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4th BEST: now with Melee videos


Smash Apprentice
May 26, 2010
Next tournament in Troy (5th BEST): http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=311516

Melee videos:

Brawl videos:
Not online yet

Melee Doubles (6)


1: Dudutsai + Beta
2: Mana + Cura
3: Kwan + Zaandaa
4: HoneyBadger + Brendan
5: Aaron S + Daniel S
5: Erk + Arcturus

Brawl Doubles (10)


1: San + Cura
2: Calm Vibe
3: Sharky + Eevee
4: MetalPat + TGS
5: Alt + Mako
5: CAC + Julian
7: Jake L + Tyler C
7: Jon V + Josh C
9: Daniel W + John A
9: Seiji + Frank

Melee Singles (18)


1: HoneyBadger :falco: :fox:
2: Jovah Mormont (Beta) :fox:
3: Dudutsai :jigglypuff:
4: Cura :popo: :jigglypuff:
5: Mana :sheik: :fox: :falcon:
5: Kwan :dk:
7: Erk :fox:
7: Zaandaa :falcon:
9: Daniel S
9: Mako :jigglypuff: :fox:
9: Sharky :yoshi:
9: Spamus :samus:
13: Seiji :fox:
13: Matt G :sheik:
13: Arcturus :ganondorf:
13: Kevin Z
17: Pipe :fox:
17: Aaron S

Brawl Singles (16)


1: San :ike:
2: Cura :popo:
3: Vibe :marth:
4: MetalPat :rob: :snake: :ganondorf:
5: TheMauveAvenger :kirby:
5: TommyGreenShirt :sonic:
7: Calm :olimar: :wario:
7: CAC :falco: :dk:
9: Alt :pikachu:
9: Sharky :yoshi:
9: DE :yoshi: :ness: :kirby:
9: Mako :metaknight: :marth:
13: Joseph I :kirby:
13: Gary (appears as Dudutsai in the bracket)
13: Hannah :link:
13: Chris :zerosuitsamus:

Melee stage voting: 18 votes; legal cutoff = 9
Pokemon Stadium 14
Brinstar 8
Kongo Jungle 64 8
Rainbow Cruise 6
Corneria 5
Mute City 5
Green Greens 4
Jungle Japes 4
Poke Floats 4
Mushroom Kingdom II 3
Flat Zone 2
Yoshi's Island 64 2
Big Blue 1
Brinstar Depths 1
Great Bay 1
Onett 1
Princess Peach's Castle 1
Fourside 0
Icicle Mountain 0
Kongo Jungle (rock) 0
Mushroom Kingdom I 0
Temple 0
Venom 0
Yoshi's Island (pipes) 0

Brawl stage voting: 24 votes; legal cutoff = 12
Pokemon Stadium 1 20
Delfino Plaza 18
Halberd 13
Castle Siege 12
Frigate Orpheon 12
Pictochat 9
Rainbow Cruise 8
Bridge of Eldin 7
Pirate Ship 7
Pokemon Stadium 2 7
Luigi's Mansion 5
Jungle Japes 4
Norfair 4
Spear Pillar 4
Brinstar 3
Corneria 3
Distant Planet 3
75m 2
Onett 2
Port Town Aero Dive 2
Shadow Moses Island 2
Temple 2
Big Blue 0
Flat Zone 2 0
Green Greens 0
Green Hill Zone 0
Hanenbow 0
Mario Bros 0
Mario Circuit 0
Mushroomy Kingdom 0
New Pork City 0
Rumble Falls 0
Skyworld 0
Summit 0
WarioWare 0
Yoshi's Island 0


Smash Ace
Feb 27, 2010
Binghamton NY
good tournament. love this venue. shout outs later.
Brawl Singles (16)

1: San :ike: ($44)
2: Cura :popo:($24)
3: Vibe :marth: ($8)
4: MetalPat :rob::snake::ganondorf:($4)
5: TheMauveAvenger :kirby2:
5: TommyGreenShirt :sonic:
7: Calm :olimar:
7: CAC :falco:???
9: Alt :pikachu2:
9: Sharky :yoshi2:
9: DE ????
9: Mako ????
13: Joseph I ????
13: Gary (appears as Dudutsai in the bracket) :ike:???
13: Hannah ???
13: Chris ????

even without a MK ban were there any mk's in singles? its so nice to think that NY can still play really well without needing 7/10 in PR to be mk.


