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Recent content by Ryan-K

  1. Ryan-K

    What Would Get You Guys Interested in Project M?

    Yeah I know but the vibe I always get from PM players (in my area) are "you should play this instead of melee/ spacies are broken and stupid and that makes melee bad" and it's just annoying to hear all the time especially when I already gave it a chance.
  2. Ryan-K

    What Would Get You Guys Interested in Project M?

    i don't understand why so many pm players just try to get melee players to play their game instead of just enjoying what they have. im obviously not going to sway your opinion but trying to imply that my input is based off of just watching videos is a total lie because I took the game...
  3. Ryan-K

    What Would Get You Guys Interested in Project M?

    Nah SW you aren't being *****y or anything you pretty much hit the nail on my head with my gripes as well. The problem is alot of the people who play exclusively PM can't tell the difference between melee char BS (which at least for the most part demands fundamentals and are easily abused if...
  4. Ryan-K

    IMPULSE 2013 - Thanks for coming/watching ^_^ - June 15th, 2013 - Toronto, Ontario

    I really wanna go to this but that depends if anyone wants to share a hotel room or whatever
  5. Ryan-K

    Tier List Speculation

    i'm guessing this is sarcasm. that or I'm missing the message and luigi > cf has to be a troll
  6. Ryan-K

    Tier List Speculation

    fox is a contender for #1 because he can deal with any situation and pretty much has free reign to do what he wants. Plus the PM stagelist gives him a million and one counterpicks to outcamp pretty much anyone in the game
  7. Ryan-K

    Tier List Speculation

    snake can chaingrab with uthrow into c4 and then whenever fox lands a stray hit which usually goes into uair or usmash he allows a kill at dumb percents
  8. Ryan-K

    CROSSFIRE II: 80+ People in Attendence!

    in pm I only went marth and falco I got bodied free lol
  9. Ryan-K

    Tier List Speculation

    fox/snake is an incredibly stupid team
  10. Ryan-K

    No Johns March 2nd results!

    Just reminding everyone you can punish peach dsmash out of shield with wd out-of-shield to shine
  11. Ryan-K

    Do you think Project: M will ever be at EVO?

    You mean aside from the fact that hacking a game is an action worthy of a cease and desist letter and that a large organization directly getting involved with such a thing could get into trouble with the law?
  12. Ryan-K

    The Smash Affiliates Present: SMASHACRE -BLAZE- 4/6/13

    hmm i might go to this
  13. Ryan-K

    Smash Brothers University (SBU)

    My train is scheduled to be there at 10:51 so can I call in to register or at least register after 11? :phone:
  14. Ryan-K

    Smash Brothers University (SBU)

    looks like i will be attending
  15. Ryan-K

    New York University Super Smash Bros (Open to Everyone)

    DAMN wish I knew about the tournament beforehand so I can take off. If you guys are having biweeklies, then I will be more than happy to attend
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