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  • Yo whats up its Mickey can I get your #. I was checking to see if you can still go to the pawn shop for me if that's cool. I was hoping to drop the stuff off today.
    You're Falcon combo video "No tears for low tiers" has been added to the Falcon boards compendium here.

    There has been a lot of controversy over it, so I just wanted to let you know in case you want me to take it down, in which case it will be done immediately.

    I think its great though. Up to you.
    hey i seem to remembr you had trouble finding yor PM box before, so im leaving this just incase, call me mother ****er! I am up, long story i had no work, but no one was on aim or caled me -_-

    Cool man. Why no vids of your Falcon on YouTube? You should get some on and let the respect roll in.

    On a seperate note, you going to Genesis? You could rep some **** there dude. You'll be at world hobo surely.
    Hey man, Hows your vid coming along? Looking forward to seeing top footage from a top Falcon :)
    haha no prob, we all suck at one point, some more than others. I'd actually prefer to see some sets instead of combo videos. no offense, but i find combo videos boring no matter who they are by. seeing high percentages and awesome di turns me on.
    putting together a combo video, unfortunately the video of me online right now is a vid of me losing to a sonic at my first tourney, its pretty sad. I sucked back then
    yeah. no doubt. Gonna rep the falcon there without a doubt. i want to solidify #1 falcon in America there.
    You are too good. Knee showed me what you posted on the falcon kick thing.
    Thank you for sticking with us till the end.
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