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  • those are all win. jiggs and falcon especially ;)

    but i thought fox was your second o_O
    For the OTL character rankings list purposes, may i ask who the main characters you used in my tournament were? You got this message because you got top 8 so congrats :D
    stop attacking me when i say something. its really cheap and ruins the battle.
    yeah ggs. i was hoping you'd get the hint and start sandbagging with me =P

    ah well maybe we'll rematch today or something if i feel better.
    i think she got it from me. we dont even know if she has it we're just assuming. you dont even have to kiss someone with mono to get it lol. you can just develop it from kissing period.
    lolwut? its not hepititus its mono. i got blood tested. she hasnt been kissing other people :laugh:
    from kissing my girlfriend. lol. i think she has it too. i sucks ive been throwing up today :(
    lol sorry for sucking today. i have mono so i was only like half into the game :ohwell:
    Yeah it was, I thought I was done for xD
    Your Lucas is too good, and you said you don't even main him, which is impressive imo
    Two FD's =/
    Idk, can we start on Smashville maybe instead xD

    My cp will be Brinstar btw

    Oh and you can host
    Ok cool, what will your cp be?

    And what stage do you prefer to start on?
    OH uhm when you seem to be AFK should I leave you alone till you get back? or does it really matter? cause you tend to get first hit after that so yeah dealio on that one?
    They are about the same speed, maybe pit is a bit faster, but lucas has range. his close range fighting has massive hitbox's which i didn't realize till those matches lol and I can't use Samus to her fullest as I generally use her charge shot more, but lucas could have absorbed it, so I didn't take that risk
    Thanks :) I ahvne't played as him in a while, too abd though it seems he's the only one taht stands up to lucas, samus can't do a thing to him :(
    Haha good games :p today isn't my day :( laame, at least lag wasnt' abd, we should brawl again sometime, I Hate lucas's range with his smash's it is ********
    Haha looking forward to it. Uhmm sometime tomorrow afternoon? 2 GMT -7 is my time zone, so yeah Alberta Moutnain time at 2 would be perfect for me :p maybe 2:30 somewere around there. if thats too soon then i's all good we can do it sunday or monday or something.
    hey man have your seen the brackets? they're up. you face silencer. you got til friday to get it done.
    sooo did tyler get account yet and why are u never online any more and when u are u dont let me join u always kick me out
    cool. i just got tired of seeing snakes mks and ddds winning so i made this. im interested to see if different people win since they cant use high tier characters.
    I'm afraid I don't really do wifi. My router is insanely old and ****ty, which doesn't help my hate for the slightest bit of lag. You should come to some local tournaments so we can play ^_^
    Lol word, hey o you remember whats the special thing about Yoshi's shield, i forget. I need it for my shield thread...
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