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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes
Pokemon 2019 Press Conference Recap
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Missed out on the latest announcements regarding Pokemon? Here we cover the latest information on all four of their announcements.
Smashboards Call for Writers
  • 4,151
  • 44
Call for all writers! Read further for more detail.
Reggie joins Team Liquid
  • 9,719
  • 38
Recently retired CEO of Nintendo of America is now joining TeamLiquid! Read more about it here in our exclusive article.
Rivals of Aether unveils Buddy System
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Rivals of Aether has unveiled their newest buddy system starting with their first - The Frostbite Cub, with plenty more to come!
Smash Ultimate Spirit Board Event: "Fire Emblem Fest (Part One)"
  • 5,655
  • 11
Smash Ultimate showcases it's second spirit board event - Now with more Fire Emblem!
Smash Ultimate Spirit Board event: "A Spectacle to Behold"
  • 3,654
  • 8
Smash Ultimate shows it's first Spirit Board event - Live now.
Izaw Explains Perfect Shield
  • 8,288
  • 15
In his newest video, Izaw explains how the Perfect Shield/Parry mechanic of Smash Ultimate functions. Watch to find out more!
What We Can Learn from Icons: Combat Arena
  • 4,225
  • 16
In this detailed editorial, users Thirdkoopa and Liberation tackle what we can all learn for future of platform fighters and making games in general.
ZeRo to compete in Smash Ultimate under new sponsor
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  • 43
ZeRo announces competing in Smash Ultimate! He also announces a giveaway and a new sponsor.
100 Video Game Song Medley
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For his 100th Video, ChrisAllenHess brings a Medley with over 100+ Collaborators and 100 Video Game Songs.
Nintendo Trademarks Rhythm Heaven, Golden Sun, and more
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Nintendo has semi-recently filed Trademarks for Rhythm Heaven, Golden Sun, Wrecking Crew, and Mario Super Sluggers.
Five More Stages possibly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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  • 22
With new information from CoroCoro, the stage total is now, possibly, 108, being 5 stages larger than the previous count of 103.
Why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Should Be Re-Released
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  • 41
This article is part two in our series talking about the future of Smash after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and features one of our writers going over why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate should join a fledged cast of "Games that live on forever"
Why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Should be the Last Game in the Series
  • 4,466
  • 60
While the topic of a "Reboot Smash" has been instigated, this article features one of our writers discussing why it shouldn't happen (for at least a long while), why Ultimate is such an appealing game, and why there will need to be a lot more to draw people in.
Nintendo's Statement on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Demo and DLC
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  • 27
Nintendo's Bill Trinen spoke at Comic-Con both about the possibility of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Demo and DLC.
Golden Sun Illustrator Passes Away
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  • 17
Hiroshi Kajiyama, the illustrator behind the Golden Sun and Shining Force franchise, has passed away.
Yooka-Laylee joins Brawlout Roster
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Yooka-Laylee join the Brawlout roster, making the cast of Brawlout 20 characters.
8-Bit Music Theory on How Super Smash Bros. Music Sets a Tone for the Series
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In his most recent video, 8-bit Music Theory talks about what's used to drive the main themes in the Super Smash Bros. games.
Release Date and Price announced for Inkling, Wolf, and Ridley amiibo
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The Nintendo Versus twitter has announced the first three amiibo in the Smash Ultimate lineup: Inkling, Wolf, and Ridley, along with a new price point and reprints of the original amiibo line.
Kirby: Star Allies' Wave 2 Launches on July 27th
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Nintendo announced that Kirby: Star Allies will get its summer update on July 27th, with Daroach, Dark Meta Knight, and Adeleine & Ribbon as playable dream friends.