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Recent content by Zigsta

  1. Zigsta

    Important 4BR Official Tier List v2.0 - Voting Thread

    Here's my list. Sorry for the late vote!
  2. Zigsta

    Data Kirby Tournament Data

    Mike and I actually didn't play at KKon. He beat ZekkenB (who entered as Wigsta), who mains Little Mac. He came SOOOO close to beating Void!!
  3. Zigsta

    Bowser 1.1.5

    This this this. Increased air speed was one of the best things to possibly happen to Bowser. It's minor, but we'll take it!
  4. Zigsta

    Social 4BR Social

    What exactly happened with this Facebook debate? I completely missed the boat on this.
  5. Zigsta

    Meta Tier List 1.0 Discussion & Moving Forward

    For what it's worth, I think Bowser could potentially slide a bit the next tier list vote. While I don't think his nerf really hurt him that much, he'll honestly only go down the longer people figure out how to exploit him. If your two worst MUs are the two best characters in the game, you're...
  6. Zigsta

    Mii Legality Thread

    I personally don't understand why the standard 1111 Miis aren't allowed. They're far from breaking the game by any means. What are the arguments for banning them outright?
  7. Zigsta

    Social 4BR Social

    Getting hyped for Koopacide discussion like https://gfycat.com/ExemplaryBlushingFlies
  8. Zigsta

    Meta Tier List 1.0 Discussion & Moving Forward

    I think the biggest problem with the tier list voting this time around in general was the overall lack of discussion. Many people merely voted without really digging into their thoughts. I thought @Thinkaman did a fantastic job of sparking conversation with many voters that really took the...
  9. Zigsta

    Social 4BR Social

    Here's the thing, though: Smash 4 ISN'T consistent with how Koopacide gets treated. And it's an absolute shame that people just don't understand all the facts here. Bowser does NOT always die first. It's stage dependent, even differing between Omega stages. And with the last couple patches...
  10. Zigsta

    Umbra Clock tower viability discussion

    I need to play on this stage a lot more to form a more rounded opinion on the stage, but for now I find the background at times to be incredibly distracting. The other part that's kind of funky to me (and why it's different from Delfino, which I miss terribly here in SoCal) is that at times...
  11. Zigsta

    Bro have you dropped Bowser for Bayonetta??

    Bro have you dropped Bowser for Bayonetta??
  12. Zigsta

    Data Bowser's Moveset Data & Discussion

    It's possible. Thanks!
  13. Zigsta

    Bowser's Side B Cancel (Quick Tip)

    This has been known for a very long time. It's incredibly handy for mixups and getting back to the ground/stage. Even though it's been known, thanks for posting. The more people who practice and discover new tech (even if they actually didn't discover it first), the better we all become. I'm...
  14. Zigsta

    Social Bowser's Castle

    Do you have any videos? Samus is my most played MU--it's very easy to exploit Samus's blindspot. It would be a lot easier for me to break down ways for you to improve if you can record some footage, even if it's on an iPhone.
  15. Zigsta

    Carrot Me Bro!: The Bowser Match-up Topic

    GW is one of Bowser's easiest MUs. Play simple and grounded, and just shield or jab everything he does.
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