If you had to remove 20 characters from Ultimate, who would they be?


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Feb 20, 2014

Miis = Don't belong
Echoes (Links, Dr. Mario, Chrom, Lucina, Richter, Dark Samus, Lucas, Dark Pit, Daisy, Pichu, Falco) = Can be done without
Greninja & Lucario = Pokemon that feel second rate to me
Sheik = The farther from Ocarina of Time we get, the more silly it looks to have this character in the game
Bayonetta = I don't think the character fits Smash, never have, never will

I'm more about characters that have been there for a long time and continue to be.
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Aug 6, 2018
I would cut:
1. :ultbowserjr: (too many Mario reps)
2. :ultdoc: (semi-clone, can work as a alt costume)
3. :ultrob: (didn't like that it was the surprise character in Brawl)
4. :ultdarkpit: (echo)
5. :ultlucina: (echo)
6. :ultsimon: (I prefer Richter's design)
7. :ultchrom: (echo)
8. :ultcorrin: (don't like them)
9. :ultwolf: (too much furries)
10. :ultlucas: (love him but I prefer Ness)
11. :ultdaisy: (echo)
12. :ultdarksamus: (echo)
13. :ultyounglink: (I prefer Toon Link)
14. :ultmiifighters: (don't like any of them)
15. :ultlucario: (don't like him)
16. :ultryu: (wouldn't miss him if he weren't in)
17. :ultlittlemac:(same as Ryu)
18. :ultsonic: (he's too slow)
19. :ultpichu: (bye Felicia)
20. :ultmetaknight: (just to see people's reactions)

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Jan 1, 2013

This is a fun topic idea. I'll explain a few of my decisions further:

• Cutting Bayonetta and Cloud in responce to their Smash 4 tournament controversies may argubly be for the better.

• Cutting Corrin, Lucina, and Roy reduces "clutter" on the Fire Emblem roster while leaving behind three popular lords (:ultmarth:,:ultike:,:ultchrom:) and one unique moveset (:ultrobin). Roy is one of my favorite characters to play as but I feel that this is a fair compromise.

• Pichu, Pokémon Trainer, and Jigglypuff are cut for similar reasons, leaving :ultpikachu: and :ultmewtwo: as Gen I reps and :ultlucario: and :ultgreninja: as modern gen reps. Again, I like playing as Charizard and Jigglypuff, but if we are cutting so many corners, then some sacrifices need to be made.

• All echoes except for Chrom are cut to reduce clutter, with Roy cut instead.

• Sheik and Palutena were cut due to having supportive roles in the few games they appeared in, as well as a lack of moveset portrayed in their games (except for Sheik in Hyrule Warriors.)

• A few others like Doc, the two Links, Wii Fit Trainer, the Miis, and even Bowser Jr. were removed to further "clean" up the roster.


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Nov 24, 2001
1-6: :ultdarksamus::ultdaisy::ultlucina::ultroy::ultdarkpit::ultrichter:
True Echoes go first, of course, since they don't add that much, and I'd rather cut them than unique characters. However, just for ****s and giggles and because Roy was already a semi-clone, I did Roy before Chrom.

7: :ultbayonetta:
I don't think she's worthy of being in Smash, I don't like her as a character, and she's OP and irritating as a fighter.
8: :ultcloud:
I've beaten FF7 multiple times, I like FF, I like FF7. Cloud is not the best part of FF7, imo, but I like him fine too. But he doesn't belong with Nintendo's All-Stars. He's also kinda overpowered in Smash4 (supposedly he's a bit worse in SSBU, but better safe than sorry). I'd rather see a FF character that appeared on SNES (Terra, moogle, black mage)
9: :ultsnake:
Snake doesn't belong for reasons similar to Cloud.

10-14: :ultdoc::ultyounglink::ultfalco::ultpichu::ultchrom:
These clones are still fairly similar to one or more characters. And we'll still have two Links. Wolf is more unique than Falco, so he'll stay. Also, oops I cut Chrom anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now it's getting a lot tougher... We're past all the very similar clones (remainders are pretty unique) and past the 3rd-parties that I don't think are worthy of slots.

15-17: :ultmiifighters::4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword:
Mii Fighters won't be missed that much. They can't compete with real characters, and the restrictions on their use in Smash 4 really prevented them from developing as much of a player base either...

