“Sol Badguy Ignites the Fire” Guilty Gear Smash Analysis Part 2


Hello and welcome to Part 2 of the Sol Badguy and Guilty Gear potential downloadable content within the Fighter Pass. Previously, we looked at Sol Badguy and how he could possibly play as a fighter. In this part, we will look at what kind of content Guilty Gear could provide for in Smash.

Guilty Gear Stage


The Mayship

The Mayship is a carrier-class hovership owned by the Jellyfish Pirates and captained by Johnny and first mate, May. It’s a massive hover ship that, according to official sources, is 250 metres long, 50 metres high, 30 metres wide (not including wingspan) and has 112 cabins. The Mayship often transports the Guilty Gear heroes and is a major location for the series. For Smash, the idea of the Mayship was tweaked to make it more suitable for the game.

The Mayship is a traveling stage that transports players to various locations within the Guilty Gear universe. The Mayship itself greatly resembles Lylat Cruise with slopes on both sides and two floating platforms. Unlike its Guilty Gear version, it doesn’t have side walls. At certain intervals, the Mayship will stop and descend downwards at which point, it will drop players to the next phase down below. Once this phase finishes, a platform will appear under the players and transport them back up. Johnny, May, and April can be seen riding on the Mayship. Johnny is the leader of the Jellyfish Pirates, a group dedicated to helping those in need. He appears to be quite a ladies man but, deep down, he is an extremely caring person. His adopted daughter, May, is an example of his charity. Along with them is April, May’s best friend.

Japanese Colony


In the Guilty Gear universe, the Japanese people have become largely endangered after Japan was destroyed by Justice, a powerful Gear. Now, various Japanese colonies exist within the world as a place of refuge for these homeless people. This stage is set on a bridge spanning in front of a Japanese temple with cherry blossom tree blooming in the distance. This version is based on the Guilty Gear XX Accent Core version. Baiken, Anji Muto, and Chipp Zanuff are all visible on this stage. Baiken is a master swordswoman who lost her arm, eye, and family when a Gear attacked her colony when she was a child. Her thirst for vengeance powers her through battle after battle. Anji escaped his colony to experience freedom and he is extremely proud of his heritage. He fights using special fans that enhance his wind magic. Chipp is a great success story as he went from a common thug and drug trafficker to ninja student then to ninja master and finally becoming president of a small country, Eastern Chip Kingdom. He has many ninjitsu abilities and constantly searches for a way to legitimize his kingdom.



England is a common stage found in the series and this version is based off of Guilty Gear Isuka’s rendition. The stage has edges as well as floating platforms which help keep the cauldrons afloat. In addition, there are platforms consisting of various gates, arches, and the roof of the fantastical building in the immediate background. Numerous witches can be seen flying on brooms in the background while Axl Low, Venom, and Bridget appear as cameos on this stage. Axl is a British man from the 20th century who found himself 150 years in the future and seeks a way to return to his timeline and reunite with his girlfriend, Megumi. Venom is a skilled assassin who uses a pool stick in battle. Despite killing for a living, he seemingly can never tell a lie. Bridget is a British bounty hunter who wields a gigantic yo-yo in battle. While his appearance may fool the unaware, Bridget is actually a guy. He seeks to prove to the rest of the cast that he is a man.



This version is taken from Guilty Gear XX where there are massive amounts of construction and debris due to the revolution that took place here. There are several tiers of platforms made from steel beams that players can jump onto within this stage. For cameos, Potemkin, Faust, and Robo-Ky appear on this stage. Faust is a unique character who will be explored later in this article. Potemkin is a slave turned elite soldier who boasts impressive strength and will also be discussed further later. Robo-Ky is the robotic version of Ky Kiske that was mass produced and has similar abilities as the original. They were created by the Post-War Administration Bureau and serve as its soldiers.

