If you had to remove 20 characters from Ultimate, who would they be?

Aug 24, 2018
You're working at Sora Ltd., designing the next Smash Game alongside Sakurai. He tells you that you get to design the roster, but before you add any newcomers you must remove 20 fighters from the current roster first. So who would you remove?


1: You can either name the fighters you would remove, but it would be easier to use their fighter face icons.
2: You can remove echo fighters. They each count as one fighter.
3: If A fighter has an echo, you can remove the fighter and not the echo, letting the echo take its place.
4: If you want to, you can move around echoes to other fighters.
5: A minimum of 20 fighters must be removed, but you can remove more if you like.
6: You do not have to explain why you removed a fighter.
7: No fighters have immunity. You can remove a fighter from the original 8 if you like.
8: Assume no one in going to be distressed if you remove a fighter. You do not have to regard if fans would be angry or not whatsoever.
9: Although it does not count toward your 20, you can mention a fighter and that you would like to completely revamp their moveset.

(9/15/2018): I'm going to edit some of the rules:
If you truly feel reluctant to remove a character you can lower it to 15 or even 10. If there are so many characters you want to remove you can remove as many as you want.
If you want to remove characters from the pokemon trainer that does count as one/two/three characters removed even though the official website says otherwise.
(Work with the current roster for SSBU. As more newcomers are revealed you can chose to either remove them or let them stay)

For example, here is what I might do.
(The following example does not reflect any of my beliefs toward who I would remove, it is simply hypothetical)

I look at the original 12. I see who I like and don't like. I decide to remove Captain Falcon because F-Zero will probably never get another game and Jigglypuff becuase she was only supposed to be a Kirby clone.
Then I look at the Melee roster. Melee had a lot of clones. I decide to remove some of the clones and semiclones.
Since Roy has Chrom as an echo fighter, I mention that now Chrom is an echo fighter of Ike.
Continuing, I decide that the retro fighters were A bid Idea. I remove those fighters.
I also don't like Dark Pit. Who knows why, Maybe I think he's annoying or undeserving of Smash. In fact, I also happen to find the villager annoying, so he gets the cut too.
Since the Wii and Wii U are no longer functioning consoles, I decide to remove the Mii fighters and the Wii fit trainer.
I look toward the end of the roster and make some final decisions. I decide to remove Shulk, Corrin, Bayonetta and Richter.
I double check and realize that I'm one character short! I quickly scroll through the roster, checking each character and deciding if I would really want them or not. In the end I decide to remove Little Mac.
And so the twnety characters I would remove are: Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, Dr. Mario, Pichu, Young Link, Roy (and Chrom is now and echo fighter of Ike), Mr. Game and Watch, R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Dark Pit, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, the Mii Fighters, Shulk, Corrin, Bayonetta, Richter, and Little Mac.


I made a part 2 to this thread, here's the link!
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Oct 14, 2016
Ice Climbers
Dr. Mario
Young Link
Toon Link
Rosalina & Luma
All 3 Mii Fighters
Duck Hunt
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Jun 18, 2018
Hard for me, as I really dig the "Everyone is here" thing, and feel like "once in smash, your always part of the family"... :grin:

:4miibrawl: (generic and boring to me)
:4miigun: (generic and boring to me)
:4miisword: (generic and boring to me)
:ultpichu: (clone/echo)
:ultdoc: (clone/echo)
:ultyounglink: (clone/echo)
:ulttoonlink: (clone/echo)
:ultlucina: (clone/echo)
:ultdarkpit: (clone/echo)
:ultroy: (clone echo)
:ultchrom: (clone/echo)
:ultdarksamus: (clone/echo)
:ultdaisy: (clone/echo)
:ultcorrin: (latest unique Fire Emblem character)
:ultryu: (latest third party, slim connection to nintendo)
:ultcloud: (latest third party, slim connection to nintendo)
:ultbayonetta: (latest third party, few games)
:ultsimon: (I like Richters design more)
:ultinkling: (personal bias)
:ultgreninja: (personal bias)

I would like to preserve the 1st party characters, so most of the newer third parties of 4 get the axe. I want to keep one Castlevania character, as it is an important part of video game history.
The clones/echos would have to go too, although it pains me in some cases... Wolf, Lucas and Luigi I would keep for different reasons (villain/representation/importance).
The Miis, Greninja and Inkling are just really low in my personal preferences, Corrin is just the last Fire Emblem rep and three characters are enough imo.
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Iron Kraken

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Oct 13, 2014
Mii Fighters (3): :ultmiifighters::ultmiifighters::ultmiifighters:

Echo Fighters / Has an Echo Fighter (5): :ultdaisy::ultdarkpit::ultdarksamus::ultrichter::ultroy:

Similar to other characters (5): :ultdoc::ulttoonlink::ultwolf::ultpichu::ultlucas:

