - 53.92%
15. Yoshi Overhaul - 50.87%
16. Other M Ridley - 46.37%
17. Playable Boss Mode - 43.04%
18. RTC top 10 becomes - 41.62%
19. 6 Mario characters - 40. 78%
20. Rhythm Heaven rep - 37.98%
21. Fatal Frame rep - 35. 77%
22. Pokemon AT - 34.48%
23. Split up Pokemon Trainer - 26.48%
24. Bowser Jr. + Shadow Mario - 17.89%

If anyone sees any mistakes on here please let me know.
Aren't Sandbag, Kamek, Zoroark, and Waddle Dee deconfirmed too?

Direct satisfaction: 95%
I can never be pessimistic about directs. No matter what. I just can't.

You see that 95? Guess what? My most wanted character got deconfirmed. Same with my third most wanted character. And my 2nd was heavily suspected but only trolled.
But I love the fact that Midna is an assist, and both Tiki and Pseudotena are trophies.
And that Pit's FS is changed.
It really is alright. I'm happy they're in the game. And I dislike when people pout over what they didn't get.
We got freaking GRENINJA!!!
I'll admit, my favorite starter was Fennekin by far. But Greninja is epic as hell. I also would have preferred Gardevoir, Mewtwo, Diancie, Eevee, or Deoxys... But I'm not complaining.

My 2 most wanted veterans returned.
Sheik and ZSS. After I thought that they were deconfirmed for 5 seconds, I was about to freak out.
But they look spectacular. Same with epic Charizard and long overdue Yoshi.

I think we should keep all nominations, except for the deconfirmed ones like the
"X10 Midna and Wolf Link"
That's an actual nomination we have. And it has no use anymore.

Who I think we NEED to rate eventually is: MEWTWO AND RIDLEY!
Perhaps even K Rool and Palutena.
A lot of characters got affected.


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Aug 18, 2013
Ames, IA
Reset noms, still rate BWD. :) He got one more detract destroyed for him today.
To keep it simple...
I am 100% satisfied with today's ND. I wasn't hit by any dcs and my second favorite pokemon is playable. Mewtwo still is likely, very likely.
The improvements to gameplay, final destinations, and that online restructuring... And the release date.

Pseudo Palutena was the icing on the cake. Amazing trolls, amazing job.

You can outright know my rating tomorrow.
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Jan 2, 2014
Overall satisfaction for me was 80%
- Tons of in-depth detail on stages, items, specials, online play, etc.
- 4 returning veterans revealed at once.
- Customizable and reworked move sets shown off.
- Alternate costumes properly confirmed.
- Past stages confirmed.
- New ATs look great.
- Smash Run looks like it's going to be fun.
- 3DS version will be released several months before Wii U version. I feel this will really hurt the Wii U version's sales due to the system's already poor reception. Most parents will grab the 3DS version for their kids and see little reason to double-dip/invest in a new console come the holidays.
- Smash Run is 3DS exclusive.
- Only one newcomer shown. (I wanted at least two!)
- I don't care for Greninja, so his reveal really deflated the end of the direct for me.

I vote to reset nominations too, a lot has changed due to the direct.


Feb 13, 2014
Hi there, first time posting in this thread, but I lurk from time to time.

I think it would be a good idea, given how this direct threw everything into the mixer.

I'd say I was 85% satisfied with this direct. It was really great to watch and get all that new info. We got information about online, new stage reveals, old character reveals, questions answered about transformations and old moves, and we got a new character. And that's only the main points. We also got new modes, new items, new pokemon, new assist trophies.. whew! It was a lot of information. I had to watch the whole thing a second time to catch it all. They weren't lying when they said it was going to contain a lot.

As for why I'm dissatisfied with it, my reasons are very minor. One reason is the obvious Ridley "deconfirmation." While I wasn't a huge Ridley supporter, I wasn't against his inclusion, and the fans have been very outspoken and passionate about him being a playable fighter. The more I listened, the more I thought it would have been a great idea. He'd need to be shrunk down and reworked a bit, but he would have been a fun character. Now it seems like that chance has all but passed, and while it doesn't affect me too badly, I know how much it upset the supporters.