18: :ulticeclimbers:
ICs never had a strong fanbase for the characters. The game sold alright, but I don't feel it's really remembered as a great classic that people return to. So I feel like they'd be less disappointing to cut. With the removal of chain grabs and wobbling, they also lose the folks who only liked them because they were high tier.

19-20: :ultolimar::ultduckhunt:
I just find these two very annoying to play against, while not being as iconic or important as characters like Pac-Man and Sonic (who are also annoying to play against).

Alternatively, maybe cutting Lucario and/or Greninja would be fine, because there are always going to be new Pokemon anyway and I like the other Pokemon better...


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Aug 10, 2018
Why stop at 20 when you can mod the game to delete all of them except Mario?
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Jan 26, 2010
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:ultbayonetta:: I really do enjoy the Bayonetta series, but she is literally the only character in this whole series that genuinely doesn't fit in Smash.
:ultbowserjr:: They can cut him and I wouldn't miss him.
:ultcorrin:: Not a bad character, but there are better choices.
:ultduckhunt:: Do. Not. Like. Him.
:ultdoc:: I enjoy Dr. Mario, but he as his own character doesn't make sense to me.
:ultgreninja:: I love Greninja, but if they would cut him, I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
:ulticeclimbers:: Do not like the Ice Climbers.
:ultjigglypuff:: Literally saved by the OG 12. Had she not been in the original, she would never would have been in the series.
:ultlucina:: The most overrated character in Fire Emblem in my opinion. She can freely go and I wouldn't miss her. I'd probably be glad to see her gone.
:ultmiifighters:: They aren't bad, just nothing special.
:ultness:: I do not like Ness. I'd rather have Lucas be the main rep for Mother. In my opinion, he is saved by the OG 12.
:ultpeach:: MUCH prefer Daisy. Never liked Peach, never will.
:ultpichu:: Joke character has it's benefits, but I don't think anyone would miss him.
:ultolimar:: I dunno....I feel like if they cut him I wouldn't miss him at all.
:ultdarkpit:: Obvious reasons.
:ultrob:: I liked him in Brawl, but if they would cut him, not many would miss him.
:ultsheik:: Outlived her relevancy status by the lot. Yeah I know K Rool is in the game but there are so many better characters from Zelda that are either more relevant or more fondly remembered then her. She's just useless at this point. Impa is a much better rep.
:ultrichter:: I don't hate Richter at all, it's just that I prefer Simon more.
:ulttoonlink:: If he goes, the roster would be better for it, especially when it comes to Zelda. I like him in Wind Waker. As a Smash character, I despise him.
:ultwiifittrainer:: I don't think anyone would miss her.


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Aug 15, 2014
:ultpichu: Clone
:ultcorrin:Too much FE
:ultwolf:Clone\Doesn't Deserve it
:ultchrom:Clone/Too Much FE:A\ Bias towards Roy
:ultpalutena:Dead Series
:ultmiifighters:Felt like it
:ultlucas:Clone\Dead Series
:ultwiifittrainer:Felt like it
:ultolimar:Felt like it
:ultlucario:Felt like it
:ultike:Old, poor selling game.

Why did these made it:
:ultlucina: Main
:ulttoonlink: More different than Y.Link

This list wasn't that hard to make, surprisingly.
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Aug 3, 2014
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  • No Mii Fighters since no one cares about them.
  • No clones/echos since they're too similar to other characters.
  • No Robin, Corrin, Greninja, or Lucario since they were mainly added to coincide a recently popular game in their long running series.
  • No WFT since almost no one uses them.
  • No Bayonetta or Cloud since they're 3rd party and have little relevance to Nintendo (especially in Bayo's case).


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Apr 22, 2010
I think echoes/clones should normally be palette swaps, but since they take less time than more novel fighters, I'm going to focus on characters I dislike for other reasons first. (And if this were real, removing novel fighters would allow for more newcomers.)

