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  • Don't be silly, nobody looks at your page Spire!
    Kids these days....
    I mean, do you care that I did that? It was sort of on a wild impulse...with a crazy green stripe.
    Psst....don't tell anyone but....
    I requested for the CPS to be stickied. I thought it was a good idea because the CPS is basically the pinnacle of activity on the Poke Center boards.
    I hope that was ok?!
    Just saw your new sig. It's absolutely amazing. :laugh:

    Seriously, Ween is one of the greatest bands ever bar none. I never get tired of The Mollusk. It's as epic as they come.
    Haha, your signature says "A new order of the generations". I know that from Latin Class!! (It's also on the $1 Bill)
    Lol I checked it out. I'm glad you got the proof, but just hear what I have to say. ;)
    Thanks for the add Spire. Appreciate it. Can't wait for more Zelda discussion/debates.
    what happened, you like...disappeared from the shop! or the PC at that
    Spire, my entry for MYM3 went really well. I'm making my second entry, and will start on a third another time. I'm so pumped. XD
    hey do you think i can join your group?
    LoZ is possibly my fav. series and Eiji Anoume (i dont think i spelled that right) is a genius!!
    Hahaha, the blue-ray movies graphic was priceless. I had to pause so not to forget to comment here about it. I love Zero Punctuation.
    Hey spire, I had something to ask you, but I thought I'd ask if you play smash bros. much first.

    Your not in trouble, so don't worry. XD ~Maj787
    What a strange profile visitor conversation. I thought I had replied to you Digimonkey, almost immediately after you posted here, but I guess it didn't show up. Strange.
    My idea is to try to get atleast 2-3 meaningful, smart posts a day. Plus working in the fusion shop helps.
    Well, I can't speak for Spire, but I can speak for myself, who joined around the same time Spire did and have about as many posts, and something that helps me get a lot of posts is not having much of a life. :laugh: Not saying that anyone who has a lot of posts has no life, but for my part...

    But ultimately, since that's not really a strategy, I'll tell you this; if you can find a good thread that you can rely on getting posted in about everyday, and that you will be able to reply back about, then you can get at least one, if not more, a day from the thread. Get multiple of those and you're golden.
    so i noticed youve got over 500 posts. and you just started your account 2 months ago.
    this is a dumb question but, how do you make so many posts??
    im trying to just be a smash journeyman since "smash child" sounds so insulting haha.
    but i can only get around 10 (meaningful) posts a day.
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