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2009
New York, NY
Fill in the character usage blanks, correct for error, and make sure the payout is correct, please!

Brawl Singles (16)

1: San :ike: ($44)
2: Cura ($24)
3: Vibe ($8)
4: MetalPat ($4)
5: TheMauveAvenger
5: TommyGreenShirt
7: Calm
7: CAC
9: Alt
9: Sharky
9: DE
9: Mako
13: Joseph I
13: Gary (appears as Dudutsai in the bracket)
13: Hannah
13: Chris


Smash Ace
Jul 27, 2009
Albany/Troy NY
GGs, Everyone.

1: San: y u **** me so hard?
2: Cura: y u get ***** so hard?
3: Vibe: y u so good?
4: MetalPat: Repping Albany/Troy like a boss. Good ****
5: TommyGreenShirt: 2gud. Do betters at AXS3
7: Calm: Best driver of the year award. Also play more Wario
7: CAC: Come to smash club more
9: Alt: Play this game.
9: Sharky: Better luck next time. Good luck at AXS3.
9: DE
9: Mako: You're human garbage. c:
13: Gary: ggs.

Edit: He probably just did it quick cause it's late and night and I was rushing him. Lol.

Edit2: San, tell me when you get our set uploaded! And any games with me in them that are posted up, someone should notify me about!


Smash Ace
Feb 27, 2010
Binghamton NY
1: San : good **** san. always fun playing you, no matter how hard you **** me :p
2: Cura : good job tonight, kinda wish i got to play you in singles.
3: Vibe : scrub :p why u so lucky?
4: MetalPat : you a pro, son.
5: TheMauveAvenger : legit kirby, hope to see you at more tournaments
5: TommyGreenShirt : you slackin bro, but im glad i didnt have to knock you into 5th
7: Calm : gg's bro. take more money from me next time >_>
7: CAC : come to more RPI fridays :) makes it more fun.
9: Alt : nice to see you for your once a year appearance.
9: Sharky : fun MM. definitely glad we go to play.
9: DE : good job man, keep it up.
9: Mako : why u no let me take your money :(
13: Gary (appears as Dudutsai in the bracket) : glad you did some brawl today, we needed someone who is good at ike to show san how to play.

1: San + Cura : too good
2: Calm + Vibe : too lucky
3: Sharky + Eevee : too busy not playing me and tgs
4: MetalPat + TGS : so much for second place :p
5: Alt + Mako : good games guys, glad you entered
5: CAC + Julian : itd be cool if i saw you guys around more.


Smash Ace
Feb 27, 2010
Binghamton NY
You worked so hard to earn that 4 dollars, I didn't want to jack it all in a single mm.
just to be clear, part of that 4 bucks came from your pocket :troll:
but i guess losing 5 bucks is alot better than losing 10.
(anytime you want, id be more than happy to take 5 more from ya)


Smash Journeyman
Aug 9, 2007
Monroe, NY
I went all Wario in doubles and mostly Olimar with a side of Wario in singles. I'm not sure if doubles matters to you, John numbers.

Shoutouts will come later.


Smash Ace
Feb 27, 2010
Binghamton NY
Don't get too attached now, you don't know if it's permanent. Idk if you could take that heartbreak again.

@MetalPatt: No Vibe's, because if he didn't win I'd have to pay his entry again :awesome:.
i'm okay with this. nxt time ill knock him out early next time to make sure i get your money :)


Smash Lord
Jan 20, 2009
Utica, NY
Excellent job, Vibe in Brawl and Beta in Melee!

