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  • Alright. Let me know. Put me on the waitlist. I'd take my car, but it's been sick lately. Around Austin is the best it can do.
    Hi. I'm not stalking you, but I saw that Jordan and Juan posted Hobo info on your VM, so I thought I'd do the same :p. Anyway, any room left in your carpool for me?
    As long as people are keeping me company I can do that w/o trouble, and we'll make it early enough to have time to smash and sleep.
    We'd still get there by 9, Houston is like 3 hours from Jordan's place. Just make sure we get housing and all is well. If I happen to be well rested that day (unlikely, lol), I can drive for a bit too, if needed.
    Where do you leave yours? I mean, the most ideal thing of course would be for you to pick us up, b/c it's hard to find free, safe parking downtown :(
    Where am I gonna put my car? :\ I was totally expecting to leave it at his place and then have him drive us down to wherever you are. His car is tiny and can fit into more places, lol.
    I'm going to ask off friday so all day. And tell Juan that would be perfect. Do you have housing worked out or am I doing that?
    I'll have Bio lab until one, let's just find out when Jordan gets out, I'll probably drive to his place and then catch a ride downtown with him, makes things easier for me, and I don't have to try to find parking near downtown.
    We should ideally leave Friday evening and spend the night in Houston (talk to Xyro to reserve housing), as the tournament starts somewhat earlyish on Saturday. Plus we could get some early smash in with Houstonites as well.
    I forgot I'm getting a ride with you LOL. We should contact Seiya for housing.
    I don't even know XD

    I just figured it was a good avatar and I really doubt anyone else would ever have a similar one. It was time for a change from that katamari avatar I had since 07 XD
    Were not caveman, we can battle on wifi.

    Ill still bring it though in hopes on another pokemon tournament like last time
    I live deep south texas (practically in mexico) in a place called the Rio grande valley.
    awesome zigsta i wanna meet you at HOBO 18

    we live in the same state yet have not met, whats that about?
    Actually zigsta yes that would be awesome I originally had an account on SWF as CoonTail and I forgot my password so I made this account but my real gamertag is CoonTail so if you could change that Id be greatly appreciative
    My squirtle does, ok. Then i rush in with a hydro-whatever, being all heroic and sh*t and i take a f*cking utilt and die at like 98%. ._.
    And his nair. Guh. So glad i have Wario now. Most Snakes are too cocky to worry about a 60:40 that they forget Wario's sitting one spot under Snake for good reason.
    ADAT2 Western Regional Championship

    9th out of 32 singles
    4th out of 16 doubles
    3rd out of 16 low tier singles

    all 100% PT

    this was before sou kawaii 3...thanks ^^
    Ty ^_^
    Falco was for a Snake. Didn't bode well. My pt doesn't have enough MU exp vs a decent snake, so I pulled out my old main from a year ago.
    Mistaaaaaaaaaaaaake! XD
    lol thanks for updating...yeah I guess I'll get out of it eventually. I'm taking a break from brawl for two or three weeks... hopefully that'll help.
    hey zigsta I play green PT cuz me and green poketrainer have red hair and green pokemon trainer hats. I play white PT sometimes too I have my jungle PT and stylish PT
    Haha thanks man... I'll be waiting to hear what you think of it ;)

    Have fun at Disney World. I'm jealous =(
    Well I have to first take my license test and pass and then I have to show that my dad can trust me to be able to drive a long distance without wrecking any vehicle which will take a while. =/

    It sucks I know but once I'm able to I will feel so much better.
    Tried to CG him in some way but didn't work and also it wasn't the matter of having to CG him it was the matter of killing him. So I really didn't need to CG. Btw, I feel a bit happy, I got to sit down with reflex and sat like 5 minutes or so and showed me some stuff I already knew but even so I got this really awesome vibe. I can't really explain it but it was something that made me hyped and want to fight him so much. Too bad I didn't get to. Grrr I need to!
    yeah, well at Play N' Trade I played Sudai then Jnig and lost and then at Rocket Hideout I played Randal and Jnig (GOD AGAIN!!!!! lol) and lost worse than I did last time. then in low tier Blain and Randal (lol consistent opponent) beat me but I beat Li-D and almost beat Randal, note to self, when Squirtle is kicking Ness's ***, don't think you can switch to Ivy for the kill (I knew I shouldn't but it was too late, I pressed down B -_-)
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