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  • I know it's only 4 o clock in the morning...
    But, I think I'll go to bed early t'night~

    Good Night Savvy~san <3

    *Goodnight hug*
    As a matter of fact...

    It's been happening a lot lately. A few months ago, I had no clue what ot was like to experience deja vu. Now, it seems I get it pretty frequently. Thrice total now, to be exact.

    This may also sound wierd. I'm not sure why this is, but 2 of the three times were triggered by talking to you! :X
    Thanks :3

    I'm thinking of changing it tbh
    Idk... It feels wierd using it :§


    On a slightly different subject...

    Dat profile pic <3
    I decided to level with dem haters and traded my Headset-Lucario avi for a Scarfcario.

    Too fab~
    Kinda fitting since I wear scarf everywher even in the summer. <3
    Also I'm sorry but if you can't legitimately try vs. a cpu with items on and win then there's something wrong and you should probably uninstall.
    I... love you... <3

    I'm not going to give up, Red.
    I took on this task, and golly, I'm going to see this through!

    But... Man...

    Seeing the furry art you've collected over time, the stuff I used to think was good doesn't even begin to come close...

    I won't give up though! <3
    Somewhere out there exsist a furry pic that is worthy of your status.

    I just gotta sniff it out :006:

    I wants to play League now.

    MMO characters get patched all the time righf? :3
    I wants to play this guy ^^


    Btw, do you really lose all your exp after each raid?
    And so does Darius~

    But only because I like the taunt where he ballances his axe above his head. :3
    Wait a minute Red... Do you really know what game that is?!?

    I've never seen anything quite like it before, but it looked pretty awesome!
    ...I know you said Galio sucks and stuff... But I think I want to try him anyway.

    Call me crazy, but he looks like a lot of fun~ :3
    Okay... Almost everything :X

    Can I still consider myself a fan of pokemon if I think that ash is a coral-munching idiot?

    I mean

    He gave away a Charizard and a Gliscor...
    What person with half... no... a millionth of a cerebral ganglion...

    Would give away... A charizard... AND... a Gliscor!?!

    /end rant
    I vote we go :pit: and :rob:

    I can loop my arrows to strike from behind. Meanwhile you camp and force an approach.

    They'll be forced to play the trial of 100,000,000,001 projectiles unless they maintain constant pressure. As an added bonus, we can exert stage pressure, even while stationed on the very edge of the stage!

    What do you think? :evil:
    Ooh, btw I need your advice.

    I'm trying to think up a good name for a shark...
    Only thing I got is Sharky~

    ...and Russel.

    Halp :<
    You 2 snuggle buns~ <3

    Also yeesssss
    I doooo play street fighter. SSF4 was my very first fighting game that opened the door for me~
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