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  • Come to Voodoo noob. I want some bowser rep in my tourny. Also, get Mike to come too. I want some more Austin rep for my tourny.
    Like Austin vs FW.
    They want to challenge for 2nd best city in TX.
    Gotta go through you guys too :p
    Fort Worth wants to crew battle SA at the final event.
    Austin needs to get in on this FW stuff.
    please update the chapionships thread with the final point update

    1: UltimateRazer==195 points

    2: Gnes==185 points

    3: Trela==172 points

    4: Denti==75 points

    5: Illmatic==57 points

    6or7: Dojo==45 points

    6or7: Infinity==45 points

    8: Jerm==42 points

    9: Sync==39 points

    9: K Prime==39 points

    10: Pj==35 points

    11: Dphat==27 points

    12: Shlike==25 points

    12: Espy==25 points

    12:Vinnie==25 points

    12: Poltergust==25 points

    13: Bassem=20 points

    14: MegaFox==19 points

    15: Zori==17 points

    15: Leaf==17 points

    16: Jrugs==15 points

    16: ALSM==15 points

    17: Slush==14 points

    17: Pwii==14 points

    18: Tesh==12 points

    19: Magik==10 points

    19: Nacho==10 points

    19: Paw==10 points

    20: Typex==7 points

    20: Slaps==7 points

    20: Yosh==7 points

    20: Derk==7 points

    20: Reigun==7 points

    20: Jnig==7 points

    20: RedShadow==7 points

    21: P4==5 points

    21: Panty Raider==5 points

    21: Esca==5 points

    21: JTD==5 points

    21: Atemz==5 points

    21: Andilex==5 points

    21: Zero==5 points

    21: Santi==5 points

    21: Skypirate==5 points

    21: Nike==5 points

    21: Dakpo==5 points

    21: Chic==5 points
    Unfortunately, pretty bad.
    I wish i could go, i've always wanted to go to TX...

    But right now, i'm hving problems just going to tourneys in FL.
    Not to mention trying to save for APEX/My apartment.

    I've got johns :(

    I heard you beat Neon's Peach after playing me. I knew you got it down. His Peach is getting really good, so great job.

    Yeah, I was a bit upset after losing to Polt.. but it's whatever. I'm really going to get him next time, I can't let the Yoshis get their sprits up. Time to get some serious practice in for when MK is banned.. he literally kicks me out of EVERY tournament when I'm in either loser's or winner's it's freakin ********.

    It's like at every tournament it's just single elimination cause I can barely do anything against top level MKs that abuse their character (ALSM/P_wii). So now when he's banned.. it's gonna be like I finally get a real shot at double elimination.

    Nov. 12th will be hype.
    Dude, I didn't really tell you this while I was there... but


    It was super fun playing low tier / just messing around to that super stanky booty ghetto gangsta music.

    Peach vs Bowser was hype too, you got better :)
    T-Block didn't respond to the wall post.

    Also, do i have to wait for the next like, "audition" for the BBR in order to apply?
    I'm gunning for auditions for 2012 courses. I put it on hold for a short bit though since I'm actually working now full time to build up some money. Least I'm not sitting on it with just playing Smash lol. I've kept up with a couple of your things (reading from the Bowser match-up discussion too) and saw you have more film projects and all? Awesome stuff!
    Hey :) Can you add Luminoth to the Wolf panel in the BBR Updates thread? He just got in recently and will be helping us out in Phase 2.
    No sir, I am not. Sorry!! I MIGHT be going to Batous Monthly this month, but I'm really going to try for November.
    So can I call a spot in the carpool for that SA tournament they were discussing recently? ^^;
    I notice these things while scrolling down to the Disco Room. :p
    Dude you might check this guy's page out, I know it's an FA and all but he's into animation like none other and reminds me of you and you're ambitions toward Disney style animation/directing.

    Had to do something I haven't really gottena chance to work on your requests still D:!!!!!

    I'll talk at you later

    We'll see. For now, my car so badly in need of repairs that I think it would be more cost-effective to just buy another one. All my money is basically gone right now.
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