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  • roflmao

    I was playing online yesterday and did Falcon Dive > Falcon Punch.

    On the same person.

    oh god lmao
    Do you know of any tournaments around Laurel, Maryland? I've only been to one and I hear you go to a lot in MD/VA.
    meh I just hate him he's campy and spammy throw pikmin spam grabs he shouldn't even be in brawl since he's supposed to be the size of a quarter. I prefer fighting MK than olimar :l
    I like fighting dk too I just can't shield pressure him cuz of his beast grab range. a match-up I really hate is olimar. I feel like I can't win :(
    That'd be hawt and give you +10 style points. I don't think I DJ enough. I'm more defensive to be honest. My only aggressive playstyle is probably my shield pressure. with spacing jab jab aerials. doesnt work well on characters with good grab range though, like DK. or up b out of shield, like marth.
    Lol, I hear from noodlehead you're a good falcon main and must contribute to the boards more. :( sadly, most of them are just fanboys imo.
    yeah falcon would still retain some melee elements if he had the murder choke, that's why I like Sonic so much cause his down throw is a semi-tech chase and Sonic has ridiculous speed.
    was it at Pokemon Stadium 1? cause I know that it spikes on that stage......................well not really spikes per se but stage lips are weird that allow hitboxs to travel under the stage, and because Utilt sends people upwards, it stage spikes
    Hey you live in VA? you trying to exchange Friend codes? mine 3609-3680-8767. Im trying to find some lagless 1 on 1s
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