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  • ;D
    i had my name as get up and go because i was advertising for a friends band. i wanted a good name tho so i changed it to sazzy latias :3
    Kay... what if it was a one or two stock match?

    Get excited red.... get excited... :3
    oh thas ok, theres a lot of young ppl on the boards XD im from cali, 22. its very hot here today :(
    My friend wants to see your pro samus... Mostly because she wants to main samus. :3

    think ya can beat me in 3 min with samus?
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    Full picture would be great if you have it!
    red can you pm me when you get the chance? i had some questions reguarding furry things that may not be ok to post on a wall
    oh how funny! XD. I remember when i started that social group a long time ago, i shld start it up i didnt know anyone there actually posted i just made it cuz i like latias XD
    John added the bubble and I love masquerain. It's basically a challenge in which I have to end all of my posts with :bubblebobble: and
    I actually don't troll (well, not outright) that often on the IC board, so it may seem out of character there.
    *Sees avi*
    I don't even want to know. Just........ *sigh*
    well whats your rune setup, playstyle and your skill order?

    If youre missing Q/E then you arent good with leading targets is all nothing special just takes time. Her E is very slow and easy to dodge so i wouldnt expect you to get that all the time. Her ult got nerfed to all high hell cause people couldnt handle the mobility of this sexy champ. you should only use it now to position/escape/chase situations -escape being the last option-

    Her W is actually very strong should you choose to max is second instead of E. plus if you are top lane with her you can push alot of top laners out with that harassment.
    Playing Max Payne 3, looking for a better outlet, and trying to play clever while berserking in SSBB.

    Have fun at Disney.
    well i have 2 accounts one is Archxknight which is a smurf -only meant to jungle as nocturne-

    And the main is saytoh.

    mains are olaf, volibear, lulu, lux, ahri :3, maokai, hecarim, fiora, or whatever i feel like playing...

    been at this since roughly beta ended so...
    Heh, alright. It's about an hour until I take my last exam (lol Music and the Human Experience) and after that I'll be heading home.
    Thanks dude. :3

    Also no, I haven't, I just 'beat' the game, and then suddenly a second story appeared. lol

    ... How can you tell? O_O Sorry if I'm being a downer lately. I'm just having a bipolar phase. (no meds for weeks) Should stop at one point and I'll be all happy, lovey, dovvey.
    Oh, btw... Idk if you were just trolling when you asked for my tag, but what's your gamertag so I know who you are on xlive? I get so many requests from randoms, that I decline whenever I don't know them.
    Not quite alive, but I still come here every now and then for discussions. I still remember the Deadliest Brawler being the best place in this Board. Too bad it died.
    Summer is coming... get hyped for trolling.

    Ohhh no no no no no~
    I'm really sorry about that. ._.

    I started doubting myself having lost to ganon of all characters. Feels like I don't progress in this game sometimes, ya know? Can be frusterating. Seriously though, i'm sorry about acting all lame after that. That wasn't cool of me. =p I gotta realize there are people out there waaay better then me at this game.

    Besides~ <3 You're way too sweet to get mad at dude. :>
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