My second reason for being upset at this direct is because of Greninja. First off, let me say I don't hate him. I think he looks awesome. We've never had a ninja style character like that before (aside from Sheik) and his water moveset looks pretty interesting. He's fast, hits quick, and has some neat abilities. I'm not upset he's in the game. What I am upset about is a missed opportunity. Sakurai had a chance to appeal to the fans here. We never asked for Greninja. Heck, we weren't even asking for some huge newcomer reveal, but there were a couple characters that would have made a much larger impact on the Smash Bros. scene had they been revealed instead of Greninja.

For one, Mewtwo
. When I saw the beginning of Charizard's trailer, I thought the three-fingered character was Mewtwo. I got so excited I screamed a bit. My reaction afterwards was "wait, what? Greninja? Uhh.. okay?" Mewtwo has been highly requested. He's been a fan favorite in the Pokemon series since the original games, and revealing him as a returning veteran would have been huge!

Secondly, Snake. I don't know if Snake is even going to be in this game or not. Chances are looking like he won't be returning, but it's still completely unknown. However, he would have generated a ton of hype from Snake fans had he been returning.

Third, Palutena or Shulk. These two have been everywhere lately it seems. Fans want them, speculation is all over the place, and revealing either one of them would have driven fans mad with excitement. Given that one of the versions of the game is coming out in the summer, a confirmation of a fan-favorite character would have generated so much hype. They're still not deconfirmed, so that's something.

What I get from all of this is Sakurai is trying to fool us. It's like he's saying "you think you know me? You think you KNOW me? Hah, I'll show you. You don't know me at all. You think I'm gonna put in a popular character? Well fine, have Greninja! How do you feel about that?"

It seriously, to me anyway, seems like he doesn't want to be figured out. He's trying so hard to be unpredictable that fan requested characters, characters that people want and love and have passion for and who could potentially make great additions to the game, are being passed up simply out of spite because Sakurai doesn't want us thinking we have a say in his decisions. It's very frustrating and very reminiscent of Brawl. We thought we'd get a bunch of great characters as unlockables or final reveals to generate hype, but instead we got some disappointing surprise characters than make you go "woo hoo. I guess?"

His reveal of Greninja makes me feel like we're on that same path with Smash 4. I'm trying my best not to be overly pessimistic about the end result, as I know I'll love the game regardless, but I just don't understand the concept of making a game that is basically nothing but fan service, but not listening to what the fans want. I love Rosalina and Greninja and Wii Fit Trainer, but were they ever requested? Hardly or never. They just seem like very oddball, out-of-left field decisions to keep us guessing rather than appealing to the paying customers.

Anyway, tl;dr version:
I appreciate all the new info we got today, but some of the details make me leery about the future of Smash 4's end-game roster.
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Jun 19, 2010
This is going to be totally random, but we have some extra screenshots revealed that you can consider as an extension of the Direct.
There is a new item, the Special Flag, which is of Namco-origin. Some may or may not interpret this as a boost to Pac-Man's chances.


Link to origin: http://namco.wikia.com/wiki/Special_Flag

We also have another Pokeballmon confirmed, Chespin:


Feb 13, 2014
This is going to be totally random, but we have some extra screenshots revealed that you can consider as an extension of the Direct.
There is a new item, the Special Flag, which is of Namco-origin. Some may or may not interpret this as a boost to Pac-Man's chances.


Link to origin: http://namco.wikia.com/wiki/Special_Flag

We also have another Pokeballmon confirmed, Chespin:
Where are those photos from? To be honest, the Special Flag looks a bit photoshopped in, but if I could see those pictures on an official Smash source, I'd believe it. And yes, I think that would hugely increase Pac-Man's chances to be in the game, but I'm still not getting my hopes too high.

That Chespin photo also looks extremely photoshopped. I'm having a hard time believing these.
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Feb 12, 2013
Southern California
I agree that the noms should be reset below a certain number. Keep some of those noms that were much higher up still at the top overall.

Direct Satisfaction - 80%

Sakurai went Freddy Kreuger and massacred characters with disconfirmations. And Ridley is practically disconfirmed. This has been dragged out for long enough.

