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The Nameless Wanderer

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  • Hey Matt, could you please tell me if you're going to attack someone, or if you get attacked by someone in the Perfect World tournament? Thanks so much ^__^.
    Lol... okay well, I've got some things to do right now but I'll be back this evening around 8 or 8:30 EST, so anytime after that works for me.

    Nice going on the theme song, Matt! It's awesome! Thanks for getting it for us, it's really great.
    hetalia is a great funny series xD i havent laughed so much at a random anime in so long. It is about people who represent the countries around the world and it is just too funny.

    try and watch te first episode of Hetalia: Axis Powers. All the eps are like 5 minutea long and are never dull.
    hmm well i have a few like i love all good anime :3

    lets see this is a list in no order

    Yu yu Hakusho
    Naruto (hinata <3)
    Skip Beat

    I am getting into FMA

    i have a bigger manga collection though =p
    haha i thought i recognized it. My friend loves that series to death.

    She likes Blue iirc (if i have the character right)
    Sorry for double post, but please don't attack anyone tomorrow in the "Perfect World" tournament tomorrow. It IS going to be Friday the 13th after all X__X. I don't want to be the first aggresor and have everyone set their sights on us. Just hope for the best and hope you don't get challenged by any of the problematic team members.

    Also, if you have any suggestions, please don't be afraid to tell me ^__^. I can think strategically, but it's also good to have input from other people ^__^.

    EDIT: Disregard that you can't attack. You can attack people, but just be careful on who you decide to attack. Also be careful of Friday the 13th's bad luck X__X.
    As the "Perfect World" tournament is going to start tomorrow, I thought I should let you know about a few things.

    The two main teams we need to worry about are Team Sleepy Pie and The Soviets.

    With Team Sleepy Pie, the main people you should watch out for are Sheen and Kola. Sheen just plays an amazing Falco, but his PT is way worse. Be careful if you get challenged by him, and hope he chooses PT. I've never faced Kola, but I've heard a bunch of good things about his Marth, so be careful.

    With The Soviets, we need to be careful of PromiKupo, Slader (for obvious reasons), and Mcmuff1nman. PromiKupo looks to be really good. And Mcmuff1nman plays an amazing Olimar.

    Just thought I should give you some info on teams to worry about ^__^.
    Okay so in like a little more than an hour? I'll be online then, just VM me when you get on.

    KirbyWizard made a whole story out of his "Perfect World" tournament. Go check it out if you want to see what kind of character he made you as. And to see what our Kingdom is like... some of it is funny...
    We need to play for MAD vs HOR, I'm heading to bed soon now but I can do it anytime tomorrow afternoon or evening basically. Just message me back and let me know when you're available.

    "Originally Posted by Ray Robo: (The Nameless Wanderer) Matt uses Wiichuck."

    Let's go prove Ray wrong >__>.
    Yes yes yes. So much truth. Wolf's Rain was awesome and is da bess. My favorites were Kiba and Toboe. I'm thinking of re-watching it now XD. You've got such an awesome avi!

    Alright, I'll edit my post in the tourney. Let's rock this tourney!
    Wolf's Rain was AWESOME!!!! I like your new avatar ^__^.

    Alright, here is the Team Formation for the tournament:

    "Leader- dualseeker (Dual)
    Defender- Wild ARMs (Dain)
    Defender- The Nameless Wanderer
    Attacker- DTK.L (DTK)"

    Make sure to read over the rules so you know the properties of your position. Let's do our best and take this tourney by storm!

    Also, I need your Brawl Tag so I can add it next to your SWF name.
    Great ^__^! You're added! Now I only need one more person! Hopefully we'll be able to enter before the tournament fills up. Thanks for joining ^__^!
    Hello ^__^!

    I'm making a HOR team for the "Perfect World" tournament! You said you wanted to be recruited, so how about my team? What do you say? Wild ARMs is also on the team. Do you want to join?

    EDIT: I AM online right now. I'm just using Invisa Mode so I can work on my FanFic. But I've been lazy and haven't been working on it, lol.
    At ****ing work when I shouldn't be godammit. Just drop me out, no one talk to me for the rest of the day.
    Hey matt, can we play sometime soon?
    I have to get better if I expect to be anything more than just a hindrance to HOR.
    And please, just let me have it. Try as hard as you can.
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