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  • Lool, proportions. xD

    Dude, If you saw just how many times I've had to erase an arm before I got it right...
    Agreed :3


    I totally waan like... learn how do color and draw fur. My pictures always appear so flat when I draw em. Like, I wana make em' pop out more ya know?

    Lol but first, I should probably stop failing at drawing straight lines.
    Awwww. You're sensitive~<33333 (or is it the other way around...)
    The sooner you learn to ignore the chat... the better... :3
    We'll see. <3
    Oh well time to get busy.
    Lol, or better yet, Jasou's right. I'll just give ya the name of the artist <3

    (Apparently you can click on the picture of the person who made a picture to visit their page...)

    (Common sense evades me...)
    I knew you'd like it. <3
    Was really excited when I found it.

    I'll let ya know if I happen to come across any more ^^
    Knowlege of video games, animes, n stuff with furries n it~

    Most the time I try to look, I go under deviantart and type in "wolf" or "dragon".

    ...Some good stuff pops up but not mu--

    There was that one artist~ ^^
    I've sent the PM to Virg a couple of hours ago. Dunno how long he'll take to tranfer the premmy over.


    *facepalm moment*

    I didn't really look that far into the character art for it (for reasons) haha
    Took me a while to get it to display on here as it should...

    Butbut, I think I found you a (possible) avatar maan~
    It would be alot easier if I wasn't being pushed and pulled into what to do.

    Parents are trying to push me towards whatever the highest paying job is.
    And my Uncle who I look up to is trying to push me towards whatever I want to do in life. (Which is help the weak, or assist in some way to take down criminals.)

    Ironically. My parents are poor, and my Uncles rich as ****. Bahaha! Ultimately though i'm siding with my uncle. He just seems like he's in total control of his life.

    Mm yea. Attorney may seem fun, but its mostly paper work. Especially sense I think you have to be an assistant for a couple of years before you can become an attorney. From what i've heard, the assistance have to deal with more paperwork then the Attorney themselves. If paperworks your forfeit though then it'd probably be a good job. Also you get the satisfaction of being the final person to judge crooks or defend the innocent. That might make it worthwhile too. <3

    Me, I want to pursue something that has to do with Criminal forensics. Particularly blood splatter trajectory. But it's a specialization so it takes alooooot of work and money to get into that field.

    I'm kinda weird that way but...
    Blood, corpses and dead things never bothered me. As long as there dead. Things that are on the verge of death make me irksome.

    Sorry for the long spiel. ;~;
    But Okay-ish.

    It's coming to that point in my life where I have to start deciding on what college I want to go to and what career path I want to take.

    No matter what, it's gonna be one that specializes in criminal justice. <3
    But, just trying to figure out which route to go is a pain ya know?

    It has alot to do with "What I want to do for a living." versus "How I want my lifestyle to be."
    Career vs lifestyle basically.

    It's a pain. .____.
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