Roughly in order:

:ultbayonetta:Bayonetta should never have gotten in Smash. She is too essentially sexual.
:ultsnake:Snake should never have gotten in Smash. He is too essentially violent.
:ultpacman:I hate his design.
:ultrob:I hate his design
:ultlucario:I hate his design
:ultjigglypuff:She's boring, and rest is a made-up, joke, jank move.
:ultduckhunt:They're stupid.
:ultvillager:His moveset is stupid. A game being popular doesn't mean it should have a playable fighter.
:ultpalutena:She's boring, and I don't think Kid Icarus would feel lacking in representation without her.
:ultlittlemac:He's boring. Captain Falcon is already a cool hard-hitter.
:ultbowserjr:His design is boring (mostly a big, white ball), and he's almost always flying in his source material.
:ultwiifittrainer:She's a joke character with a boring moveset.
:ultgnw:I don't think joke/retro characters should automatically return, especially when they don't get significantly more popular outside Smash.
:ultcloud:There are way better Square Enix characters that should be in Smash before Cloud, whose moveset is not that interesting anyway.
:ultzss:Her moveset isn't that interesting, especially now that Simon and Richter are in with more focus on their whips. The character herself also seems unnecessary.
:ultcorrin:She's more novel than clone-y, which unfortunately for her, means she gets cut sooner in this list. I don't really care about her, and her moveset is interesting, but not thrilling.
:ultryu:His moveset really isn't that interesting.
:4miisword:Instead of spending time on Mii fighter movesets, players should be able to use whatever moves they want from other characters already in the game to make a custom character without the developers worrying about it being balanced. (Ideally, custom moves would stay in the game and be available as well.)

Moveset revamps:

:ultganondorf:Revamped to Mage Ganondorf with some sword attacks (Personally, I prefer the look of the Darknut sword more than the Executioner's Blade. Ideally, the player could choose which to use before starting a game.)
:ultyounglink:Revamped to Masked Link. I think it would make more sense from development time and game balance perspectives to have the transformations be quick changes during moves, like some of Corrin's moves, but I wouldn't turn down a moveset with complete transformations.

Notes on this game's rules:

I don't think echoes/clones should count equally as novel fighters, and I think significantly altered movesets should count as cuts. If the rules reflected these opinions, my list would be different.

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Jul 7, 2013
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:ultcorrin::ultchrom::ultdarkpit::ultpalutena::ultgreninja::ultrosalina::ultbowserjr::ultyounglink::ultpichu::ultsheik::ultdaisy::ultbayonetta: - I'd be totally fine without these characters as I never cared much for any of them. They aren't really what I'd consider "All-Star" material.

:ultmetaknight::ultwolf::ultlucina::ultdarksamus::ultdiddy::ultkrool::ultlucario::ultmiifighters:- Would rather see them stay, but wouldn't be too upset if they weren't there.
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Jun 27, 2014
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:ultdoc:Just make him an alternate costume, like Builder or Wedding Mario.
:ultfalco:Compared to Fox and Wolf, he's not as important.
:ultroy: If "Roy's our boy" wasn't a thing, I guarantee not a single person would miss this guy.
:ultdarkpit:This was the character EVERYONE said was getting cut. No one would miss him.
:ulttoonlink:Young Link makes this character irrelevant to me.
:ultgreninja:I actually have fun playing this guy on occasion, but he's not one of those legacy Pokemon that a lot of people recognize, compared to Mewtwo, or even Lucario.
:ultmiifighters:I don't know anyone who plays Mii Brawler.
:ultmiifighters:I don't know anyone who plays Mii Swordfighter.
:ultmiifighters:I don't know anyone who plays Mii Gunner.
:ultbowserjr:The one Mario character I don't care for, and his moveset just felt lazily put together.
:ultcorrin:I know a couple guys who are Fire Emblem fans and they just despise Corrin as a character, and as someone who doesn't mind a lot of Fire Emblem characters, he didn't particularly stick out to me, even with all his specials.
:ultbayonetta:Eh, the Bayonetta games are good, but kinda overrated IMO, and her inclusion seems to have done more damage to the Smash community in the long run.
:ultdaisy:She's just kinda there, I don't mind her at all, but I wouldn't really miss her either.
:ultsimon:Richter is cooler.
:ultchrom:Found his character boring, it's cool that he's confirmed, but if he remained an NPC again, I wouldn't be begging for him.

The rest of my choices are reluctant choices, but for the sake of hitting 20:


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Jun 14, 2008
It doesn't look like I can really get rid of 20. Most of these were because they're over represented, clones, or just not very relevant.



