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    The Green Lesbian is back! Learn sm4sh Samus from Brawl's best Samus player! Updated 2/19/2015!

    Glad to see you giving Samus a second chance Xyro. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about Samus's new Nair and its applications from what you've played? This iteration of the character is definitely going to be more alien for her veteran players since she's less of a keepaway zoner and has...
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    Suggested Custom Specials for every character

    Having extensively toyed with Samus, I might as well share my findings. :4samus: :GCB: Charge Shot: The usefulness of the default if mostly based on how defensive of a player you are. It shines in punish-oriented play styles that heavily value the move for killing above all else. Charge...
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    If there is ever a balance patch, what changes would you like to see on Samus?

    Some little things I think would give more quality of life to Samus if Nintendo ever does consider balance patching (doubtful but still): - Fix her jab combo problems and make it safe to use - Get rid of the stupid whatever that makes grounded meteors so easy to tech out of (for her Utilt &...
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    Character Competitive Impressions

    Out of curiosity how do people feel about how easy it is to tech out of moves after like 7% that can meteor? At least from what characters I tested with it effectively makes the move with the meteor property almost counter intuitive to use. My reason being that with the characters I tested...
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    Proposal: Why not just try allowing all custom moves and equipment in tournament? [Now with a poll]

    The problem I find with equipment is if we take away the effects and focus on raw number gains, we still currently have no way to gauge the actual gain for characters beyond player observation. Without concrete data to make correlations on how much each stat point effects a character overall...
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    So... is Samus good?

    Yeah I've noticed that high mobility and pressure characters are pretty bad MUs for Samus myself when I do For Glory. The trade off of weaker projectiles bar maybe Charge Shot for stronger normals leaves her feeling more average rather than weak overall. From what I've tested, she doesn't...
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    Official Samus

    Zair > Charge Shot still works as a kill set up from mid range. If you mean for approaching, Samus shouldn't rely on her air game since her average landing lag took a nasty nerf (went from 9 to 19) and combined with her floatiness her air-to-ground transition is pretty rough in this game...
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    Character Competitive Impressions

    So far after 2 days of virtually nothing but Samus, here are the conclusions I've come to for her competitive ability: Pros: + Significantly better ground game that can trade at worst with most of the cast + Decent to average combo potential + Actual kill power and a Usmash that's finally...
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    All character landing lag frame data

    Not too happy with Samus's landing lag data. From Melee, to Brawl, to now she had an average landing lag of: 15/7 (L-Cancelled), 9, and now it's 19 :(. Hopefully her auto cancel data circumvents this because having those low lag aerials was a really nice trait about her.
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    The Chozo Armory: Samus Moveset Variation Thread

    Relentless missiles will definitely help Samus if custom moves become generally accepted competitively later on. Their space control is incredible, they've actually taken hits for me when they come out.
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    So... is Samus good?

    Currently Samus feels like a semi-buffed 64 version of herself with missiles. At least she can combo again unlike Brawl. Sakurai seems set on keeping Samus within the Stone Wall archetype, being able to survive a lot while having weaker offensive prowess. There's nothing wrong with this...
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    Link Social Thread

    That's pretty typical for zoning characters in a lot of fighting games, unless the projectile has some absurd quality to it. The boomerang does give a lot of flexibility in tandem with bombs though. I end up playing Link similar to Testament from GG by starting out more defensively to analyze...
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    Project M Michigan Project M Power Rankings

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
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    what is the point of ice beam

    I personally find ice mode better for when I need to control neutral or expect to end up in a lot of defensive situations. I find her Usmash a more reliable anti-air option and Fair for air-to-air/ground situations since it covers a pretty sizable zone in front of her. Offensively Fsmash can...
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    A Quick Samus Tutorial - Advanced Techniques, Quick Tips, and Neat Tricks

    You also forgot Bomb Dashing which is one of Samus's approach mix-ups for opponents on platforms. Otherwise this is a good video.
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