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  • Hehe, saw your interview on the smash news. It kept cutting out though unfortunately. :/
    But I mean I'll definitely check it out this weekend. This weekend is when I'm at home from college where they don't monitor my bandwidth usage for torrents lol.
    Full albums or bust. I like to put on an album and just chill out to them, especially with bands like Radiohead and Ratatat. The number next to the band is the number of albums btw.
    The Raconteurs has Jack White from the White Stripes and a few other people collabing for a great band. Phantom Planet is most known for their song California, but I really only like their 3rd album where they completely shifted their style to a more garage rock revival sound
    I got into headphones when my friend with the HD555's introduced me into the magical world of headphones. I went over to his place and compared headphones. I found out by comparing the ones I had were complete *** (well better than cheapos, but definitely not audiophile quality). So me and him go into talking and I decided to do research on what kind of headphone I liked. It was really cool seeing all that stuff and got me really interested in quality audio. So after a couple of weeks of dealing with the bad cans and doing research, I finally bought my Grados from a local audio place. I couldn't have been more happy with my purchase, but now I thirst for more lol.

    I'll go ahead and post a screencap of my Foobar2000(supports FLAC and I definitely recommend it if you don't already have it). It's what I listen to regularly.
    I know you're a person that this perspective won't fall upon deaf ears on, lol. So I'll probably post musings like that one to you cause I don't have much anyone else other than him to talk about headphones with.
    Definitely look into different type of bass-intensive headphones and definitely try to find some place near you that you can try them on. It's an amazing experience to try different headphones because you hear so many ways to hear the sounds.
    So me and my friend hung out today. He's into good headphones and what not so we got to comparing headphones. He has a pair of Senn HD555 and I obviously have the Grado SR80i. We got to testing different genres of music and found that some sounded better on the SR80i (more rock and guitar heavy songs) and some sounded better on the HD555 (more ambient type music and classical music). So we got to discussing headphones on ways to improve how to listen. We came to the conclusion that it would be more satisfying to own a bunch of "sidegrade" headphones that have different sonic signatures to them rather than just having a "great" set of expensive headphones. The type of headphones you use to listen to each song changes the parts of the song you hear and the way you hear it. It's really interesting and cool. So basically we decided that instead of just upgrading the type of headphones you have, it's more worth it to have a few sets of good headphones. (obviously after time, I mean we're not all made of money lol) But just some perspective.
    Yeah. I figured for an entry level pair I'd get myself an SR80i pair. Sounds really awesome and makes me crave to hear other high level headphones lol. They're pretty much a gateway headphone pair lol.
    And as far as IEMs are concerned it's completely fine that you get them. It's just a personal thing because I don't like them sitting in my ear. But they still are able to provide the high level of detail and isolation as a circum-aural or supra-aural set of headphones would provide.
    I just want to make sure that if you're saving up for a $400 dollar pair of headphones that you also know what other headphones you can get in that similar price range, especially if you find a pair that goes on sale. Always do your research when spending that kind of money, ya know?
    Oh, I just don't like earbuds/IEMs lol. I don't think I said that I didn't like the IE80's though. Perhaps you mixed that up with me talking about my SR80i's? Sennheiser is a good company though and makes good headphones.
    A lot of it depends on the type of music you want to listen to. Each headphone has it's own sound signature and therefore each song will actually sound different on different pairs of headphones. The best way to find out what kind of headphones are good for you is to find a local audiophile store where you can try out some quality headphones and see which sounds best to you.
    If you can't find a store, the next best thing is to do a lot of research on what you'll be buying. A lot of people write good reviews on the qualities of headphones on head-fi.org. Here's a good buying guide from them: http://www.head-fi.org/a/headphone-buying-guide
    Hope that helps some
    I listen to what I like obv. But generally stuff like The Dandy Warhols and Super Furry Animals. I really like the alternative stuff from the 90's.
    I've got myself a pair of Grados SR80i that I'm digging. The highs are very bright though, I'm thinking of upgrading to a more neutral sounding headphone.
    I've never really been a fan of IEMs
    Shutup :O u know kev brown?!?! ****tt what songs of him do u listen to? Show some of the ''unknown'' hip hop then, let's see what ur talking about
    Oh nahhh son whatsup with that?! Where's the hip hop ?!?! I'm talking bout masta ace, kev brown, J dilla, nas etc.
    It's going ight I'm getting near to top 100 kuma/panda haha. OMG me 2 I'm making mixtapes and stuff. What genre ur into?
    Lol I remember a lot of stuff! I like to pay attention to what you say! Yeah Nala is pretty African...
    They're cute babies and I was the same way too so I know how you feel. Their names are Tetra and Medli.
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