I really wanna play you at Axs, now, Vibe. :x


Smash Journeyman
Jun 6, 2010

1: San - I can see you right now
2: Cura - Grats on the money, too bad we didn't get to play. It's ok though, I had my subordinate san take care of you for me.
3: Vibe - GGs. I got styled on.
4: MetalPat - ******
5: TheMauveAvenger - I am sitting on the same couch as you.
5: TommyGreenShirt - So cute!
7: Calm - GGs. That Wario was good. So was Oli. Now I want to play Pikmin.
7: CAC - I don't think I ever actually played you, but your Falco looked really good. I may have played your DK once.
9: Alt - GGs. Thanks for playing with me and Pat at the start, t'were good games.
9: Sharky - That one whole game we played was intense. Also nice beard.
9: DE - Good to see you again. Your beard, while not as full as Sharky's, also has nice qualities.
9: Mako - Am I going to be a movie star with your camera?
13: Joseph I - I don't know you, but I am intrigued by your name. Is the "I" your last name? or is it Joseph the first?
13: Gary (appears as Dudutsai in the bracket) - Are you impersonating Dudu? WHO ARE YOU!?
13: Hannah - Congrats on playing San first round in your first tourney. We have this in common.
13: Chris - Good games. I had fun, I like that you play ZSS.
BONUS: Eevee - That homework looked like fun. Glad you came though, there's always much lolz.



Smash Journeyman
Jun 6, 2009
Syracuse, NY
Ill do my shoutouts a little later when im not so tired, I just wanted to pop in say this tourny was beast and I had an awesome time.

Beta are you reading Game of Thrones?
Ya im already through Dance. thats obviously sposed to say Jorah, guess zaandaa cant read my handwriting. Entering as Davos next time mabye that will give me some luck >.>


Smash Champion
Mar 4, 2011
Falco Bair
Swag, I'm actually just starting Feast for Crows myself. I might have to follow you in this trend.


Smash Lord
Nov 24, 2007
Lincoln MA
Ill do my shoutouts a little later when im not so tired, I just wanted to pop in say this tourny was beast and I had an awesome time.

Ya im already through Dance. thats obviously sposed to say Jorah, guess zaandaa cant read my handwriting. Entering as Davos next time mabye that will give me some luck >.>
Yo can you lend me Clash of Kings? I'm too poor to buy a copy for myself


Smash Champion
Apr 4, 2007
Fun stuff. shout outs later. Thanks for the money everyone. Calm you owe me a MM and Pat if you wanna lose some money i'll play you. I went marth in singles some as well. Went mk twice lost both.


Smash Ace
Jun 14, 2009
Cortland, New York
1: San ~ Cool friendlies and thanks for the advice, sorry I got sloppy in the crew battles.
2: Cura ~ Nice seeing you, sucks we never got a chance to play.
3: Vibe ~ We should stop using our **** characters against each other, just go to MK vs Marth off the bat next time :p. You still my best bud. Though more Marth vs Ness practice would be good.
4: MetalPat ~ Who?
5: TheMauveAvenger ~ Nice meeting you, rad Kirby.
5: TommyGreenShirt ~ Wish we could have had more "srs bsn" matches, and yes, you're a movie star now.
7: Calm ~ GG's, might just try to use my Ness next time given his Olimar practice.
9: Alt ~ Good team mate, Pika tank.
9: Sharky ~ EVERY TIME!
13: Gary ~ GG's, keep at it.

1: HoneyBadger ~ Nice meeting you and good friendlies.
2: Jovah Mormont (Beta) ~ He cheats, his hair is a distraction device!
3: Dudutsai ~ Nice brawl matches XD, sorry for mixing you and Cura up.
4: Cura ~ I was sandbagging :p.
5: Mana ~ Nice seeing you, we should do some friendlies if we meet again.
5: Kwan ~ I don't think I got to meet you.
7: Erk ~ Thanks for the melee help man.
7: Zaandaa ~ I got f*cked XD.
9: Sharky ~ EVERY TIME
9: Spamus ~ Lets play some friendlies next time.
13: Matt G ~ GG's, I seemed to have gotten lucky.


Smash Journeyman
Dec 29, 2008
Scarsdale, NY

Actually looks like you did aright this time. Too bad you haven't won 67 nationals yet like doommachine


Smash Lord
Nov 24, 2007
Lincoln MA
OTG: That's awesome, thanks a ton!


Aaron S + Daniel S - Good games in teams. I saw you guys playing together a lot, but don't be shy. If you guys are around next time I'm sure everyone would be happy to play some new faces

HoneyBadger - Sup

Beta - Doubles MASTA. Good job in singles destroying me as well. We'll chat I'm sure.

