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Pound 2 Results/shoutouts thread


Smash Ace
Dec 24, 2005
SF Bay Area, CA
pound: *pound*

you know what was funny?
people oos were like good games and held out a hand to shake, and then the md va kids had a fist out, then when the oos changed to fist, the locals changed to hand and it was like what the hell lol


Smash Hero
Apr 25, 2006
Thunder Whales Picnic
pound: *pound*

you know what was funny?
people oos were like good games and held out a hand to shake, and then the md va kids had a fist out, then when the oos changed to fist, the locals changed to hand and it was like what the hell lol
haha, that def happened to me alot.....


thx for the games everyone, too many ppl for shoutouts but:

thx for the games omni

thx for the MM KSN

Drephen you stepped it up big against forward and shiz with nice comebacks, good ****

PC's the man for talkin **** to forward while Uairing Viperboy


omg doyoung........dont ever face me again :p


Smash Champion
Jan 11, 2004
In the COK
Hand shakes > pounds


and what's with EC trying to use midwest gay stage tactics. . . . .


Smash Hero
Feb 17, 2005
Maine (NSG)
wow nice tournament, i sure loved driving 9 hours straight. NOT

shiz wiz: nice falco, good games

bass: nice falco, good games lol

forward: really nice falco, CLOSE LOL

pc: howd u like getting need needled and faird, THATS RIGHTTT

th0rn: nice falco, good games. WE ROCKED TEAMS LOLL

k that was all the falcos.

roga: good job in teams

hayato: pikapika? oh man dont slackk

jholla: jigglypuff! MUSCLES

pat/pro: u gotz better. MUSCLES

drephen: ur too funny, nice job beating falcos left and right

jiano: lol wtf? chu dat got jiano'd

cort: jiano =(. you shall gain the championship next time!

brookman: nice camera, it looked brand new! lolz

taj: mewtwo?

boxman: smells

kornkid: thanks for the housing mang, i guess our state's rivalry is finally over

redd: nice fox son

little kid: thats right, i am the best sheik ever.

neo: thats right, i am the best sheik ever.

jasona: buy some shoes

jinjo: thanks for the ride, it was SO FUN.

ironcheif: good thing u pooped

darc: oh my, peach and falcon suck. you've jihad it with those.

jihad: u cant beat darc. FLUKE FLUKE ARGHHRHGH

dazwa: nice job beating kirbstir. *usmash the forward b* STOLE'D

myself: wow ur so good

phish it: **** brinstar

sol: **** brinstar

kaiser: 2 on 1 =(

mike lenetia: ur peach is so gay, but ur pretty cool. wait, I think I mixed that up.


*at chain grabbing.

if i forgot anyone who needs my awesome shoutout, then say the word.

p.s. plank's gf thanks for the hot dog, and you can thank me for mine later.

Solid Jake

The Arcanum
Feb 11, 2006
Farmington, CT
good **** plank

Chudat and hat, thank you sooo much for your hospitality. we woulda died w/out you.

Real shoutouts to come.


Apple Head
Jun 5, 2003
Newington, CT
Amazing tournament. I'd like to thank Plank first and foremost for making it so successful and dealing with everyone's questions in the thread so much.

Some more shoutouts when I'm not so lazy.


Smash Master
Oct 24, 2004
Distributing justice 24/7.
All I can say is johnz, EC = mad campy compared to MW ****z I remember when MW was the king of the camp. Mathos is the only person who compares to EC camping.

PC: We should have played friendlies but it's always good to see such a cool guy.

FL minus XIF: I <3 all of you guys. You are all too cool.

XIF: just stop playing this game ur so bad. heh jk jk ur getting too good. I wish I like practiced this game more so i could be good. P.S. Johnz

Plank: Tourny was too fun of a time thnx yo.

5150: We didn't make it out of pools mad johnz.

Kaiser: I soooo wished they woulda let me and you go for teams instead of making u do 2 v1's. :'(

TA: there are too many of you to shout out to seperately. so ur all too good and too cool.

Wife: thnx for housing and whatnot too bad we didnt play any friendlies 1v1.

Chillin,Chu,rest of the alcove brigade: It was too fun yo can't wait to see all you guys at FC next month.

Kiwi: thnx for making me the sweetest nametag ever.

Tink: you suxies madzies with ur peach vs fox.


Jiano and Drephen: RED POWA!!!!!

I've Jihad it: cool falcon, cool guy, funnest name I've ever seen on the boards, you are in fact 222 good.


Smash Hero
Apr 14, 2004
ashburn, VA
1. Chu
2. M2K
3. Jiano
4. Chillin
5. Drephen
5. PC
7. DaShizWiz
7. Taj
9. KeepSpeedN
9. Forward
9. KM
9. Cort
13. g-regulate
13. Wife
13. Tink
13. CunningKitsune
i cant remember the rest


Smash Lord
Sep 18, 2006
The torny was called Pound2, dont be expecting hand shakes, I dont know what some of you be doing in the bathroom on ur own time :/

Shout Outs soon to come~


Smash Champion
Oct 5, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
I had funs, I think I might be in love with big Tourneys all of a sudden. The Astronomical amount of friendlies was way too good XD. Thx all that either ***** or got teh **** from Pikachu. Too much fun.


Smash Hero
Jan 7, 2007
where ever I please,im a f***in boss!!
boss shoutouts

anther-**** man dat pikachu is sick
Harm-your samus is amazing
green mario-2 good
eggm-nice friendlies your so hard to beat.
dashizwiz-so close man i almost had you good matche's.
smashmac-nice ditto's your awesome.
skylink-we need to play more
korn-to good
FOB-2 good dreamers fo lyfe.
5%-my bad im teams we will get them next time.
plank-thanks fo holdin da tourney.
taj=2 good

thats da shooutout's until next time people.

