Phase 6 - Feb 20 - Dallas TX - Brawl 1st = Dojo & Razer / Melee 1st = Darkrain


Sep 28, 2005
Judgment Count: 856
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Tournament Thread:

Brawl Doubles (25)
1: Captain Sexy (Dojo & UTDZac)
2: Egyptian Rat Screw (Bassem & Damien)
3: Gnes & Razer (Gnes & Razer)
4: Gichan & KingAce (PhantomX & Dphat)
5: Chaos Calamity (Clel & Zeton)
5: Diddy Knight & Broken Bananas (Rh(D) & Domo)
7: Sherlock Doom (Mr. Doom & Holms)
7: 8-bit porn (FK & Chucknasty)
9: Om Nom Waffles (Light & Van Jones)
9: Help me Lucas (Tyson & DMG)
9: Justin & Trevor (Fogo & Ice)
9: Suck on this (Bwett & Shuz)
13: Paper Cut (Hylian & Sethlon)
13: Total Pandemonium (Jumpman & Melee1)
13: I've never teamed with a black person before (Typ Ex & Kosmos)
13: Team Redundancy Team (PhoenixAlpha & ChaoticNightmare)
17: Johnny 5 & WallE (TheRealInferno & Zori)
17: 47 (Rave & PsychoAce)
17: Kirbycide FTW (Jowii & Pantyraider)
17: 1 Letter from Disease (RedShadow & HMV)
17: FireEmblem ******s (TakeYourLife & Brett)
17: Moist Pink (Cross & Kates893)
17: Slaps Broke It (Ruddy & SwordMaster)
17: Team Terrell (KirbyKid & Marcus)
25: Zta & JR5 (Zta & JR5)​
Melee Doubles (10)
1: Of Knees and Naps (Bluezaft & Darkrain)
2: jesi and landon (jesi and landon)
3: Double Peach (Kosmos & UTDZac)
4: Tirno & JF (Tirno & JF)
5: Magma Warriors (DMG & Sethlon)
7: Total Pandemonium 2 (SwordMaster & Melee1)
7: Team Projectile Spam (Rexozord & OhGod)
9: Where'd my stocks go? (Denthorn & Ian)
9: The Brotherhood of Steel (Anthony & Johnny)​
Brawl Singles (61)
1: Ultimate Razer - Snake
1: Dojo - MK
3: Gnes - Diddy
4: Bassem - Wario
5: DMG - Wario / MK
5: FK - ZSS
7: Van Jones - MK / Snake
7: Jumpman - Wolf
9: PhoenixAlpha - LUCAS OMG!!!
9: D4Ba - MK / Wario
9: Domo - MK
9: Dphat - MK / Wario
13: TakeYourLife - Marth
13: Hylian - ICs / G&W
13: Zeton - Fox
13: Chuck Nasty - G&W / Pokemon Trainer
17: Mr. Doom - Ike/ MK
17: Clel - MK / Marth
17: Melee1 - ICs
17: Typ Ex - Falco
17: Holms - Wolf
17: Bwett - Diddy
17: Fogo - DDD
17: Sethlon - MK
25: ChaoticNightmare
25: TheRealInferno
25: Kosmos
25: Afrotastic
25: Chic
25: Noc
25: Denti
25: AeroLink
33: Light
33: X_A
33: PhantomX
33: Brett
33: SwordMaster
33: Slaps
33: Tyson
33: Red Shadow
33: Rh(D)
33: Jowii
33: Bros+
33: Brex
33: Zori
33: Zigsta
33: Chuky
33: Pantyraider
49: DA Sandman
49: MxT
49: Xerit
49: Rsn
49: Rave
49: CrossJeremiah
49: Zta
49: PsychoAce
49: BrownLink
49: Kates893
49: Ora
49: Khaoz
49: HMV​
Melee Singles (25)
1: Darkrain
2: Yu
3: Doh
4: Bluezaft
5: JF
5: Tirno
7: Rage
7: Olaf
9: Jesi
9: Hylian
9: LeapingHare
9: Running Brave
13: DMG
13: Red Shadow
13: Reckon
13: SwordMaster
17: Rexozord
17: Noc
17: Denthorn
17: Delx
17: Kal
25: Ian​

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Melee: Darkrain vs Yu (Grand Finals)

UTDZac Dojo vs 1 Letter from Disease

UTDZac Dojo vs FK ChuckNasty ***

Hylian Sethlon vs Dphat PhantomX

UTDZac Dojo vs UltimateRazer Gnes (Winner's Finals)

Dphat PhantomX vs Zeton Clel

Dphat PhantomX vs Bassem D4Ba

UltimateRazer Gnes vs Bassem D4Ba (Loser's Finals)

UTDZac Dojo vs Bassem D4Ba (Grand Finals) ***

Hylian vs Jumpman

PhoenixAlpha vs Fogo

Dojo vs Dphat

Dojo vs Gnes (Winner's Semifinals) (Updated)

PhoenixAlpha vs FK

UltimateRazer vs FK

Melee1 vs Hylian

UltimateRazer vs Dojo (Winner's Finals)

PhoenixAlpha vs DMG

Domo vs Jumpman

Bassem vs Jumpman

Bassem vs FK

Bassem vs Gnes

Dojo vs Gnes (Loser's Finals) ***

Sorry brawl singles Grand Finals did NOT get recorded... my recording device got unplugged =(​
Jun 12, 2005
In a Kingdom of Mushrooms, max'n
It was fun playing everyone. Twas neat playing Austin. Herbivores with a full turnout, first time in ages. Too bad Boom was at work or else he would have worked some fools. Back to the time chamber.

