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  • what is this actually posting on smashboards business that i see you doing
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    orly, bet i could donk on you now though. been practicing a lot here (still don't have a setup though lol) and that evo trip helped
    haha naw man, I've gotten way too good. Go To Carrollfest 4 near Pittsburgh... How was EVO btw?

    And lol, you gotta get a setup. GC is like $15. Melee I'm not so sure.
    EVO was amazing, it was like attending the super bowl of smash live.

    no car = can't get tv easily = no setup :(
    It's ok man. Well I'm going to No Johns this weekend. Doh is driving us, so I dunno if he'll be driving the next week if we can only get there by car.

    If he is driving there next week, then I should be able to go. ;o
    When and how can I get there? I'm planning to get some health coverage and should have income tax too and stuff. So I should be very good.
    Haha, I didn't use twitter much either, but it helps in updating people with statuses through your phone. I just never looked at twitter as useful until now.

    The link is http://twitter.com/MELEE_ALL_DAY

    Haha awesome man. Let me know how that goes down. It seems it's possible (I think) to bus it up there on the Megabus, so check that out if you aren't going by car. : D
    Umm, it's called IMPULSE. It's in Toronto. It's in June-July. I'm very interested in going.

    And I will deff go. I also made a twitter account for my tournament series so let me know if you want that info. (But I'll hit you up anyways lol)
    Yo. Are you going to Canada in the summer? (for nationals)

    I deff would like to play ya and krux again.

    Also I'll let ya know a bout when my tourny will be up if ur interested still. : D
    Hello, hello! Tournament in Athens, Ohio on March 2nd. The Pittsburgh PA crew seems pretty interested in coming. Maybe you want to come too?
    Well, it's just that I've got no home in WV anymore. My mom moved to PA and I don't have many friends left around home to not have to stay in a h/motel
    Kind of a funny story, but yesterday was my move in day at college and I printed out a sign that said:

    DO NOT
    bet $ against this guy in
    Super Smash Brothers

    So then one time some random guy from the dorm challenged me to a $10 money match and his group of friends wanted to see it. It was funny. And today they spent an hour of their day playing ffas with me. I think doing something like this is a great way to find new players.
    Just because they're low tier, doesn't mean they completely suck. There's a reason why they're above the bottom. Choosing a character is not about a position on a list. The character chooses the player.

    If you think Link, Pikachu, and Zelda metagame is evolving, get ready for the other low tiers to advance. Melee is going through a little low tier revolution.
    "Me and Dr. Grip will be taking this teams tourney by storm. I'll be up for teams MMs"

    Who do you both respectively play and what state do you guys live in? :O
    Hey, I was looking around at the WV thread and saw you were in the WVU area. I'm an RA at one of the freshman dorms. Was waitng for a reply on the thread, but I've got nothing for the past few days.

    You said something about a tourney or something at WVU?
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