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  • It wouldn't let me use a space, so I registered as Spire-III. XACE-K should work.

    Also to note, it was being buggy, so I did it a few times before it registered.

    EDIT: Sly Fox, where are you?
    It's really cool. There's mountains in almost every view, amazingly big fish to catch, cool souvenir shops, and another really cool thing is that nighttime doesn't arrive until midnight.

    The only part that sucks is that I have a broken wrist. :(
    I've had enough of your weird puzzle sh*t. *Throws hat on ground in disgust*
    I used Sandisk too! Don't worry about it, it's a really easy process. It's just a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's reallllllly simple =D
    There absolutely will be a Newbie Mafia #2, and the players from Newbie Mafia #1 will still be allowed to play the second one. It will most likely be a 12 player game with 3 Decisive Games vets and 9 new players.

    Thanks for your interest, and make sure you get the people who are interested from FG to sign up when Newbie Mafia #1 ends and I put up the second thread! And sign up, yourself! Its unnerving to be the first lynch but it happens to everyone... and hopefully next game the townies wont lynch so quickly and blindly. xD
    Yeah, I think I read somewhere that the biggest it can be is 2 GB.
    I'm not exactly sure what an SDHC card is or how it differs from a regular card, but it'll say "SDHC card" on the front of it if it is.
    The biggest the SD Card can be is 2 GB, so you are fine.
    Make sure it's not an SDHC card, though, because those don't work.
    Oh snap, good luck with that >_> I hadn't updated my Wii so I was good, so I have no experience downgrading my Wii O_o
    It probably took me about an hour to do everything. The original hack is really easy and once all the data is on your card, then it is really speedy.
    Custom textures are not at all hard, but they are very work-involved. You have to make folders for every single character and rename the files to a specific format. I'm making it sound harder than it actually is, though.
    Oh, heh, I hacked my Wii last week. It's completely and totally worth it, plus it wasn't too hard to do in the end!
    Hey man! Thanks for using my sprite as your avatar, it looks great =D
    Nah, sky wouldn't do that;) I have control of the members in any of my groups, actually if you own a group, you have control of the members.
    I blame skyler too...
    Don't worry, I don't hate you, just thought I would do it for the occasion:bee: I'll re-invite you later today;)
    Oh man, I remember this one!! It's a true YTP classic. I remember watching it over and over with my little brother last summer. I used to have it memorized.

    Most of my favorite Poops are pretty main stream (Clumsy Truthful Wholesome Small Mage Koopas by krobo, Mama Luigi is a Nuclear Weapon by electricthecheese), but my new favorite is this one: A Gameof Football and the Death of Oogtar. It's a soon-to-be classic.
    Believe it or not, the first time I saw Robotnik's Tea Party, I didn't like it. I'm not sure why. Listening to it again, though, it's actually one of igiualman's best YTPMVs.

    My favorite YTPMVs would have to be Handsome Volcano Rocks (I'm a sucker for anything Volvic, and the beat is catchy) and It's From The Show (the lyrics crack me up).
    §§§§§__§§__§§§____§§___§§§§___ ___§§______§§§§
    §§__§§_§§__§§_§§__§§__§§___§§_ __§§§§___§§§__§§
    §§__§§_§§__§§_§§__§§_§§_______ __§§§§___§§
    §§§§§__§§__§§__§§_§§_§§___§§§_ _§§__§§____§§§
    §§_____§§__§§__§§_§§_§§____§§_ _§§§§§§______§§
    §§_____§§__§§__§§_§§__§§__§§§_ §§____§§_§§§__§§
    §§_____§§__§§___§§§§____§§§§__ §§____§§___§§§§
    Did you do best of 5? What was the final score? ex. 3-1 in Stealth's favor.
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