Houston makes me sad.

Now naproxen for my hands.


Smash Lord
Sep 9, 2006
lol @ my 17th in melee. I got 2-0'd twice ;D

As expected from my first tourney. It was cool watching the people there.


Smash Apprentice
May 6, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Anyone live near Euless? After that tourney I know I need some polishing & could use a good sparring partner, hit me up if you're interested.
Apr 11, 2008
Fort Worth, TX
Great tourney overall. =)


Phoenix Alpha - Good job on placement. ^_^ And taking out Fogo....

Fogo - daang, Fogo where you at? Go join Dphat in losing to low tiers. lol I never got to play you... =(
Jk, much love to the Fogo magic and Dphat

Dojo, Gnes, Bassem, Hylian, Kosmos, Typ Ex, Bwett, Denti - ggs, it was fun playing against you guys.

Chic, Chuky, Khaoz - You guys need to shake off the rust and step it up from not playing in a long while. =P ggs.

Popcornio - Team Legend of Zelda? We'd have to work on it. =)

BrownLink - I'm sorry, but there can only be one. Jk, ggs. You'll do better next time. I got so excited seeing you and the other guy playing Link dittos. I just had to join. =) It's kinda lonely being the only Link player in tournaments...


Smash Shinigami
Jul 30, 2007
Kirbykid's ruleset, TX.
Let's just not talk about it.

Good seeing everyone!

Dojo- still one of my favorite players/people, your intensity is scary lol keep that **** up man. We have to find some time outside of tournament to get some friendlies in soon.

Razer- your playstyle is so smooth now, you've gotten much better at adapting on the fly. Gotta pick it up in dubz though lol good seeing ya

Gnes- I think I have the most fun/get the most practice from playing you, you're too smart man lol eating in the car was fun, got crowded quick though lol good **** on driving up for this man, keep Houston traveling alive!

PX- Awesome seeing you man, for someone who doesn't care about much, you sure do care alot about beating d3 lol see you next time

Hylian- fun seeing you as always, we gotta find more time to play though, aside from 4am lol

Josh- good stuff beating me man, it looks like you determination level is at an all time high, run with it man, you can go places.

Royal nynja- fun playing teams with/talking to you, I'm glad you appreciate my chilled out playstyle lol

Domo- you need to start making moves man, I wanna see what we talked about come to fruition.

to everyone else gg's see you all next time!


Apr 16, 2008
Round Rock, Texas
Lol, it's a vendetta thing, Foges. Like... if there's one thing I want to do before I stop playing singles altogether, it's beat your D3 in a set.

Had a great time as usual. I'll probably start doing what Zac and Ice do and forgo singles altogether so I save myself the 10 bucks instead of spending it and ending up losing as Ganon and MK in tournament matches :p


Disney Film Director
Oct 4, 2008
Burbank, CA
Juan's pro at sandbagging.

Great tournament. I'll do some shoutouts after I study all day. XD


Apr 16, 2008
Round Rock, Texas
Stupid Juan. I told you not waste your money if you're just gonna sandbag.
It's my money, *****, I'll do what I want with it!

Besides, when singles is second registration is over way before I know whether I'm going to be sandbagging or not, lol.

Doubles was super fun, had a great time teaming with you Andy, and we did epic things though we had some unfortunate losses.

Great seeing Kansas and Oklahoma, and great seeing Bassem taking up the Wario 4th place spot in singles in my stead (lol).

Oh, and it was hilarious that Lee was coaching over the phone XD


Smash Journeyman
Oct 27, 2008
Austin, TX
WTF change my name when you get the chance. I distinctively said Panty v.v also ggs to everyone I played, I was also Stork at Dphats and thanks for the housing.
Aug 14, 2005
Bassem apparently has a vid of the whole thing. After I'm stressed out from essaying and feel like vomiting all over my hard work, I'm gonna go hit him up to watch it.


Smash Lord
Nov 19, 2005
What melee vids were recorded? I want to see Darkrain vs. Yu, and hopefully Winners/Losers finals as well...


Smash Journeyman
Dec 30, 2008
Galveston, TX
I want to see brackets. And can't wait to see Mitchell vs Darkrain GF vids. Austin did really well overall, good **** guys!

Tirno & JF - Great job on 4th in doubles and 5th in singles. JF, you put forth a valiant effort against Bluezaft, too bad you SD'd at the end of 3rd match. Edgar, you should be proud of your best major tourney performance thus far!

Mitchell - OMG 2nd place! Amazing how nobody besides Darkrain could beat you.

