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  • ha..haha.... used to play. But I quit/uninstalled. :3
    *hides face under rock*
    Lol, thats what I was going to say xD.
    I wouldn't mind like... A hiking trip somewhere in the U.S tho.

    Could save up for it n stuff~
    We saw another smash player.

    Okinniwa I think from AiB. He was named ArmadaRamada XD He played Leblanc. Needless to say, Brawl players shouldnt play leblanc! they stall too long and LB is NOT a late game champ XD

    Also hope you know I wasnt srs about cnt be friends because u wont play normals. But thank god you didnt earlier. Stupid thrown games and anxiety over a certain someone trolling his own team mates... (and not named TrollFace...)
    I don't like being squishy tho <3

    Hextech and Rylai's has been my core since I started using Mordekaiser. After that I just buy all my situationals, if I'm fed, straight for Rabadons or Zhonya's.

    Need to try DFG one day, I hear it's smexy on Morde.

    Stopped building WotA a long time ago, if the game goes long enough, it's sometimes my last item if I don't feel like buyin' Gunblade. :x
    I'll have you know, some of us happen to enjoy your "philisophical nonsense" >w>

    ...Also, your profile pic <3
    Oh... yes that...

    *failed* :facepalm:


    ...Debating on if I should scan this horrible pic I drew or not...

    (I messed up the Line-darkening trace over process. now it looks funny...)
    Okay, this picture is bad. *scraps*
    I think I miight be getting the hang of this drawing jazz again.

    Take #2
    Yes! I have done it! I have finally drawn something!

    (Aaaaaand also messed it up horribly when I tried to darken the lines n stuff)

    But yesh! I finally drew something! <333
    Got no inspiration lately yo~
    Seems all I'm good for is making music these days :X


    But, just to be fair since you've shared your art with me, I shall try to draw something <3
    I like the picture of Shin <3
    Dude, how did you get the eyes to look like that?

    I've been trying to figure how how to color eyes for ages :l
    Mind sending me your gct? I'm gonna be helping someone get textures and other shenanigans later.

    Yesh! I knew it :bee:
    I'm still like... so gonna main him when I get the game regardless :P
    ...I'll admit, proportions are kinda annoying tho.
    Like, if you're not careful, everything ends up looking all lopsided. :ohwell:
    Lol, I'm pretty sure he's supposed to look like that though :p

    You don't give yourself enough Credit, Red.
    ...Wow. Dude, it looks just like him xD
    Do you take art classes, by chance?


    Cute avi btw :P
    Haha, then I probably would xD

    Thanks to my sis, I'm pretty into drawing anime as well :P
    Kinda feel like drawing right now. I have this shark fur that I made when I was a kid. I lost the sketchpad that held the drawing, but I think I might be able ro draw em again :D
    My favorite two pictures were probably of a dragon, and an ocean full of sharks. Unfortunately, the dragon pic was stolen (I was flattered but...<\3). As for the shark pic... I honestly have no idea where it went :(

    I also did one of Charizard. I totally screwed up the shading, but it looked nice <3
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