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  • Yup that is me :p I had to change my name a while back for a reason..... that I currently forgot o_o. How's League been lately? Haven't played much because of other games and school :king:
    its weird. Its like, f-air doesn't have longer range, but if i'm at a certain range the disjoint will beat whatever rob throws out because he extends a hurtbox.

    I fought sooo many ROBs last tourney, so its kinda like, I had to learn the MU. ._. I think up-angled f-tilt beats it or something. But its like...
    Thats pretty weak payoff for such a hard read.

    Btw, pink name~ <3
    i'm so tempted to just write in pink text all the time now~ <3

    EDIT: WOW! Holy ****! I know the guy that drew the picture of the hunky red dog! Ahh, I forgot what his name was though.
    Oh uh. Just throwing this out there too, but Lucario is like one of ROB's worst MU's. The top 3rd ranked player in CO uses ROB and still completely refuses to use him against any lucario despite how good his is. Woulda seen alot more dunks have ya gone falco. ._. Just saiyan. The fact that you beat me first round with a character i'm suppose to destroy was downright embarrassing. >w>
    They forgot the most important technique when drunk cancelling.
    Always go for the kill off the ledge even if it kills you!

    This is what makes captain falcon top tier in drunk canceling.
    Ooh Red. I came across this pretty awesome picture while avi Hunting.
    The instant I saw it, I thought of you xD

    Cuz he's fluffy Red ^^
    Heck Yea we should play again ^^.

    I'm sure the infamous dunk master will be more than a match ;p
    So are the rumors true? Did Iota really wake up one morning, feeling so good that he ran outside in nothing but his undies and mugged an old lady with a water gun, then proceeded to go home and use the money to buy copious amounts of furry pron, fap himself unconscious, and then ran away from police when confronted, made it 2 miles out, then an heroed with a kitty litter scooper? I would have come to the funeral, but aside from the fact that this went unbeknownst to me for so long, I stepped on a Lego.

    Be strong, mate.:applejack:
    You just got lucky that I decided to come on after you posted. Anyway I moderate minecraft servers and work so I forget about here o-o
    Dude, I freaking love you for this <3

    Btw, the jolteon is becoming my new avi lol.
    Thanks :3
    Hey hey.
    Please don't take what I said earlier to heart. You weren't the one playing seriously. I was. I was being a maaaajor hard ***. I was just jelly dunk master red can slam jam me even when he's not playing seriously.

    Hurr and its ok~ Anytime I go on MSN I have to use "hidden status" and like, my friends figure out i'm on anyways. Its like my friends have some kinda telekinesis power. ._.
    At this point, I really don't care. It's been try and try again for me since I was a tyke, nothing came of it.:applejack:

    And sure.
    I don't think one can reject a sentiment, but no, I don't fear rejection. I would be nothing but a weight at this point. She's successful, very successful, I'm not worth her time with what I've failed to do with my life.:applejack:
    Well, I think I'm still in love with someone, after months and months of telling myself that I'm not worth their time. That's apart of what I've been contemplating, but eh.:applejack:
    There's nothing I can cling to besides the dreary thought of being of any more trouble. That's all I do.:applejack:

    You seem the least bit upset by my thoughts. I'm not bothering, am I?
    I've come to understand a bit of it over the last few years, but the night before my seventieth birthday was filled with pondering that brought me to realize it all. A tad too much pondering, evidently.:applejack:
    I don't care about my life at all. If someone threatened me with death, I wouldn't plead for anything. My life is, and has been, meaningless, and I'm to blame.

    There's nothing I'm doing or planning to do that is sufficiently profitable. I can't play games for a living like some people manage to do, I couldn't invest enough time into it. I'm an underachiever academically, and I haven't even begun to plan for life after high school, I'm not even sure about whether or not I want to graduate.

    Your life has probably just fallen into routine. If you want to change that, you're the only one who can, basically. I find happiness in my friends. That's about all I can say on that.:applejack:
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