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  • Precisely. I strongly dislike Popeye's, hence, I gave it to someone I strongly dislike. That person being you.:applejack:

    Jk. <3
    *Nuzzles your cheek warmly*
    Por supuesto, it's Zel's OC.:applejack:
    *Sips Frosty*

    Oh, and **** your profile picture. Hot things piss me off.
    *Puts a hoof to your snout*
    *Comes up to lick your cheek*
    *Strokes the scales on your head*
    Sprise, mate.
    *Chuckles softly*
    *Sips Frosty*
    As interesting it is for me to learn Japanese, I have a different language i need to learn before that (the language of my religion) Can't help you out.

    When it comes to favorite themes, I love Satori's, Patchouli's, and Meling's theme the most.
    I... think I know a... a solution...
    *Looks at you and turns head slightly*
    *Rubs hoof against your face*
    Once more?:applejack:
    Don't speak or know Japanese. I mean I can point out some key phrases from the years of watching anime/reading visual novels but I can't have a conversation. Also, how you forget to mention Wriggle's lanturn?

    *Turns head away from you with cheeks in a deep shade of crimson*
    That was entirely my fault, ponies always tell me my head is pretty big. :(
    If you're saying my avatar is based off LoL, that would be correct

    If its just funny, then that's also true. I love me some shrine maiden Lulu
    Not in Equestria. Unless you're a dragon, you're a herbivore. Dragons eat jewels.:applejack:
    But, before we go, can... can I?
    Bacon? Are you bucking insane? We don't prey on other defenseless creatures...
    We're just going to go temporarily so that I can ask Celstia if she'll give you your desires.:applejack:
    I know somepony who can help with what you covet, Red.
    *Gets off of your lap*
    *Goes to get a box*
    You... remember what this is, right?:applejack:
    What? These babies?
    *Flaps wings gently*
    Hehe, they're somethin'. I can help you with what you want, Red.
    *Shifts in your lap to look up at your face*
    *Sips Frosty while laying in your lap*
    *Looks at floor*
    I don't have objections to either, so....

    What about the fake tail? =(
    o lol, how does it even work? i thought you could like make a team and pokesav it basically
    Oh, well, I suppose that's acceptable.:applejack:
    *Lets out sigh while hugging you*
    So why'd you have me fixed on the belief that you were a furry? =c
    I'll be there for you I will care for you I keep thinkin' you just don't know.
    Say you're done with that try to run from that on your face girl it just don't show.
    When you're ready just say you're ready and all the baggage just ain't as heavy and the party's over just don't forget me we can change the pace and just go slow.:applejack:
    also to say, the heat is ok but if its like over 90 i get kinda aggrivated. thats what i get for going to school where its cold and being from where it is hot lol XD
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