Kal - Don't get discouraged, everybody gets nervous at major tournaments like these. You'll definitely make top 5 next time.

Hylian - I think we had the closest set ever lol. I have mad respect for you but you gotta play more melee and, most importantly, come to Smash Club meetings!

Bluezaft - Would have been nice to take a couple more stocks off you but at least I ledgeteched your run-off-the-stage rest. XD

Darkrain - Holy crap I played you. I expected major rapeage and you did not disappoint; thanks!

Light - ggs, your falco went super saiyan after our first few friendly matches lol. We must play again next time.

JR5 - Sry I didn't see your doubles matches. I know you can do better, just need more tourney experience. Thanks for housing me and other Austinites and for ****** us in Brawl- lol.

BrownLink - Sry we had to play in first round of Brawl singles heh. I think your top priority for improving is learn to relax and not worry so much about winning/losing.

I really hope Dallas melee including Darkrain will come to a UT Austin Smash Club meeting sometime. Whenever you guys can come to one of our biweekly meetings, tell us and we will gladly hold a big Melee Singles tournament on that date. How does April 10th sound?

Edit: actually any Southwest smashers are welcome to any of our meetings!


Smash Lord
Sep 17, 2008

Light - thanks for helping me "learn" the sheik matchup a bit more.
PX - thanks for cg'ing me, kind of. i appreciate the time taken to re-learn it.
DMG - thank you for the awesome pasta omelette. wish we could have played
dphat - thanks for housing me, wish we could have played.
zigsta - nice to play another PT main again.
hylian - wish we could have played. thanks for warning me for the infractions ahead of time.
Zac - thanks for hosting a great tournament. keep up the good work
Monica - thanks for finding the venue/paying for the pizza.
billy - we need to play again
shuz - nice talking with you. hope to play you soon
Phoenix alpha - good **** in tournament. you're going to break top 5 in no time.
bear - it was good to play you again. wish i didnt sd =/. one of these days we'll have a legit set.
razer - thanks for the friendlies, hopefully ill get the full experience next time.
dojo - thanks for the thought of playing me. 3 phases and counting.
gnes - very nice to see you in bracket again. i may just learn this stupid matchup instead of going for gimps
nynja - It was nice to see you again. probably my fav person there. robots in disguise!
domo - I wish i got to play your MK
zeton - wish i could have showed you my new technique
clel - wish i could have played your MK/fox/marth
kate - nice to see you. keep on walking.
mr doom - hopefully ill get to play your ike sometime
holms - go wolf against me please.

will be updated on a post by post basis.


Smash Ace
Mar 16, 2009
Austin, Texas
Great tourney overall. =)
BrownLink - I'm sorry, but there can only be one. Jk, ggs. You'll do better next time. I got so excited seeing you and the other guy playing Link dittos. I just had to join. =) It's kinda lonely being the only Link player in tournaments...
lol, don't worry about it. Truth be told, I'm really more of a Brawl + player, and much prefer B+ Link, and of course B- Link is amazing.
If the occasion should ever arise, I'd love to ditto you in either of those games.
But thanks for the shoutout! It's great to know I'm now recognized in the smash community.
btw, ur Link is amazing, honestly near Izaw's level. I know in Brawl he has so many weaknesses, and takes a lot of patience to play at a high level, patience I unfortunately didn't posses, which is why I picked up Toon Link, haha. In fact, I'd like to face ur Link with my TL even in normal Brawl.
Plus take solace in that fact there are more Link mains, than Ganondorf, Falcon or Puff mains, he deserves to be at the top of bottom tier.

btw Zac, PLEASE consider having B+ as a side event at the next Phase, there are people who play it exclusively, or at least as a side game.
May 27, 2007
Library, Ponyville
Fun tournament. I really wanna learn doubles now. Shoutouts soon?

P.S.: To Zac and/or Josh(PhoenixAlpha): I think I left my black controller at one of your apartments. Not sure though.


Smash Champion
Jan 20, 2006
Manliest city in Texas
Holms: you had razer in your sights!!!

P.X.: Those falcon ganon matches were fun, I want to play you more often.

Dmg: why did you have to find out that **** chain grab on falcon.. it's all good though, thanks for sending me to losers yet again.


Smash Apprentice
May 6, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Hey good stuff BRLNK88, you played a good Toon Link and you're cool to talk to. I used to main him but I'll only use him in certain matchups now as a secondary b/c it's tough to play a lot of the top tier characters with him. Our Snake vs Marth matchups were close bro. If you play online man let me know, ggz.

Bwett - you inspire me to practice against Diddy, grrr! Good stuff man, hope to brawl ya again.

Mr.Doom - hats off to your Ike man, that jab was annoying though ! = P haha, hope I get to play you again, epic mushroom hat btw =D

Ora - You punk, you're the coolest brawler I know, time for some Marth dittos with you and your epic counterness.

Dojo - Was cool to talk to ya while we watched your friend using Ness against that Marth, glad to see your a cool guy in person, hope to run into you in one of these tournies.

Gnes - You gotta go easy on peeps with that Diddy man!