Neo Newyork


Neo Newyork is based off the original Guilty Gear stage with a Final Destination stage platform with a broken and crumbling Statue of Liberty in the background. Further in the background are the destroyed remains of old New York. Sin Kiske, Ramlethal Valentine, and Izuna appear in the background. Sin is the son of Ky Kiske and Dizzy who was brought up by Sol. He travels the world with Sol and collects bounties. Ramlethal is a mysterious being called a Valentine and is from an alternate dimension called the Backyard. In Xrd, she declares war on humanity. Izuna is a mysterious fox-like being found in the minds of Sol and Sin. He later manifests himself physically and joins them in their travels.

The Grove

This stage is from Guilty Gear X and is a single platform with platforms made of stone arches and roofs from the background buildings. The stage is dark and gloomy but strangely beautiful due to the alternating colors in the background. Dizzy, Testament, and Zato-1 appear in the background. Dizzy will be explored later but Testament was once a youth who sought strength but ended up being transformed into a Gear by Justice. He found comfort in being with Dizzy and together they stayed in the Grove. Zato-1 is a corpse of a man controlled by a shadow beast, Eddie. He has a deep and troubling relationship with Milia, a member of the guild and an assassin who can control her hair, during their time in the Assassin’s Guild.

Guilty Gear ARENA

This is the final stage phase and it lasts the longest. It functions similar to the King of Fighters Stadium as it has walls that can be broken to score a KO. The background has screens which show the players much like the aforementioned stage and Pokémon Stadium. Appearing in this stage is Ky Kiske who will be explained later along with Jam Kuradoberi. Slayer also appears and is considered one of the strongest characters in the story. He is a ancient vampire who enjoys poetry, art, and the occasional drink of blood but he seemingly doesn’t enjoy the taste.

Guilty Gear Mii Outfits


Guilty Gear has some amazing characters and sources to draw from so choosing outfits was a little difficult. It was decided to expand the number of Mii Fighters outfits to six to better represent the series as well as Arc System Works as a whole.

Ky Kiske Mii Swordfighter

Ky Kiske is Sol Badguy’s rival and a member of the police force, the Holy Order. He is a chivalrous man who has a strong sense of justice. Together with Sol, he is one of the main characters of Guilty Gear. The Mii Fighter wields his sword, Thunderseal.

Jam Kuradoberi Mii Brawler


Jam is a chef of a Chinese descent who longs to own a restaurant and searches for mystical ingredients. However, she also has the ability to manipulate Ki and is a superb martial artist. She has been with the series since Guilty Gear X and would be an excellent Mii Fighter outfit addition.

May Mii Swordfighter

May is yet another mainstay and fan favorite of the series. While she may be a child, she can wield a massive anchor in battle. Of course, this anchor would have to be scaled down for Smash to make it wieldable for your average Mii Fighter.

Faust Mii Hat


Faust is a doctor who went insane after a young girl died during his surgery and went onto become a serial killer. However, he managed to become sane again and traveled the world to atone for his sins and heal those in need. Wielding a giant scalpel and wearing his trademark paper bag mask is his thing. Unfortunately for Mii Fighters, they don’t get the giant scalpel but just the paper bag mask.

Ragna the Bloodedge Mii Swordfighter


Ragna doesn’t originate from Guilty Gear but, rather, from Arc System’s other series, BlazBlue. He is one of the main characters from this series. He wields large sword, Aramasa, which drains opponents souls to heal his own. He is said to be an artificial human who wears the Azure Grimoire, a mystical device that enhances his power but also corrupts his body.

Noel Vermillion Mii Gunner


Noel Vermillion is a shy but talented member of the global police force, Novus Orbis Librarium. She wields the twin mystical guns: Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk. Like Ragna, she has been part of the BlazBlue roster since the start.