Cura - Retired doubles MASTA. Must have been tough juggling both games at once. You still did amazing. Congrats, remind Beta for me what it's ALL ABOUT.

Mana - Awesome seeing you again. The more I see you the more I realize how little online interactions matter in relation to the real. Definitely gonna see you again before you quit (nobody really quits smash).

Kwan - Intense games as usual, I'm glad I managed to take one set off.... I think our record is now 1-3? >_>

Erk - **** MY TRASHTALKING BACKFIRED!! :mad: Good placement, you and Beta both have crazy tech skill.

Zaandaa - Some of the best TO'ing I've seen. Not playing friendlies kinda screwed you in tournament, but for everyone else we got a tournament out of it.... Way to take one for the community.

Sharky - We had one of the most carefree fun sets I've ever played in tournament. Both stages we played on were pretty awesome.

Spamus - Good to play you again. Kinda dissappointed about your placement, but I think it's because you didn't use Falco. Just look at honeybadger's placement! Technical falcos are the future! :laugh:

Seiji - Definitely impressive display after saying you weren't good. Nice job in crews, hope to see you again.


Lvl 9 Metaknight - GOOD GAME MOTHER****ER

San - Congrats again, good to see you again and GG in crews. :mad:

Vibe - MY EMPEROR, I HAVE FAILED YOU!!! Thanks for the Moral Support

MetalPat - GG. That stock was some ****. Surprised at your placement, congrats.

Eevee - Good to see you again. SOMEDAY we will play PPL (hopefully with ben because he's better than I am at it).

Mako - Nice to finally see you in person, though we didn't really talk too much.

TheMauveAvenger - Nice meeting you, thanks for all the matchup practice.... I definitely need to work on a lot of those.

TommyGreenShirt - You're awesome. Wish I had played you..... at all. Top tier reading material in your car, I rate it 10/10. Thanks for the ride again! :)

Alt - Good to see you're still part of the scene. I'll find you during downtime some tournament and you can show me how much you've improved haha


Smash Hero
Jun 4, 2006
Syracuse, New York
few shouts

everyone in cuse van *****. loved highway smashing

dudu i love you we had so many laughs and fun times. awesome matches as well

cura you are a lucky *****. if i didn't black out during our set you would've been four stocked like my falco did to u ninety times in a row /negative reinforcement syracuse

real tho cura good teaming i have work to do in regards to smash cuse has gotta help and i'll host if you do for fests!

honeybadger you ***** me next time i am doing nine shots first so i have complete bravery falco gives me night terrors hope to see you at more events

beta dont be a ***** about becmoing the best in cny just lead the pack!!!

really fun time!!!


Smash Journeyman
Mar 21, 2008
Syracuse, NY
Shoutouts to:

0: Frannie -- Thanks for navigating with me, and for making sure I didn't fall asleep, can't wait to do it again for Best5!

1: Dudutsai + Beta -- Good job taking down those cocky mother****ers

2: Mana + Cura -- Cocky mother****ers

3: Kwan + Zaandaa -- Pretty good set, we'll get ya next time!

4: HoneyBadger + Brendan -- Heartbreaking set, gg's

5: Aaron S + Daniel S -- fun friendlies

5: Erk + Arcturus -- We'll get em next time, Britt!!

1: HoneyBadger -- Fun friendlies, grats on first. Hope to see you at Best5!

2: Jovah Mormont (Beta) -- Not bad, Andal. You'll get first next time, it is known.

3: Dudutsai -- ****ed that zelda UP! Good **** on 3rd, we gotta get more games next time though.

4: Cura -- I got ya next time. Good **** in both games, FORMER doubles master.

5: Mana -- Good seeing you, woulda liked more friendlies, next time i guess.

5: Kwan -- You've really got my number, but i'm working on it. Fun playing you, as always. See ya next time!

7: Erk -- Look at this buttery mother****er right here

7: Zaandaa -- You never disappoint, great tournament. Always leaves me looking forward to the next one!

9: Daniel S -- Good matches in tournament.

9: Mako -- Worlds best accidental sandbagger.

9: Sharky -- You definitely were asleep.