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Jun 18, 2018
Disclaimer: I love all of these characters and would never want any of them removed, but since you asked...

:ultbayonetta:- Appeared in Few Games
:ultcloud:- Little History with Nintendo
:ultcorrin:- From a Game that Did Not Sell Well, and From a Series Which I Believe is Over Represented
:ultchrom:- Unncessary Echo
:ultlucina:- Echoes are the First on the Chopping Block
:ultrichter:- Echoes are the First on the Chopping Block
:ultmiifighters:- Good Concept, but Does Anyone Use Them Often?
:ultyounglink:- 3 Versions of Link is More Like a Privilege than a Necessity
:ultpichu:- Clones Gotta Go
:ultdoc:- Clones Gotta Go
:ultshulk:- Just Because I've Never Played Xenoblade Chronicles
:ultsnake:- Never Played Metal Gear
:ultmarth:- This One Was Tough, But I Prefer Ike, Robin, and Roy Over Marth
:ultsheik:- I'm Satisfied With Just Zelda
:ulttoonlink:- As Much as I Use Him More Than Link, There Was Only Room for 1 on This List and The Main Link Has to be There
:ultzss:- Like Sheik, I'm Satisfied with Just Zeruo Suit Samus
:ultgreninja:- Pokemon Trainer is 3 in 1, Pikachu is the Face of Pokemon, Lucario & Mewtwo are Popular, and I Couldn't Bring Myself to Chopping Jigglypuff
:ultdarkpit:- Bye

Now these last two were hard. I had it down to a few names. I wanted to get rid of Falco or Wolf but I love Star Fox too much to do it. Dark Samus and Daisy were echoes I wanted so chopping them was hard. And I love all of the retro characters (Simon Belmont, Mr. Game & Watch, Pac-Man, R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Ice Climbers) so I didn't want them to go. So I made the very hard decision of saying goodbye to...
:ultdaisy:- I Know I Said She Was an Echoe I Liked But After Closer Consideration It Was Her or Rosalina. I'd Rather Preserve an Original Moveset
:ultjigglypuff:- Cant Believe I Did It.... I Really Wanted to Keep the Original 12, But I Had No Other Choice

well that was hard...


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Aug 15, 2018
It's like how I feel that people take pichu out over pikachu. The cute must stay.


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Apr 9, 2007

Wii Fit Trainer hurt a bit since that means Wii Fit loses all its characters. Also sorry Roy but Chrom takes priority.

Everyone is gutting the entire FE roster, shocker
Man, I LOVE Fire Emblem but it doesn't feel right to prioritize more than 2 Marths or more than 1 Awakening character over all of the remaining characters.
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Feb 20, 2008
:ultdoc: Could've been an alt costume like others said.
:ultdaisy: We kinda have plenty of Mario characters already, and she's an echo of Peach so I had to start somewhere. I don't mind her for the record.
:ultlucina: Kinda have a bias against her and Fire Emblem in general for a while so... Well it really doesn't help that she's an echo with no true new moves; just a tipperless sword and different counter pose, I think.
:ultroy: I just don't like him.
:ultcorrin: I never really agreed or accepted this one at all. I considered the way this character got in was pure luck and timing through being a promotion for one of the FE games. Ppl said it didn't sell well either did it?
:ultchrom: I don't have to explain my disdain for him and Fire Emblem in general. Also an echo.
:ultdarkpit: Even if he wasn't an echo, we could do without him.
:ultbayonetta: She didn't really fit in Smash in my eyes. She's okay in her games, but not in Smash to me.
:ultcloud: I have bias against him, and little history with Nintendo.
:ultyounglink: While I personally think one Link is enough, Toon Link seemed more different than the original.
:ultpokemontrainer: The overrep of Gen 1 really did hurt despite being a very unique character.
:ultrichter: Echo...
:ultdarksamus: Echo... (This time it's pun intended since Metroid Prime 2 was called Echoes)
:ultryu: Don't like...
:4miisword::4miigun::4miibrawl: No explanation needed.
:ultlucario: Eh, I honestly just am not fond of him. While he's not similar to Mewtwo, I'm just not fond of his little aura mechanic either. It's pretty much rage with more effects. Plus I felt like he was kinda shoved into our face back then.
:ultsnake: Felt like he was more of a one-time thing.
:ulticeclimbers: Only 1 game, and it was either them or G&W, and G&W basically was a system, and that kinda ranks up over a single game

Other notes:
The only FE characters that get a true pass in my eyes are Marth, Ike, and Robin in for being ultimately unique, with the first 2 being some of the more relevant ones in the series I think... or at least being veterans, and Robin has the case of being a magic user (I kinda like magic). I already stated my bias against Fire Emblem and how I feel it keeps getting shoved in my face so much, so there.

