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The Super Mario Bros. Movie animated gets its first trailer


In a Nintendo direct, the first Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) was shown. Before the direct, Shigeru Miyamoto, Chris Melendandri, Chris Pratt, and Jack Black opened with a few comments. We've included the trailer below.

Author's Notes: Wow. I think it looks really good. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Writer & Editor: Thirdkoopa Thirdkoopa
Image: @Zerp
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Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


well if you like it i wont hold it against any of you. i've got way better things to hold against you
A promising start. As for the Mario voice, think long and hard if you really want to have that voice headline a full length movie. Like, it's great for sound effects and short lines, but even back in those meet and greet things it could be seen as a bit annoying and awkward for conversations. Not to mention the silly factor.
bruh like why ya gotta always feel negative all the time bro, an what thing are ya holin against him? did he break the law?
i don’t think anyone in their 30s who spends their free time criticizing family films has anything to be positive about tbf :bowsette:
I thought it was great! Feeling a lot more optimistic about the Mario movie now. I'm still expecting some groan-worthy "jokes" (most family films have some jokes I find pretty unfunny nowadays) but that's to be expected. I can easily look past it if the rest is good enough, and it's looking very good thus far.
That might become the Best Videogame Movie!
And when it comes to the Game Cast they wouldve become Pretty Annoying and or Blown their Voice out!
After all Peach/Toads Actress strains her voice when doing Toad! I Just Hope that The Charles Cameo is Used In Part in the illumination intro!
He could voice Game Mario there!
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I bet he'll either be a cameo as Jumpman(Mario from Donkey Kong) or you'll hear his version of Mario say something along the lines of "Thank you so much for watching my movie!"
The latter implies Mario made the movie about himself and also canonically sees Chris Pratt as his best possible portrayal :rotfl:
IIRC, Miyamoto said in the cast reveal that Martinet's gonna be playing multiple cameo appearances. I'm guessing some kind of retro throwback like what Qwerty UIOP Qwerty UIOP suggested, but also maybe voicing himself as a Toad (unless Keys is just playing all of them). Maybe he'll play both Wario and Waluigi? I think it would be fun if they were sitting on the sidelines for the entire film but were constantly trying to screw over or profit off of the main characters, like in SMBZ.
The latter implies Mario made the movie about himself and also canonically sees Chris Pratt as his best possible portrayal :rotfl:
The thank you so much for watching my movie is a nod to SM64 when at the end he says Thank you so much for playing my game.
Well, I can say one thing; never underestimate the quickness of memes, especially for a franchise as big as Mario.

Also, I’d like people to see this:
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