Guilty Gear Spirit and Spirit Battles




As mentioned earlier, Faust is a doctor who uses rather unorthodox methods to battle. His quirky demeanor is well-loved by fans and many of his attacks are famous for their humor. For example, his Kancho (a rather childish Japanese prank) and performing plastic surgery on fighters.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Defende
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Great Autoheal

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultdoc:
Stage: New Donk City
Rules: Stamina Battle
  • Equipped with Death’s Sc
  • All fighters gradually heal
Inspiration: Based on how Dr. Faust uses a large scalpel for his attacks and the stage reflects his home stage in Xrd.

Millia Rage


Millia Rage is a reformed assassin who has the ability to control the strands of her hair to form various shapes. She uses these as weapons to attack her opponents. She’s trying to adjust to civilian life after years of being an assassin. She had a complicated relationship with head-assassin-turned-shadow-demon-controlled-corpse, Zato-1.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Grab
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Strong Throw

Spirit Battle

Character: :ultbayonetta: (Yellow)
Stage: Kongo Falls
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Prefers using Smash moves
  • Increase movement speed
Inspiration: Based on how both Bayonetta and Milia use their hair to fight while also focusing on Milia’s impressive movement speed. The stage reflects her stage in Xrd.



Bedman is one of the more peculiar characters in the series. He is a man bound to a mechanical bed and sleeps through the whole match. However, he has the ability to manifest dreams and make them reality. He is one of the strongest fighters in the series and could go toe-to-toe even with Sol Badguy.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Attack
Class: :starman:
Ability: Enhanceable at Level 99/Metal and Giant

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultjigglypuff: (Purple)
Stage: Fountain of Dreams
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Prefers using Sing and Rest
  • Poké Balls are common with Pokémon like Bellossom and Darkrai appearing often
  • Gains health when sleeping
Inspiration: Jigglypuff often puts opponents to sleep and also falls asleep herself. The Pokémon represents dreams conjured by Bedman with Pokémon who have sleep-related abilities often appearing. I wish Porky was a playable character cause he’d be perfect in this role.



Potemkin is a former slave of the nation of Zepp but became an elite soldier after the tyrannical government was overthrown. He possesses immense strength and muscle which continues to grow. Like Sol, he wears an inhibitor to surprise his power but, unlike Sol, it takes the form of a neck collar.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Grab
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Enhanceable at Level 99/

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultdk:
Stage: Shadow Moses Island
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Increased punch and throw attack damage
  • Becomes Metallic after losing 50% health
Inspiration: Based on how Potemkin originally had a more organic appearance but slowly shifted to being encased in armor. The stage also reflects Potemkin’s in Xrd.



Slayer is one of the most powerful characters in the world of Guilty Gear. He is a centuries-old vampire who was the founder of the powerful Assassin’s Guild which he eventually left after meeting his future wife, Sharon. He fights using his hands and is skilled in the dark arts.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Shield
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Lifesteal

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultfalcon: (Blue)
Stage: Dracula’s Castle
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Starts the match with a Back Shield
  • Melee attack damage increased
  • Floaty jumps
Inspiration: Based on the fact that Slayer is a vampire and usually fights hand to hand. He also possesses a magic cloak that attacks and shields him from damage.

Elphelt Valentine


Elphelt is a member of the Backyard, an alternate world which houses information and data of the real world. Elphelt is one of the Valentines, beings with advanced powers who were created by the Universal Will aka Mother to destroy humanity. Elphelt is a Valentine who represents emotion so, as such, she is full of personality and dreams.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Grab
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Energy-Shot Attack ↑

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultpeach: (White)
Stage: Green Greens
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Starts equipped with Staff and Bunny Hood
  • Projectile weapons spawn frequently
  • Easily distracted by items
Inspiration: Elphelt is a female character who is often depicted with bunny ear-like head ornaments as well as a weirder of many guns including a Sniper Rifle. The stage also reflects her Insta-Kill sequence in Xrd.

Axl Low


Axl Low is a British man from the 20th century who seemingly fell into a time slip and woke up 150 years in the future. He constantly seeks to return back to his time to reunite with his girlfriend, Megumi. Despite being Human, he does have some superhuman powers such as high endurance,perception, and even some control over the flow of time.

