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  • yeah i got your message. i wasn't able to get on XBL yesterday and also i gotta dig through some boxes to find my copy of extend, but let's def play soon. and yeah my XBL tag is General Heinz.
    yo sarix it was nice meeting you dude, and good games. thanks for shooting the **** about blazblue with me, i never get to do that with my friends cuz they're lame lol. hope we can play some extend sometime so i can get some litchi practice. hit me up on smashboards or facebook if you ever want to set up a time to play.
    I couldn't find you on the facebook Melee page lol. Yeah I will be adding you today and I'm gonna be available to play today. It was awesome meeting you too, Blazblue needs to be more popular.
    Funny you should say that btw.
    The wolf vs DDD game is actually a european match :p

    Its really bad for the wolf since DDD easily CG wolf to the edge and edgeguard him with no effort, but somehow he holds his own.
    A tourney huh? <3
    Hey, good luck man! Hope you knock em all dead ;)

    Whats the name? I'll try to watch the live feed if I can find it. Gonna be rooting for ya either way :3

    Lol, your good man. If you get back anytime before 5 a.m. odds are you'll see me xD
    Hiya man!
    Kinda stressed, but college is great!
    You meet a lot of really nice new people

    Ooh man, have you seen the first wolf vs.DDD vid in the MU thread?

    The DDD obv. has the advantage, but the wolf does such a fantastic job of zoming and spacing his moves.

    Speaking of which, you down this saturday night?
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