Fundamentally annoying to fight against (3): :ultolimar::ultlittlemac::ultbayonetta:

Apathy (4): :ultgnw::ultrob::ultgreninja::ultcorrin:
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Mar 12, 2018
  1. :ultcloud: (really hated his inclusion back then, and while I tolerate it nowadays he's still my least favorite character in Smash)
  2. :ultcorrin: (never loved his moveset)
  3. :ultdaisy: (Not a huge fan of the character in comparison to other Mario characters)
  4. :ultfalco: (I love him but between Fox, Falco and Wolf, he had to be cut)
  5. :ultgreninja: (kinda hurts to cut it but I prefer other Pokémon)
  6. :ultpichu: (It's a cute joke character and all, but if you have to cut 20 characters...)
  7. :ultdarkpit: (I like Dark Pit, but again, when you have to cut 20 characters...)
  8. :ultdarksamus: (See Dark Pit)
  9. :ultrichter: (My initial thought was: either him or Simon. Simon is the OG Castlevania guy, so him. But later I was forced to cut Simon)
  10. :ultroy: (I love Marth, Lucina and Chrom as characters, but never cared for him)
  11. :ulttoonlink: (I like all three Links but so far I have liked Young Link in Ultimate more regarding what I've seen)
  12. :ultpacman: (Nothing against him but I prefer the other 3rd parties)
  13. :ultmiifighters: (Gunner)
  14. :ultmiifighters: (Swordfighter)
  15. :ultmiifighters: (Brawler, I guess if you have to cut 3 characters they'd be near on top of my list to get the boot)
  16. :ultlucas: (nothing against him but kinda redundant considering his series is really niche and Ness is in)
  17. :ultmegaman: (see Pac-Man)
  18. :ultzss: (That's where it's starting to hurt)
  19. :ultmewtwo: (See above)
  20. :ultsimon: (See above, god damn, 20 is too much lol)
Oct 27, 2013
:ultdoc::ultdaisy::ultdarkpit::ultdarksamus::ultganondorf::ulttoonlink::ultisabelle: would be revamped to further distinguish themselves from the fighters they’re based on, After that, I’d start looking towards actual characters that, even if they were revamped, wouldn’t add enough for me to consider keeping them.

:ultsheik::ultlucario::ultgreninja::ultcloud::ultbayonetta::ultroy::ultlucina::ultchrom::ultcorrin::ultrobin::ultike::ultpalutena::ultshulk::4miibrawl::4miisword::4miigun: would immediately go without question, they add pretty much nothing of value for me.

:ultfalco::ultpichu::ultrosalina::ultwiifittrainer: are the only remaining ones I‘d hesitate to cut for many reasons, but in the end I wouldn’t miss them as much as Lucas when Smash 4 released. I would at the very least represent them as assist trophies.
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Mar 20, 2015
I'd really only cut two. Here they are.
:4robinf:- F!Robin gets cut
:4corrin:- M!Corrin gets cut


But in all seriousness...
1. :4robinf: I really would prefer it if F!Robin were to be cut. I'd even be fine with Robin's default costume be him with his hood on, for an ambiguous gender (although leaning toward male) while also mute.
2. :ultridley:
3. :ultkrool:
4. :ultzss: (Combine her into Samus again)
5. :ultsheik: (Combine her into Zelda again)

Sorry I could only think of 5, I honestly don't think any other Smash fighter deserves to be in cut, in my opinion.

Dee Dude

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Oct 25, 2015
Kidnapped by Sakurai.
20? Aw geez....


This wasn’t easy, had to decide to leave some in or out.

*revamped moveset (Paintbrush)
**Would actually miss ;_;
***Return as 2 in 1
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Mar 9, 2018
I would remove
Echo/Semi-echo fighters
Some could be outfits with simple effect differences, I've seen some Smash Bros. mods able to make moveset changes by using a costume flag.
By removing Dr. Mario, there would essentially be a complete lack of representation in the Puzzle genre, but he wasn't representing puzzle games that well to begin with. Either replace Dr. Mario with Lip from Panel de Pon or Arle from Puyo Puyo, they would give much better puzzle representation unless if they decided to make Dr. Mario more faithful to his games like incorporating the viruses into his moveset.
Also I can't believe no semi-echos since Jigglypuff in Melee became their own unique non-semi-echo fighter.