9: Spamus -- Always great to play you man, sucks we had to play in bracket.

13: Seiji -- Didn't play you.

13: Matt G -- Didn't play you.

13: Arcturus -- My main man Britt! Fun friendlies, pretty good doubles games.

13: Kevin Z -- Didn't play you.

17: Pipe -- Fun friendlies, see ya at Best5!

17: Aaron S -- Fun doubles friendlies.

3: Vibe -- GFR

5: TommyGreenShirt -- Oh look, people are playing Smash Brothers!


Smash Journeyman
Jun 6, 2010
@TGS: Mako told me your secret. Was planning on abusing it if you took the lead in our set. Lol.
To be clear, are you talking about me being super ticklish?


Dudutsai: There will be a test. I hope you studied up.
HoneyBadger: Nice to meet you, congrats on winning, GG during crews.


Smash Champion
Apr 4, 2007
Melee Doubles (6)
1: Dudutsai + Beta : Good set, hard to believe it was that close I'll use 2% of my true skill next time instead of 1

3: Kwan + Zaandaa : Thanks for forgetting we won on yoshis

4: HoneyBadger + Brendan : Thanks for teaming with someone who doesnt play

Brawl Doubles (10)

1: San + Cura : Sandbagged

2: Calm Vibe : Thanks for the money

3: Sharky + Eevee : Thanks for carrying sharky and winning your entry fee back.

4: MetalPat + TGS : Thanks for the money.

5: Alt + Mako : Should have gotten top 3

5: CAC + Julian : Thanks for the money.

7: Jon V + Josh C : Good set, Keep playing. Gave us more trouble than any other team (besides eevee+random).

Melee Singles (18)

1: HoneyBadger : Nice job in melee. Play brawl

2: Jovah Mormont (Beta) : I beat mana who would have beaten you, and you beat dudu who would have beaten me. It all worked out.

3: Dudutsai : Good job beating me unlike every one below me LAWL

4: Cura : Thanks for winning money

5: Mana : I really hope what happened doesnt effect our friendship. Honestly if i wasnt using all 1% of my skill you would have taken the set. On the other hand I did let you win like 99 straight on the way home. So i do hope that helps rekindle our friendship.

5: Kwan : Dont ever really play you unless its tournament. Good job in singles and doubles aka thanks for the money

7: Erk : I felt like there was times were i might have died on the way home, the trip it self was awesome. Sweet van sweet setups. I owe you 6 dollars but i may make it 10 just because i embarrassed you.

7: Zaandaa : Thanks for hosting the tournament that gave me money in which i am currently thanking people.

9: Mako : Close 1st game with puff vs sheik. Should have gone metaknight

9: Spamus : Fun matches on the way there and a couple on the way back. I'll personally make sure you get a better seed placement next time. So that your at least playing different people. P.S thanks for the money.

1. Mana

Brawl Singles (16)

1: San : Finally beat you, be ready for my secret character at AXS.

2: Cura : You finally beat san, surprise him with your secret character at AXS.

3: Vibe : Lost to kirby, not top 5 yet.

4: MetalPat : Money match me next time. Ganon dittos.

5: TheMauveAvenger : Good set, A lot of gay **** on both side but im happy you contributed dat money.

5: TommyGreenShirt : Thanks for bringing people. The pot would have been smaller without it.

7: Calm : Good job beating shark and kirby in crews. Thats why i picked you. Only person im scared to play in tournament (beside frannie and mako)

7: CAC : Killed yourself like 5 times. Not to sure if i should thank you for the money.

9: Alt : Nice seeing you again. wish you could play as good as i know you can though i do appreciate the money.

9: Sharky : Nice job with fran. Bad job with calm. I think I owe you the biggest thanks. Since ive moved to syracuse you've been the 1 person always giving me money. Word really can't express the gratitude i have for that. All i can really say is thanks for the money.

9: DE : Good job ****** tgs with ness.

9: Mako : Good job recorded tgs getting ***** by ness.

I'd like to thank everyone for contributing money. Without all of you none of this would be possible.


- Cura aka CURRENT doubles masta/ Overall best at everything masta

Edit: Aka duelist masta / tenkiichi masta/ team tenkiichi masta
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