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  • It was supposed to be tomorrow but yeah, the tournament was canceled. Since you live in brooklyn we could do friendlies at your place.
    LOL pants?! What the heck? Well, anyways, I just might use Dan from time to time when I get my 360 and if I'm going up against Ken players for laughs. He stupidly does Fierce Shoryuken and the moment he gets back on the ground...Dan's Ultra! WAHOO! LOL.
    LOL Skip! What's up, man? Just taking a visit to this site. It has been a while since I've been here, son!
    Oh lolz. Yeah I don't really know know you but I saw your luigi at gimped, through big projecter thinggy. I just remembered people hyping over your luigi LOL. Yeah well you'll see some tricks, I play like Bossfrom what people say but idk lol. I'm still pretty fresh on tourney scene, maybe this will be my 3rd or 4th tourney? but i get the drift of it. I got like 25th out of 100?? at gimped with mario bros so yeah. I'd MM too but I spend all my money on food LOL
    Yo. Lol. Tutoring is gay. Yes I'm gay for it since I'm 16 taking SATs on May -_- *you said im gay for tutoring on aib anyways =[*

    Anyways, I know who you are, i've seen your luigi and i think captain falcon on GIMPED, it was pretty alright. If your coming to animefest, i'll show you some tricks on luigi, but you probably know him but we'll see ^.^

    idk if ill be on time for tourney but ill have time for anime/friendlies tho. If anything $1-3 MMs if you want luigi dittos or ill do mario bros match :]
    dude I have a Snake icon from MGS 4 and u have a CF icon, both look so familiar and hilarious at the same time lulz
    putting together a combo video, unfortunately the video of me online right now is a vid of me losing to a sonic at my first tourney just after I started playing, its pretty sad. It was some time ago. I will release the combo vid soon though.
    Is that icon a captain falcon smiley? At first the skin surrounding eyes looked brown so I was confused but then I realized it must be a visor.
    yeah but you get so much more respect and recognition than i do

    even though everyone that goes there knows me, but i dont really get recognition from people other than the regulars..
    i got like 12th or so at the tourny..

    first match was a sheik, so i got ftilted out the *** and sent to loseres where i beat a marth, two kirbys, then barely lost to a DEdeDE who placed 7th

    if you do, tell ayaz i said hi

    also record the dittos you guys gonna do
    i doubt ill get there..

    i know for a fact ill place top 10 (maybe 8)
    unless i just **** up completely
    im gonna win the grand finals of the tourny i got tomorrow by off stage AFK ing

    and gonna b liek
    so much fun to piss off knee and darx

    3rd ban, HERE I COME

    i hope i get to play you some time offline, maybe if they host some tourny near us both...
    epic falcon dittos for high tier spot on falcon mains tier list, amirite
    iunno man, I heard Da Kid was a REALLY good Sonic player.........so when I teamed with him at our last tournament I had high expectations.......needless to say I carried my team as far as we got......

    we'll have to go double Falcon for some MM's probably
    yeah I know what you mean.

    but they are the manliest matches to do.........plus we'll have time for tons of friendlies if I can make it.
    man don't worry, i'm in high school too. We should definitely do some matches if we can hopefully get there.
    Apex, it's probably going to be huge

    and i'm going to bring a lot of Canadians...........

    once we get organized, I'll start posting more frequently in the thread
    yeah, sure

    and IASA stands for Interrupted As Soon As, IASA frames are frames that can be interrupted/canceled by takinga nother action (like shielding for example)
    One can cancel IASA frames by taking any other action.

    For example: shielding (easiest method, keep holding shield during the move, the IASA frames will be canceled by your shield), jumping, neutral a etc. ^_^
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