The Newb

Smash Ace
Aug 28, 2004
Mechanicsville, VA
Amazing tournament, had so much fun. Waaaay too many people to shoutout to, so good **** to who I played. Death pool #14 is too good.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 23, 2005
Linden, NJ
What a great tournament one of the best i have been to, it ran nice and smooth and you could still get a friendlys. Also on a side note MLG did not have there stuff to record so I have a lot of match on my cam (oh yea I'm watching that **** right now :p) so it will take me about a week or two for them to be up cause I have to update my computer and from what I see there are a lot of great teams and singles matches, but I'm sad that I could not get CunningKitsune match it was off the hook.

SHOUTOUTS TO EVERYONE cause it would take me an hour to type it all down.


Smash Master
Apr 25, 2004
Columbus, OH
awsome tourney, i always love going to east coast

Mathos - good team matches

watty - getting too good

Joe Bushman - you go to gamefaqs so you wont read this

frenziefool - still improving, dont give up

big R - god deezie

plank - good **** for running the tourney

JV - i will have sex with you

forward - too good of matches, you ***** me in pools

taj - ***** you in teams

keepspeedN - wish you would play sheik more, but fox is too good

Dashizwhiz - also good matches, i do one downsmash, you do a 80% combo. So scary

Rockcrock - oompa loompa

Queen - stick to marth

Dazwa - too hot for cinnamon toast crunch bars

darc - scary, i dont like playing you

green mario - i hate fighting you in teams

XIF - you use neutral air too much

p.c. - love you man, hoping you would win the whole thing

chu dat - awsome job on winnning, glad to see you do well in tournies again

tink - stop sucking

cunning - you **** peach

mikey - too good

wife - glad someone from CoK could stop you

husband - you left without saying goodbye

g-reg - watty owned you with water

chillin - good matches, i will get you next tourney

NEO - where'd you go?

Azen - you shoulda came

Oro - thanks for housing, nice to see ya again, thanks to your mom for free food

jiano - RED POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NC guys - awsome seeing ya again

think thats all i got, sorry if i forgot you. Played pretty good, wished me and joe coulda done better in teams though. But i love the east coast atmosphere and how you all take this game seriously.

Mew2king said:
Great tourney, but I wish the crowd wasn't so gay to me. I'm really suprised at you Forward, you used to be cool until you suddenly turned into a *** who wanted me, who I thought was your friend, to lose against EVERY person ever, even people like QueenDVS who you don't even know that well (no offense Queen you're a really cool person) and just make it harder to do even simple ****. It's hard enough that I was playing awful all that day, but I don't need you making half the crowd there be trash talking me. It wasn't even just supporting the person you wanted to win, you were taking stabs at me, making fun of technical errors and other people told me that you were making personal insults and ****. I don't do that **** to you, and you're reason for doing it to me was because you were tired of me winning? Great logic, how about supporting your friends instead of making me choke under pressure. I never did anything like that to you, I try to be respectful to people instead of ***** to them. That **** was gay, I hope you're happy with yourself.

I'm disappointed at how stupid and bad I was playing the 2nd day, I only beat a lot of people that day because I got lucky.

Those of you that were respectful/nice to me, thank you, and otherwise this tourney was great and I look forward to having a pound 3 in the future.


Smash Master
Nov 30, 2003
ZOMG Duluth, GA mostly... sometimes Weston, FL

Hopefully peach will be seen differently now. expect a combo vid soon.

shoutouts perhaps later but for now the coolest people get shout outs:

grill: COME TO FLORIDA NOW!!!!!!! I am in love with you man.

tech0(SP?): you come as well!

hayato: thees kid ees gud! sucks we had to elim you from doubles pools your mario d smash is crazy, WAHOO!

j holla and pat/pro: you guys are huge and way too funny, nice imitation on the peach nair's

roga: you definitely should stick with ganon cause it really is sick.

to those who I havent shouted out yet, its tough to be as cool as the mass. and NJ peeps.


XIF - you use neutral air too much
you use down smash too much =)


Smash Lord
Mar 6, 2007
Shoutouts are kinda cool...

Plank/JV - Thanks for hosting.
Neo - You were the only one to successfully 4-stock Young Link all weekend. Congrats. Seriously though, you deserve the proverbial "too good".
Mathos - I have never played two more miserable, but enjoyable, matches. Spammers unite.
Kel - Pool 20... great...
Cactuar - Nice shirt.
Velocity - You make not doing anything fun. We probably should have got some games in.
Chu - Nice dittos. You got me this time.
DaShizWiz - Way to counter pick me... jerk. J/K
A-Laon - *Insert witty sentence here*
HARM - Dead aim!
Taki - Nice DI.
ChozenOne - Thanks for the housing, we owe you.
Taj - Your Mewtwo is decent. LOL, you're amazing.
Everyone else - Sorry I forgot you... It's tough remembering 200 of them. I'll probably add more later.

See you all next time.


Smash Hero
Jan 24, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio
sounds like i missed out, ah well, good job drew beating all these falcos, someones gotta keep birdy down. good job midwest, jiano in top 3 very impressive. cant believe m2k lost he was on such a roll, cant wait for vids


Smash Champion
Aug 6, 2003
Baltimore, MD
-Chillin stole Frozen's car and drove it around the parking lot. In my opinion he won the tournament.

Edit: Sorry to people I was gonna money match but didn't, I was out of cash by Sunday.
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