Spirit Info
Type: Support
Class: :starman:
Ability: Weapon Attack ↑

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultsimon: (Red)
Stage: Spirit Tracks
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Standard attacks deal more damage
  • Favors using Down Special over other Specials
  • Timer spawns occasionally
Inspiration: Simon and Axl are zoners who use distance to their advantage. It also references his ability to cast fire magic and to control time. The stage also reflects Axl’s stages in the Guilty Gear Xrd which was on a train.



Dizzy is an extremely powerful individual who is half Human and half Gear. Despite looking like an adult, she is actually eight due to her Gear heritage. She possesses immense power that can overwhelm most opponents but she has a kind personality. She has two sentient wings with the black wing called Necro and the white wing called Undine.

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultdarkpit::ultbrawler::ultgunner::ultswordfighter: (unlimited)
Stage: Gaur Plains
Rules: Stamina Match
  • Prefers aerial moves
  • Enemies FS Meter fills up quicker
  • Spawned Mii Fighters joins Dark Pits team
Inspiration: Dizzy has a pair of wings that aid in her attacks and is noted to be one of the strongest characters in the series. In addition, she can take control of Gears which is referenced in the Mii Fighters. Gaur Plains reflects her stage in Xrd.

Guilty Gear Music

While most of the Guilty Gear tracks focus on the Xrd series, I also pulled a few songs from earlier games as well.

Smell of the Game Guilty Gear Strive

Give Me a Break Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

Big Blast Sonic Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-


Magnolia Éclair Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

Coming Home Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

Noontide Guilty Gear X2

Blue Water Blue Sky Guilty Gear X2

HOME SWEET GRAVE Guilty Gear Isuka

Unidentified Child Guilty Gear

Suck a Sage Guilty Gear

Outside the Fighter’s Pass

It was hard to think of content to include that’s not traditionally a part of the Fighter’s Pass. While Assist Trophies would be easy, there aren’t many weren’t mentioned earlier in the Spirit or Mii Fighter Costume section that sticks out. Obvious picks would be Ky Kiske, May, Milia Rage, Chipp Zanuff, and other major characters. Instead, I want to focus on two new aspects I haven’t explored yet in this article series.

Palutena’s Guidance

:ultpit:Whoa, get a look at that sword! That could really do some damage, I bet!
:ultpalutena:That’s the Junkyard Dog MK II.
:ultpit:Junkyard Puppy whatcha call it 2?
Viridi: Junkyard Dog M as in Monkey and K as in Kid 2!
:ultpit: I still don’t get it…
Viridi: Just remember getting hit by it will singe off your wings!!
:ultpit: Now I understand that! I don’t wanna get my wings singed off!
:ultpalutena: The Junkyard Dog MK II is a sword capable of summoning intense flames. It’s wielder is none other than Sol Badguy.
:ultpit: We have Ridley and Bowser, so he won’t be the sole bad guy on the roster!
Viridi: *sigh* not that kind of “sole”. Just watch out for his fire attacks and crazy FG combos and mechanics. He has tons of them like lag canceling, command inputs, and all that sort of stuff!

Snake Codec

:ultsnake: This guy...he’s totally copying my style.
Otacon: That’s not any ordinary guy, Snake. That’s none other than Sol Badguy!
:ultsnake: Sol who what now?
Otacon: Sol … Badguy. He wields a sword capable of summons powerful flames
:ultsnake: And wearing my trademark bandana.
Otacon: That’s not your bandana, Snake. Sol created that to suppress his latent powers. You see, he’s actually a Gear…
:ultsnake: A Gear?! Why didn’t you say so! Mission! Go! We gotta…
Otacon: Not that kind of Gear. This Gear is a Human transformed into a magical being with superhuman powers plus an extended lifespan in exchange for intense survival instincts and battle lust.
:ultsnake: Magical...beings? Not this whacky science fiction stuff. So that’s suppressing his desire to rip me apart? That’s good to know.
Otacon: He has tons of mechanics and abilities up his...sleeveless arms so keep on your toes, Snake!
:ultsnake: Maybe I could get command inputs, too.


