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  • Okay, Shiv bailed so we only have 3 now. Us 3 are gonna go with doom, so we'll see you at Cura's house. Thank you very much for the offer of a ride, we'll take you up on it some other time.
    Hey, doommachine also offered to give us a ride. Currently we've got 4 people; not enough to fit all of us in your car, but enough to fit in his. I've asked the others about the ride situations, and they so far don't care. If doommachine lets us pay less than $10 I'm assuming we're all going with him. I'll give you a call to confirm.
    Ah, man. I really hope it's soon, 'cause it was so fun hanging with you guys. If Calvin doesn't mind, my friend Aileen and I could probably come down monthly or so and stay the weekend for the Smash night and the following video game night thing.
    Np. ^_^ Check out the ROB boards for more ROB related things to learn more!
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