Also, poor Squirtle and Ivysaur are pretty much done... we can still get Mewtwo and Jiggylpuff at least.

But on the other hand:

We saw TONS of gameplay footage, featuring items, Pokeball Pokemon and Assist Trophies, both new and returning. Some of them had huge followings as playable characters, unfortunately. But not many did, and I think all of them are pretty dang awesome in-game. Glad to see some of these characters in the game in some form.

The mystery of the Phantom from Spirit Tracks has finally been cleared up. It is indeed Zelda's Down-B after all, but Sheik still returns, as her/his own character, same goes for ZSS, who by the way, looks freaking awesome. And I was incredibly excited to finally see Yoshi back, even though I knew he was a shoo-in.

The customizable attacks are pretty dang sweet, can't wait to play around with them. This is gonna be LOADS of fun.

And Greninja? FREAKING SWEET! I though he was almost a snowball's chance in hell character. I'm rather glad I was wrong.

Lastly, while a lot of characters got disconfirmed, Tingle and Isaac at least survived the Assist Trophy massacre. And the Kritters are back, as enemies in the Smash Run mode on the 3DS. This gives a huge boost to K. Rool's chances.

Overall, I was very pleased with this Direct.


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Jun 19, 2010
Where are those photos from? To be honest, the Special Flag looks a bit photoshopped in, but if I could see those pictures on an official Smash source, I'd believe it. And yes, I think that would hugely increase Pac-Man's chances to be in the game, but I'm still not getting my hopes too high.

That Chespin photo also looks extremely photoshopped. I'm having a hard time believing these.
This new set of photos from Nintendo's press release that I just went through in its entirety:

Everyone should definitely look at all of the screenshots; lots of items confirmed, new and old.

Edit: Granted I'm still looking for where Nintendo officially posted them, but I think the sheer quantity and quantity of screenshots mere hours of the Direct proves these aren't fake.
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Feb 13, 2014
This new set of photos from Nintendo's press release that I just went through in its entirety:

Everyone should definitely look at all of the screenshots; lots of items confirmed, new and old.
Holy crap, you're right! Wow, there's a lot of new info there, and if those assist trophies are true, then for me, that all but confirms Pac-Man as a playable character. Why else would there be classic Namco items in the game if a classic Namco character wasn't along with them?

Anyway, not the place for the discussion, but thank you so much for the link! This is a great photoset!


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Jun 19, 2010
Holy crap, you're right! Wow, there's a lot of new info there, and if those assist trophies are true, then for me, that all but confirms Pac-Man as a playable character. Why else would there be classic Namco items in the game if a classic Namco character wasn't along with them?

Anyway, not the place for the discussion, but thank you so much for the link! This is a great photoset!
You are very welcome! Last thing to say regarding it in this thread, but there are also some photos of Galaga Assist Trophies or items in there, which would boost Pac-Man's chances even further. I am definitely going to help nominate him for revotes when nominations open back up.
Jan 7, 2013
Overall satisfaction: 90%

On the positive side
- Race mode looks incredible, I can actually see myself playing it over and over again.
- I can't wait to experiment with move customization.
- ZSS's new look is perfect.
- Eevee gets recognition.
- Zelda gets a chance to shine on her own as separate character from Sheik (something I've wanted for a long time) and getting a epic new special.
- Greninja looks like a lot of fun to use.

On the negative side
- Reducing the number of Pikmin that Olimar can use. Although I'm probably alone on this. :)
- Ridley taking a heavy blow.

I actually think resetting nominations is a good idea at this point.
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Aug 13, 2013
(v(- ' ' -)>↑
-Satisfaction: 100%
The Direct was awesome.

And also...I can't wait for the Bandana Dee re-rate :troll:

It's pretty funny because people said Bandana Dee didn't belong to the top 10, but now, the chances of some characters are decreased drastically: Ridley (Boss thing), Mii (Appears in the entire Direct as an avatar for the online mode, the King Mii and the emblem of the Find Mii stage) and maybe Takamaru (Greninja steals a big part of his uniqueness). Bandana Dee will not be 10, he will be higher this time XD

Bandana Dee is not part of Dedede's side B and also Kirby has a Return to Dreamland Final Smash.
My body is ready.