Needs a buff or else I'd rather see them being removed.
I would be okay if they are in or not. I liked Wario and Lucario's moveset from PM a lot I think they represent them better though Lucario has issues of being similar to Ryu and having a damage dealing based aura system would make him better suited for 1 vs 1 games.
I wouldn't remove Lucas because of the what happened in SSB4, plus EarthBound has gotten a lot of exposure this year outside of Smash Bros. this time around along with the fact that Mother 3's demand to localization sort of keeps the game alive. He's also my main overall.
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Jan 4, 2009
:ultcorrin: (didnt like his character in Fates. I prefer Alm from Echoes)
:ultganondorf: (should have moveset revamped. Dont like how he still a semi-clone of Falcon)
:ultjigglypuff: (boring)
:ultdoc:(another clone of mario. Paper Mario should be his replacement imo)
:ultmetaknight: (ptsd from Brawl)
:ultchrom:(clone of roy who is semi-clone of Marth)
:ultdarkpit: (echo character)
:ultdarksamus: (echo character
:ultyounglink: (Toon Link 2.0 imo.)
:ultlucina: ( another clone of Marth.)
:ultdaisy: (echo character
:ultrichter: (echo character)
:ultcloud: (Prefer Chrono and Geno to him)
:ultpichu: ( Bias on my part. But I like Raichu more than Pichu)
Dec 30, 2012
20 seems unnecessarily steep. Cutting all the echoes won't really change much since they don't take a lot of effort to make to begin with. Cutting Lucina won't make Hector playable, and cutting Dark Pit won't make Hades feasible, etc. I guess cutting them all could make for 2 new fighters maybe? But ultimately I see no point in cutting them if there isn't really much to gain from doing so. But, alas, I'll play by the rules.
Let me preface my reasoning by saying I don't want to cut ANYONE, but I think these are the most manageable legs to lose.

Bayonetta doesn't seem to be very fondly accepted by the community right now. That's not why I'd cut her, but it helps. She's just, very simply, a bonus character. I love having her, but she doesn't feel as necessary as Sonic, Pac-Man, and Mega Man do.

Similar to the above, actually. Corrin is just a bonus. As far as FE goes, he's the first on my list to be axed. I love his moveset and I will defend him, but in this instance I can do no such thing. Fire Emblem Fates is great (no need to start an FE argument here, ty) but it is undeniably controversial and simply isn't as much of an iconic hit Awakening was. Even though Awakening has criticism, Fates is on a whole other level of hate. I would remove Corrin because he would anger the least amount of people with his exclusion, and the FE roster isn't missing much without him.

Another character I like a lot, but I fear Greninja might not have the lasting power Charizard or even Lucario do. Don't get me wrong, he's immensely popular, especially in Japan. But the nature of Pokemon popularity is ever-shifting, and even popular Pokemon find their roots tugged at. Lucario is the only one I can think of in recent times to have had his roots remain unshaken, and he's a decade old by now. I hope I'm wrong, but I get the sense that I won't be able to say the same about Greninja.

All the Miis. Again, I wouldn't normally cut them, but they are an easy pick to discard in this scenario. I doubt I need to explain much.

As much as I adore Pichu, he doesn't add a whole lot to Smash. I choose to cut Pichu over Puff simply because Puff plays in a way no one else really does, while Pichu looks and plays similar to Pikachu. I wish it didn't have to happen, but alas.

Roy was a bizarre choice to bring back in the first place, in my opinion. (Before Ultimate, obviously.) I'm glad we got a semiclone moveset out of it, but now that that moveset is in the hands of Chrom, I don't see much need for Roy anymore. He does represent the GBA era of Fire Emblem, but the Fire Emblem fans who clamor for better representation don't seem to particularly like Roy, either. Cutting him will anger only Smash fans who like Roy and the dedicated Roy fanbase, which is probably the smallest of all FE characters currently in Smash. If I was going to cut Roy, I would at the very least ensure that Hector or Lyn are added so that the GBA era remains represented (Arguably even better than before.)

Pretty much what I said with Pichu verbatim, just swap Puff with Toon Link.

See Bayonetta.

I personally think Falco is the most expendable of the Star Fox trio. Wolf should be a mainstay from now on. I think Falco never should have been chosen over Wolf for Smash 4, honestly. Wolf feels much more unique being both a villain and a bit slower/heavier than Fox, whereas Falco and Fox, while they definitely play differently, aren't as different as Fox and Wolf are, I think. Falco also doesn't really strike me as important? I've never had the impression that Falco is particularly more important than Peppy or Slippy in any Star Fox game, with only a few exceptions. As far as Smash goes, I wouldn't want him gone in any way shape or form, but I also believe Wolf absolutely should be preserved before him.

Ice Climbers simply don't seem to be very important to me. I think Smash 4 was perfectly fine without them and again, while I wouldn't want ANYONE cut, especially them, I think they are pretty expendable.

Pretty much same as above. I think Smash 4 was fine without Lucas and he feels like a bonus character like Corrin.