The one big part that was very stressful to me was trying to figure out which Pokemon had to go. The thing is is that Gen 1 covers most of the Pokemon rep as is which I didn't really like. I know they're popular, but surely there could be other Pokemon from other Gens that could get the rep. Jigglypuff being part of the original 12 was what kept her in.

It was hard deciding which certain characters had to go, and these were some contenders outside the 20 above:
-Falcon stayed because of the Original 12 thing I mentioned before. Jigglypuff stayed for the same reason.
-I wasn't big about Shulk at first... still aren't, but I think he's okay enough.
-Wii Fit was a tough choice, but the uniqueness of using fitness as a weapon is just brilliant. Shame the character in general is underrated.
-Falco was on there once before before I changed it. My thought would be that Wolf would be a more popular choice.
-G&W idk what to think. He seemed most random outta the other characters, but G&W was also a handheld (was it?), and I kind of ranked it over the one Ice Climbers game.
-ROB I was told had some fair history with Nintendo way back then, so sure he can stay. Gotta have some Retro with you, right?
-Pichu was a special case. After reading one of the previous comments, I think Pichu could stay, and surely he could have differences in his moveset.

Pit would gain 1 or 2 new movesets in a "loadout" fashion in reference to KIU. Basically the Pit we have now would still be there with a move change or two, but he'd also have a moveset featuring the Blade, and another for Cannon. Where the Bow is versatility, with projectile and multi-hit attacks, the Blade moveset loses reflectors and a bit of movement speed in favor of better range, hits a bit harder than the bow and has different projectile attacks, and the Cannon would be about power and area control, which also features using explosive powers (Land Mine may be an option).
Optionally, just keep the Bow moveset now and add the Cannon moveset to allow players to choose between versatility/some speed or power. Toggle between Bow and Cannon sets at the character selection screen. You can only choose one moveset per match, though you can choose both in Squad mode, each being one stock. I'll have to think about this one more, but you get the gist of what I mean, right?

Would revamp her to be a defensive heavyweight that makes use of a multitude of projectiles (like some of the ones you'd see in her KIU boss battle, including that projectile-shooting shield projectile) and a reflector. She would have a pretty good air mobility due to her levitating powers in my eyes. Using her staff, she'd have some long-reaching moves, but also has some shield attacks to increase her defenses. Counter is replaced with s4's Celestial Fireworks.

I don't really have much interest in the character, but I could still feel that Toon Link could get some moves changed to feel more like what stuff he has in his games, such as making use of the Deku Leaf to slowly float down or something. Someone more familiar with Toon Link and his games will have better ideas. He'd pretty much be a faster Link with a different kit.

Pichu could have a moveset featuring playful attacks as opposed to Pika's aggressiveness. Mostly less-range and weaker compared to Pika but some moves having special properties, like a certain electric attack can be weaker, but short paralysis effect for followups. Side-B is no longer Skull Bash as Pichu technically could never learn it in the games, but could be something like Thunder Punch instead (can be learned via breeding). Some grabs can be different, such as F-throw being charm (a throw with no damage, but using Pit's cuteness, weakens the opponent somehow for a short time). I didn't think about it much since it never was on my mind, but I'm sure someone can do better than me for this little mouse.

Sheesh, this took me quite some hours to think of, so apologies if something is wrong or something.. x_x

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Jul 26, 2018
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How do you think I feel when people keep taking out Roy?
Well, I gain a year back when I see Bayonetta on here, which is relatively often, so we can take solace in that. You win some, you lose some.
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Jun 23, 2015
ah the smash fanbase. literally looking at the largest roster in the series and the first thing that we discuss? more ****ing cuts.


