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  • ha..haha.... used to play. But I quit/uninstalled. :3
    *hides face under rock*
    Lol, thats what I was going to say xD.
    I wouldn't mind like... A hiking trip somewhere in the U.S tho.

    Could save up for it n stuff~
    We saw another smash player.

    Okinniwa I think from AiB. He was named ArmadaRamada XD He played Leblanc. Needless to say, Brawl players shouldnt play leblanc! they stall too long and LB is NOT a late game champ XD

    Also hope you know I wasnt srs about cnt be friends because u wont play normals. But thank god you didnt earlier. Stupid thrown games and anxiety over a certain someone trolling his own team mates... (and not named TrollFace...)
    I don't like being squishy tho <3

    Hextech and Rylai's has been my core since I started using Mordekaiser. After that I just buy all my situationals, if I'm fed, straight for Rabadons or Zhonya's.

    Need to try DFG one day, I hear it's smexy on Morde.

    Stopped building WotA a long time ago, if the game goes long enough, it's sometimes my last item if I don't feel like buyin' Gunblade. :x
    I'll have you know, some of us happen to enjoy your "philisophical nonsense" >w>

    ...Also, your profile pic <3
    Oh... yes that...

    *failed* :facepalm:


    ...Debating on if I should scan this horrible pic I drew or not...

    (I messed up the Line-darkening trace over process. now it looks funny...)
    Okay, this picture is bad. *scraps*
    I think I miight be getting the hang of this drawing jazz again.

    Take #2
    Yes! I have done it! I have finally drawn something!

    (Aaaaaand also messed it up horribly when I tried to darken the lines n stuff)

    But yesh! I finally drew something! <333
    Got no inspiration lately yo~
    Seems all I'm good for is making music these days :X


    But, just to be fair since you've shared your art with me, I shall try to draw something <3
    I like the picture of Shin <3
    Dude, how did you get the eyes to look like that?

    I've been trying to figure how how to color eyes for ages :l
    Mind sending me your gct? I'm gonna be helping someone get textures and other shenanigans later.

    ...I'll admit, proportions are kinda annoying tho.
    Like, if you're not careful, everything ends up looking all lopsided. :ohwell:
    Lol, I'm pretty sure he's supposed to look like that though :p

    You don't give yourself enough Credit, Red.
    Haha, then I probably would xD

    Thanks to my sis, I'm pretty into drawing anime as well :p
    Kinda feel like drawing right now. I have this shark fur that I made when I was a kid. I lost the sketchpad that held the drawing, but I think I might be able ro draw em again :D
    My favorite two pictures were probably of a dragon, and an ocean full of sharks. Unfortunately, the dragon pic was stolen (I was flattered but...<\3). As for the shark pic... I honestly have no idea where it went :(

    I also did one of Charizard. I totally screwed up the shading, but it looked nice <3
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