This is easily the most controversial pick of mine, and I know I probably cannot seem unbiased in this situation, but I'll attempt to defend my reasoning regardless.
Marth simply isn't very interesting in... anything. His moveset is a classic, but if Lucina stays, I think she can easily carry the torch of his archetype. Were I in charge, she'd not just inherit his moveset entirely, but also be semicloned like Roy to retain the parts of Marth that are irreplaceable while also making her more of her own entity. Marth, well, from my point of view, I don't feel like Marth is really as popular as he appears. Both Choose Your Legends polls in Fire Emblem back this thought up. He really seems to only be relevant because of Smash Bros in the first place, but even then, Roy and Ike are considerably more popular than him. I think it's because he's just really plain. Not even delving into his character in terms of writing, because I could write an essay on that, but at a first glance nothing about him really seems to stand out as much as the others. Robin gives off a mastermind, tactician personality. Ike seems like a gruff, cool mercenary. Roy seems fiery and energetic. Lucina seems more confident and combative (Based on her voice lines, such as "come at me" and "THIS is the Hero king?", for example.). There's nothing inherently wrong with Marth being plain, but if 20 cuts are necessary, I think Lucina just has more going for her individually and can carry on the one thing that Marth would otherwise stay for. This would mean that the NES era of Fire Emblem is unrepresented, but again like with Roy, I would make sure that space is filled by someone else like Celica.

Between Jr. and Rosalina, I think the puppeteer archetype is more impactful and unique than what Bowser Jr. has. He may fight in a vehicle, but his moves still function like a normal fighter for the vast majority. Rosalina is simply more unique, and that's why between the two, I choose to cut Jr.

:ultpokemontrainer::ultpokemontrainer:(Squirtle and Ivysaur)
Although it breaks my heart, I would have to place Squirtle and Ivysaur back on the chopping block. My reasoning is basically the same as Lucas and Ice Climbers. Charizard simply is more iconic than them and already proved his worth as a solo fighter. Squirtle and Ivysaur are unfortunately the easier ones to let go. For what it's worth, Ivysaur is my second favorite Pokemon of all time (behind only Bulbasaur) and was my vote for the Smash Ballot.

See Bayonetta.

I hate letting such a unique and quirky character go, but I feel Wii Fit is simply very underused and underappreciated, so few would be upset if she was cut. That's about it. Compared to R.O.B. and Game and Watch, they both are played a lot more in comparison and have been around longer.

See Bayonetta.
Aug 14, 2018
Ohio, USA

It's weird. I used to really enjoy playing as characters like Dr. Mario, Roy, Falco, and Lucas. However, the roster was smaller back then so the choices were limited. I'm glad they're in, but if someone had to be cut, I'd prefer it be them over others. Lucas would be the one I missed the most. Also, this is my "nice" version. There are characters I simply have no interest in, but they're more original, so I felt they should deserve to stick around based on that alone.
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Aug 6, 2013
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As I've said before, I wouldn't remove anybody, but since you're forcing me to:
Echo fighters::ultlucina::ultdarkpit::ultdaisy::ultrichter::ultchrom::ultdarksamus:
(I don't hate them, but they're easily disposable.)
Other clone/semi-clone characters: :ultdoc::ultpichu::ultyounglink::ulttoonlink::ultroy::ultfalco:
(Same as above)
Miis: :4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword:
Characters I don't like that much: :ultbayonetta::ultcorrin:
And the 3 I'm somewhat reluctant about: :ultpalutena::ultike::ultrosalina:

This post hurt to make.

Deleted member

Mine would be

Also don't care what anyone says, Richter is way cooler than Simon. If I had to choose between them, I'd axe Simon TBH.


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Nov 10, 2014
Unnecessary Clones
1. Pichu
2. Young Link
3. Roy
4. Dark Pit
5. Lucina
6. Chrom
7. Daisy
8. Dark Samus
9. Richter
Characters that shouldn't be in the game twice
10. Dr. Mario
11. Sheik
12. Zero Suit Samus
Characters that should never have been more than Assist Trophies in the first place
13. Pokemon Trainer
14. Ice Climbers
15. Game & Watch
16. ROB
17. Wii Fit Trainer
18. Duck Hunt
The Miis obviously
19. Mii Brawler
20. Mii Swordfighter
21. Mii Gunner

Removed one extra so I can add Charizard back in.
Also, Ganondorf, Falco, Wolf and Lucas would be fully decloned and finally have completely unique movesets.
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Jul 4, 2007
:ultbayonetta::ultcorrin::ultdoc::ultjigglypuff: :ultlucina::ultdaisy::ultpichu::ultdarkpit::ultchrom::ulttoonlink:

Even though I like Richter better than Simon, if I HAD to cut down the roster just having Simon would do. I like Young Link better than Link, but again...


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Aug 15, 2018
I shall cut away the non-cute... and the excessive fire emblems... and uhh let's see...
The non-cute:
The fire emblems (Ike and Robin can stay)
And some others to cut away some of the duplicate things:

...That's fine I guess.
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