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  • Olimar is a ridiculous match up for sure -_-....I RB and FC to get rid of pikmin. and do everything i can to get him off stage; i feel that if I get him off stage i can end a stock real quick. haha.
    Yea, I definitely didn't used to DJ until recently (about a month ago?), but it's improved my falcon a loooooooooooooooooooooooooot. It helps for spacing too, as lame as that may sound xD

    And I love fighting DK. He might actually be my favorite match up haha.
    haha, there's just a lack of discussion. There was one point in time where there was quite a lot of discussion going on in the falcon boards.

    That was like, back in april/may/june though. We were finding a lot of stuff back then. Now it's like...his style's changed completely. I think he's more fun to use now :p. We didn't know about Nair cancel "back in the day"...xD.....and we never double jumped; we short hopped (except KeyKid DJ'd a lot, but people told him he was wrong. Funny how that ended up).

    Anyway, I'm a content/article writer for Allisbrawl, so maybe I'll interview the top falcon players in the world (including japan and europe), and post it up. Something I've thought about. I'd call it something like...."An Interview With Men: What We've Been Doing Wrong With Captain Falcon."


    I locked it 'cause I didn't want any more arguments. Even though PartyHat and Player-3 stopped arguing, I thought it'd still continue with other people. I can reopen it if you like, but is that really what you want? ;x
    i mean, ive been playing melee agaisnt level 9 comps trying to learn to predict
    thats how bad i am
    i can do it, it just causes me to think..

    0-deathing falco with ganon doesnt help predicting much

    but its fun
    lololol yeah i know

    i play like 99% off of reaction, but wifi MAKES me predict more... so it helps me alot in my general playstyle

    so im gonna be good if i play enough wifi
    thats weird isnt it
    whoa pro ;D

    if i had a wii/could stand wifis lag (im getting better at it) i would of entered
    i havent been to a tourny in a while, mainly because of school work loads and stuff

    but when i start going back i tend to place nastily
    yeah i know what you mean

    its just getting ridiculous

    if you do leave, dont make a thread or something, just post it in the Q&A thread, if that...

    i might just stop attempting to help, not necesarily leave (new finds, tourny results, etc)
    Suuuppp dawg.

    We should play some B+ wifi friendlies. I need CF experience and I need to learn to read DI better.
    thanks man! your CF is too beast. Really impresssed me man. hopefully we can get more games in when I come back to nyc :)
    aye yo. I think I'm going not sure. Lol my bad about the last gauntlet, i had to leave ****ing early, cause of ****ing curfews (overprotective asian parents -.- )
    mom was *****in and ready to call the cops on me lolz. but yeah we'll get those matchs going.

    (nohomo but your afro is the **** rofl. )
    :O cant use falcon when you dont have a good mindset lol.
    least you played a good player though not random guy's MK.
    :O im goin on an interview at an airport uh tuesday or so so ill be able to take someone (1) with me anywhere pretty much for tourneys n stuff. mostly crew probably but for AiB stuff we could go to florida for the next gigs lol
    Yes. I agree quitting is the best option.
    But why do you say that all of a sudden? (And why do you quit all of a sudden?).
    buffering a move is inputting the command of said move while your character is still taking another action (the window one can buffer a move is 0.6 secs if I am not mistaken) so said buffered move comes out as soon after said other action as possible.
    Oh I see.

    And I apologize, but I dont recall said question. Please ask it again and I'll see what I can do:)
    why the friend request..(I accepted it though..)
    arent you one of player-3's friends..lol.
    In tourneys like those, I play some on high tier. Like marth. Hence darxMARTH23.

    I know that it makes falcon worse, but it balances top tiers pretty well. Thats what I like about it.
    Ah I see.
    although GaW is also a very hard matchup, man >.<

    but alright man, good luck with testing. ^_^
    I understand.
    But I hope you realise that even if it works MK is still a 85-15 matchup at least ;_;
    Tbh I'm not completely sure.
    As Ive read people saying it is 'one of the only things falcon has on MK', but like you said, I also read about how it is escapable..
    If I am not mistaken, falcons CG using grab release on MK is inescapable, just requires a boost grab.

    Also, If I'm not mistaken, falcons grab release>Hyphen smash on MK is also inescapable.
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