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  • LasT Smash should be a lot of fun. I don't ever get to play other PT players, so matches with you will be a good learning experience for me, I'm sure.
    As far as I know, you simply contribute to the Strategy Pokedex in the Pokecenter subforum; post a good set or two, and then go to "Group Memberships" in the User Control Panel. Find that, and sign up there, using your posts on the Strategy Pokedex as a reference.
    that would be cool, when the time comes, I'll plan with my dad and friends. I'm sure I could bring at least one of them. But after all, I would have to get the permission of the parents first, but I dont see a problem with it.
    In June at minimal. I got my permit in January, however since I'm not 18 yet, which will be another year from now, I most likely wont be able to drive very far. I tried going to Texas in December with Sudai and them but since my dad has never met them, I couldn't(understandable) though because I would be driving with a few of my friends, maybe I would have a slighter chance of coming however, it's a long drive and we arent old enough to make any contract deals e.g rent a room, however, I am not sure of all of my options yet, I could probably come if my dad came or something where his authority could come with us somehow like that, but the real first step is making the plans, getting all the details, getting them to our respective parents and then getting the OK from them and then moving forward from there. But aside from all that BS for details, yes, I should be driving in June of this year.
    I'm not gonna deter anyone from playing Wario, haha. He should probably stick to TL/Falco though, as I think they're his best.
    I was finishing up Spanish... which I'm done with for the rest of the semester! And that's cool. I hope he sticks with him and gets good with him. I could use Wario ditto practice anyway, b/c I suck at those. How's it looking?
    Haha. Yeah, school is a real killer. Almost summer time, though. Lots of time for tourneys then!
    Haha, no doubt. I'm definitely trying to practice as much as possible before my next tourney, which is in 3 weeks! But I have SAT's and AP testing all right before it, so there's not much time to be smashing haha.
    Indeed it was. I lost my first match and got knocked into Loser's bracket. It was really close though. Then my first match in loser's was against another PT. I lost first with my PT, switched to Lucario, beat him, then he swapped to MK and owned me. Blegh. So placement-wise, not too well.

    I had a lot of fun though. Played lots of friendlies and overall had a good experience. Thanks for askin. : )
    Psh, as if I care about your training. You're already in the Hall of Fame on the PT boards, so you're a true Pkmn Master :p
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