Guilty Gear has done much to help revolutionize the fighting game community and started anime fighting game genre. This is a genre of fighting games that Arc System Works has pioneered since Guilty Gear. Ryu, Ken, abd Street Fighter started it all while Terry and Fatal Fury/King of Fighters continued the formula while enhancing it. Sol Badguy Guilty Gear took the fighting game formula and truly made something amazing and special. It deserves its spot in the greatest gaming crossover in history.
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Great analysis of my most wanted FG rep to get in.

I don't have a single thing to criticize about the Guilty Gear side of the analysis -- but there is one tiny thing you missed.

DLC Spirit Boards always have the Legendary Spirit as a support spirit with a brand-new effect to the game, and I think Justice or That Man could be added to the spirit board to fulfill that role. As for what the effect could be, I don't know, but my idea is:

Roman Cancel (3 slots) -- the opponent is briefly slowed down (like 1 sec) when you parry an attack.

It wouldn't perfectly represent RCing in smash, but it would give all the non-Sol characters a taste of what its like -- sort of like how Geese 'sorta' gives everyone Terry's super meter.
I like it. Really tryna get into GG and this really helped a LOT.

BTW can you do more for Fighting Game characters like Heihachi for example? It'll be great.
While I can’t say for sure about Heihachi, I plan to do more fighting game characters

Smh no Holy Orders or Midnight Carnival in the music section
There is a lot of great music but I chose music I felt represented a wide variety of atyles

And the finale of a beautiful analysis is here!

The way you designed the Spirits are great, and the potential stages you proposed are even better!
Thank you! Guilty Gear is known for having beautiful and creative stages so I wanted to capture this in my stage proposal.

Great analysis of my most wanted FG rep to get in.

I don't have a single thing to criticize about the Guilty Gear side of the analysis -- but there is one tiny thing you missed.

DLC Spirit Boards always have the Legendary Spirit as a support spirit with a brand-new effect to the game, and I think Justice or That Man could be added to the spirit board to fulfill that role. As for what the effect could be, I don't know, but my idea is:

Roman Cancel (3 slots) -- the opponent is briefly slowed down (like 1 sec) when you parry an attack.

It wouldn't perfectly represent RCing in smash, but it would give all the non-Sol characters a taste of what its like -- sort of like how Geese 'sorta' gives everyone Terry's super meter.
Ah yeah, I forgot to add a Legendary Spirit. I will do that in the next article but your suggestion with Justice would work very well!

Okay, Sol Badguy would be a HELL lot of fun to play with! :grin:
I agree! I wasn’t so sure but, as I wrote this article, I started liking him more and more!
Dang, that's one mighty detailed character pass you got there.

I know nothing about Sol or Guilty Gear but that whole detailed analysis made me very interested in the franchise, i'm not very good at traditionnal fighting games but i'll give it a shot.
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The character May with the giant anvil for a weapon looks interesting! I can only imagine someone like that smash might be unique! Good article
Dang, that's one mighty detailed character pass you got there.

I know nothing about Sol or Guilty Gear but that whole detailed analysis made me very interested in the franchise, i'm not very good at traditionnal fighting games but i'll give it a shot.
I first played Guilty Gear Playstation in 1998 and I loved it but I never got back into the series with later titles. This was a great way for me to get back into the series and I’m glad that part 1 and 2 got people interested in the series as well!

The character May with the giant anvil for a weapon looks interesting! I can only imagine someone like that smash might be unique! Good article
May is a fan favorite for many due to her unique design and backstory. While Sol and Ky are easily the main characters, May would be a welcomed addition.
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