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  • Hello you may not know me but just yetsterday I join the Fellowship PT group and I just went to the person that made the group but he isnt able to brawl n wifi so with that said would would you like to brawl?

    PT vs PT?
    Hey there, Megapants!
    Where're you?
    It's the last day when I can brawl with you.'cause I won't be at home on Sunday's evening
    Uhm, no, that won't work for me... I have a hockeytourney on Saturday, and I won't be home till 18.00 my time. So I can play at uhm, 19.00 or something. I guess that's 11 am for you then? Would that be fine for you?
    I can play after 15.00 till 21.30. I live in Holland so it I guess we have a lot of time difference, my timezone is GMT+1. So, when can you play?
    o well yes but this is a not like another this isn't now the cure for the moment is like a the ill but a derivate is a lil annoying that but the people are scary about that because is too mean that

    o i see but animo ok iknow that you can do it me well im fine but in a lil alert about the porky flu but maybe that can be fixed later i hope so and i see that in so areas in us are having so problems with that so be careful ok use a mask

    Yikes, I hear ya loud and clear on that one--I'd like to go to a tourney in two weeks, but until then I have 5 tests, including a final, all next week.
    Ugh, a MK. XD Well, playing with Pokemon Trainer at your first tournament is no easy feat. I'm sure you'll do better next time!
    Yeah, I was hoping to see more of your PT! Your Squirtle's amazing, just work on that Ivysaur. I got plenty of kills at 28% and below, lol.

    Will do!
    The best advice I can realy give is work on your zoning. I'm done, it's so stressful to fight your Lucas in this lag. D:

    Great games!
    That's not it, lol. I just have the most PT practice, I play so many of them so often. So I know exactly what you're gonna do.
    Good first match! That lag was pretty bad, I wasn't to do much, and I'm sure it affected you in a negative way.
    o i see ok well you can do it kid remember the key of the remembrance is the memory and well animo animo animo im just looking for the moment ok

    well i know that but in sometimes is good for remeber or begin al how to fix it for create our future and well maybe with this i will make you sleep so try to be in your bed went you read this ok i will go later of check the omelet chatroomv2.5 ok

    thats what i want to heard maybe i don't sound like to many of my age but is because is too fun jajaja but how a good guy i can be if i don't say that and perhads is very good to sleep in the right time (not like snorlax he sleeps all of the time except for eat jiji ) so goodnight kid have a sweet dreams

    ok is very good that lol o i forgot go to the bed ok kid tomorrow you have a school right so don't be too late ok all of the brawl and tips about it can wait for you tomorrow ok

    sure kid you can if i can help you i will do it in not time ok (except for the love ok that i can manage jiji but i can give you some tips for that jiji )

    so animo ok

    o well im happy to do it because well i like pokemon earthbound mother 3 smash arcades emulators help people if i can friendship and another things you know jiji

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