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Moon's Tear
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  • I did add you yesterday ::)

    I then fell asleep for the whole day~also gratz
    Okay, I might've been the tiniest bit depressed that day
    (depression makes me angry)


    I didn't offend you, did I?
    If I did, I'm sorry ;~;
    I'm sorry Moons, I know this is kind of a late reply.

    Man, I never thought...
    I mean, for one rhing, you're awesome </3. Syre nobody's perfect but...just...

    What the bloody stunfisk was he thinking? @_@

    Why would...WHY? m(_ _)m
    Yay, I finally got in.

    Like... Crashboards apperently doesn't know that most my friend's profile's exsist...

    Your page isn't blank anymore, so that's all that matters~

    Hai <3
    Hey. :3
    How you liking the new swf?
    Btw, you should go to apex next year if you can. =w=
    Currently playing through Majora's Mask and I got the Moon's Tear and so I am here to say hi
    so hi :D
    Also, I never seem to be on your page while your streaming.

    Mind letting me know the usual time you stream.
    I haven't Gotten distracted by your awesome wall paper watched you kick butt in a while :p
    O mai gawsh... I have tomorrow off... and smash boards is gon daiiiiii ;w;
    it would be something that would work well in "User Blogs" but the blogs section is currently down, so you'd want to wait until it was fixed with the switchover to new software

    how are you
    Sure.... I have to read for my college tech class though. But I'll still have the tab open and what not. :3
    My day has been going well.
    I was playing brawl offline... I learned how to do some super amazing stuff. Like get back on stage with a single back jump and do all kinds of weird stuff. :3
    CF has a grab game believe it or not.

    I've pretty much done nothing all day though.. (laziest day of my life lol)
    Hai mewn! How's it going? :3

    I did tell you. ;w;
    Nobody answered my posts in the chat.
    I was watching you. Then it went to a black screen that was flashing grey at one point and nothing happened. Eventually I just went to bed. lol. :3
    Yeah. VA.
    I'd need to get a mouse for my ****ty lap top first though lol.
    Sorry if I'm slow to respond. I'm playing MHtri atm. ;w;
    I don't... I have a group a friends that play.
    All with high elo...... But I don't play.
    lol no it's fine. <3
    It's not a bad thing necessarily. Just around certain types of people who are really shy, it could frighten them.
    I was a bit scared tbh. XD
    You're so aggressive/straight forward and out going it scares some people lol. Including xiroey.
    But it's kay. <3
    Not aggressive in a bad way though...

    But kay. I'm going to text you... in like a half hour or so... when my phone is done charging. (that's what I get for leaving it in the car over night)
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