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Sep 1, 2014
To me these characters either don't fit in with the cast, are just really random, or *insert generic pokemon fighter here*


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Jun 30, 2015
This is a hard one, but I would go with(in no particular order)

1. :ultdoc: - I would rather make him an alternate costume. I enjoy playing as him from time to time, but I would not miss him seeing as I was shocked he returned in smash 4.

2. :ultyounglink: - Never played him.

3. :ultrichter: -Never played any castlevania games, so I never knew who he or Simon was. However, I think I will prefer to play as Simon.

4. :ultbowserjr: - Feels like a character hardly anyone plays. Fun to play, but I had to cut someone.

5. :4miibrawl: - Did not care that much for the Miis.

6. :4miisword: - Same reason with (5).

7. :4miigun: - Same with (5) and (6).

8. :ultchrom: - So many fire emblem characters and this is just Roy: Lucina edition with Ike's up b. I think I can cut a few from this franchise.

9. :ultroy: - I prefer Lucina.

10. :ultrob: The retro character I played the least.

11. :ultdarkpit: - Just a pit clone with very little differences. So does Lucina, but there is some bias. Give him a new moveset and I will change my mind.

12. :ultlucas: It was hard picking between him and ness, but I choose Lucas since ness was part of the original 12 and like Ricther, I never played earthbound. However, at least I've heard of Ness.

13. :ultdarksamus: - I prefer the other echo characters.

14. :ultfalco: - Out of the 3, I'd take falco out. Wolf is basically the villain of the three and fox is the protagonist.

15. :ultcorrin: - When I saw his/her reveal trailer, I did not know who this was. Unique sure, but I had to cut someone.

Ugh. Looks like I have to make some more hard choices.

16. :ultsheik: Enjoy playing as her, but other Zelda characters could take her place.

17. :ultpichu: Sob. Sob. I had to choose between Pichu and Pikachu and it was not easy. Had to obviously go with cutting pichu. Sorry, my child. If you had a moveset with your ukulele, I would have never considered cutting you.

18. :ultmewtwo: -Sorry, but Gen 1 has so many reps compared to the other generations. Cutting mewtwo and pichu was hard.

19. :ulttoonlink: - Had to cut someone.

20. :ultzss: Same with (19).

Man was this tough. I know smash ultimate has a large roster, but it would be really sad to see some characters though. Thanks for the experience though. I had fun making this(even if it hurt a little inside).
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Aug 17, 2018
Dr Mario
Young Link
Toon Link
Dark Pit
Dark Samus
Captain Falcon

No clones, no semi-clones, no semi-semi clones. Faceless nonsense can also go, whereas others have covered Squirtle/Ivysaur. I don't get the trend of getting rid of comparatively unique characters, but ah well.
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Aug 14, 2018

This was rather easy, I would first make this game Nintendo only again before cutting any nintendo characters. Then cut the clone characters that can be alt costumes aswel with some tweaking. Then any clone characters that seems redudant, cutting down on fireemblem first. No mii miifighter. No rob because I feel like Game and watch is a better nostalgia character. EDIT: Forgot about Dark Samus, so Rob is safe.

Want to note that I actually really like about half of these characters. So I did this from a more objective point of view. In case of Young Link, if there are three links already, one of them naturally had to go.
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Jul 14, 2014
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My three favorite charecters are Sonic , Game and Watch, and Wii Fit trainer, reading this thread hurts
That’s how I feel when seeing all these cuts of Snake, Shulk, Lucina, Lucas, Simon, and especially Captain Falcon

(Edit) and Cloud too, divisive as he was in 4
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Jul 31, 2012
Personally, I love the idea of everybody is here and am glad that everybody is returning, but if I needed to it would be this.

Mii Fighters: :4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword:
Echoes: :ultchrom::ultdaisy::ultdarkpit::ultdarksamus::ultlucina::ultrichter:
Half of the 3rd Parties: :ultbayonetta::ultcloud::ultryu::ultsnake:
Clones or Duplicates Of the Same Person: :ultdoc::ultpichu::ultroy::ultsheik::ulttoonlink::ultyounglink::ultzss:


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Aug 19, 2018
Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Bayonetta, Cloud.


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May 27, 2016
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I'll let fate decide via random number generator!


Oof, fate is a cruel mistress indeed.
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