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    Legality Update on Controller Legality Discussion

    i'll get back to this, but i'm not sure this is a reasonable approach. the core idea of having a set of restrictions & specifications within which anyone can create a legal custom controller makes sense, but it's not a practical option imo. the granularity required would be incredible, for one...
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    This whole stigma of "playing lame"

    they shouldn't. if winning is all that matters to a player, they shouldn't need positive feedback from the audience to do what they do. flipside, they also shouldn't let negative public opinion of their playstyle influence them to change their play and lower their chances of winning. they...
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    Should Palutena get special treatment since she has pre unlocked customs?

    imo the point of argument would be that palutena's customs are unlocked by default presumably because they're considered in her design and balance relative to the rest of the cast by default. and if palutena with customs is intended to be on a level playing field with the rest of the default...
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    Tech chasing guides (serious topic)

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    Me vs "Them"

    talk to people who beat you and ask them for observations and advice. very few people can really understand or even recognize situations after seeing them once or twice, which is a major advantage that years playing grants: those players haev seen these situations and interactions and habits...
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    Should I button mash when getting grabbed?

    what do you mean? wobbling is an infinite. if their setup isn't clean and the percents are low you might be able to mash out before it starts, but there's no way to "get out" of the actual combo once it's happening.
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    Who We Are: Smash and Pornography

    tbh GimR has been a lot more reasonable about this thing than you were about religion just now.
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    Who We Are: Smash and Pornography

    not really. people can respect or judge whatever they want, and we can judge or respect them based on what they've chosen and how we feel about it and it's a whole big thing. like we're seeing right now with the whole EVO SaltySuite situation, GimR personally doesn't want to advertise TeamYP...
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    Wavedash Help

    watch falco players. there's so much wavedashing and wavelanding in their neutral and combo games. it doesn't have so much to do with how far a character can wavedash, but the fact that wavedashing/landing allows options that are literally impossible otherwise, e.g.: moving forward or backward...
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    Does anyone win the sheik matchup?

    this attitude is good to have as a competitor, honestly, but it doesn't invalidate complaints of imbalance. obviously if the skill gap between you and your opponent is big enough you'll win any matchup, but people are concerned with the situations where they're just as good as their opponent but...
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    20XX download link
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    A tournament story: "controllerism"

    you understand what this actually is, though, right? you can take it as cheeky or bullying or whatever, but 9 times out of 10, this is: "wow, you're actually better than i thought you could be playing that way; you'd probably be even better playing this other way, though."" it's advice. there...
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    A tournament story: "controllerism"

    keep in mind also that smashers go through controllers. it's same as any other equipment used in competition, they wear in and wear down and break. buying a new 3ds for that is very different from buying a new controller.
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    Some people actually resent crouch canceling?

    yea this is the conventional wisdom. definitely it's mixing up grabs, overheads, and spacing tricks like cross-through aerials or spaced pokes. personally, the way the hitboxes are on stuff like stomps i think they require kind of a read—since you need to get pretty deep into their space before...
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    Accidental/unwanted turnarounds

    catch the control stick while it's returning. if you do your pivots using the flicker method, you basically dash one way then flick the other way, moving your thumb way out of position in the process. just work on keeping the speed of that input without the wasted motion of moving your thumb so...
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