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  • 1. that sounds like a good plan, although, i don't think i can afford to go to 6 flags lol, but thanks so much for the offer, but i can make it at 7 that night

    2. also, on Wednesday, what time should i show up?

    3. in case you were wondering, my dad was taking me on friday, then he goes to work
    ouch :/ my mom is gonna need her car on friday, but i'll have it for the rest of the weekend

    how long is the trip from scotch plains to New brunswick?
    1. are you gonna enter the brawl- side event on sunday?

    2. yep, i have a provisional license and my mom has no problem with letting me use her car
    yeah, i can make it both days, i have no plans

    btw, have you tried brawl- yet?
    Ally used to stalk me. :(
    I love you.
    I'm Artemis Gemstone on Facebook. I don't have my cell phone or even my cell number atm, hopefully i'll have found it by the time i leave for Apex. Only problem is it doesn't have service anywhere, except Colorado then it had really bad service at the venue for Pound 4. I guess all i can do is just hope it has service there.
    Hey how are all the pika mains who aren't staying at your house gonna meet up at Apex?
    Sounds like fun. My bro isn't very good, though. If memory serves, we both just kept using our up taunt on him until he aproached one of us and took him down. Heck, I could land PK flash in him at full strength if I wanted to.

    We really need to brawl sooner or later. Chances are this will at most be a one week stay here, so may as well get as many matches as possible in.
    The best I have to play against are my bro and sis. They hate playing the game with me and, when they do, my bro chooses snake and spams tilts to take advantage of my usually not long enough range and my sis chooses either MK or Marth to try and infinate chain grab me (which she can't do very well, thank goodness). I still win every time, but man are they sucky competition. My bro used to join up on wifi with me every now and then, so you might have played him and we beat him using the power of teamwork.

    I haven't replaced your Pika yet. I still got electric jolts from last time...
    Sounds cool. I need to practice up since, if you can be destroyed and I'm probably worse than you, I'd be fearing for my life. Not like I'd try in Melee; I've only recently been able to learn wavedashing and even then my knowledge of it is sloppy.
    haha yeah dude. i remember those days. ive been more non-active these days. i find that theres a huge difference between theory and actual gameplay so the only times i ever comment is when there is a MU question or vid critique. there could be a lot more better pikas if they only realized that they need to crossover more and read better.

    but yeah dude you are one of the originals in the pika thread. forever bros.
    yea, i was playing it alot more but i left it over my friend house and he cant find it <.< lol
    but yea ill play you in that im not super good at it either so should be fun lol
    haha omg, i finally get to meet the infamous rollerking. if my usual partner dosent wanna team, im definetly up for it lol. tons of friendlies neccesary
    Hey man, I'm trying to get all my smashboard buddies back ever since I closed down my website, if you remember it lol. Since I made it not too long ago, there will only be a few ppl It'd be cool if you could spread it around to your friends on smashboards too! XD Here it is buddy http://xat.com/AeonsBrawl
    Thanks for helping with critiques, Roller. I have so much to do lately.... haven't been able to get to them. I really appreciate it. <3
    I was browsing the Pika boards and noticed you mention Evangelion. It is one of my all time favorite animes. "My avatar is Asuka Langley and my location is Evangelion related." Go to page 282 and you can see my Evangelion obsession. It's a powerful anime.
    It's k. I'm giving you credit since you did make it and it's a really good sig. I get a lot of comments about it. You should make more IC ones like it.
    I've been out of school for a month lol. Ice Climbers eh? I picked up Bowser, now I suck with Luigi lol.
    i was for a while, but im getting back into it

    yea i moved to france, so i have NO ONE to play with :/
    its kinda annoying, but i have a 360+ live now so im doing ok lol

    yea, but ill be visiting the states for about a month in summer (after i go to africa for a month ^^) so i should hopefully be able to play a little
    whats up dude, how have you been, have not talked to you in a long time, figured id say hi
    im just thinking about the good ol' days i guess :/
    i miss everyone from back then...
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