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  • Up for games today? I have the day free due to it being a holiday and all and I just got all my errands done fore the day.

    Just toss me a message if you're up for some games.
    The main reason I got it was for texture hack use. But yeah that sounds good too. :)
    Hm when I go to the channel it's empty. If you don't mind me asking, which programs did you download for it?
    He-he. Nevermind. I have Homebrew now. Thanks for your help anyway mah boi. Well now to download some things for SSBB. :p
    Oh wait... Actually don't you have the files you previously downloaded? If you can share them that would be easier if you can... kthxbye.
    Hm cool thanks. Just a major question then, is the HomeBrew channel links outdated? I can't seem to get them to work. >_>
    If it's not to much trouble would you happen to know where to redirect me to Homebrew's issues? I got twllight princess and everything... :X
    ah crap I missed out on doubles

    Yeah I can play this weekend. I'm working from 3pm-1:30 saturday but I'm free after that and probably for some of saturday, I'll have to check ym schedule tomorrow
    i faced him in a tourney awile back. somehow i think both u and me should be like mid of high. by gleam
    hey, I just faced tp. did decent like 4 win out of like 15 games

    noice teir list ranking btw
    Hey been a while. How you been recently David? -- We need to play more friendlies when I get the chance... Your Ganon is 2 good the best I played. V_V

    Anyway, I'm getting the HomeBrew ASAP tomorrow. I wanted to ask is there any hacks you've used that tend to mess up your Wi-Fi game? I wanted to avoid getting bricked and all that stuff, etc.
    I think i should be good, but I got my grandparents here so I don't think I can play for like 4 hours straight.
    I think I can do it. But I dunno til the weekend cuz things pop up on a regular basis.
    yea, i still use him
    not exclusively but hes prolly my best online, putting aside some of my bad matchups

    i c you still use Ganon and do the B+ thing
    I also made some stage's blastzones wider which is probably why you had a harder time recovering. The dgrav just means you cant float your way back to the stage as much. The upped FF is to make things faster. Yes, I killed myself a lot when I first tried but give it a day or two before you make up your mind. You need to adjust how you move around a little
    if yah evar get on in a cuple a hourz leave meh a mesage ima in da mood ta test out meh ness
    Ahh I see.

    Its up to you about the gravity. I posted the text file if you want to remove the camera bubble mod and NAD and make your own bin until I come back
    No No tumble in air dodge? :(

    Ok but I actually have to go to class now and won't be back until later so sorry for making you wait. If you don't like the camera codes, I think its the bubble mod so should I include the camera code that slightly moves faster so that you don't outrun the screen? I would recommend it because the dash speed is slightly faster and it won't make you dizzy.

    Also, I am going to be tweaking it tonight because there is something I didn't quite understand about how the jump/grav code works causing my set to not be as fast as I expected or act a little inconsistent.
    Whoops sorry about that, my sleep schedule got shifted around (I've been sleeping from 7PM til 4AM EST) but I'll try to fix that starting today so that I can accommodate other people's schedules. Next time you send me a request in the evening, I'll be up.
    Teron! Sup. Yeah, I've been really getting into the game... it's so fun, and addicting. :-)
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