Oh...and before someone starts with that terrible argument about the Parasol Waddle Dees in the adventure mode, two things:

1. Bandana Dee KILLS other Waddle Dees in Return to Dreamland.

2. The R.O.B.s in the Subspace Emissary.


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Dec 22, 2013
Gusty garden galaxy
Toon Zelda/ Tetra transformation team is deconfirmed if you think about it...
Re-rates should happen for: Ridley, Mewtwo, K Rool, Palutena, Isaac, Waddle Dee
-Satisfaction: 100%
The Direct was awesome.

And also...I can't wait for the Bandana Dee re-rate :troll:

It's pretty funny because people said Bandana Dee didn't belong to the top 10, but now, the chances of some characters are decreased drastically: Ridley (Boss thing), Mii (Appears in the entire Direct as an avatar for the online mode, the King Mii and the emblem of the Find Mii stage) and maybe Takamaru (Greninja steals a big part of his uniqueness). Bandana Dee will not be 10, he will be higher this time XD

Bandana Dee is not part of Dedede's side B and also Kirby has a Return to Dreamland Final Smash.
My body is ready.

Oh...and before someone starts with that terrible argument about the Parasol Waddle Dees in the adventure mode, two things:

1. Bandana Dee KILLS other Waddle Dees in Return to Dreamland.

2. The R.O.B.s in the Subspace Emissary.
I don't want to rain on your parade...
But it was changed to just gordos for:
-Balancing issues
-Taking out "Randomness"
The same exact thing was done to Olimar, but it doesn't raise Alph's chances because Rock Pikmin are nowhere.
It wasn't done to make Bandana Dee playable, and if they are different, like you just said they were. Then this should not affect his score at all.
Let me remind you:
-He could still appear in his Final Smash
-The only Assist from Kirby at the moment is Knuckle Joe

And with Waddle Dees in the 3ds Smash Run mode, it just seems redundant to have a different one playable.

Don't get over-confident because of 1 throw.
I still don't see the appeal...
But I'm not posting this to say that.
There's just a hole in your argument that no Waddle Dee with Dedede= raised chances for Bandana Dee
But Waddle Dee in Smash Run = nothing.
Either they both mean nothing, or his chances have lowered. Sorry, but those are the only choices.

But it's not all that bad. At least you didn't just get your #1 and #3 most wanted newcomers deconfirmed :p
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Jul 7, 2013
Direct Satisfaction - 55%

There was a lot of information, which is great and all, but the only stuff that really mattered enough for a direct was the Smash Run mode, and that the 3DS version runs at 60fps with 3D on... the rest all felt like over-blown pics of the day with animation... which again is great, but not well worth staying up for. I still highly enjoyed seeing it, but it really hasn't hyped me really and deflated me in a number of key areas:

WFT: Sun Salutaion is a charge shot? I'm sorry, but what?! There's not much disbelief suspended in a game like smash but you still want it right on the floor don't you? Deep Breathing was what I expect though, so yay!

Ridley: Yeah, that sucks.

Waddle Dee Toss: another Bandana Dee re-rate?!

Boobs: Zero suit Samus is no longer Samus? What are you gaining by this? Also saying ZSS was 'sposed to be weaker in Brawl makes me REALLY worry about the game balance... again...

Ivy-soar: Project M it is!

Squirtle: Project M it is!

Greninja: Seriouslu? Mewtwo says ow...

Sheik: No more Zelda newcomers? that's 5 slots, and while I'm holding out on 6 slot Mario I'm not seeing a Zelda increase...

That said seeing Jungle Japes was kinda awesome, and at least Mii didn't get in.

The biggest squeel of the night was for the Megamen though, other than that it was just a good chunk of solid information, but nothing particularly exciting that I couldn't have waited for the release date for/seen in pics of the day in the next few months. Nice, thus an above 50 rating, but nothing major.

(If anything it got me more excited about Project M now they can probably have Ridley in, and it will probably still be the better game)
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